FIFA Puskas 2018 ᴴᴰ • 100 Amazing Goals of the Season 2017/18

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Best goals of the Season 2017/2018 A compilation of best moments of in 2017-2018 HD Click "Show more" to find the name of the songs and more info Video Produced by: Lorenzo F7 Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina Software used: Final Cut Pro X, After Effects CC

Lorenzo F7
What was your Favorite goal of the Season?!? Let me know in the Comments!
Reon Thomas
Cristiano Ronaldo Bicycle Kick Goal Vs Juventus or Gareth Bale Bicycle Kick Goal Vs Liverpool either one deserves it
Cristiano or Bale! Both is equally sick!
Warung Sobat
3:45 , one of the best bicycle.. Longer distance than CR7 and Bale but its Not a Big Team , and not a Big competition. Bale : Best Moment (Final UCL) but scoring on the Stupid Goalkeeper. Maybe CR7 the Winner , Perfect and High Bicycle on the big Team ,Difficult CB & Best Goalkeeper (Buffon)
Piano D&S
4:29 Roberto Carlos is jealous
20:14 All Hail Lord Bendtner🔥👑🙌🏽
Pinchy Prince
Messi fan here. Ronaldo and Bale's goals are serious contender's.
Name of all songs???
Ezequiel Walden
8:06 , Nacho Scocco River !
Ismail hamsik
Songs names ?
Ronaldo Vs Juventus
What a dribbling 8:08
Guilherme França
Faltou os Gols do Arrascaeta do Cruzeiro no Campeonato Mineiro e o Willian do Brasil contra a Colombia
Adam Zervas
10:44 another Ronaldo celebration.
I Just Invaded The Comment Section
0:33 my favourite. If Girouds’ scorpion can win; Riley Mcgrees’ can aswell. Commentary tho 😂😂😂
11:09 is the most insane goal that i ever have seen!!! so rare that goal.. what a beauty :)
No one is talking about the goal at 0:32 or the Messi type goal
James Rodriguez
It's hard to pick one
Thomas Brindle
Riley Mcgree's Scorpion Kick was the best because it was in an A-League Semi Final
khari fyah
this year is going to be a headache....... i think they will just choose a popular name and be done with it
Leo OC
5:10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎
C. Moltisanti
Emre Eren
I think Abdullah Balikov deserves.Because on 4:42 goal was very amazing volley and same R.Carlos goal and hard then.Scoring same this goal very difficult.
Mom !!
Safe to say, all of these are better than Salah's goal.
Fifa Gamer
Gareth Bale vs Liverpool is the best
Juho Skills
Ronaldo's two goals in this video but messi's Zero goals:)
Rodolfo Mondragon
Griezmann!!! the best goal in La Liga, he deserves it, or Gareth Bale´s goal against Liverpool!
I know this is late, but zlatan goal was against LAFC
Jose Angel Hernandez Roblero
Nikesh Adhikari
I think ibra /bale/cr7 goal
Lucas Holbrook
Either Bale’s bicycle goal or CR7’s bicycle!
Nostalgic memories
4:34 roberco carlos style
Michał M
McGree scorpion best. Better than both bicycle kicks.
cr7 undoubtedly. The greatest goal I have seen live.
where name songs
Zlatan goal against LAFC, not Chicago...
Foad Jemal Hassen
ronaldo deserve it and i love football
Songs for this?
Thankyou bro so i dont need to watch all the 100 goals When you watch the first goal you dont need to watch that another 99 goals the first one is the best 💪💪 ronaldo against juve of course
on S
Where is heung-min Son He scored a fantastic mid-range goal at West Ham.
geometry dash
3:21 music?
Bale wins it no competition, better than Ronaldos easily as standard but Bale did it in a CL final.
shyam sundar
10:46 INDIA!!!!
Great work🔥
Hamad Alshahwani
So where’s Zlatans banger from ~40 yards?
Osman Ghoni
Riley Mcgree
Fernando Franco
1:07 has to be one of greatest goals ever
Lee Festorazzi
Gareth Bale overhead kick vs Liverpool
Rembo // TottenhamFan
Some of the best goals come against Liverpool.
Bodineau Mathis
Bale will win it obviously... the same as Ronaldo but in UCL final...
Zorox 2012
Everyone writes the best goal and >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>like me gool cr7 ممم 00:20
AndersREX _14
El mejor 3:15
Awesome video! 🔥
Bro Dude51
Ronaldo because he jumped higher
im Tayyab
Thats my technique 2:05 goal
cr7 ou bale vai ganhar,porq e muita midia em cima,saiu bem mais gols bonitos do que deles
10:28 what is this song. And how do I get it without words.
Thakur Singh
Love you cr7
Sullay BJ
Riley Mcgree best for me
Yağız Erkan
4.30 Abdullah Balıkuv 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 Türkler burdamı ses verin 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
V. Fontes
Derrick Manu
ruben neves
aboubakry ba
Gareth Bale vs Liverpool
Gustavo Nieves
Hmmm you missed Ronaldo's stunner against Barcelona in the first leg of the spanish super cup :/
Deniz Engin
4.27 wtf is it roberto carlos
Raúl Vela
Are you Hater of Manchester City?
MAtic, Ruben Neves, Cris or Bale, either one for sure
Callum Garvey
Bale... really its bale
Esteban Paredes vs U de Chile, is best than all goals of this Ranking.
lauty mendoza
Pranil Kulkarni
8.30 was legendary
football channel
4:26 12:42 roberto is this you?
Arthur Le masson
Pavard against Argentina
광고 존나찍어놨네 씹새
Lorenzo achas que o Bruno fernandes vs guimaraes tem alguma hipótese? abraço
Julien Guibert
benjamin pavard !!!!! et vive la france
Alessandro Ragozini
mertens in portaaaaaaaaaaa
4:26 Roberto, is this you?
Juan Briseno
Lorenzo The Goat 🐐🐐
KT Celtic dog
Callum McGregor ‘s goal against mother well was outstanding on his weak foot too go watch it
Tatason Felix
Cristiano's strike against Juventus or Bale's strike against Liverpool
It’s nice to hear that salah thinks he will be at the World Cup
Adi Kristianto
where's messi ? if u Cules, are u see messi on FIFA Puskas Goals ? LOL
BabyRuth CR
Cristiano, Bale or 2nd one deserves it.
Enzo Beren
Terrible mentira JAJAJJAJAJAJA. Hubieron un montón de goles que estuvieron mejores que algunos de los que están en el top JAJJAJAJA
wilireh 777
Ignacio Scocco el mejor gol de todos
Carlos Serra Samniego
Ojalá gane el puskas Marco Asensio porque mete muy buenos goles,(aunque tambien quiero que lo gane porque es mi jugador favorito desde que tenia 17 años y debutaba con el RCDMALLORCA en 2°division
Barnabás Talabér
Puskás Ferenc Hungary😍😍😍😍😍
Frank López Zurita
no quisiera ser de los que lo van a calificar, está muy díficil, muy buenos goles
Xenon Nemrod
Some real parameters must be take into account To reward the best goal. And i think bicycle by Belotti, Malcom goal , Lazaros goal, Cavani back-kick goal and Guedes goal should be the final list.
I was watching all the goals from the start and was like " wow , fantastic ! " Untill the point i saw Salah's goal against Dortmund 😑
jonathan david olaya guevara
Faltó un gol millonarios vs corinthians y ha muchos goles que no deberían estar.
Nicolai Dragan
im the only one to see the mistake with ibra and chicago Fire? that goal was scored against LAFC!!!
Ian Salmeron
Too many nerdy ronaldo and bale fans ever stop to notice that there are other people who’ve scored wayyyy better goals sheesh they’re gonna be top 10 but not gonna win
GrOOT Rocket
el GOL de Zlatan ese partido es contra los angeles LAFC ESCRIBISTE MAL EL NOMBRE DEL EQUIPO