bright young things

the opening scene from the film "Bright Young Things" (2003) directed by Stephen Fry

C A Campbell
WILD! Wish the people holding the copyright would bloody release it!!!
KaiMJ Jackson
So Aziraphale and Crowley are here as well
Exactly the atmosphere of the book !!!!
Can someone PLEASE tell me the name of the song playing in the background?
Andres Castro
There're comments that personally didn't like. I watched 25 minutes and burn it. Go to hell with your racist comments
Very nice intro!
@SClub7AreAwsome try hmv i just got it from there for £2.99
Leigh Smith
lol thanx i will try that :) x
Jason Compton
great movie!!! try amazon or netflix...they definitely have it..I got lucky and happened upon it in the bargain bin at some record
Leigh Smith
I Really Want 2 watch this but i cant find it anywhere :(
Cristina Petrea
yep it's sing sing sing by louis prima, but you can also find it in the benny goodman version....;)
C A Campbell
WILD! Wish the people holding the copyright would bloody release it!!!
Ruth Alber
Something tells me she's doing this under duress which means against her will
Joseph Mullen
whats that song ??
the dance they are doing is the "Black Bottom" It, the Charleston and the Lindy Hop all came out in the mid to late 20's but only the Lindy had any lasting popularity.
Ruth Alber
I guessed when thing out of their sisters are the Roaring Twenties roaring forties or roaring 30s either way this is a timeline that I wasn't even born or even conceived and probably wasn't even when my mom is conceived either way probably the time of the Great Depression that's just a guess I watched enough sci-fi are enough Doctor Who Dino different timelines that's as bad as all I know about timeline sci-fi that's it that's all I know math history French no biology DNA chemistry possibly Hollywood Charlie Chaplin yes movies films definitely this is probably also the time of Gone with the Wind which is one of my favorite movies action suspense Romance all the elements of a movie
Wrong jazz!! Wrong jazz!! They should be having Josephine Baker or Cab Calloway in the background, not this. This is all wrong. This type of music would not be popular until about 1941: it's big band. This would fit in much better for a scene set during the London blitz, not in the 1920s. Even 30s music would feature acts like Eddie Cantor or a young Judy Garland, not this!!