OZORA Festival 2011 - The Message (Official Video)

O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2011 - The Message "We are sure that everyone of you, Ozorians enjoyed the interviews in the O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2011 (Official Video). Here's the good news: Pumpui Crew recorded much more conversations with psytrance legends like Raja Ram, Chicago, Alpha, Tristan, Simon Baring, Andreas Wennersköld (Gaudium), Piet Kaempfer and Ralf Dietze (Protonica), Laughing Buddha and Matt Allaby, Simon Posford and Benji Vaughan (Younger Brother). This „extended version" of the O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2011 (Official Video) is a 24 minutes length exchange of views about goatrance roots, psytrance music, spirit, psychedelic culture and of course about the history of O.Z.O.R.A. Festival. Enjoy the video! PLUR, see you on the trancefloor!" The OZORA organisers SPECIAL THANKS TO: Dániel and Árpád Zimányi, Balázs aka Bubble, Oleg, Alpha and Raja Ram. filmed by PUMPUI producer: Dániel and Árpád Zimányi, Attila Nikléczy concept: Erik Kocsis camera / 2010-2011 footage: Julia Halász, Péter Böszörményi, Jack János, Csaba Mecseki, Bedzsula Ádám editors: Erik Kocsis, Bedzsula Ádám, Péter Böszörményi animation: Sebő Ferenczy-Kovács tracklist: 1. Cloudcycle -- Ozone (Green Beats RMX) 2. Sonic Species & Zen Mechanics -- Spice Travel 3. Psy Sex -- L.S.Dance (LOUD Remix) 4. Ace Ventura & Rocky -- Dr. Lupo (Symbolic Remix) 5. Cloudcycle -- Ozone (Green Beats RMX)

10:21 hahahahahahah. ( best festival in the world) RIGHT !!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh ya shit,,ya man mm sure best festival of the world (NOT)
love your videos do much pumpui!!! please make more but even longer hehe :P <3 from australia
Vinz Henry
ha ha ha I'm the guy at 12:08 I thought I would never find this video you can find my hat's and jewelery on FB anachrony byvinz hope to see you guy's there next year !!!!!
OZORA Festival Official Video
Psy Sex -- L.S.Dance (LOUD Remix)
OZORA Festival Official Video
thanks for the info, that's the sound from the chillout actually! :)))
me 2 :)
Fran çois
Cloudcycle (Greg Hunter & Mauxuam) - 16 Ozone / Green Beats RMX I'm desperatly looking to buy that tune. Any info where I can find it ?
yessssssssssssss !!!
Adalberto Carbajal
I think is not Loud Remix, I'm sure is Activator Remix.
Cloudcycle -- Ozone (Green Beats RMX) !!! Wow, that's beautiful...I wanna hear that full track right now !!! <3
cant wait for another whirlpool of amazingness !!!
I think it would be a great trip to travel alone there..:) But I would be afraid of abstinence of people near me..:)
this videos are almost as amazing as OZORA itself...
nice party
very nice compilation! totally agree to every single word in this video <3 It was a pleasure to be there 2011.
Pranay Suri
raja ram talking about "Disco Valley" in Goa!!
love it! thank you for sharing :)
Love and Light from France !!!
I'm soooo looking forward to it :D
Bruno Espasiani
Very nice these messages.