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The onboard overtakes by Michael Schgumacher in one of his best evere races - Brasilian Grand Prix 2006! / Михаэль Шумахер обгоняет своих соперников в одной из лучших своих гонок - Гран При Бразилии 2006!

Massimo Guastella
Engine's sound of this car = real music
MacRBK 43
No DRS needed when your name is Michael Schumacher!
Blood Dragon
Best Formula 1 Driver of all Time!
Walter White
I miss F1 with nearly 1000hp, 19000 RPM, V10 engines, a complete pit stop and no GAYLO.
We bow down to you, Michael! The greatest ever, by light years... What a man, what a machine... #keepfightingmichael
1:19 that control
Arian Recica
That was one of the best races I watched, at one point of the race he was going so flat out that he adjusted his car for every corner complex, which is insane on a track that's just over a minute long. The Greatest, my childhood hero!
GTS Corsair
The most suitable comment in this case - "Like a BOSS"
Guilherme Coló
I was in Interlagos-SP on this day! My hero, Michael! God bless you, champion!
Sanchez King
I remember this BEAST drive as if it was yesterday
Schumi Jr.
I love to see him drive
Jones Riddle
Schumi the best F1 driver had ever forever.
Lucas García
2:30 lol, did he flip him off?
giovanni darù
Schumacher sarà sempre il più grande di tutti!
Swayambhu Mishra
Had he started from Pole, he would have lapped the entire grid.... such was his pace dat day.....
Bryant Ng
2:49 what a fake!
Last guy he overtakes is Kimi Raikkonen :)
Igor Henrique
Depois do Senna vai ser sempre Schumacher.
Douglas Downey
I miss him.
rick b
Wonder what state he is in these days - hope his family aren’t just keeping him alive for the sake of it - poor guy
Simply the best driver ever.
1:16 God level control...
Oivas Namok
Wasn't this his last race before he retired the first time? I think the last overtake was Raikkonen and Michael finished in the third position. Raikkonen was continuously closing the door on him at the end of the start-finish turn and the third time Michael went further down the inside and took the lead. What a champ!
Cod Name
The best Driver on the World ever☝️💪👌 Michael i miss you!!!!!!
Seven times world Champion🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Nice that you enjoy it!
İlker Çetin
He was a MONSTER..!
Massimo Frittelli
You can clearly feel how hard the car pushes. This video is *triggering*
Patrice BELLUS
Tu nous manques Champion 😥
Gonzalo Campos
I had tears in my eyes, this was his last race (he came back later) but this was his prime. What a race, he was like 15 at the beginning of the race and he ended 4th.
When you're playing F1 2018 and you accidentally set the FOV to 110
Denis Stievenard
For ever the best!!!!! We love you Schumi!
gonna dream about this sound tonight
Giacomo Giacomo
0:30 what a line chiose!!!
Resul Baggio
Haha 2:51. He saw the beast coming and ran off the track... The greatest of all time! So glad I grew up watching the legend of legends!
Ks Joe
Nobody push harder than michael... he seems to know every corner, and whats the next corner is ... that he can forsee a line to overtake ...
franco volo
alto livello grande campione
Ali Ghaleb
1:18 incredible car control!
Niels Zomer
That Ferrari was so quick in the last race.
Martin L
Als die Formel 1 noch geil klingende Motoren hatte ....
Alessandro R
The last one F1 real Pilot
Benones moreira da silva Benones
Schumacher um gênio das pistas Senna um ET
Kristo Oro
Don t give up
Petar Petrovic
The magic!
Julian Williams
Дмитрий Нагиев
*Шумахер это легенда.Когда он уже поправится,кто знает?*
real mate
Man on a Mission
Artur Sommerfeld
100% on limit
My hero for ever! Keep fighting Michael!
Alvin Ramaquita
0:32, when the BMWs didnt see that coming
Paolo Ciarpaglini
He would be win again the following season and probably another one ...
LEGEND OF F1. Sad to see him the way he is now. Keep fighting schumi!
Milka Tuc
0:31 How he snacked those two was beyond reality
absolutely lights out racing.
Odile Barde
Quel grand champion merci a lui
F1 Game on 0% AI difficult be like: ~
Gracia Michael, best F1 that lived and walked.
Andy Bridge
Der geilste Fahrer überhaupt in er Formel eins. Schumi <3
Il più grande
Feeder Fishing
amstel steel
Best number1 pilot f1 all time
2:29 that's what I do when I overtake left lane hogs.
The best of the best
2:48 omg
Julien Montoya
Y avait du spectacle avant
50 butt hurt senna, hamilton and hill fans.
albatros masaka
1.16 crazyy contra
umur demir
1:18 look at his contra. He is a real legend.
Grimm Jow
This engine sound make my phone speaker blow up
Neil Swift
When he drove well he was unbeatable, when he didn't drive well he (and Ferrari) bent the rules and lets say, if he was in a race with, lets say Hamilton and Hamilton only needed to finish the race? Lol. Miss him on the track, hope he's gonna be OK.
Josef Stalin
He wanted too win not only too get points best driver the next 100 years
Giovan Battista Di Salvo
Yarno Calascibetta
Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top... Car and MICH !!!
domingo paulino minaya
Una de sus mejores carreras desde cola al frente un animal
Damn 1:18
Henrique Zingano
Toni Tomic
Facking so fast
Salvatore Nuccio
The very BOSS
Convenhamos, o caipora tbm era bom.
V. Nielsen
1:20 holy damn what a car control
Tiromancino T
great engine
Selamet Riyadi
Real Music
Per Cé
lorsque on regarde FERRARI 2018 et leurs bande de perdants VETTEL qui offre le titre à HAMILTON ou les erreurs de stratégie de la bande à ARRIVABENE qui n'ont rien à voir avec le maître ROSS BRAUN c’est pénible de regarder ça et penser au baron rouge et l'immortel SHUMI
Sandro Costa UFSC
Assisti esta corrida. Schumacher realmente deu show, passando duas vezes por Fisichella. Se dirigisse assim sempre, teria ganho pelo menos um título em cima de Alonso. Os dois em seu máximo, qual o melhor? Não dá p apostar em um ou outro com 100% de garantia. É isso!!!
Chad Cudi
Notice, you spin if you try turning through a corner that should be guided through. Anyone of us gets in this thing we wouldn't be able to get through a corner without spinning lol.
Arch Vile
DRS? What DRS?..............................................................
Schumacher gewinnt! Michael Schumacher ist Weltmeister!!!
Constantin Zweifuss
Der beste fahrer den es jemals gab in der Formel 1
That was formula1, that was a great driver, that was the DNA of race, the we have driver taxi race where you can't overtake because of the tyres ...with lawnmower sound....
JuanCarlos Gualavisi Pulamarin
No ace nada del otro mundo si le gano na màs no hay dinero en mi poder
Virgilio D Campli
SHUMI and FERRARI 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 👋😎🇮🇹
Денис Семенов
Bomba ! Огонь просто !
Евгений Белоконь
Кнопкин тоже красаучег 👍
александр крупаев
кто то есть
francesco giuseppe
Il barone rosso era invincibile
Verde Natura
Quando la formula uno ancora ci faceva sognare.