Masterly NINJA-Style Knockouts in MMA

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balastog barok
@ 2:58 the ref touched all of her private parts in a split second. impressive!!
Arnold Lobresco
2:58 the hand of referee was exactly the best hand grappling
2:58 xVideo?
sarayo wasai
I'm here because of the picture
Bodzio 390
why 95% guys want to kill oponents after KO??
Ruslansun srv
Женщинам нельзя драться !
it's true
The kick will get you everytime.
i think its very respectable when a fighter notices the opponent is knocked out and stops fighting instead of hitting them when they arent defending themselves..
Michael Rodriguez
Flying knee seems to be the theme here lol. Very unsafe, leaves yourself wide open for counter, extremely hard to hit the target, BUT when it does land... very effective and devastating.
An Onoya
2:57 my fav. K.O
Scorpio Snake
The last ref is enjoying his job very much .
selin selin
бин кад
Сотресение мозга , нахер это надо !
kirby march barcena
Those are wonderfully caught KOs in a video
1:00 ぐりこやん
GrowllCraft MineCraft
2:57 well played ref.. xDD
Aldo Zulfikar
0:40 When you get headshot but you brought two helmet
The Sethioz Project
what's this puke making sound on background? ... it gave me a headache ..
giorgio pigola
Martins's Entertainment
1:48 oh my lord that was some knee
George georgopoylos
Shuffle Dance
You have great voice:3
Had to turn the volume all the way down,can't take that racket you call music.....
Michael David
EXCELLENT refs doing a great job as well.
Shamefull sport, no dignity for fallen ones even u see they knocked out still trying to punch them . This is why its not an Olympic sport.
This is interesting!
Thanks for watching! I hope You enjoy this video :)
Juan Partida
Now who says that traditional martial arts don't work It's just that there are not good teachers or that students they want the easy way
setia darma
1:41 this kneeing was devastating ........
At 2:00 the flying armbar WOW !
Henry Michegan
Gatunix Dan
Song ????
Isaiah Jones
#9 at 2:33 was the funniest one
Aman chauhan
Matheus Felipe
6 = wooooow
Andrei M
love the last referee...he touched everything :))))))) even down there...pervert
Valentin Reiter
Precious garage urge juror tear nonetheless nuclear succeed complain cart hug
Sander Mulder
Horror factory gesture tightly profession survey actually relative swing entirely valuable horn.
El refere 😄😄
Eviere keii
music name please
. number 9 seems kind of rude - he did not wait for a touch of hands
Mikel Roa
Dislike if you came here to see mcgregor doing the split
cristian arias
El ultimo el referi la toco toda jajaja
Song name????
harry wolf
number 10 watch referee hand shame on you man
Jobert Daguino
just watch the 2:58 mark and see where the ref tries to hold the girl at.
wawan muhammad
lanjutkan perjuangan kuti jejak para pemimpin kita yg telah tiada, NKRI harga mati mari kita pertahankan, Merdeka.
hector sepulveda
que basura de deporte, ningún respeto por el contrincante
Geanini Araújo
Não seria ninja?
Антон Богданенко
Твой инглиш чуть покачевает
Job Sadao
this is Muay thai
i saw..
Alliny Franklin
galaxia lo mas
Bien los jueces se tiran, cuando ya fue!! Cuidan los luchadores!!
Mayllon Santos
Um dia realizo esse sonho prepara liga
Fernando _T
Глеб Ё
Ужасный акцент
siluet sore
Which one is Ninja ?
Monstar Strike
muay thai?
Games Open
Ultra kombo💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻👍👍👍😎😎😎
Syahid Jaafar
The reff touch her vagene
Luis J
Every time i see a flying knee KO i just want to yell FATALITY in my deepest voice lol
Soravit Chinnapan
2:16 is not MMA, it's Muay Thai
Oliver McKinley
I wish there were more girl fights with knockout and good tko finishes. A whole lot of the time, fights between women tend to end up as glorified slap fights even at the highest level. They can go 5 5min rounds and come away looking like they've been doing cardio for 25 minutes. Not trying to take anything away from them, but it's just boring and usually gets a fast forward on the ol dvr from me. And yas, before anyone says it, I totally know there are boring male fights too, just a whole lot less of them. I absolutely love an exciting, bloody, skilled cat fight.
XxProMlg360QuickscopexX XxProMlg360QuickscopexX
Ref just doing their work
Pun Jab I
This is why Mayweather demanded boxing rules!
mellow magic
Metal Steel
all the ladies in there could kill me.
tOnY O
Sick click bait
El adonais
Pourquoi les hommes font comme des bêtes?
Why are you using that crappy voice thing?
foshou citron
1:52 out of this world move!!!!
Vytautas Mikuciauskas
If I were a mma fighter I wouldn't pounch a knocked opponent
mateus Pacheco
kkkkkkkkkkkkkk azideia desse juiz kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk no finalzin da luta das mina o cara passa a maozinha daquele naiiipaooo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Renan Letigio
what about Holmes and Rousy?
Should be called "Normal MMA moves that resulted in Knockouts"
A F S 100%
Only tenis ❤
dew gon
1:27 this guy looks goofy af after the kick. Lol
Жаслан Талгат
Рефери крсавчик
alfin terate
Name song?
Karim Sayed
I think that's tawekondo ...
American Eagle
where the fook is mcgregor
oni komame
Mitch Burke
And the perverted referee award goes too... Steve mazagotti the worst referee in MMA
hamza ahmad
This is not even close to what you mentioned in title...................
marius vera
This is brutal...!
michael White
They ain't nothing to your mum with Her handbag
Space Sailor
😭stop fighting
William Esselman
I just know there's not going to be a flying helicopter kick
2:49 2:58
Emmanuel Reyes
Funny how you don't read anyone bashing tkd here. Martial arts don't work in mma right?