Masterly Knockouts in MMA in the NINJA Style

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balastog barok
@ 2:58 the ref touched all of her private parts in a split second. impressive!!
kirby march Barcena
Those are wonderfully caught KOs in a video
Arnold Lobresco
2:58 the hand of referee was exactly the best hand grappling
i think its very respectable when a fighter notices the opponent is knocked out and stops fighting instead of hitting them when they arent defending themselves..
Bodzio 390
why 95% guys want to kill oponents after KO??
sarayo wasai
I'm here because of the picture
Michael Rodriguez
Flying knee seems to be the theme here lol. Very unsafe, leaves yourself wide open for counter, extremely hard to hit the target, BUT when it does land... very effective and devastating.
Scorpio Snake
The last ref is enjoying his job very much .
The Sethioz Project
what's this puke making sound on background? ... it gave me a headache ..
Michael David
EXCELLENT refs doing a great job as well.
Aldo Zulfikar
0:40 When you get headshot but you brought two helmet
Juan Partida
Now who says that traditional martial arts don't work It's just that there are not good teachers or that students they want the easy way
GrowllCraft MineCraft
2:57 well played ref.. xDD
. number 9 seems kind of rude - he did not wait for a touch of hands
giorgio pigola
Had to turn the volume all the way down,can't take that racket you call music.....
selin selin
Shuffle Dance
You have great voice:3
Martins's Entertainment
1:48 oh my lord that was some knee
This is interesting!
Thanks for watching! I hope You enjoy this video :)
Matheus Felipe
6 = wooooow
Gatunix Dan
Song ????
setia darma
Eviere keii
music name please
Henry Michegan
Shamefull sport, no dignity for fallen ones even u see they knocked out still trying to punch them . This is why its not an Olympic sport.
Valentin Reiter
Precious garage urge juror tear nonetheless nuclear succeed complain cart hug
Aman chauhan
Andrei M
love the last referee...he touched everything :))))))) even down there...pervert
At 2:00 the flying armbar WOW !
1:41 this kneeing was devastating ........
Sander Mulder
Horror factory gesture tightly profession survey actually relative swing entirely valuable horn.
harry wolf
number 10 watch referee hand shame on you man
Mikel Roa
Dislike if you came here to see mcgregor doing the split
Song name????
cristian arias
El ultimo el referi la toco toda jajaja
An Onoya
2:57 my fav. K.O
Jobert Daguino
just watch the 2:58 mark and see where the ref tries to hold the girl at.
El refere 😄😄
hector sepulveda
que basura de deporte, ningún respeto por el contrincante
wawan muhammad
lanjutkan perjuangan kuti jejak para pemimpin kita yg telah tiada, NKRI harga mati mari kita pertahankan, Merdeka.
MMA guys are so stupid.
Every time i see a flying knee KO i just want to yell FATALITY in my deepest voice lol
alex relax
Yusuf Naufal
Nice thumbnail
Knockouts and twix
Mike Soash
This didnt show the fight from the click bait picture. Total garbage!
Gerdie Albers
McGregor COULD BETTER go and dance classical ballet....!
Joro Chiflikov
1:54 the 6th video is the absolute master class move!
If I kicked like the guy on number 4..I would destroy all my life's problems lol.
Amien Chenobyll
i give this video thumb up because of the last ref! he's amazing!
Anony Mous
Song title?
eddy lim
No ninja style at all 😂😂
Víctor Guevara
Estos luchadores son unos cobardes de mierda. Rematando a sus oponentes en el piso. Que los dejen levantarse como en boxeo a ver si son tan valientes!
space cadet
I liked how the ref was able to stop the fight after a big ko right away. The only thing i hate about mma is why would you continue to hit someone on the ground after you have clearly knocked them out with a huge kick. Could do some serious damage.
Busʜɪ 1͎9͎7͎
1:55 I want to try this lol
hälfte davon sind zwar normale round kicks aber ok... ninja style aufjedenfall
Lol Cat
Combat de singes sans poils ? Et on appelle ça du sport....
David Kinsella
2:56 the ref didn't know where to put his hands. Lol.
Carl Boucher
when we were kids can you smell my feet nope I was unconscious a half a second after you put it in my face but seriously very talented Fearless athletes I'm kind of old school but I would love to see where Bruce Lee would rank but even if he wanted to which he wouldn't I don't think they let him in the ring waaaa!!
Kermit The frog
2:30 this man had to hit him with that kick then mad sure with that punch 😂
I wanna see someone counter flying knee wiht punch to face
Sangram Pattanayak
All the refs from WWE or UFC always take advantages over women. SHAMELESS!!!!
alfredo gomez
Que linda mano q le mete el refe a la mina a los 2:59.
Taekwondo isnt ninja style.
Ryan L
Ninja isn't a style, smh.
Hammad Vasim
At 2:58 the referee got the real treat of the match 😂😂
m Bell
I can't wait for that Mic to get slammed and broke permanently...enough already...
Intrincid Blind Viperville.
Don't cheat on girl ufc fighters if you can get one. I'm just saying
Nick Mallari
the last video men 😂😂 the referee and the girl who win... wtf 😂 he touched her.... uhmm you know 😂😂😂😂
wendelL yong
"Masterly Kicks in MMA in the NINJA Style"
Cristian Moreno
Último ko, arbitro toca el coño a la joven
Stacy Yardley
My god the best in the world Coner
Ent Itie
On 2:13 the referee grabs that girls right breast after she is knocked out
Taekwondo guys
Josesito SQ
Ajajkakaa esa foto que sale antes de darle play a este video
Misa Golubovic
Why is Conor McGregor on the cover but not in the video you? Nobody likes liar
Mandy Ice
I'm not impressed at all!!!! lol up that was cool af
why did they have a computer voice read that awful text? dzeesj
6CD9 Gaming
The ref at the end goes for a tit grab first then the fanny, savage mo fo
The bell hasn't even stopped ringing to start the 1st round before the KO for number 9 - great speed, aggression and surprise. Don't think I've ever seen a KO before the bell to start the fight is still ringing before:)
Dave's facts
I swear this is the exact same voice as the google translator English voice
Karni Leo
Wrs the picture video ... Bakwash
akokvaracxelia Tv
Music name?
Jason Watson 1
1:51 holy shit
Francisco González
Segundo 2:59 jejejejejejejejejej
manas raj
This was interesting..
3 seconds of commentary and suddenly you own it. THANK YOU! LOL
allen tobias
the refree from the last fight was the real ninja
nice clips, very demented music
Bengia Lagi
that refree in the scene
Amen Ominous
in the last one, the ref grabbed her boob then her crotch and was trying not to lol
6 More Than 20 15
robot voice
i liked because its not repeated
Sod Fish
Where do I get this Asian Jimmy Carr voice bot?
willie gonzales
Potential roof historian daudss location represent hang address broad.
Darius M
Where was MVP knock out this is not the best list at all
veronica eve
That's Why the knee to the face is an illegal move now
David Fleitas
Jajaj qlp