Masterly NINJA-Style Knockouts in MMA

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balastog barok
@ 2:58 the ref touched all of her private parts in a split second. impressive!!
Michael Rodriguez
Flying knee seems to be the theme here lol. Very unsafe, leaves yourself wide open for counter, extremely hard to hit the target, BUT when it does land... very effective and devastating.
Arnold Lobresco
2:58 the hand of referee was exactly the best hand grappling
2:58 xVideo?
i think its very respectable when a fighter notices the opponent is knocked out and stops fighting instead of hitting them when they arent defending themselves..
An Onoya
2:57 my fav. K.O
Martins's Entertainment
1:48 oh my lord that was some knee
Had to turn the volume all the way down,can't take that racket you call music.....
The Sethioz Project
what's this puke making sound on background? ... it gave me a headache ..
kirby march barcena
Those are wonderfully caught KOs in a video
Guilherme Costa
Mais que porra de thumb é essa 😂😂😂 deixa o like quem é br 🇧🇷
GrowllCraft MineCraft
2:57 well played ref.. xDD
Gabriel Ornerio
Bodzio 390
why 95% guys want to kill oponents after KO??
Alex White
Number 6 is awesome. The athleticism and imagination to get in the winning position, then the skill and ability to produce the submission
Gerdie Albers
McGregor COULD BETTER go and dance classical ballet....!
Fabio Isao
O número 9 faleceu ano passado aqui no Jp !
Leonardo Alberto Jimenez Perez
Te fusilaste la canción del intro de buf academi,q poco original.
Rofl Stomps
None of these knockouts would be possible without the obvious failure of not knowing where 'the pocket' is. Rule of thumb: If you don't want anything but a hand or fist to connect with you - stay an elbows length away.
Sangram Pattanayak
All the refs from WWE or UFC always take advantages over women. SHAMELESS!!!!
Little Curly
I thought this would be UFC video game montage.
Ciro Gomes 12
2:58 a lutadora pulou acho que ninguém nunca fez isso nela kkkkk
Impressive referee..hahaha.. He's the Master of Masters of all Ninja...Ninja Moves!!! 😂😂😂😂
galaxia lo mas
Bien los jueces se tiran, cuando ya fue!! Cuidan los luchadores!!
Natan JF
Nome da Música do vídeo?
Should be called "Normal MMA moves that resulted in Knockouts"
Carlos Valle
Looks like conor was a balerina in his past😂🤣😂🤣 atleast that's what the cover photo shows hahaha
3 seconds of commentary and suddenly you own it. THANK YOU! LOL
Every time i see a flying knee KO i just want to yell FATALITY in my deepest voice lol
Kingston Green
This was definitely worth the time...👍🏾👍🏾 btw, you sound like MindSmash lol 🔥🙏🏾🔥
William Fessaha
Holly’s setup and question mark Ko over correia was much more masterful
Medequillo Vincekenneth
The last video is a level 9999 ninja referee
wendelL yong
"Masterly Kicks in MMA in the NINJA Style"
Michael David
EXCELLENT refs doing a great job as well.
angelanghel dimonyo
ref touching clitoris😂
One word sums up the KO's: Brutal!
Shuffle Dance
You have great voice:3
To Whom Much Is Given
@2:04 how did an armbar get in a knockout video?
2:31 R.I.P Kid Yamamoto, he’s gone 2018!! he was cancer
Pun Jab I
This is why Mayweather demanded boxing rules!
Vytautas Mikuciauskas
If I were a mma fighter I wouldn't pounch a knocked opponent
André Luiz - ALMO
35 seconds , The White Ninja
Scorpio Snake
The last ref is enjoying his job very much .
Cool! :D
It Casinorad
Anyway refree enjoyed on last match 😂😂
William Esselman
I just know there's not going to be a flying helicopter kick
Joshua Cisneros
They're not gonna show Sub Zero's spine rip?
1:41 this kneeing was devastating ........
Jorge Betancur
OO! at number ten, the judge touched all intimate parts of the girl!!! he's a master!
Mitch Burke
And the perverted referee award goes too... Steve mazagotti the worst referee in MMA
Leevi Turunen
Shelter pleasure farm terror stock defensive request tablespoon being okay grateful different.
Albert Einstein
What voice is this? Human or Alien
Joro Chiflikov
1:54 the 6th video is the absolute master class move!
NOTHING special about most of these knockouts -.-
willie gonzales
Potential roof historian daudss location represent hang address broad.
2:56 look at hand of this guy when he end
last rafery touched both thing. 😂
nice clips, very demented music
Victor Claes
Real fat anywhere guilty defense wealth distinct bay test candy convince.
Maikol Suazo hernandez
Entre solo a decirte q bueno Split en la miniatura jajjaja
El adonais
Pourquoi les hommes font comme des bêtes?
Maximiano Júnior
Esse que vocês faz é propaganda enganosa Cerrado
Why do all these "top 10 compilers" sound so incredibly gay
Brick Roundhouse
This was in no way interesting.
NCS Hacos
The normal side Kicks were so unnecessary
Karni Leo
Wrs the picture video ... Bakwash
Why are you using that crappy voice thing?
6CD9 Gaming
The ref at the end goes for a tit grab first then the fanny, savage mo fo
Terence Unger
Use a picture from the vedio you are actually going to show
Jan Viray
1:54 the best
David Kinsella
2:56 the ref didn't know where to put his hands. Lol.
XxProMlg360QuickscopexX XxProMlg360QuickscopexX
Ref just doing their work
Sascha Littel
Number 5 reminds me of the good old Tiger Knee of Sagat from Street Fighter xD
The voiceover is really interesting. Sounds like maybe an indian guy trying to imitate a specific voiceover we hear all the time.
selin selin
Edmur Júlio
Impressionante. 😎🖒
2分30秒のKIDのやつは アレはやばい。。
Yusuf Naufal
Nice thumbnail
Silva was dq'd for that heel kick delivered from his back. That surprised the crowd and himself. I thought it looked more like he was trying to keep from giving up full control, trying to make a little space
At 2:00 the flying armbar WOW !
2:09 wow. Holmes rocked that crackhead broad
Tgx Vídeos e Tutoriais
2:04 ... chute perfeito !! perfet kick rs 😎😁😃
Carl Boucher
when we were kids can you smell my feet nope I was unconscious a half a second after you put it in my face but seriously very talented Fearless athletes I'm kind of old school but I would love to see where Bruce Lee would rank but even if he wanted to which he wouldn't I don't think they let him in the ring waaaa!!
Recognize Real
1:33 I had no idea Canelo fought MMA?!!
giorgio pigola
Kermit The frog
2:30 this man had to hit him with that kick then mad sure with that punch 😂
Venk tesh
Combination of real time hit followed by slow motion for each could have been more better..
m Bell
I can't wait for that Mic to get slammed and broke permanently...enough already...
Aldo Zulfikar
0:40 When you get headshot but you brought two helmet
Bryce Hitchcock
Not that I didn't like the video but I don't see any ninjitsu
Mr. Doe, are you in?
its unfair to use finishing moves right at the start lol
henzo gustavo
2:58 olha a mão do cara
R.I.P STAR WARS 1977 - 2012
1:27 this guy looks goofy af after the kick. Lol
Brave Player
Slk mulher e sangue nos olhos, mesmo com a oponente caída elas ainda querem bater
1:02 心配ですやんって聞こえる