Hunter X Hunter Episode 7 [eng sub] 1999 HD

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" those who use dirty tricks will someday die a dirty death"
mywighasbeensnatched bySEVENTEENsooftenimgoingbald
At first, I was like, Ohhh Tonpa's good here. And then after watching the 6th episode I was like, wtf he was way worse here lol
"People might think you swing the other way!" Oho? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Am I missing something, Leorio?
I'm seven episodes in and crying. THE FEELS ARE STILL THERE. Screw anyone who says 2011 is better; they're both bloody amazing. Togashi is a genius, and I can only hope he gets better. <3
Erin Bond
Holy crap. Killua's way more intense in this version! Leorio too! I love it!
Can you don't
I love the Pietro part. It's one of the main reasons I like Leorio, too bad the 2011 version didn't have it
Bit Maximus
It's backstory cave!
Sammy Frodrick
And so, LeoPika (Leorio x Kurapika) is born. XD
The pietro part was sad
Jiara Villafuerte
Why am I always attracted to white haired guys
Maddie Cupak
I've read the manga but I've only seen a little bit of each of the anime. So far what I will say about 1999 is that the art and animation are beautiful high quality. As good as more modern animation can be, I will always love and in many ways prefer the old school style, from the hand-drawn days of the early to mid 20th century to anime from the early 2000s. There is much more attention to detail and quality. It has a slightly rustic look that I love instead of the too-perfect gloss that you find over all the modern HD animation, and you can tell that every frame was labored over with the utmost care. It adds so much to my enjoyment of a piece of animation. Aside from that, the atmosphere of the show is unique and mesmerizing, and the soundtrack is on fucking fire. This one clearly has the superior soundtrack by far. It's gorgeous. I get that a lot of people might not like how it isn't as faithful to the manga, in terms of the plot or the atmosphere (I find the manga and the 2011 anime to be darker in some ways), but I actually find that attractive in a way. It remains true to the spirit of the original work while becoming its own thing, an animation that is an undeniable work of art all on its own.
The original series for me is way better than the 2011 version :)
Elena Cynthia
didn't expect to see saitama 😅
I just noticed that the only female characters are Gon's aunt and very old women. That's ok; I like the cute boys! :3
the scene of Loerio and pietro is not based on the Original. but i have loved it since I watched in childfood.
Loser stfu
Tonpa 2011:Heres some juice thatll make ur tummy upset Tonpa 1999: Im leaving you with this sap thatll mak you hallucinate and try to make you kys
Lab Rox
when killua kicked kurapika he really REALLY looked like a girl XD ( 10:28 )
Oscar Guzman
It's got so many differences from the manga. It's like an entirely different show show than the 2011 version.
Snake Eater
*What If People Think You Swing The Other Way?*
Leorio X Kurapika moment!!
Rachie Salma
I feel bad for liking Hisoka -_-
mMMM KILLUAS LEGS killua has shorter shorts in the 1999 version so blessed
hirke uklit
doesnt gon sound like naruto guys?
The Iron on Jin's Chest Used in The Fire MV of BTS
Right when Killua got up to Tonpa I was like "GOTEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMM"
killua ahhhh~ missed him
Piu John
Leorio Backstory in 1999= Tears flowing Leorio Backstory in 2011= Meh
oh my gosh kurapika looks so feminine at 21:20...I mean more than usual o.O
Hirah Chua
Kilua is ❤️
I like this show a lot. I started the 2011 version in 2014 and this version in 2015
She Vlogs
theyve put more extra scences here than on manga
Maribel Laruscain
I hate Tonpa
18:42 I'm sorry, Leorio, swing what way?!
Deby Christian
remind me for my childhood
Basher Theories
Who is that fraud? Why doesn't he have a mouth? And what's Kurapika's true gender? Find out next on Hunter X Hunter!
Kelli Maye
I like the new hunter x hunter better
Tonpa just gave up the chance to have some of the coolest friends and having a life much much much more important, eventful, and amazing than the one he probably ended up having. I know he doesn't care because he's "The Rookie Crusher", but still, what a horrible decision on his part. I never understood people like that, but I guess nobody does. Those people who just like to be evil for the sake of being evil, and legitimately don't have a goal or a reason when performing evil acts. Those people that enjoy burning bridges just for the hell of it. I guess you could say they are just emotionless psychopaths. Too bad Tonpa, too bad. You came *this* close to being someone who actually matters. Oh well.
Sky Lee
18:42 WTF XD
Jasmine Bautizare
Gosh I love Killua's voice.
Abdul Samad
where is the proctors mouth???
(18:38-20:10) Dat song! ;_;
Alex Abhaya
Brittany Williams
Okay I like Killua too but some of these comments are pretty racy to say about a 12 yo character…
Bangtwice Take my heart away
I love killua a lot , if he was a real one I will surely make him mine
jasmine essa
I love killua 💕💕💕💕
Carla Jenel F
Killua!!!!! Kyaaaaaahhhhh hahhaahah
carljustine malate
i like hunterxhunter coz its exciting many different things rare beasts and other stuff
Ms Everything
WTF why are anime boys so perfect and real life boys are like there's at least something wrong about them
PINK HOOD Yuchiru , Botan , Flora
I love Killua
I watched the 2011 version of HXH first and I loved it. But the 1999 version is SO much better <3 I love it!
Mr. Capitalist
the 2011 series has such a generic and repetitive soundtrack it sounds so bad when you watch this version
Carol Line
2:50 lol Saitama?!
Gon Freecss
Hmmm,I Like The Drawing On This Than The 2011
Gon Freecss
The Closing Is Like Mito's Voice
kurapika is girl or boy please tell me
Niamh Quinn
I loved it when killnau went and sayed y so scared lol
Leah-Chan 122
I love how Leorio got to have his special scene here! I don't usually say this but if it came to a choice I wouldn't mind marrying a guy like Leorio! Sure he isn't the brightest nor the strongest and not even the good looking but he has a big heart and is willing to do anything he has the passion for! He's the kind of guy that's filled with commitment and spirit! Come storm or damnation, he will falter but I doubt he'd break. The scene with Pietro proved it perfectly! He could've killed himself to ease the sorrow and guilt he felt, it was the easiest choice to end his physical fatigue too but he didn't. Sure it got to him but in the end he stayed true to his heart and instead of wallowing in the past he choose to look up to the future and I think that's an amazing lesson for all of us! Always look ahead no matter what happened behind you, won't say it'll be easy but it's worth the fight! ♥️♥️♥️
Helel Alexander
I love how Leorio's response to "I'm sure you'll be a doctor some day" is "das gay"
peculiar potato
The music of h x h is so fcccnggg nostalgic!!!!! Im only 7 when I watch this and now Im 19 watching thissss again best shounen ever!!!!!!!
Fatima Naim
I watched this episode when i was 3 for the first time too bad when i was tow years old i started with episode 16 and i still repeat this shos and i'm 12 and a half right know also i finished hunter and the movies last year and yet i'm still more than crazy with killua i'm in love with him since like 10 years
Kseny Ainesk
the moment with leorio was so impressively
jolly wollf
Kurapika abd Leorio running side by side taking off more and more clothes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Anyone else see where this is going?
Elizabeth M
ok it seriously looks like Kurapika has a bust at 21:22 just sayin
amazing episode! real friends will guide you through hallucinations hahahahahaha! the Pietro scene is very tragic and emotional
Most of the early episodes have heartwarming moments. 18:35 each time I hear this epic bgm, I miss HxH more.. Wish we could all see it through hehe.
emma rose
What's the sad soundtrack with leorio and pietro?
Jlassi Jlali
where is Tompa oscar the man best actor!
gabriel samonte
Killua is such a badass kid.
Shon TV
the soundtrack is so good 😄😄😄 it brings good vibes
18:42 way to drop the ball leorio calling him gay
Mata Pan
"What If People Think You Swing The Other Way?" I love the 99 version already <3
Koven Maitreya
LeoPika 4 evaaaaaa!!!!! :D
Lori-Ann McLawrence
thank god that they changed hisoka's hair in the 2011 one, it's waayyy better
Cancer at Csgo
Umm is it just me or is all of the h x h things I’ve watched been different from the last time I watched it because I don’t remember any explosions and I remember gon and killua racing to the top or am I just going crazy
Jeanna Salima
this version had better artwork and story telling. 2011 version had better animation and chimera ant arc... if only i can have both...
Just A Frans Shipper
The newer one was like censored lol they didn't have the sap trap
Chible Francis
14:10 leorio choose to back to life and pietro accept it the most emotional scene in hxh i'll never forget
Benjamín Argumento
LOL, I bought Run or Die on the last Steam Sale. Thanks for uploading HxH.
I'm not crying a onion flew into my eye i mean someones cutting bugs ah damn it!
Did I skipped an episode on 2011 version or just some of the scenes here (like the bomb) are not included in 2011 ver? Can someone explain?
Dream Drawer
What country are they in? The names aren't Japanese
Leorio is a fagale? I kant believe it...a great warrior but also a fagale awaits the pinagem.
Dream Drawer
Why can gon carry a full grown man like its nothing, and he has trouble carrying a teen?
short clips
7:27 The scarlet eyes has been awakened.
Mariya Ise伊頼茉莉也
can any 1 help me? i cant find episode 7 of 2011 original 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭
what is this song called on 18:40
Roronoa Zori
that bald guy reminds me of one punch man hahaha, because he also has an unlimited stamina
Maribel Laruscain
And i can't beleive that Killua kicked Kurapika😆
Axciu Silo
12:39 mmmm dat ocean scenery
2:46 sounds like a Jiraiya/Naruto quote.
Jacob Beristain
One punch man is 294 then?
Bollosam Sakura
amazing and interesting animation like it👍
Leorio's glasses are different xD
avsum Ali
no gon doesnt sound like naruto
No I moved
i thought it was pronounced kill loo la XD
avsum Ali
killua is pretty cool too
Sariba Shoukat
Nice video
Cis Shah
watching it again in 2017😄
Cloyd Gilig
Samuel V Barnes
this episode was screwed up