79 Instrumental songs everyone knows, but no one knows the name of (TV Show & Advertising Music)

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Part 2: /> You hear these songs everyday in tv shows, advertisings and movies! But most people don't know the name or the artist! If you have more songs like these feel free to put them into the comments. Be sure to turn comments on, as there were some corrections afterwards! Spotify Playlist: /> Enjoy! Playlist: Soul Bossa Nova - The Academy Allstars Winchester Cathedral - New Vaudeville Band Spanish Flea - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Afrikan Beat - Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra Déclic: Java - Murray Sporn Mexican Hat Dance The Mambo Craze - De-Phazz Doop - dooper than doop Benny Hill - The Edwin Davids Jazz Band Dick und Doof Pat Und Patachon: Whirlwind Baby Elephant Walk - Henry Mancini & His Orchestra Tea For Two My Name is Nobody - Ennio Morricone The Andy Griffith Show Left Bank Two - Wayne Hill Wheels - Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra The Entertainer - Scott Joplin Blues Party - Gert Wilden Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti The River Kwai March/Colonel Bogey March - Mitch Miller Tunes Of Glory - Mitch Miller William Tell Overture: Finale - Rossini Galop Infernal (Can-Can) - Jacques Offenbach The Nutcracker Suite: Russian Dance - Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky March ot the Toreadors - Bizet Radetzky Marsch - Johann Strauss The Stars and Stripes Forever John - Phillip Sousa Pomp and Circumstance - Elgar Blue Danube Waltz - Strauss Voices of Spring - Strauss La Traviata: Drinking Song - Verdi The Flight of the Bumble Bee - Rimsky-Korsakov Sabre Dance - Khachaturian Hungarian Dance No. 5 - Brahms Rondo Alla Turca - Mozart Dance of the hours (La Gioconda) Pizzacato - Léo Delibes Humoresque - Dvorak Piano Concerte no. 1 in B-flat Minor - Tchaikovsky Te Deum: Prelude - Marc-Antoine Charpentier Air on a G String - Johann Sebastian Bach Adagio for String, Op. 11a Canon - Johann Pachabel Zadok the Priest - Handel Symphony No. 40 K550: 1st Movement - Mozart Sarabande - Handel Waltz No. 2 - Dmitri Shostakovich Morning from Peer Gynt - Edvard Grieg Peer Gynt - In the Hall of the Mountain King - Edvard Grieg Ride of the Valkyries - Wagner Also Sprach Zarathustra - Strauss O Fortuna - Carl Orff Young Love Lakmé: Duet - Delibes Clair de Lune - Claude Debussy Aquarium - Saint Saens The nutcracker suit: Dance of the sugar plum - Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Scene - Tchaikovsky Forrest Gump Suite - Alan Silvestri Comptine d'un autre été, l'après-midi - Yann Tiersen Wedding March - Mendelssohn Grand Vals - Richard Durrant Entry of the Gladiators - Julius Fučík The Magnificent Seven - Elmer Bernstein The Raiders March - John Williams The good, the bad and the ugly - Ennio Morricone Chariots of Fire - Vangelis Conquest of Paradise - Vangelis 3 gymnopedies: gymnopedie no. 1 - Erik Satie You can leave your hat on (intro) - Joe Cocker L'internationale - Artist unknown Streets of Cairo - Artist unknown Tooccata and Fugue in D minor - Bach Snake Charmer - Benny Bergian Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix) - Rob D. On her majestys secret service - Propellerheads Battle without honor or humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei

Ariah Mitchell
Imagine how pissed these composers would be....their songs are featured in every freaking viral video and Tom and Jerry episode...yet nobody knows them
Jahin Alam
All I heard this music's in Tom and Jerry
I love that there's a song called "Dooper Than Doop" by a band named DOOP.
How Unfortunate
OMFG. There was one song that i couldnt for the life of me find. The Blue Danube Waltz that I was humming to everyone trying to figure out the name and everyone was like "yeah that song! WTF IS THE NAME OF THAT SONG". I was going nuts trying to find it and gave up. Go figure, like a month later I stumbled on this vid in my recommendations list. Thank you so much.
WAIT! How do YOU know the names of these songs, are you not one of the "everybody" that's in the title?
Carl Mahnke
One word from the creator. I hated how the tv makers had literally a monopol on the usage of these songs. So I cracked it.
Da Dragon Durp
Seriously who doesn't know Flight of The Bumblebee?!
Martin Terniak
*Ringtones in my phone in a nutshell*
Ken Jett
This video post may be old but the songs are timeless. I was disappointed they didn't add one too make it 80. Would have loved to heard theme from BreakHeart Pass on this list what an awesome instrumental it was. Good movie as well.
Mei Grafd Vodder
Now I finally know the name of Gonna Fly Now. My goals for my life are now completed.
all i can think is Tom and Jerry
How does anybody _NOT_ know The Raider's March??? Or Chariots of Fire, for that matter???
Soul Bossa Nova - if you don't immediately think Austin Powers, I have no idea what else it's been in. If I've heard it in anything else I presumed it was referencing Austin Powers...and considering it's the theme for all three movies, made me believe that it was orchestrated just for those films (like a James Bond theme).
Hunter Brown
8:51 A kid in my tenth grade music class did a presentation on that composer. His name is pronounced foo-kich, but the kid accidentally misspoke during the presentation and called him f***s***. It was one of the funniest things I've heard in my life!
7:11 this came on as soon as I saw a spider in the corner of my room.
Lot of them were in "Little Einsteins" :') Aaaah memories
we all kinda came for Spanish flea
Benny Hill Theme = Yakety Sax
In the Hall of the Mountain King
9:08 Okay, I can forgive people not knowing it's called the Raiders March But who doesn't know it's Indiana Jones?
Yuna Kang
i half expected a tom and jerry chase
An really useful video
Kesahe Namste
6:57 I was looking for it all the time and finally I found it
How the hell does someone not know The Entertainer....
I feel like 2 characters from a cartoon are having a stupid conversation
regular huh bitch
These songs are pure masterpieces
the great cartoon medley
John J. Rambo
Why the hell didn’t you make an even 80?! Don’t you realize people out there have OCD!? Damnit man!
Ohhh my god!!!! Thank you sooooooooo much 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 the struggle ends. I can die in peace 😂😂😂
Bruno Ramírez
Left like I came, not going to remember none of this
Maniac Magge
I'd prefer an actual Playlist please
Nia Soto
I like the Mexican Hat Dance!🏜
Flashback Cat
*I've been impregnated*
Suk Mike Hok
1am wtf am i doing here
Joel Robert Justiawan
Shazam, nor Sound Hound, Are not capable of. *Awesome divided by zero!!!*
Freibier für Alle
I heard The Aquarium in Harry Potter
Lukas Proske
10:14 The Toccata and Fugue in D minor is one of Bachs works. Jacques Loussier merely covered it in a Jazz style.
PK Saenz
LOL @10:05 My dad use to sing that every time he heard it on a cartoon: "There's a place in France, where the Ladies wear no Pants." LOL I had no idea what that song was called. And I'm pretty sure those are not the real words. :)
Stanley Parable
Most these songs remind me of Tom and Jerry. Like if you agree
10:05 - Papi from _Highly Questionsable's_ snake theme... Nice to know that's an actual song...
Nibras Ahmed
Reminds of Tom & Jerry and many other Cartoons from good ol times.
Twenty One Phanics at YGs basement chogiwhatthefuck
I feel educated to know some of the classical music ones
Kayla m
2:08 David Goodenough; les vrais connaissent les bails!
Gold Gaming
I don’t know why I got a lot of these songs from spongebob. Lol
Isak Hjelm
i think this has saved my life
I can't believe the Nokia Tune is in the list.
Freya McCullough
Well that just answered 90% of my questions in life.
Fityma Király
Now i can annoy my friends all day Thank you
Eric Janssen
Okay, I admit it, I THOUGHT Soul Bossa Nova was "the Austin Powers Theme"...
Carl Moore
3:05 Tunes of Glory is also known as Scotland the Brave
IceBane The_Furry
Kesha made a song to the streets of Cairo tune called take it off, this is outrageous
It felt like if I was in a elevator for 10 minutes
The only songs i recognized were the songs i knew the name of 😂
Zorba The Greek is missing. This instrumental mix should be in the top ten of the best enjoyful videos in the history of youtube (but only after adding Zorba The Greek)
0:17 problemas técnicos, por favor aguarde...
DJ Dorlis
Somebody know this ? : Du du du du, du, du du du du du! Du du du du, du, du du du du du!
Daniel Brovender
I love how the red curtain opens to reveal... Another red curtain 😆
Christopher Soto
When you know a song just from piano tiles😁😁😁😁😁😅😅😳😳😝😝😝😜😜😛😛
This is pretty cool. Thanks
Björn Erlendur
Emma Rose
My question is how did you find them without knowing the name
Studio The Red Panda
OH MY GOD. ;_;
Boeing 7378MAX fan
I only recognized a few but the rest......
6:08 incredible!!
Daniel Fuchs
Soul Bossa Nova gives me that Austin Powers nostalgia.
Adalberto Gonzaga
forgot to put on this list: Darude - Sandstorm
Watching TrainsgoBy
anyone that doesn't smile like a goofy little kid during at least part of this video has no soul. Awesome!
Very well researched!
Brenton Taylor
4:01) The two reasons we know this song. 1. Graduation 2. *OOOOOH YEAH! MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE, YEAH!*
Hannah the Musician
Songs on here that I've heard at least once: 0:00 Soul Bossa Nova 0:17 Spanish Flea (I feel like I've heard this but I don't know if I have) 0:42 El Jarabe Tapatio (I'm positive I've heard this in a movie or in a restaurant) 1:06 Benny Hill Theme (I've heard this song a million times on TV shows and movies.) 1:31 Baby Elephant Walk (I've heard this a lot more on YouTube videos than movies and tv shows) 2:05 Fishin' Hole (Are you kidding? I've watched this show just about every day for a few years. I have never known the title) 2:13 Left Bank Two (I can't remember where I heard this, but I know I have.) 2:29 The Entertainer (Such a classic song. I've heard this song many times in different places. I still love it.) 2:46 Gonna Fly Now (I hear this a lot on commercials. I love listening to it.) 2:54 March from River Kwai (Love this march. Always will. I heard this on a movie. Everybody should know this march.) 3:11 William Tell Overture (A very classic song. I hear this a lot on movies and commercials.) 3:19 The Nutcracker Suite: Russian Dance (Another classic song. I've heard this on movies.) 3:27 Orphee aux Enfers - Galop Infernal (I've heard this in a TV show) 3:36 March of the Toreadors (I've actually heard this on quite a few YouTube videos. I'm sure I've this on movies or tv shows.) 3:44 Radetzky March (I've heard thing song many times before. Just don't know where.) 3:52 The Stars and Stripes Forever (One of my favorite marches. I've heard this in a lot of things. Heck. I'm going to be playing it in band for the 3rd or 4th time.) 4:02 Pomp and Circumstance (One of the top graduation marches. I've heard this in a TV shows. I've played this song a couple times in my band.) 4:09 Blue Danube Waltz (A beautiful waltz. I've heard this a lot in movies.) 4:34 Flight of the Bumble Bee (A very fast classical song. I've heard this in a number of things.) 4:42 Sabre Dance (I swear I've heard this.) 4:50 Hungarian Dance No. 5 (I've heard this song so many times in a lot of different things.) [OK. You get it! I'm a classical person.] 4:58 Rondo Alla Turca (I've heard this song so many times in movies and on the Internet.) 5:07 Dance of the Hours - Opera: La Gioconda (I've heard this before, and I recognize it.) 6:05 Canon in D (Everybody should have heard this sometime in their life. Especially at weddings. I should know because I've played this 2 times.) 6:29 Sarabande (I swear I've heard this somewhere. Love it by the way.) 6:38 Waltz No. 2 (If you haven't heard this piece, you live in a totally different dimension. I've heard this song so many times.) 6:46 Morning from 'Peer Gynt' (I've heard this so many times. For Pete's sake, it's in my intro music for my videos!) 6:55 In the Hall of the Mountain King (Another one that everybody should have heard sometime in their life. I've heard this so many times before.) 7:02 Ride of the Valkyries (Who knew that Hasbro used this in My Little Pony? XD) 7:11 Also Sprach Zarathustra (I've heard this a number of times.) 7:20 O Fortuna (I've heard this before. Does playing count? XD) 7:27 A Summer Place: Young Love Scene (I've heard this before, but don't remember where.) 7:44 Clair de Lune (A very admirable classical that I love. Heard this song so many times.) 7:52 The Aquarium (I've heard this song many times. I just don't remember where.) 8:00 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (You would think just about everybody has heard this, right? If you haven't, then you're so out of this world.) 8:09 Swan Lake Scene (Awww....I forgot it was played on oboe. I so want to learn to play it on oboe.) 8:16 Forest Gump Suite (Never watched the movie, even though we have it, but I love the music.) 8:33 Wedding March (I've heard this song in countless amount of movies.) 8:50 Entry of the Gladiators (I've sure I've heard this in a movie or TV show.) 9:06 The Raiders March (A very awesome march! If you haven't heard, then you're dead. I'm also going to be playing it in band.) 9:15 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (I've heard this like a million times. You'll hear it in a scene where two or more people are having a stare down. XD) 9:23 Chariots of Fire (Every time I hear this song, I laugh. Because it's in the movie Madagascar. "Oh sugar honey ice tea." XD) I could go on, but I really don't want to. XD
Feel like i have to change my clothes to each songs played
5:15 Pani Alutka xDD
Jaxxx x
I have heard all of these
Erika Gonzalez
OMG, 9:12 that's the Indiana Jones theme song!
Jayden Chan
When you finished this video so concentrately but still couldn't find *The Song*. -LOL-
Dave Mitchell
I got 34 right. That's a little embarrassing since part of my 48-year career was selecting music for radio commercials. :-)
Art By a Kid
Some of these songs are perfect for shop themes in video games
Rusty Shackleford
Came here for sabre dance...i have a coworker who works as if thats theyre heart beat
June Empire Official
Долой Штолле!
Looney Tunes sent me here.
Butt Sagget
You, my good sir, should be give $1,000,000,000 for going through the pain of finding all the song titles.
Te deum the only one I knew Eurovision anthemmmm
abd rahmane boudries
instrumental wow
Eddıeth Maıden
I love it
Gustavo Jendiroba
You saved my life bro, thanks <3
Noot Noot
Dooper than doop by doop is the single best name I've ever heard
JO Skate
Well obviously u doo lmao
Jeff C
I really hate "The nutcracker suite: Dance of the sugar plum," and change the channel when I hear it in a commercial.
Kelly Garris
Absolutely bloody brilliant!!!😂🙌🏼
Willi Wildfang
Where is Detour - Gunnar Olsen? Everybody knows it but nobody knows the name
Philly iLLadelph267
we need more heroes like you
Ur a life saver
detecтιve• ғιѕнoe•
8:28 Amelie?
Like for Austin Powers theme :D
Rat Head
Most of these songs sounds familiar to me.
Perfect knowledge for quiz game shows :)