Serj Tankian - Ching Chime [FULL SONG]


Jevan Hammett
Im in a metal band, and I just bought a Mandolin.
Such an amazing song
Josapah Ray
It's a must to sing along when it strikes my ears, like the need to breath the air.
Mandolin metal
Daniel Nunez
Serj Is A God 👌👌👌
Koufantonis 7
Greatest Artist Of All Time!
Alex , con x de mixta
ch-ch-ch-change time
God I love Serj!
Cole Peerce
Someone needs to make a ten hour version of this song...
Speed 1.5 That's how the song must be .
teo zorbas
Open your eyes don't be this way Though all your dreams are swept away The stairs will rise from yesterday Your tears and fears all melt away this song make me happy everyday what song love serj !litlle king of voice!
Kuba Hlucháň
I love serj tankian
Juan Pablo Moreno
чи чи чин чайм
very good serje
no actually all want to make a new album since 7 years.... just serj thinks it is cooler to do his solo things. dont ge me wrong i like it a lot it is just not system and well all are pissed and frustrated cause serj doesnt want to commit o it
*gives you kitten to keep you company til the new album comes out :)
Eric McIntyre
yeah i get that dude ok you have not seen the 40 other replies i have gotten? i had a source from a magazine which said they were ok? it was wrong. God this comment is half a year old man.
Mike Olive
No, Serj said they will. They havent set a time to start, but they should be in studio in 2-3 years.
Mike Olive
No, they havent started.
Angy Mo
Excuse me?
Lewis White
god dang i fill realy wierd when i hear this song
Aremondo Palma
No they're not, Serj said so on August 1st. :(
Not enough drave- I mean Serj..
He probably misinterpreted the fact that they were back together, unfortunately. Somewhat recently Serj said he wasn't feeling a new System album and he wasn't about to force it.
Paulo Santos
.. Leylaaaaaaa ( 8 ) .....
WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME:O? where did you get this information:D?
Eric McIntyre
haha no need to apologize, i was pretty excited when i first heard about it too :P
Eric McIntyre
I read it in a magazine article. It said Serj wanted to make a new album. Many people have told me im wrong about this but this is what i read.
Bart K
no way! have to check it up right now!
Eric McIntyre
Im not sure anymore, i read it in an article in a rock magazine, but everyone is telling me different news about them. Lets hope im right though :)
Milica Savovic
Are you sure?? Because I just had a mini heart-attack
Where from do you know that?
Eric McIntyre
They were making on when i posted that comment but they arent anymore, that was 3 months ago
Eric McIntyre
They were planning on making one when i posted that comment
You lie ;(
Robert Stevenson
No, they're not.
GamerGreed TheAvaricious
No their not, Shavo said that Serj hasn't wanted to do a new SOAD album ever again, and that they were almost thinking about a new lead singer
Gabriel Pinheiro
hahah Sim
serj or soad should play the super bowl
Eloisa Antero Guisse
vc é brasileiro né?
Liam Koitah
Yeah :) at least, but I've been dying for a new System album!
Eric McIntyre
Oh wow that sucks :( well atleast they will make one in 3-4 years
Liam Koitah
Serj said this in an interview with artist direct: “A new record requires three years. It’s not something I can do right now. When I can commit to a three-year album cycle, I’ll be down to do it.” He also talked about the creative process, saying, “I can’t write a forced record. It’s like romancing someone at a time you don’t want to be romantic. It’s not even a choice.”
Eric McIntyre
When did he say that? Cause they said it would be released in 2013 so they still have a lot of time even if serj cant right now
Liam Koitah
Serj said he can't make a new System Of A Down album now D:
Class: Comedy? in the desc.
Black Light
my best music like
SOAD's only concert announced in the USA thus far, is "July 29 at LA's prestigious Hollywood Bowl" it says in article :)
ultimate guitar dot com "System of a Down Say They Will Make a New Album 'At a Certain Point'" date: 03/22/2013
Eric McIntyre
i read it in a magasine, i dont remember which one but it said they were working on a new album
Kilgore Trout
what's that instrument in the beginning of the song?
How do you know that? who told you? And how can you be sure?
Eric McIntyre
im not sure what its going to be called but its supposed to come out some time this year.
When? And what's it going to be called? I am hungry for information.
Kathia Gonzalez
i love serj takian
beginning kinda...KINDA reminds of soad
You were a top comment yesterday, dude.
You scrolled 3 months to find my comment.
Fuck Mashitima, Serj's awesome voice brought me here!
Everton FSA
Vicent Reyes
Sure, sure... whatever you say...
jingle jangle
Adoro esta cancion D: *_*
Arthur Borges
dat beatbox...finally learned it :D
Jones Crimson
Yes, but not as bad as the countless nimrods who've been chastising me for that comment.
The scorpion
Serj Tankian should still be in System Of A Down
Is it bad that I laughed?
Where's your head at? They're on a hiatus
LOL @ *gist.
Joonas H
They came back in 2011! lol
Nicholas Miller
Jones Crimson
Man In was just trolling, there is no way I could think it takes one and a half billion to tango. Serj and weebl really are great though aren't they? No other artists can construct such beautiful music without being cliché while still using fundamental techniques.
bruno duarte
Serj Tankian é um mestre adoro system
Eric McIntyre
yup. Its either coming out this year or in 2014.
Philip Löwe
das dieses lied keine 10 millionen klicks hat
Eric McIntyre
i read it in a magazine, it is coming out this year, they announced it last month i think
bob jones
how u kno i will be so happpy if they are
Eric McIntyre
they are making a new album right now :D
Serj is better as a solo artist he is ace at singing when he was in aberdeen with foo fighters i was total buzzing when he done empty walls
Simple the machinima complex it has so many videos that it doesn't bring videos to you, it brings you to them that it brings to you.
ok what from Machinima brought you all here i would look but that's like looking for well a video on Machinima channel...
You shall not pass!
Oscar González
Party hard for that wooooooooooooooo! machinima bought you here AWESOME WUUUUUUUUUUU
check this serj tankian music video i made with my friends to the song Ching Chime
i know what you meant. it's just i have shitty sense of sarcasm :)
I meant Brought.
so.. you're sold here and the customer was machinima?
Gabriel Pinheiro
This song reminds me of the old SOAD
jared barscz
I dont think its chinese its probly something else But you could be right :)
jared barscz
This is a good song but many people find it offensive thumbs up if you agree.
Jeff Hayenga
18 people couldn't hear this song over the ching chime.
Panos Luth
why so serius mate?...if u dont like it dont hear it... :) cheers
Jones Crimson
45 people give a fuck! Counter that arguement, bitch!