Do Periods Actually Make Women Moody? Ft. iiSuperwomanii

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Thank you for including me in your video ASAP science! For those that don't know, behind the white board and voice overs, Greg and Mitch are actually the sweetest people ever. I absolutely adore them. Can't wait to do more collabs x
Samiya Ali
I feel like someone's stabbing me in my stomach with a billion knives like I AM DYING
Of course I'd be moody; I've got blood in unimaginable places!
Anssh Anand
I'm a guy. What am i doing here?
zσmσk вєαn
*_Uterus wants baby_* *_Fails_* *_Uterus wants revenge_* *_That's how your period made._*
• nighty moon •
I remember that amazing day when i was a little kid, watching this, and was like "woah, i'm glad i don't have periods yet" *2 hours later* ... *is in bathroom* *looks at panties* *cries*
DreamerUnicorn 16
You get punished for getting pregnant but then you get punished for NOT getting pregnant Life sucks
Corative Productions
Uterus: I'm done making the baby's room! Me: There's no baby... Uterus: I CANNOT BELIEVE*Chainsaws furniture THAT YOU ARE FIFTEEN*Kills dolls AND I STILL HAVE NO BABY*lights room on fire Me, crying on the floor: WTF Uterus: K *Redoing baby room
Miriam Fease
see, to all the people who say periods are gross,  YOU EXIST BECAUSE OF IT
Sruthi Not Shruthi
I don't get why people think girls are more scared of blood like what do guys think we do every month
DonRome _
I'm on my period rn, and ur telling me that my body is GETTING READY TO HAVE KIDS WITHOUT MY APPROVAL! I'm FREAKING 11 years old
Liger Tily
Me watching this when I'm not in my period: Yeah I guess that is cool and worth it :)) Me on my period: oH MY GOD I DONT CARE ABOUT THE PERPETUATION OF OUR SPECIES ANYMORE JUST END IT
Panic!at the Chemical Green Fall Out Pilot
WAIT So technically people are born by eggs........
Kate Sermon
Females are insanely strong.
Fart of the Wild
How do I uninstall a period? I heard there is an app called pregnancby that can get rid of it for 9 months but after there is a pop up that just won't go away. Also you need to get some kinda memory stick to get the app even started. I wish I could throw my computer out the window but I guess it's a part of me now.
Ashish Agrawal
Cannot relate. Just watching because Lilly Singh is there.
pointless greed
I started crying in the middle of the video because I remembered I had no more leftovers in the fridge
Melissa Trevino
I started my period at 11. It wasn't so bad since I didn't have any cramps, I just had to go to the bathroom more often. About 2 days before my uncle's wedding, however (and 4 days before my 13th birthday), I was suddenly smacked in the face with the worst chronic pain of my life. I miss the early days of menstruation...
Permission to share this video with the entire male population of my school?
Maddie Fishblob
When I was 11, I skipped a period, and that made me think I would never get one again!!! I was wrong though...
A random Pokéfan
A few years ago I got my first period in school. I legit thought it was somekind of severe stage 4 kidney cancer so I thought I was going to die very soon.
abby awesome
Wonder how many dudes watched this...
worst monthly subscription ever
Earth Chan
Me: Lets go on vacation next week mom! Uterus: Ok so Let me make her suffer next week 😈 hahaha
lemon head
Great, I'm on this side of the internet. Anyways, I personally think it depends on the person. When I'm on my period and have intense cramps, I'm generally pretty nice to other people despite how much pain I'm in. I just want to sit down and rest. But when my sister's on her period, hell hath no fury.
Ms. Army
PMS= Please Make it Stop
*ITS FINE!* *ITS FINE!!* *ITS FINE!!!!* 😂😂😂
Scoot Hayabusa
Can't deny it women are god.
Periods seem like everyone is going through hell and mine is really stable... pms just makes me sort of tired and I don’t feel any physical pain...
Cookie Crumbs!!!
Women sure are amazing! *_HORRAY FOR WOMEN!!!_*
It’s Bexicals
Periods are like punishments for 5 days a month.
Uterus: HAVE. CHILD. Human: No. Uterus: THEN. FEEL. VENGEANCE. Repeat at least 30 times... Human: Wait! Fine. Okay. Uterus: GOOD. I MAKE BABY NOW. Human: Whew. Nine months later... Human: Octuplets! Wow, I've made such a contribution to human society - compared to most people, that is. Uterus: GOOD. GOOD. HUMAN. GOOD. Human: Why, thank you, Uterus! Maybe we'll be friends one day. A month later... Uterus: HAVE. CHILD. Human: Seriously? No. Uterus: THEN. FEEL. VENGEANCE. Repeat for at least 25 years.
Claire Beumer
I started my period in Walmart yes WALMART
owca1000 Animal Jam
4:32 Happy Tomato
I want *”THE TALK”*
Lia Bejarano
I have the weirdest cycle ever where i won’t get my cycle for like 3 months,( ik I sound lucky but wait), and then I’ll have my period for a freaking MONTH! Not a week, a month! But I love how you guys had a girl talk about what she goes through bc I feel like everyone just thinks girls overreact over our periods so I created a rule. No uterus, no opinion 😂
Madi Me
Periods teach women how to clean up after murder.
Our Broken Spirit
Can it also cause someone to be super tired during the day but then at night take forever to fall asleep and to wake up suddenly I'm 12 and this next one is coming in a 9 days and it's my third one I've been really tired recently but last night I woke up at 4 and the 2 nights before that I woke up at 1 (but that could have been from my dad coming home) what do I do I've been yearning for naps during the day but can't sleep at night (Edit is grammar related I was tired when I wrote that)
PMS = Periods Motherfluffing Suck
Three Loves Stuff
Here is a simpler way to explain it: Uterus wants baby. You don’t give uterus baby. Uterus wants revenge.
Adonyan Slimez
Wish me luck... I don’t have my first period yet, I’ll edit this when I get mine, please don’t make it soon... Oct 15th 2018: Oops... I’m feeling great and I’m not having any mood swings cramps or other PMS, BUT! My discharge is getting darker?? There is no spotting but the discharge is just brownish... I’m worried Oct 27th 2018: Oof yay, I ate a bit less and my discharge is white again :D Nov 28th 2018: I got more brown discharge and some tiny bits of blood... This started about two days ago and I’m worried... Jan 7th 2019: Nothing has happened recently, I didn’t get any more brown discharge yay!
crxy crxyola
So, have a baby.. PAIN So, dont have a baby.. PAIN.. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!
When i had my period, i was watching rupauls drag race and i saw Valentina and i cried so hard because she was so beautiful...😑😂
Jav Jav
Who else here is watching this cause they are on there period
Bluebarrie Gaming
2:45-3:03 are like my every day moods! 😂
Candy Dinosaur 101
I felt sooooo uncomfortable before because I was confused but now I’m more relaxed and NOT squirming in my bed
Central Elegance
Thank you for explaining this. Now I can hate my body in peace.
I started my period at almost 15😂😂😂
tshibut Ndotoni
And tummy up set
Wilma So
Has anyone heard about the hormonal impulses of being pregnant????
When I get home from school: yay! When I go peepee: O wow period. Kewl. Mom: U got period? Me: yes I got period. Uterus:Now go make baby Me: w0t
Jamie M
So my period is my uterus punishing me for not getting pregnant?
Kayti Lewis
I got first period on a school fun run in the 5th grade
Julia Brooks
I've always called pms, period mood swings
Cristalina Starr
Wait— Wanting to poop, but not being able to... Is part of period? That explains a lot. But seriously. I don’t—I don’t get PMS. EVER. Is that okay? I just don’t ir’s wonderful. My mood stays the same, I don’t start hurting, nothing! My period just comes and goes, just like that. It’s wonderful, really.
KJ Armstrong
When I had my period I went to my mom and told her to take me to the hospital and make me stay alive
Christina loves BTS
When I was in 4th grade, my friend just told me that she got her period and I thought that it was fun having your period and thought it was cool...but, I was SOO wrong...
Shan ia
This is educational since I'm on my period😀😀
tshibut Ndotoni
I get moody
catherine z
Men: No period, no childbirth, no first time sex pain, no makeup, no high heels, no "slut-shaming", and the list goes on.
Blue Flamingo
They don't trust me I'm a girl
Ismael Zetina
Any man who has had a girlfriend or even a close friend knows they do get moody, and this is probably going to be an extremely liberal video, especially since you have Isuperwoman trying to be funny
Emma Burehag
This video is really good and informative! I just translated it to Swedish which took me a while, its fun so more people willl be able to understand whats being said in the video.
Sameeah Khan
Every time I’m on my period I cry at least once that week
Uterus wants baby Human doesnt get pregnant Uterus wants revenge
jean bradley
I'm an dude and I'm high why am I watching this please help me
dry skin gal
Japan is attacking got any amo
XxxFancyStyle ***
My face when I got my period 😑-realy,now??
Karolis 1
Girls are like the universe, impossible to predict
Paolita Is A Smol Bean
why do I have to get punished for not being pregnant? I'm too young!
- ̗̀cяεscεηт .
I'm sorry, but I did not subscribe for periods, you must have made a mistake
the teachers at my school don't let us use the restroom. There's been girls that gotten it badly in class bc they weren't allowed out
Arabella's Advice For Girls /Vlogs!
Okay so on Jan first, I got sick, and I kept thinking, 'OMG I'm gonna have my period.' Then, when I was starting to feel better, (Jan sixth) I needed to pee, but I didn't care. Then, out of nowhere, I sneezed. At that second I remembered my sister telling me that when she's on her period and she sneezes, it just explodes. I started freaking out because I could feel my underwear was wet. After about half an hour, (I get distracted easily) I decided to go to the toilet. Thankfully, (and I know every girl who's had their period will be jealous) I didN'T have my period. THE END!
kiki vien
As a women i say yes
Cherise Kwok
I cried when I first got my period.
for my class PMS stands for Period Mood Swing...
Lou X
Watching this on my period rn!😄😂😭
Heleen Labuschagne
How I got my peroid. I went to the batroom to do my duty(pun)but when I look at my underwear it was weird,First I thought I pooped 💩myself but thought it over!and then realized😨 I started to cry😭and went home 🏘no school sucker LOL🤓
shoo py
*When I'm on my Period* Me: Everything's so fabulous today! People: She has a great day ahead of her! *When I'm not on my Period* Me: I hate you, day People: Sh-t, she's on her period
bayleyandbeckylynchfan huggerstraightfire
Who else gets the "Did I fall off my bike?" thing?
Wait so I wasn't going crazy, I always get diarrhea on my first day of period, but then it stops, but all day I'm like, should I check, or do I just need to go again. I've always been so embarrassed about it! I'd never ask other girls. T-T But my mood swings, only started after my first partner. I know it's coming when I start smelling chocolate in the air. And a week of cramps before it starts.
Izzy's life
When I first got my period (literally last month) I didn't expect it to look like that so when I took of my pants I thought I had an accident but when I looked inside my panties I ran in the hallway and yelled "mama!! I started my period!!!!" Then I started crying needless to say I didn't go to school the next day
Rando Avocado
3 words: *Women Are Complicated*
Morgan Wadleigh
dude there's no better feeling then when your cramps go away after 4 days lmao
Blossomness Studios
When I didn't know what PMS stood for, I thought it meant Period Mood Swing. XD Also, I really hate my period, and I wish I wasn't shamed for having it. Being shamed for having my period, is like being yelled at for sneezing, or needing to eat, it is a normal bodily function.
Mylifeiscool Hahaha
I’m on my period rn Are you too like the button lol idk 😂
Persassy Jackssasson
Ok... You guys are gonna hate me for this but... I never had period cramps before... (and yes, I'm a girl)
sᴡᴇᴇᴛʜᴇᴀʀᴛ ᴊᴊ
I have literally got ALL the symptoms of My period and I have never had one and I’m soo scared I was talking to my mom and I looked at the tv and started just crying and I couldn’t even talk and the show wasn’t sad or scary at all it was so weird
last night i was craving chocolate and i couldn't stop myself from having..... 2 donuts, 2 cookies and 1 sausage roll..... within 1 hour. Then this morning i was awoken to my period! UGH I HATE THE FEMALE GENDER. i feel sick right now and even though my pants are red the blood is seeking through and you can see it...... i hate life! It's not my first one btw
sonamy fun number 15
I remember I have my first period I was 12 and I was just going on bathroom and I see the blood and I just scream 😱 and I don't know what I have to do and my mom just walk into the bathroom and she tells me that s going on me and now I am 15 I hate my period bucaus I so paint fol
Jīmīńïė’š Śmäłł håñdš
The First time I had my period I thought I had Cancer....So I started crying for 10 mins
Sophi XRU
uterus wants baby, women doesnt get baby, uterus wants revenge
Tiffany Parkhomenko
I wonder how many girls think that they are dying a year
Pepperoni Pizza
i'm on my period and i cried while watching this video...idk why
Beatrice Williams
Nice to know why I cried over dropping a comb today smh
OMG IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW I was always an incredibly shy person, And suddendly I BECAME AN EXTROVERT And then 2 weeks later guess what I got?
Muzik Freeq
Periods. Or as I like to call them, Satan's Waterfall.
Dua Khan
Everyone keeps saying without any women their would be no species but also how are the women meant to get pregnant without men?
The legend of SQUIDWARD
I don't want a child... So period. Stop. Give up already.
Stephanie Stahl
Can a girl talk about this,it’s just making me uncomfortable