Do Periods Actually Make Women Moody? Ft. iiSuperwomanii

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I remember that amazing day when i was a little kid, watching this, and was like "woah, i'm glad i don't have periods yet" *2 hours later* ... *is in bathroom* *looks at panties* *cries*
Yet a guy is explaining this to me. Yet, you’ve done it better than my mother 😂
*I once pms-d so hard that I cried when I saw a picture of a broken cookie.*
does anyone's back hurts (instead of the area where people normally have period cramps - the uterus) when they're in their period or it's just me?
That One Weird Hufflepuff
*is on period while watching this* well that explains a lot...
Chicken The Chicken
PMS=Period Mostly sucks
Michelle Cannes
Uterus: The wall is ready!!! Me: Uh... no baby this month either.. Uterus: WHYYY??? I WANT ONE!!! UGH, I HATE YOU SO MUCH, I PREPARE YOU FOR PREGNANCY EACH MONTH, AND YOU GIVE ME NOTHING??? * Shreds wall dramatically*
Cheese Lover Girl
I just did the math and I'm supposed to have mine tomorrow wish me luck
Jamie Blanco
"The female body goes through an incredibly complex but fascinating cycle" Fascinating? What's fascinating about going through menstrual cramps and mood swings and bleeding every month? Can someone please tell me, because in my opinion, being on your period is the worst.
Madi Me
Periods teach women how to clean up after murder.
zσmσk вєαn
*_Uterus wants baby_* *_Fails_* *_Uterus wants revenge_* *_That's how your period made._*
Jorge Lopez
This 5 minute video taught me more about female puberty and faster than my health teacher’s 16 slides of notes
Cp Family
Just came here because Lilly
On first period: *THAT’S* why I threw up the other night
Miriya Dekker
on my period: *is dying of literal pain while my classmates watch* not on my period: *dying of lightly stubbing my toe*
Suga Kookie
Today is halloween and I got my period Great!
Kate Sermon
Females are insanely strong.
Super Lame Nick
This is why you should always drink your respecting women juice
Holly Stan
The best feeling is when a really bad cramp subsides. It's like being able to breathe after a bad cold.
Supernatural Trash
So my period is my uterus punishing me for not getting pregnant?
Noodle doodles
How do I uninstall a period? I heard there is an app called pregnancby that can get rid of it for 9 months but after there is a pop up that just won't go away. Also you need to get some kinda memory stick to get the app even started. I wish I could throw my computer out the window but I guess it's a part of me now.
Jessica Sevilla
4:23 yes girl, preach! 😒😅
wats a good name
I find it ironic that "a guy" tries to explain period. Lmao
Sprinkle Kate
Wait.... But what if I don't want kids?*lying in the corner crying*I have been suffering all my life for nothing
Sophi XRU
uterus wants baby, women doesnt get baby, uterus wants revenge
Mary Alice
I got my first period on the first day back at school after Christmas break. I felt pure joy. 😒😠😣
{Anime Freak}
I love how everyone like panics or whatever but when I began it I just went to the bathroom pulled them down and saw blood and just said "oh" then went to my mom and said I'm on my period WHILE my sister's boyfriend was in the room, I said hi to him then me and my mom walked to the bathroom and after a while bought some pads and done. Btw I NEVER had the talk I just knew. 😋
lemon head
Great, I'm on this side of the internet. Anyways, I personally think it depends on the person. When I'm on my period and have intense cramps, I'm generally pretty nice to other people despite how much pain I'm in. I just want to sit down and rest. But when my sister's on her period, hell hath no fury.
Sukhvir Singh
I got my first periods on 25 December! Wow!great christmas present 😀😙🤓😣
Amira Winterlake
I don't even need my period to be moody 😂😂
Panic!at the Chemical Green Fall Out Pilot
WAIT So technically people are born by eggs........
Miriam Fease
see, to all the people who say periods are gross,  YOU EXIST BECAUSE OF IT
Ruby Quinones
WOW a guy knows more than ME.....
Celia Lazuli
and people say girls are scared of blood!
Muzik Freeq
Periods. Or as I like to call them, Satan's Waterfall.
Liv Rainbows
I havent had my first period yet but I am having really bad mood swings... I love growing up😫
Melissa Trevino
I started my period at 11. It wasn't so bad since I didn't have any cramps, I just had to go to the bathroom more often. About 2 days before my uncle's wedding, however (and 4 days before my 13th birthday), I was suddenly smacked in the face with the worst chronic pain of my life. I miss the early days of menstruation...
Eliza One1
I was crying this whole video
Scoot Hayabusa
Can't deny it women are god.
Pms- P-prepare M-(to) meet S-satan
Danisdefinitlynotonfire -.-
One time I was hungry on my period and my parents didn't give me the ice cream and I started crying for no reason
Mary Ogundipe
once a month for HOW many months??! scared😐
jalil bakhtiyar
I never got the talk. I thought a pad was a mat on the floor you pee on when my school had a lecture in fifth grade. I also didn't realize it was for SEVEN FREAKING DAYS!!!!! I haven't gotten it yet but I am scared.
A random Pokéfan
A few years ago I got my first period in school. I legit thought it was somekind of severe stage 4 kidney cancer so I thought I was going to die very soon.
Paolita Is A Smol Bean
why do I have to get punished for not being pregnant? I'm too young!
Phoenix is Awesome
On Saturday I cut myself and I was on my period. So I was sweating and was dizzy and guess who came to the party. THE WORST PERIOD CRAMP EVER. Yay...basically women are almost dying. How do you like that sexists?
owca1000 Animal Jam
4:32 Happy Tomato
Vaishnavi Raskar
At 1:17 it was shown that the egg and sperm fertilise in the uterus but as far as i know it happens in the oviduct and not in the uterus.
MM 825
1:45 *science* lol Lilly
Uterus: HAVE. CHILD. Human: No. Uterus: THEN. FEEL. VENGEANCE. Repeat at least 30 times... Human: Wait! Fine. Okay. Uterus: GOOD. I MAKE BABY NOW. Human: Whew. Nine months later... Human: Octuplets! Wow, I've made such a contribution to human society - compared to most people, that is. Uterus: GOOD. GOOD. HUMAN. GOOD. Human: Why, thank you, Uterus! Maybe we'll be friends one day. A month later... Uterus: HAVE. CHILD. Human: Seriously? No. Uterus: THEN. FEEL. VENGEANCE. Repeat for at least 25 years.
Periods seem like everyone is going through hell and mine is really stable... pms just makes me sort of tired and I don’t feel any physical pain...
Serenity Turner_Pinkney
I am dieing i have had pms and still no period
When i had my period, i was watching rupauls drag race and i saw Valentina and i cried so hard because she was so beautiful...😑😂
Kitty Cupcake
Omg, us women have it so much harder than men
catherine z
Men: No period, no childbirth, no first time sex pain, no makeup, no high heels, no "slut-shaming", and the list goes on.
Kidrana Puff
Can how also cause someone to be super tired during the day but then at night take forever to fall asleep and to wake up suddenly I'm 12 and this next one is coming in a 9 days and it's my third one I've been really tired recently but last night I woke up at 4 and the 2 nights before that I woke up at 1 (but that could have been from my dad coming home) what do I do I've been yearning for naps during the day but can't sleep at night
When Life Hits U
Another bad thing about periods, they always show up at the worst moments For example: My period will start on December 31st. No kidding I checked 4 times... HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR edit: HOLY CRAP I NEVER EVEN HAD THIS MANY LIKES :OOOOO
Cool girl lol Plamedi
I get moody
Cool girl lol Plamedi
And tummy up set
I read a funny post about periods. It said that basically, your uterus is like a nursery that your body has made up nice and perfect for a baby to stay or a while. When you don't get pregnant, your body throws a hissy fit and throws out all of the work it made. "How f***ing ungrateful, I did all this work and this is how you repay me?! Fine!" Lol.
I want *”THE TALK”*
Candy Dinosaur 101
I felt sooooo uncomfortable before because I was confused but now I’m more relaxed and NOT squirming in my bed
DonRome _
I'm on my period rn, and ur telling me that my body is GETTING READY TO HAVE KIDS WITHOUT MY APPROVAL! I'm FREAKING 11 years old
Dorraine Desmarat
The uterus: Oh you don't want these eggs fine I'll just throw them away!!
Ritika Mendes
I got my first period on 1st February 2012. Harry Styles birthday.
Sophie Anderson
I get away with eating a lot of chocolate on my period
kpop bacteria
i know the whole song 😍
Wilma So
Has anyone heard about the hormonal impulses of being pregnant????
max beech
sometimes you gottA BLEED TO KNOW THAT YOURE ALIVE AND THat you're not pregnant
Rif malik
Just pop in 1 finasteride per week..and boom NO PMS. PS-not a genuine medical advice but do try.
Lil' Gamer
2:45-3:03 are like my every day moods! 😂
Emma Burehag
This video is really good and informative! I just translated it to Swedish which took me a while, its fun so more people willl be able to understand whats being said in the video.
Kayti Lewis
I got first period on a school fun run in the 5th grade
I had no idea what PMS standed for so I always said Prepare to Meet Satan
Edupz The Filthy
Love the video and the channel but I can't say that I particularly like your guest though.
The BTS Army On YouTube
It’s kinda weird that a guy is explaining it but whatever
Jav Jav
Who else here is watching this cause they are on there period
DreamerUnicorn 16
You get punished for getting pregnant but then you get punished for NOT getting pregnant Life sucks
Thank you for including me in your video ASAP science! For those that don't know, behind the white board and voice overs, Greg and Mitch are actually the sweetest people ever. I absolutely adore them. Can't wait to do more collabs x
I don't really do any of this when I have a period. Unless I don't notice it.
Victor Segundo
Why am I watching this I don't Evan have my period yet and am 12 ;-;
Corative XD
Uterus: I'm done making the baby's room! Me: There's no baby... Uterus: I CANNOT BELIEVE*Chainsaws furniture THAT YOU ARE FIFTEEN*Kills dolls AND I STILL HAVE NO BABY*lights room on fire Me, crying on the floor: WTF Uterus: K *Redoing baby room
Liger Tily
Me watching this when I'm not in my period: Yeah I guess that is cool and worth it :)) Me on my period: oH MY GOD I DONT CARE ABOUT THE PERPETUATION OF OUR SPECIES ANYMORE JUST END IT
Nutella Queen
I'm on my period watching this while eating icecream.
There is no actual scientific proof of PMS.
Cristalina Starr
Wait— Wanting to poop, but not being able to... Is part of period? That explains a lot. But seriously. I don’t—I don’t get PMS. EVER. Is that okay? I just don’t ir’s wonderful. My mood stays the same, I don’t start hurting, nothing! My period just comes and goes, just like that. It’s wonderful, really.
Min Seolhee min suga's sister
Me on my period... Me: oh gawd he's so hot! Also me: I WILL KILL YOU! STAY AWAY FROM MY HUNNY BUNNY!!!! RAHHHHHHHHHH!!! after I eat my cookie!
I got my period at the solid age of 13 and I knew it was coming,I saw a dot of blood on my underwear and knew,so I changed my underwear asap,and took a whole hour to figure out how a tampon worked,nonetheless I was prepared.
Maria Montse de la Garza
It feels like someone is stabbing you with a knife from the insides.
I started my period at almost 15😂😂😂
jean bradley
I'm an dude and I'm high why am I watching this please help me
Shania Laird
This is educational since I'm on my period😀😀
Musical Gaming
Men are lucky😎
Jung Hoseoks’ Thighs
She is not a member of a female society...... She's a unicorn
Dark Death Devil
I have my period when I was 9 or 10
Wafaa Dineen
P.m.s= period mood swings
-ˏˋ ˊˎ-【Pooftastic Poofster.】-ˏˋ ˊˎ-
If you don't want pain *Pill Up* it's simple.
officiallyniydiy lit
Women are awesome
Bri the Free
I like that they're two guys and not afraid to talk about a completely natural cycle women go threw to maintain the human race
Ju ju
I've always called pms, period mood swings