Ted Nugent Stormtroopin' Double Live Gonzo 1978

This is a live version of stormtroopin' from the first album by Ted Nugent with the same name. It's amazing the guitar solo. Enjoy It!!!

Brian Hearon
When I was 17 this drove me out of my mind.......At 57 it still does!!!
Scott Sawyer
If you don't get pumped when you hear this you must be dead.
NOBODY uses feedback as effectively as Ted, the middle part shows that quite clearly. I listened to this album so many times (and still do) its one of the best live albums of all timel
Mark Andersen
Ted Nugent is Chuck Berry on steroids.
So sorry...Kiss sucks compared to this....just saying....recorded in the Seattle Center Coliseum...1977.....
Sigmund Hightower
Probably one of the greatest live captures in Rock 'n Roll history! I played the hell out of Double Live Gonzo when I purchased it back when I was a teen and this song stands the test of time! The solo should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or some shit! TIMELESS CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Coe
One of the best live albums ever!
"Let's hear it for my crew baby!"
Thomas Fredrick
been to see Ted live since 1980 , have never heard him solo like this , he was is the zone for this recording . A once in a lifetime performance where mind ,body ,and soul are at one.
Foghat Live is Good Too....
This is an example of taking an alright studio version and injecting 'balls' to create one of the greatest renditions of a hard rock song I've ever heard. This is second only to Made in Japan's Highway Star.
Yeeeehaaaaw! Who doesn't love the primal sounds of the mighty Nuge!! This song especially.
Andrew Jones
I cannot believe it. Someone has cut this right at the start of his solo. I had the lp back in 1980 and know this almost off by heart and I used to wallow in that low note guitar part at the start of his solo. Has this been cut to fit on a single cd or something?
whatever the BS this guy could just flat out play
Keith James Lapere
One of my favourite live albums. Played this so many times when I was a kid wore it right out, still have it after 33 yrs as a memento. Upgraded to a CD :)
BadBob Billy
The Ten Fingers of Doom!!!
Johnny Tonka
President Ted Nugent?
best guitarist ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carl Pallini
The best guitar intro I ever heard!
Neal Olin
Ted Nugent was a wild crazy eyed animal he's 68 yrs old as of now 2016 still driving rock n roll and still rockn like a motor city madman
loves my uncle ted
Steve Kasten
are you with me  out there me baby ?  holy hell.
marion cobaretti
ted blows away jeff beck
Traldazda switch218
such good days.wtf happened today
Michael Goshko
"Are you with me out there baby"?! Saw Teddy many times in his heyday in Vancouver 1977,1978, 1979. If you were sitting closely enough you could see the sweat pouring off his blazing fingers One of the hardest working musicians I have EVER seen. During a dark time for "rock", Teddy kept the flame alive!
Nick Maniatis
Love the screaming at the end of the song.Kick ass song
long live uncle ted baby
Brandon Keenan
Shred master Ted
Gregory Maletzke
Tony Nugent
The best guitar hero ever....
Brandon Keenan
So lucky to have two copies on vinyl , and play them. Thank you Terrible Ted !
jens told
just love this guitar
Tracy lannum
always got my moneys worth when i saw him...........
Randy Hodder
Combat music....you are INVINCABLE!!! The music is your SHIELD FROM HARM!!!
whoever disliked this can suck on the end of my machine gun
Pat Landers
A thumbs down to this deserves a bullet to the head.
Harold Mackie
if anyone wants to get mellow u can turn around a nd get the hell outta here...do u hear me?
Cary West
All you 2nd amendment believers pay heed to this tune.Kill 'em all when they come a knocking....................
One Coldplay fan thumbed it down
Mike Beasley
That's the Bear, You don't mess with the bear Yeahow!!!!, and thanks venatorthx for this great post
Jeff Nugent
actually it was his 4th album
Harold Mackie
picture Hillary in Nazi Leather boots Storm troopin...I hope she likes being locked up...I can dream,can't I?
i was tier live at the seattle center
Ziggyzag Zi
Dble Live is the Shi ! A Hard cok a rok a, That GeeTar had Quadruplets!!!!
Domenic Vitanza
on my 11th birthday in 1978 I bought this double live lp at Record Theatre and to this day it just kicks ass...
I saw Ted live in "de vereeniging" in Nijmegen, the Netherlands back in 1980. I was a bit dissapointed he couldn't live up to the standard set bij double live Gonzo, stil a great gig though
David La Faber
The Whackmaster on auto pilot..
This song was recorded at Seattle Center Coliseum.  I remember my babysitter in Bellevue saying she was going to this concert.
Victor Aragon
Best tune from "Gonzo"
Jon Howard
Uncle Ted!!
Truth Warrior
Not a fan of his politics, but he was definitely a guitar force in the 70's . Part of the oldschool dinosaur rock , Frehley, Page , Perry , Nugent etc...he can play the shit out of that huge byrdland. Unique tone too. Note about the byrdland - the only gibson to have a neck as narrow as a vintage fender...i can wail on em because of that but the bodies are huge. Rock on Ted !
Nikki No Nose
Ted lets speed up the tempo a bit ,I got some great Old School Purple Meth and the crowd is all high too! ...lol....
Dean Townsley
why did they cut a bit out of solo from original vinyl live version????
long live uncle Ted
Micheline Gollain
energiie mais pas politique
Erwin Numan
Phoenix freedom fighter
Nice job
Pedro Soliz
quiero ver este concierto en video en vivo
Clyde Lakins
Detroit's mr.nugent
Downward Spiral
Losin' it Live! Should have been the name of this Album! From 2:45 - 7:00 is simply one of the most incredible energy driven, in-the-fuckin-zone guitar rock solo's ever recorded! If you've never listened to this stoned - do it! DO IT! YEAHHHHHOOOWWW!!!
Mark Bartlett
Probably my favorite Ted Nugent album and this is probably my favorite song. I have not heard any other live versions even come close to this. Double live Gonzo was the first album I bought.
John Smith
Ya don't like this, ya a pinkO!
drew sale
This is thoroughly good.
Frank Kunkel
Saw this show on my 19th birthday 10/07/1977 at Baltimore Civic Center. Mountain was back up band. Took my son to see Ted 03/04/2004. He loved the show
Jonh Monroney
Ted is the best sloppy guitar player ever. I mean that in a good way. It works and You can do it too kids. Nugent for President. GUT THE SWAMP
Bradford Miller
... Fly till ya Die
mike KROFT
First concert of my life Nugent and Golden Earring at philadelphia spectrum jan 1978, was fantastic
Harold Mackie
ncle TED knows one thing...he's better than them
John Vance
Teddy is the best and Derrick knocked it out of the park!!!! Best duo of guitar and vocals ever in rock and roll!
James Vallar
Oh yeah, classic Ted, when he was a total bad-ass! Listen around 6:09, when he gets intense, awesome!
Mike D
NUGENT....still great even without my Koss headphones! 40 years later
Harold Mackie
he makes other guitarists cringe
Sharon Rosalie Devy
Hey, Fast talking TED, great music, guitar, etc. Love YA . 👍❤❤❤
Jay Smith
Listen to the vinyl record - awesommmmmm
John Smith
Where are the gay beards and gay man buns? Ted can't play guitar. Hahaha
Scott Howen
RTHa300 is a dried up rat turd!!!!!!!!
Harold Mackie
he scares his opponents
Harold Mackie
anyone wanna get mellow?
Harold Mackie
ncle TEd plays nothing "soft"
Harold Mackie
are you with me out there?
Harold Mackie
always has beenthey snub TEd at Woodstock for obvious reasons
Harold Mackie
hold on to ur teeth
Thomas Knipe
I'm glad im not that guitar HE IS SHREDING THAT ONE
Harold Mackie
this is the man I bow to
I wore this double album out 3 times.
Joseph De Vito
Thomas Knipe
this f-in ROCKS
Harold Mackie
nobody but TED
Joseph De Vito
I have discovered the absolute secrets of the universe, and they are surprisingly simple and can be accessed by all. I have stumbled upon these secrets while high on Ketamine. Now, just because I made these discoveries while stoned, DO NOT discount them because what K does is basically shut down the " analytical brain," allowing the " receptive brain," to hold sway. Without interference from the analytical part of ourselves we allow everything to stream to us. ( this state of receptivity can be accomplished via meditation, walking on fire etc., but I've found drugs to be easier ) ( I am not condoning the use of drugs if you live in USA. I only do “ drugs,” when I am abroad in countries where they are “ legal.” )
Rob Grange
Hang on, one of the tightest rock bands of the '70s. RIP Cliff Davies who sang the studio version of this. This live version is vocals by Derek St. Holmes. 18 months after Nugent pushed out Grange and St. Holmes, his career took a nose dive. Ego + Money = fall from grace. RIP "The Ted Nugent Band".
Peter D
Ask Ted about Shawn Lane.
Scott Elliott
Totally agree vangor83! I witnessed this tour twice. 1st time Milwaukee County Stadium. 2nd time Summerfest Grounds Milwaukee!!!
Myles Bass
One of the worlds greatist
Ziggyzag Zi
Share w/ ALL u can , This ROCKS /aLL Time! Hendrix on Steroids...
Steve Kasten
this is not a movie...
Harold Mackie
Someone asked for a guitar solo?
Steve Kasten
loud and proud...
78 \ 79. TBOT
Pancho Villa
Turd nugent smells like 💩
Edward Hughes
Hey...hey here...what about Lesba Presley, huh?  Now is that an in and out thang, or what?  I'd say Lesba would d...f..initely, agree here.  'Member what they say, "Lesba, Lesba Presley, King of the Wild Frontier!