Martin Solveig The Night Out Lyrics

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Only part of the lyrics that are wrong are @ 0:30 "I want the nerve to give another play to the song." The correct lyrics are, "I know i'm a nerd but give another play to the song." {:>_<:}
Anushka Muller
teen wolf rock
Michelle Esquivel
Fav new song:D
I had no idea Martin Solveig also sang. What a badass~~
it'is tv series on MTV
Teen Wolf look like a weird thing for girls ;-; Look's like Twilight
Endless Void 10
only the greatest show ever
Edwin Cuellar
Its "I know im a nerd but give another play to this song"
am i mistaken or is yours "grell" or however you spell it from Black Butler?
Paul Cook
how does it sound if i listen to this song all the time because i absouletley love it!
Luis Zav
Sandy Pineda
How does it sound if we spend the night out?
May Athena
Nods in agreement.
May Athena
It is a terrible tv show.
terrible tv show
I love your profile picture
Monica Gh
It's actually a show, not a movie, also werewolf*, sorry
Monica Gh
Love your icon
Vault Prince
I thought it said I know im a nerd but give another play to this song. Anyone? x)
LOVE IT!!!(it makes my day even betterer)~Oliviamay5~
Marie Wilson
e.e sadly another teen movie with some warewolf
Marie Wilson
Best song to blast out of your car speakers while driving down a cool, night
seantrelle pruitt
Just luv this beat
jaiden Royal
best song ever should be given 20,000,000 views
Monica Gh
Ugh, this is so perfecccccccccccct
hanna rueter
me and friend heard this on pandora and coudnt stop singing it all day at school now im listening to it while doing homework
This song could help me get a girlfriend also go out with her pretty good song :D
Emily Karnok
who else sings this in a British accent ? i do, :3
It sounds like he says, "I know I'm a nerd but give another play to this song."
Nicole Martinez
Teen wolf!!!!!
Teen Wolf is a 1985 movie starring Michael J. Fox. And nothing else. nope.
Shannon Evan
Jamin YEAH!
Ian Hunter
THIS SONG ROCKS! but the 2 others who dislikes it are just mean
Amber Tapia
LOVE THIS SONG AND THE BEAT IF IT!!!!:))))-3 love it!-3-3-3
Nikolaos Charalambous
???? wats that?
Ricky Holguin
You're a Bigot
"How does it sound if we spend the night out?" That sound pretty damn good right now
Nikolaos Charalambous
2 gay people disliked this, sry 4 the gays tho, :/ but they r dicks cause martins songs r awesome
thiago roberto delfino
2 peoples stupied
2 peeps that are on the dislike bar didn't have their night out
Keirnan Green
Fuck twilight rips. I came here from good music
Raelene Guzman
Teen Wolf is awesome
erik martin
thats the only reason why i love it
thiago roberto delfino
come on , come on ..
Teen Wolf! ;D
Fernanda Arenas
Teen Wolf.! :)
Beautiful Song. -3
Skyler Hunt
Perfect, Definately Subscribing!!
Daniel Lerma
Well done!
Queenie About everything
Anwar brought me
Michelle Esquivel