Best Brutal Dubstep Drops

Lvcas Reiter
Roses are red Violets are blue When the bass dropped My house did too.
The beat dropped so hard, the other vegetables had to call the ambulance.
Christopher Corrigan
Anybody else reading the comments while listening to the song?
Brendan Phillips
I played this near a vacuum The vacuum exploded
ghost 05
This is how you get high without weed
Bruce Wayne
My neighbours loved it so much they threw a brick through my window to hear it better:)
Tracklist: 0:00 Minoru - Reckless 4:08 Dubba Jonny - A Brief Tutorial On VIP Production 8:11 Noisia - Diplodocus (Kill The Noise Remix) 10:49 Konec - Immortal 15:41 Digital Pulse - You thought I Was Dead 22:17 Kill Sonik - Where The River Runs Black 28:28 Excision & Datsik - Invader (Atomic Remix) 32:44 Dub Zero - Nice Beaver 37:48 Devin Martin - Killbot 42:14 Obsidia - Android 47:23 Obsidia - Lost in Space 51:13 Ajapai - Brain 56:20 Figure - Dominate 1:00:28 Datsik - Firepower 1:03:48 Veltix - Reapers 1:07:59 xKore - Full Russian 1:12:09 Skepsist - Reflux 1:17:28 Freqax - Stories Of The Dead 1:23:42 Figure - Must Destroy 1:27:44 Dank - Blow me 1:32:25 KillSonik - Slaughterhouse 1:37:55 Kredo - Singularity (JPhelpz Remix) 1:42:17 xKore - Domination 1:47:02 Kiss Kris - Zombies! 1:51:43 Getter - Gunshots 1:53:44 Dubsidia - Ganja Monsta 1:58:34 Figure - The Werewolf 2:04:20 SubVibe - Ominous VIP 2:09:00 Audio - Prototype 2:12:52 Datsik - Fully Blown 2:16:09 Dubsidia - Elekktroshockk 2:19:24 Biometrix - Genetic Identification 2:25:29 Datsik - Too late to say No
Sir Spuntsalot The III
"So whats 6 to the 14th power?" **unplug earphones** "THIS!" **Beat drops** bwabwabuwwwwmubbbbbuuuuaaaaabbbbbbuuuurrkuwuuwu **Everyone in class gets an eargasm** "Instant A for sure" **teacher passes out**
Gabe Brennan
Roses are red Weights are heavy Hey man... *WANT A SPRITE CRANBERRY?*
J - Trickshots97
These dropped harder than my grades did
San Yosef Lyudvikov
The bass dropped harder than UK's currency after Brexit.
Thanos The Mad Titan
*_This dropped harder than Mc.Donalds WiFi..._*
e Sycamor
This drop dropped harder than the old lady on the life alert commercial
Roses are blue Violets are red I could be doing homework I listen to this instead. 😂
Nerd Spaz
2019 and still one of the best beat dropping mix I ever heard lmaoo
Roses Are Red Wtf Is A Cabbage These Beats Dropped Harder Than My Grade Point Average
Roses are red Violets are blue This bass dropped harder Than jake Paul’s sub count
this beat droped harder than my originally level after his comment
5 years ago and still good
Angela Bowery
The beat dropped so hard, this joke did too
Jaycob Drake
It's so good that I played it through the airplay in my classroom and everyone loved it so much that they started fighting fo control of the laptop and broke it
Guest Yones
0 views 5 years 100k+ likes WTH has YouTube done?
The Basic
Flyin sushi
beat dropped harder than pewdiepies 2016 view count.
David dalmau muñoz
the best remix, very gooooood song men, 100 real no fake 1 link direct downloand no virus, goood job
Ford Gore
this beet dropped harder than my grades haha oh, wait
this just has so many great old gems in it...
Maybe I'm a Little bit to late (5 years) but I've never heared better Music!
My parachute didn't save me from these drops.
This dropped harder than James Charles sub count!
The bass dropped so hard the aliens said they heard it from there planet👽
Matthew Hengstenberg
Makes me NOT want to sleep I just need some girls and coffee and I'm good
roses are red violets are blue last time i dropped something this hard it ended world war 2
The Glitch
beat stoped harder than my grades
Cyco Maniac
this is one of the best
The beat dropped harder than Beyoncé falling after JayZ hit her
NsG_ SilverYT
roses are red violets are blue the last time something dropped this hard it ended world war 2
The bass dropped harder than the battery percentage after playing pokémon go.
kill me
I put the volume max by accident then the house was shaking all my neighbores came and start yelling LMFAO
Admir Colic
Grab the triforce BEAT DROPS
Beat dropped harder than my faith in humanity.
gang member peach
Beat dropped harder then... Most other songs.
Why’s the master sword from Zelda in the background
Was listening to this while studying. When the bass dropped My grades did too.
Yo this dropped harder than my grades and they went far
jorge trapani
The beat droped so hard that chuck norris got blased away Jk i stop
In America Dubstep drops for you In Soviet Russia You drop for Dubstep
The beat dropped harder than my dad's jaw when I was born.
The bass dropped like friends iq
Daniel Lopez
1st song still hard af
This drop is so hard, and my computer got thrown out of the third floor.
This beat dropped harder than this comment sections puns
Konrad Wyżga
David Husslehuff
*imagine someone using a beats or whatever that is loud then play this songs on max volume*
Stop The Time
Please listen 1.25x speed
The Dragonborn
the bass dropped so hard i had to call people to come fix my house
Breydon Pansing
That bass droped like a 800 pound middle aged man lolol!!
the random weeb playlists
Has anyone noticed that the pause Singh matches up with the lines on the sord perfectly 🤣😂😂
Aura Beastyy
this beat dropped harder than my dads trousers when i took too long in the shower
Me: listening to this with headphones Mum: Stop listening to that we have speakers in ur room Me: listens through small speakers Dad: we have bigger speakers down here Me: turns up To max volume House: make the ground shake
Roses are red Violets are blue The last time something dropped this hard It ended WWII
Miguel Chaves&Casey&Annie&Dylan
dubstep is fun I wish I can make a remix of Green Day Holiday
Admir Colic
The beat dropped so hard my hearing did too
The Martini
4k people dropped the bass so hard that they missed the like button
Lord gamer 18
Rose's are red Violets are blue When the bass exploded My speaker did too
Obsidia - Android reminds me of Axel F - Crazy Frog lol
Jeremy Baney
The bass dropped harder than Muhammed Ali getting knocked out. Awesome.
isabell mcalister
What's the first one called?? 😱🤘 Holy sweet Jesus that was AMAZING! 🤘
Max Kalkmann
Who still listening at 2016? #DubstepNeverDies
The pingu bros
Beat dropped so hard that team rocket didn’t blast off again, they stayed for the dubstep
Flipz Gaming
👦 👕 this is Tim he is 214yrs old 1👍= 👖1yr for him 👟
Blake Seiter
Rose's are red This beat is on fire It burnt down my house, My car, and its tires.
The Real Deku {BNHA}\ Laugh god
Got into my Monster truck then played this video full blast on a bluetooth speaker and the first beat drop was so low that it turned my monster truck into a low rider
Makenna Williams
4:56 was my favorite drop <3
elijah calhoun
love that master sword
Without ADS Thanks
Bass hit so hard I now live in the clouds! Keep up the awesome vids!
Beat dropped harder than my grades
who's still listening in 2017
Nate Wood
When the beat drops happened.. i fell harder than minecrafts population of players
GG Esports
I was going to make a debstep joke but I dropped it
bert isdirt
Wow that was so epic good music to play roblox to 10/10 epic despacito uwu
Jerry Berry
roses are red violets are blue when the bass dropped my balls did too
Why is this now unavailable? 14/8/17
horst horst
get wrecked 1200 watt hk soundsystem
9:40 its says "goodbye skrillex"
Pawel Zubr
Back again after 4 years without listening to this, the songs come back like I heard them yesterday
Lady C
I should show this to grandma
IIDSC 2017
The beat dropped so hard it seemed as though a asteroids impact was a fly
How about something fast with a silent drop and making it go much faster
Cameron Dybas
Thanks for including sub genre drops. That adds variety that not a lot of people add
And I thought Skrillex was in the list.
One of the songs is titled: dank- blow me. I'm done
4:56 best drop ever
enemy spotted
Roses are red Violets are blue Something that dropped this hard Ended in world war two
Oreoz GD
*The beat hits harder than my dads belt*
Dev Thekiller
this beat dropped harder than my dead grandma
beats drop harder than call of duty sales
dis saved me from school how you may be wonderin' i put this at detention room with full volume and he sent me home