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How will world look at 2100?To change our future, first we must imagine it... It's an idea that most of us would rather not think about -- that within the next century, life as we know it could come to an end. Our civilization could crumble, leaving only traces of modern human existence behind. It seems outlandish, extreme, even impossible. But according to cutting edge scientific research, its a real possibility -- unless we make drastic changes now. original DVD in shops at />archived for />from 01.13 min - 02.39 min no sound,sorry I made instrumental music - 2 singles and 1 music album – 3styller : Instrumental … ( Easy Listening style ,Instrumental,Pop ) />Available for preview and download at : iTunes,Amazon CD,Amazon MP3,Google Play,Emusic,Soundcloud,Facebook,MediaNet­, Rhapsody,Emusic,Songcast and Spotify /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> />

Trump is not president in this scenario; therefore, this documentary is too optimistic.
James Peterson
It's funny that in this documentary China and India are the ones refusing to cut emissions but in 2018 the U.S is the only country not part of the Paris Agreement.
Carole Campbell
look on the bright side. by 2100 most of us will be dead anyway.
Lexi Vorwartz
So it’s 2018, the United States pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, which wasn’t anywhere strong enough and were dumping toxic ash into our rivers. We’re not taxing carbon hardly at all. We’re heading right down this path, and in the end, and if we don’t change soon and radically, it’ll be the worst possible outcomes anyone can imagine. At this point, we deserve what the world gives us.
Millenno kho
I am a 15 year old teenager and after I watch this show , it inspired me to have a job on renewable energy source
Zachary Mosher
If climate change doesn't destroy America the dumbing down of education certainly will, just reading the comments below proves many American are in fact dumber than hell. This was made by ABC in the year 2009, so no they can't predict with 100% certainty what the next 97 years will be.
Karin Maaka
These comments are idiotic. I am living and seeing people dying in droves from heat stroke and even people in Scandinavia are sitting in grocery stores because their homes weren't made for 90 degree weather! Open your eyes people
We as a society behave like someone who jumped from the roof of a 50-storey building and, while crossing the 5th floor, thinks: "so far so good".
The real question is.....are we headed into a Mass Effect future or a Fallout one? The Hunger Games or the Matrix? The Planet of the Apes or The Time Machine?
Thanks, Trump. Your rejection of the Paris Agreement has sent the world down and irrevocable path of disaster.
Lova aaa
the crisis has a name: it's called capitalism
Love Of God
2100? That's mighty generous. I would be amazed if we make it through half of this century. God knows nukes will fly at some point 😒
Maciej Walczak
America america america america not earth AMERICA
Riley Uhr
real title North America 2100
The problem with this scenario is that we've heard it all before - many times. By 2000 half the world will be starving to death. We;ll run out of oil by 1995, a third of all species will be gone in 20 years, huge pandemics will wipe out 2/3 of all humans. Everyone will have to wear gas masks, blah blah blah It's not that there are not legitimate concerns but folks always forget what keeps this from happening - the continued advance of technology. Slowly but surely we are weaning off fossil fuels - wind, solar, battery, geo and soon artificial photosynthesis. Additive Mfg (3d printing) will free us from factories, driverless cars will reduce wrecks, lower costs and lead to a drastic drop in number of vehicles. All these apocalyptic scenarios act as if people just sit and twiddle their thumbs while things go to hell and back.
Barack Obama
These predictions are actually happening; Hurricane Irma 2017 vs 2015 Hurricane depicted here.
Eric Akif
Stop procreating.
Noyb Byon
gas is cheap right now lol 2016
Uh no the roman empire didn't fall from lack of resources. Sure it may have been another nail in the coffin but the real reason is the continuos barbarian attacks and they just continuoulsy ripping cities away from them and the fact that they couldn't keep their armies. Plus with bad leadership at the time there was nothing they could do.
milliardo Lovecraft
Make earth great again
I wonder what people in the 1900's predicted the world in 2000's would be like?
Diesel Fluid
Humans are not special, we are just greedy self obsessed smarter animals, breeding, consuming, destroying everything on the planet. We feel as though we are entitled to earth and everything on it, but mother earth will have the last laugh
Момчил Пачев
This film is all about USA and this makes me angry.America is not the center of the world and there are may other people who will suffer from this.
Wheatley GLADOS
Oh wow that's creepy. In August 2014 I was in Pensacola, FL. and there were swarms of dragonfly all over the military base, just like the prediction in this video, damn.
Kosovo Mapping
This was an amazing video. The ending had a very clear message and gave me chills, and the it was fun seeing the characters grow up. My only complaint is that the impact this would have on geopolitics has some great potential, but isn't explored at all.
Emily Toole
i guess the dislikes are from people who are in denial.
Da Lu
Double up the speed of it all now, they had not foresight Trump's election...
I am 27 years old....I live in new delhi...18 years ago when i was in school i like too see vultures in our city there are so much of them at that time...They fly very high i was amazed by them....But now they were all gone i dont know where but something is changing....
Tom Mallard
We hit 3.05-ppm gained in CO2 last year a new record, we hit 3mm/year rate-of-rise for the oceans as we melt down all the ice, which at the rate we're going in less than 130-years we'll be at 800-ppm where ALL of Antarctica's ice melts off, starts going fast at 600-ppm and coral reefs are dead by 750-ppm. So sure, no problem, eh? This February we hit 1.35C/2.4F warmer than pre-industrial so according to the Paris accords we have 0.15C/0.27F to go to that lofty goal, does anyone really think we can stop warming at 1.5C anymore? Until we seriously drop emissions it's not going away we'll hit 3-5C/5.4-9F global rise in temperature no problem by 2100, great job of planet geoengineering, eh? Proves we're dumber than apes ... zero wisdom, community values lost entirely to hoarding & wars.
This was how it looked before we started to understand that it's exponential change were talking about. There are at least 47 self reinforcing feedback loops already triggered and backed into the cake whose cumulative effect will be exponential. We're under the gross misconception that we are a good species going somewhere important and that at the last minute we will correct our errors and God will smile on us. It is delusion.
Jeremy Horne
The Mayans had the only writing in the world? False. There were hieroglyphics, cuneiform, the Asian scripts, etc. Because of fracking and the possibility of abiotic oil, the oild supply has gone up, invalidating the claim of peak oil advocates. However, the overpopulation trajectory, natural resource consumption, anf global warming are on track.
Richard Rabinowitz
President Donald Trump: "Full speed ahead with the fossil fuels! I don't care if I flood my own basement!"
And the worst part of all, they predicted Obama's 2nd term!
Shaobo Lei
7 years later, the oil price is not higher but cheaper.
Marcel D
who's watching in 2017?
Rui Azul
Now add to the scenario the imponderable factor that Donald Trump is, and the chances of having a similar outcome in 2100 will be of a much higher probability. Face it. Seriously.
The Documentary point as if there is just US in this whole world....Wake up limited minds
Bloodshot Road
Hurricane Matthew brought me here.
why do they always fearmonger with worst case scenerios?,isnt it better for the mind to think about best case scenerio's,this stuf only keeps people in there fear state. people misunderstand whats happening on earth in nature and the cycles of the earth they are fast to create doom scenerio while all the earth is doing is adjusting to us and going on with its own cycle,its true we need to change our ways and start to care more for the planet and all on it,and if we continue in these destructive ways then who knows where it ends but the shift is happening thats gives us a chance of enlightenment so take that chance to work on a harmonies planet :) as for food beeing scarse wel you might try this idee,if we stop wasting food on the meat industrie to feed those animals that we eat later on and yes that means not eating meat or annything from animals then we can do away with that industrie meaning we would have veggie food left for about 60 billion people,so the answer is not we need 4 more planets the answer is stop wasting valuable food sources on meat animals and give it to the people who need it instead,its funny how no1 realizes this,with the meat animals gone you save space and the ozone lair by not having 60 billion animals fart and belch each day,and you also save the nutrition in the soils used for plantations if you dont have to feed 60 billion animals each year,its time people started thinking clearly and stop listening to propaganda programming
Awesome Cat
ROFL Not going to happen. I mean the positive ending. The bad - yes. We still can't agree there is climate change happening. The insane amount of stupid needless waste happening is insane. Water, power, the obligatory yearly cell phone update. The instinct to turn on the ac the moment the weather turns even a hint of warm. Yeah. We are doomed.
Bleikr Sound
It's the end of the world as we know it. I feel fine.
trump saw this, that´s why he wants to build the wall ;D
Shrey Pandya
RIP Paris Climate Agreement in 2017 :(
SEaster IslanderS
None of this has happened as of yet. Give it a couple of years before the trap humans have set in place for themselves really starts to take place. This was off by a couple of years but humans are simply delaying the inevitable. How long will it take to convince us? All of these problems are happening simultaneously and when they happen it will be virtually impossible to avert catastrophic effects to ourselves and future generations. The inaction and ignorance of world leaders makes me depressed quite frankly.
Guys remember: This is the WORST case scenerio
YES WE CAN 2016 - 2116 is an encouragement for mankind to save a sustainable biosphere on earth by a free decision for OneChildPolicy. To reduce worldpopulation from 7.4 Billion in 2016 to the tolerable size of TWO Billion (2x10^9) according to ecological research e. g. Donella and Dennis Meadows ('Beyond the Limits'), Stanford- University of California (Biologist Paul R. Ehrlich, 'The Population Bomb') and the BertTheAce Research-Institute for Ecology (Foundation, 'World Biosphere') we need FOUR Generations (100 years) of OneChildPolicy worldwide on a free decision. If we succeed with worldwide OCP for the coming 100 years, mankind has a good chance to reach a balance between consumption of natural resources, pollution and recovery of a sustainable biosphere for thousands of generations.......and isn't the care for our biosphere on earth a better option for mankind, than to try to escape to Mars, who did already loose his biosphere ? HISTORY will CONFIRM BertTheAce and his MASTERPLAN 'YES WE CAN 2016 - 2116' see:
Larry Miller
What will we do when half of the US's population considers global warming a farce? Or a mass conspiracy thanks to idiots like Alex Jones. Should we force them into internment camps and MAKE them acquire an education. And if they don't we take away their right to vote. We've honestly got to do something. Continuously our ignorant masses vote against its own best interests. I realize Obama has done little to help but at least it's a start. Now we have a straight up weakling president who doesn't have the backbone to stand up to the large corporations controlling the oil? Or natural gas. No, in fact, he's more likely to do the opposite and actually work for the oil companies at our expense. We'll have to do something before long. As they say, "You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." Once Florida is gone will lose a large portion of the same idiot's I'm referring too. However, will still be stuck with far too many. Ignorant masses be warned, eventually, if you don't stop, you'll be the true enemy of this nation.
Darth Utah 66
Yeah, I'm pretty skeptical of predictions of 2100 being the year of doom and gloom For example, 8:48 is set in March 13, 2015 and it says that the prices of oil is going up and so are food prices. Not only is this not true but oil is actually cheaper in 2017 than when this documentary was made. 12:23 hurricane linda had a peak wind speed of 123 mph which is category 3 and it hit the west coast, not the east coast 14:33 ok, this may be one of the few true predictions considering that cyclone Mora forced 1 million to flee their homes 14:40 Of what I hear of, there are no wheat shortages in China. There are, however, donkey shortages 21:44 desalination could change that 23:36 like the keystone pipeline? Only time will tell what 2100 is truly like but based on these predictions which didn't come true (except for Bangladesh), I can only imagine that it won't be the desolate wasteland which this documentary predicts it to be.
who produced this ? hove they heard of the de-population trend  ,blatant misdirection and fear mongering ,this smells of al gore
Elyas Al-sulaiman
It is 2090 now, like if you're dead
Ignorant, pretentious, saw fear mongering....the world has never known such uncertainty statement being an example. They go back a whole century, on a planet 4 and a half Billion years old, and ignore 99.999999999999999 % of the planet history.
Natasha Paige Cortez
In 2017 climate change got so bad that they had to decriminalized spreading AIDS willingly in California for population reduction purposes.
this whole thing was an advertisement for globalism D:<
Bambi Landgraab
I just got gas and it's like 3$ not 5.45$ and it's 2016
Joseph W
This is a wonderful film of propaganda. Some things will happen this way, but most is pure speculation and BS. Global warming/climate change being the biggest of all.
David Crandall
It's 2018, gas prices have not gone up and it's not getting harder to find. That's bull shit. American has become the largest oil producer and we have made oil prices come down.
Kyle Rodenberg
Doc: Where we are going we don't need roads
Tangerine Farmer
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change Charles Darwin
Richard Rabinowitz
27:00 so much for Trump's wall
George Ludwig
Why is John Podesta the molesta on this program? Lol 😆?!
I appreciate this film, but it's 2017 and the things they said would happen between 2009 and now are actually completely wrong.
Brian P.
This was creepy enough without John Podesta. You jumped the shark there.
bogdan bonto
Feb 18 2015 this fella had a nice birthday party :D
Michael Kevin Millet
Wow.. That was an extremely biased doc! Too many political opinions and unfounded claims presented as fact. This is pure propaganda.
Jason Ng
I believe if end of world we human ourself create it for sure !
it will happen much faster and uglier than this
This will happen in the future if WE don't Wake Up!
Anakin Skywalker
parece que nesesitamos a Thanos para que nos salve
Josh Rey
I guess this documentary was made to show us that we could prevent this. Look at 2015: we didn't run out of gasoline at certain stations! The prices even lowered!
You saw Obama you know this a democrat program event lol !!!!!!!!!
look who they let speak about this. podesta for one.
Roundy Rocky
How we'll save the world: Start sending people to Mars or pull out the nukes.
Joey Wetzel
John Podesta abducted madalaine McCann and sexually exploits children #pizzagate
Richard V
Well they're already pumping crap into the atmosphere . I saw the chemtrails covering the sky southeast of Seattle a few days ago . And ABC is owned by globalist assholes so I wouldn't believe anything they say anyway .
When you've heard enough of this claptrap, sooner or later you begin to realise that futurology is a mug's game - especially when politics and moral crusades are involved; it attracts fascists like garbage attracts flies. The people who made this documentary don't know anything. Even seven years later, its predictions have failed. No apocalyptic storms, no skyrocketing oil prices and the only rising food prices were caused by environmentalist-inspired "solutions" like biofuel.
Funny video house
Fake Documentary ........................Very Fake Documentary
This just goes to show that predictions about climate are often very unreliable and shouldn't be used to change public policy.
stephen armitage
So many lies in this video it is impossible to put right
Lucas C.
great liberal scare tactics
Vuthy Vy
I feel like every great civilization gets restarted every time until we get it right, I mean look at our ancestors and what they built, yet they too failed. Sadly, we almost got close... but it might have to be restarted again. But I do hope this is it... that we reach a Utopian World, where peace and prosperity is our main goal.
12:20 Irma, a couple years late
Fabiana Salakory
What you can do right now: stop eating meat 24/7, just imagine the live stock, blood and shit produced alone for your habit alone. You could fill your whole street with it.
Summer A.
STUPID. Too many factors are missing to be taken into account.. in this BS video.
Craigs List
Oh no! Climate Change Propaganda....
Redpanda 1210
Hmmmmm..... so if people watching this in 2009 or 2010, they were probably born either the late 1970's, throughout the 1980's or even the 1990's probably watched this documentary will die around the 2050's or 2060's......maybe the 2070's. For people like me tho, who were born in the 2000's for example (like me who was born around 2005), will probably die in the 2080's or the early 2090's.....Younger viewers or who were born 2010- will probably die from 2085-mid 2090. People who are not born yet and was born from 2020- they will likely die in the 2090's or 2100's. So if that disease comes around 2081-2084 then I will most likely be dead or dying or maybe I might die from it? Note I'm not saying you or me will die from old age, we possibly don't know......
26:46 Mexicans are actually leaving the us now lol but central americans are still coming in
Proteus TG
Only North America and Europe are going backwards but thats because all the rich people aren't paying proper taxes. The rest of the world is actually progressing.
~ Bright Romeo ~
12.11 Obama's underachiever twin.It's upsetting how thy were not realistic enough to mention the enforcement that the government will bring against humanity to support and bring about the new world order, which will come. Nothing mentioned about the war zone/Iraq, nothing about religions, other great capitals of this world. etc. Could have been done better.
The Butler Did It
"over the next two hours we'll take you on a journey"....Or one hour twenty three minutes and forty five seconds once the adverts for stuff you don't want have been removed.
Sickof Liars
12:20 - looks like a bit of predictive programming
Hahah! Within a few mins, it became plain to see that this flic is from the same 'ol-same 'ol zio-crowd who long to control every corporate-owned human on the face of the endlessly-taxed, infinitely indebted planet they hope to somehow wrangle.  For those of you who love history, 'corporatism' like this began back when the 1st protestant kings & cronies looted the people's 1000 yr-old storehouses (which were mostly run by the Benedictines for the benefit of every man, woman & child in community...& the criminal church hierarchy of course...  This is another phase in the continuing destruction of conscious individualism, wherein the contrast & dishonesty lies in the fact that we human beings are born equipped to learn self-leadership while only being net-valuable to our world & all life on it.  This is what value destroyers do...destroy & indoctrinate others to benefit themselves ~ parasites, poli-tic[k]s, money-crazed incorrigibles & their crony usury zio-bankster thieves, wartarded mass-murderers...criminally envious & lazy maleophiles...all of it is a gargantuan 3000 yr-old hoax that is crumbling before our eyes.  See, if they don't distract us from waking up to their pernicious, subhumane prime evil manipulations, we might actually be able to create our own Eden on the other end soon!  3.5 minutes into this waste-of-time-film, this is clear. This tripe is more of the same...Alex Jones explains it well, called 'Eugenics', 'Agenda-21', a number of other monikers, though he has no solutions..those can be found at Aside from all that however, this next researcher elaborates on the hoax this film promotes...
Keto Genesis
Too many people. Limit procreation now.
Nobody From Nowhere
21st century is the century humanity will either move from civilization of level 0 degree to civilization of 1st degree or we will suffer new dark age. We are smart, we are aware and we can anticipate it, and bit it. So far our world is actually progressively getting better, it might not look like that because our news cover only bad things but take good look at the world and it is getting better.
Smokey NYY
Nice fear mongering documentary.
A R. Henderson1st
It's funny watching this in 2018! We blame China and India for the collapse of this "summit" but it's the United States that pulled out of the Paris climate agreement. I say it time and time again that a lot of people need to die in order for this planet to get better. Unfortunately however, it's going to be the people at the bottom of the totem pole who don't deserve to die that are going to be the ones that suffer the most.
Owen Taylor
But 2015 had a HOT summer i live in a colder state in the pac-northwest and it usally gets to 90 in the summer and never above 100 but it got 115 degrees farenhiet
tomfer_9 fb
You see how is africa now? So we will be like Africa in 2100.
B Mandel
Speculative scenarios like this make me appreciate being old. I've lived through mostly good times in a developed country. Unless Yellowstone erupts soon or the Earth has a global disaster, I won't be here for the possibility proposed in this drama. I'm eco-friendly relative to most people I see, as much as I am able, so I won't feel guilty about having enjoyed this life. Guess I've been damn lucky so far.
Zealandia Mapping
27:14 - 28:00 - Sounds like that's going to happen a lot sooner here than they predicted... :/