Earth 2100 with subtitles

How will world look at 2100?To change our future, first we must imagine it... It's an idea that most of us would rather not think about -- that within the next century, life as we know it could come to an end. Our civilization could crumble, leaving only traces of modern human existence behind. It seems outlandish, extreme, even impossible. But according to cutting edge scientific research, its a real possibility -- unless we make drastic changes now. original DVD in shops at />archived for />from 01.13 min - 02.39 min no sound,sorry I made instrumental music - 2 singles and 1 music album – 3styller : Instrumental … ( Easy Listening style ,Instrumental,Pop ) />Available for preview and download at : iTunes,Amazon CD,Amazon MP3,Google Play,Emusic,Soundcloud,Facebook,MediaNet­, Rhapsody,Emusic,Songcast and Spotify /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> />

Riley Uhr
real title North America 2100
We as a society behave like someone who jumped from the roof of a 50-storey building and, while crossing the 5th floor, thinks: "so far so good".
Lucy sounds pretty young for being 91 years old.
Diesel Fluid
Humans are not special, we are just greedy self obsessed smarter animals, breeding, consuming, destroying everything on the planet. We feel as though we are entitled to earth and everything on it, but mother earth will have the last laugh
iwe timer
This docu wasn't legit anymore. #2019
James Peterson
It's funny that in this documentary China and India are the ones refusing to cut emissions but in 2018 the U.S is the only country not part of the Paris Agreement.
dead channel
2015 is only 6 years away.... Funny watching this in 2016
Carole Campbell
look on the bright side. by 2100 most of us will be dead anyway.
Victor Portilla
Too many people in this planet, that’s the problem... more people means more consumption of resources...
Bloodshot Road
Hurricane Matthew brought me here.
milliardo Lovecraft
Make earth great again
The real question is.....are we headed into a Mass Effect future or a Fallout one? The Hunger Games or the Matrix? The Planet of the Apes or The Time Machine?
Kosovo Mapping
This was an amazing video. The ending had a very clear message and gave me chills, and the it was fun seeing the characters grow up. My only complaint is that the impact this would have on geopolitics has some great potential, but isn't explored at all.
Ben Phillipp
Im outside right now and I'm actually feels it , Tommorow it will be December and there 23C outside I see alout of trees starting to die cause it's supposed to be non stop raining now .... #WAKEUP!
Da Lu
Double up the speed of it all now, they had not foresight Trump's election...
Tom Mallard
We hit 3.05-ppm gained in CO2 last year a new record, we hit 3mm/year rate-of-rise for the oceans as we melt down all the ice, which at the rate we're going in less than 130-years we'll be at 800-ppm where ALL of Antarctica's ice melts off, starts going fast at 600-ppm and coral reefs are dead by 750-ppm. So sure, no problem, eh? This February we hit 1.35C/2.4F warmer than pre-industrial so according to the Paris accords we have 0.15C/0.27F to go to that lofty goal, does anyone really think we can stop warming at 1.5C anymore? Until we seriously drop emissions it's not going away we'll hit 3-5C/5.4-9F global rise in temperature no problem by 2100, great job of planet geoengineering, eh? Proves we're dumber than apes ... zero wisdom, community values lost entirely to hoarding & wars.
The music for this thing is amazing.
Trump is not president in this scenario; therefore, this documentary is too optimistic.
Bambi Landgraab
I just got gas and it's like 3$ not 5.45$ and it's 2016
Spencer O'Dowd
Guy in 2009: "I have huge faith in humanity." Guy in 2018: "Oh my sweet summer child."
Barack Obama
These predictions are actually happening; Hurricane Irma 2017 vs 2015 Hurricane depicted here.
marios diakos
2015 oil prices double come on
Bruce Liu
Seems these events are exponential, not linear. They are happening faster than what was described in this documentary.
Noyb Byon
gas is cheap right now lol 2016
Kyle Rodenberg
Doc: Where we are going we don't need roads
Jason Ng
I believe if end of world we human ourself create it for sure !
Gyo Truth
stay with jesus christ till He returns back for our new beginning.....
26:46 Mexicans are actually leaving the us now lol but central americans are still coming in
it will happen much faster and uglier than this
Cooldodz Video
they really forcing forward the NEW WORLD ORDER.... im not shock if the days will come the purging will merge... God Bless America lol
It’s been 10 years now, and look how far we got.
No Name
As so it began. As so it will end.
Sickof Liars
12:20 - looks like a bit of predictive programming
Crystal Lay
Bagabones Felis
yup...we are DOOMED! Well past redemption!
SEaster IslanderS
None of this has happened as of yet. Give it a couple of years before the trap humans have set in place for themselves really starts to take place. This was off by a couple of years but humans are simply delaying the inevitable. How long will it take to convince us? All of these problems are happening simultaneously and when they happen it will be virtually impossible to avert catastrophic effects to ourselves and future generations. The inaction and ignorance of world leaders makes me depressed quite frankly.
Wheatley GLADOS
Oh wow that's creepy. In August 2014 I was in Pensacola, FL. and there were swarms of dragonfly all over the military base, just like the prediction in this video, damn.
Natasha Paige Cortez
In 2017 climate change got so bad that they had to decriminalized spreading AIDS willingly in California for population reduction purposes.
Owen Taylor
But 2015 had a HOT summer i live in a colder state in the pac-northwest and it usally gets to 90 in the summer and never above 100 but it got 115 degrees farenhiet
Shaobo Lei
7 years later, the oil price is not higher but cheaper.
Wasteland Courier
the most fundamental prerequisite to address climate change and try to keep most of Mankind alive during the 21st Century: ABOLISH CAPITALISM.
The Butler Did It
"over the next two hours we'll take you on a journey"....Or one hour twenty three minutes and forty five seconds once the adverts for stuff you don't want have been removed.
I appreciate this film, but it's 2017 and the things they said would happen between 2009 and now are actually completely wrong.
Stretch Munroe
horizon zero dawn
Nasty ScaR
Don't worry folks we found new planet Kepler 186f . We just need to go there .
Marcel D
who's watching in 2017?
Peter Janik
Thinking ecoLOGICALLY overTIMED.
Alina Raluca Gheorghe
"...hell is defined as truth realized too late." Well said! Paradise means equilibrium and equity!
Sunset Vlogs
It's 2017 and we still haven't done anything
look who they let speak about this. podesta for one.
PJ Packer
This is what my future could look like if l live to 100 (2089).
2100? That's mighty generous. I would be amazed if we make it through half of this century. God knows nukes will fly at some point 😒
JC Mac
Haha Podesta really does has his hands in everything.
Tangerine Farmer
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change Charles Darwin
kl. johnny
CONGRATULATIONS!! to u! for having survived to see 2100! 😊
gus HV
This video has been proven partly wrong. June 2018
Anakin Skywalker
parece que nesesitamos a Thanos para que nos salve
It's November 26, 2018 and Trump's administration just released a new study that the temperature will rise 7° by the end of the century
Stephen Muth
They wouldn't touch population control itself with a ten-foot pole. Centralized population planning? Uh, nope. Jut 100% of us using compact fluorescents plus the engineers of the world saving us with green tech. Our biggest failing, including that of ?(most of) these experts, is our failure to understand the exponential function.
Dominik Socha
June 2nd 2009? That's exactly a year after Loss. Coincidence?
12:20 Irma, a couple years late
Liam Rafferty
that turned into a love story while quick 😂
Sanket Thakuriya
this is not Earth 2100 but US 2100......
Triforce Pm
Vertical farming.... problem solved
Tara Wright
24:00, he's wrong about that one, I'm afraid. Cape Town, South Africa has been on the brink or completely running out of water for a couple years now and virtually nobody ever mentions it. Perhaps, by "modern city" he means a big city in the United States.
Troy Pagkalinawan
This was how it looked before we started to understand that it's exponential change were talking about. There are at least 47 self reinforcing feedback loops already triggered and backed into the cake whose cumulative effect will be exponential. We're under the gross misconception that we are a good species going somewhere important and that at the last minute we will correct our errors and God will smile on us. It is delusion.
Pilot Gal
Didn't any of you learn that the Earth goes through a mini ice-age every 10k years? The Earth gets warmer...then it gets colder...then it gets warmer...then it gets colder. Scientists have only been keeping track of weather stats for about 140 years...the Earth is 4 billion years old. That 140-year span is such a tiny blip that none of it means anything. In addition, solar flare activity (which has a huge effect on weather) is at a level last seen in the mid-1600s, a period of time that was so cold, it was almost a mini ice-age in itself. Global warming is purely driven by the oldest trick in the Research scientists (and Al Gore, who has the biggest carbon footprint of them all) are making a fortune off of scaring the crap out of people. Yes, we need to keep pollution under control. Yes, much of the world eliminated CFCs in the 70s to help the ozone layer (which has recovered almost entirely). And, yes, we need to save our natural resources and clean our oceans. But, global warming (as depicted in this HOLLYWOOD-PRODUCED movie) is pure crap. Glacial melting and then refreezing has all happened before...many, many, many times in Earth's history. This scare tactic to panic the US population (330 million people out of the world's 5 billion people) is all about money. Don't kid yourself that it's about anything else.
Its 2016 brah No dragonfliesere'
Bosko Djeric
OK. So, You have changed cars to ELECTRIC-ones. What about AIR traffic?
cruithne_2292 JL
I tested that conjecture on boiling a frog; both methods yielded the same result...that I ended up with a nice bowl of frog soup.
Georg Spengler
Fortunately when it comes to green energy and electric cars we are one generation faster than in the film.
tomfer_9 fb
You see how is africa now? So we will be like Africa in 2100.
Zealandia Mapping
27:14 - 28:00 - Sounds like that's going to happen a lot sooner here than they predicted... :/
Ivan Erić
The answer is > Nikola Tesla
Denver C.
2017 is a year in which Mother Nature is surly pissed at us.
The last part of the 21st century seems like the Dark Ages but it will not be that
Dahlia Cross
Lmao the guy comparing the Maya civilisation to the US. lmao
Brian P.
This was creepy enough without John Podesta. You jumped the shark there.
Holy crap! Did I just watch a puff piece on the benefits of nuclear power plants, GMOs, weather manipulation, vaccines, and moving to centralized population centers - or they said  we'll starve, go thirsty, get over run by hoards of diseased Mexicans, and civilization will end (but the rich will still be okay), and the environment will be ruined ?  No, I swear,  I did. A 100 hundred years and still no hydrogen fuel cars or zero point energy? huh.  
woop wop wop wooop
"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities" - Voltaire
Proteus TG
Only North America and Europe are going backwards but thats because all the rich people aren't paying proper taxes. The rest of the world is actually progressing.
If trump doesn’t rejoin the Paris climate agreement he’s screwed
Fabiana Salakory
What you can do right now: stop eating meat 24/7, just imagine the live stock, blood and shit produced alone for your habit alone. You could fill your whole street with it.
Clive Sinclair
Fact...the world will end. Fact... no one, repeat no one knows when. Fact... humans are making a good job of ruining the planet, before it's natural death.
What I want to know is this. Will I be able to purchase a bag of M&M's out of the vending machine without the package getting caught up in the coils forcing me to buy two to them?
Shadow Drake
13:10 what if we're still dragging our feet in 2017? and continue to do so till 2020? what if are still dragging our feet till 2024?
Trust your instincs
Our government should get and produce all these free energy inventions and impliment them now.
subramaniam ramki
India / china prediction came true ( The representatives didnt agree at the climate summit )
Elyas Al-sulaiman
It is 2090 now, like if you're dead
sofia zoomko
Haydn Cooper
We're in 2017 and none of this shit has happened yet... 😂
Jordan Rich
So now it’s 2019 and according to the latest data, assessments, and trends, if we don’t get it together by 2030, which is impossible at this point, climate change will become irreversible.
Noah S.
More like earth 2017, amiright?
Geno Bot
@ WM: I'm not even 30, and in my lifetime, I notice great climate changes in europe. But I won't even try to explain how wrong you are. Mostly because there is no point. You clearly are the kind who doesn't know how to listen to the right people (that ''God Bless'' gave you away).
Timothy Hansen
"To change the future, you first have to imagine it" That really sums it up nicely.....
Tom Mallard
The Rapa Nui People, aka Easter IIslanders didn't cut all the palms down instead at contact had specially built water collection & evaporation techniques to preserve them. The Europeans killed them off down to less than a few hundred ... they did cut & move statues with ropes by design, we fail. "Easter Island Ancient Water Conservation Methods"; 3:39;
thank u for adding subtitles! <3
Cynthia MM
Too bad our current government doesn't care for clean energy :(