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How will world look at 2100?To change our future, first we must imagine it... It's an idea that most of us would rather not think about -- that within the next century, life as we know it could come to an end. Our civilization could crumble, leaving only traces of modern human existence behind. It seems outlandish, extreme, even impossible. But according to cutting edge scientific research, its a real possibility -- unless we make drastic changes now. original DVD in shops at />archived for />from 01.13 min - 02.39 min no sound,sorry I made instrumental music - 2 singles and 1 music album – 3styller : Instrumental … ( Easy Listening style ,Instrumental,Pop ) />Available for preview and download at : iTunes,Amazon CD,Amazon MP3,Google Play,Emusic,Soundcloud,Facebook,MediaNet­, Rhapsody,Emusic,Songcast and Spotify /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> />

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Ander Son
No mention of 2017. Us 2017ers are deeply offended.
Ander Son
I guess I'm older than Lucy then. That's all I learned.
Carole Campbell
look on the bright side. by 2100 most of us will be dead anyway.
Noyb Byon
gas is cheap right now lol 2016
This was how it looked before we started to understand that it's exponential change were talking about. There are at least 47 self reinforcing feedback loops already triggered and backed into the cake whose cumulative effect will be exponential. We're under the gross misconception that we are a good species going somewhere important and that at the last minute we will correct our errors and God will smile on us. It is delusion.
Maciej Walczak
America america america america not earth AMERICA
*The age of escapism has to end, or the human race will end*. Living in an illusion will lead to our destruction. In the past, illusions and misunderstandings caused most of our conflicts, but we were not powerful enough to completely destroy ourselves. We are now. *This is why, even though we do not want to face the truth, we have to*. For the 1st time ever the *ultimate truth of Life* has been revealed, it explains the big picture of life in every facet, the nature of everything. Google *TruthContest click on the earth icon and read the Present*. The *Truth* explains our true past and our *ultimate purpose*.
Zachary Mosher
If climate change doesn't destroy America the dumbing down of education certainly will, just reading the comments below proves many American are in fact dumber than hell. This was made by ABC in the year 2009, so no they can't predict with 100% certainty what the next 97 years will be.
Yuan Yu
"Canada and Siberia will be wetter and hotter" I see how it is, I'll be waiting for your country's ladies ;)
Josh Rey
I guess this documentary was made to show us that we could prevent this. Look at 2015: we didn't run out of gasoline at certain stations! The prices even lowered!
Marcel D
who's watching in 2017?
Thomas Neal
Hurricane Linda did happen, but it affected Mexico not florida.
Love Of God
2100? That's mighty generous. I would be amazed if we make it through half of this century. God knows nukes will fly at some point 😒
Nolans Gaming
they were wrong for 2015 this didnt happen thankfully
And the worst part of all, they predicted Obama's 2nd term!
Aussie OutBacker65
We need to destroy ourselves we don't Deserve this Planet.
The problem with this scenario is that we've heard it all before - many times. By 2000 half the world will be starving to death. We;ll run out of oil by 1995, a third of all species will be gone in 20 years, huge pandemics will wipe out 2/3 of all humans. Everyone will have to wear gas masks, blah blah blah It's not that there are not legitimate concerns but folks always forget what keeps this from happening - the continued advance of technology. Slowly but surely we are weaning off fossil fuels - wind, solar, battery, geo and soon artificial photosynthesis. Additive Mfg (3d printing) will free us from factories, driverless cars will reduce wrecks, lower costs and lead to a drastic drop in number of vehicles. All these apocalyptic scenarios act as if people just sit and twiddle their thumbs while things go to hell and back.
This just goes to show that predictions about climate are often very unreliable and shouldn't be used to change public policy.
Thanks, Trump. Your rejection of the Paris Agreement has sent the world down and irrevocable path of disaster.
Lova aaa
the crisis has a name: it's called capitalism
Deaquipa PuertoRico
nice fiction book! Where can I found it?
Richard Rabinowitz
President Donald Trump: "Full speed ahead with the fossil fuels! I don't care if I flood my own basement!"
Момчил Пачев
This film is all about USA and this makes me angry.America is not the center of the world and there are may other people who will suffer from this.
Eric Akif
Stop procreating.
12:20 Irma, a couple years late
Bella Umbrellla
We are in a cycle..continents colliding into one massive land mass of Pangaea Ultima, next extinction is looming, or we could be heading to the next ice age! That is if earth doesn't get hit first by a gigantic asteroid or planetoids and vaporized its surface . Think I'd prefer that we get hit! Instant death rather than a slow burning death by the increasing temperatures and lack of water...
i live in Croatia so i don't care, we gonna use italy as a perfect dam! ;)
I wonder what people in the 1900's predicted the world in 2000's would be like?
trump saw this, that´s why he wants to build the wall ;D
dima antoniadis
2016 now and no one problem and 2100 the world could to be amazing not like this
When you've heard enough of this claptrap, sooner or later you begin to realise that futurology is a mug's game - especially when politics and moral crusades are involved; it attracts fascists like garbage attracts flies. The people who made this documentary don't know anything. Even seven years later, its predictions have failed. No apocalyptic storms, no skyrocketing oil prices and the only rising food prices were caused by environmentalist-inspired "solutions" like biofuel.
the drifter
another Hollywood bullshit picturing the US as the savior or place to be, will be the other way around. the US cant live without the world period. the world can live without the US.
Bleikr Sound
It's the end of the world as we know it. I feel fine.
Lauryn Kavanagh
1hr18mins: I don't quite appreciate that fellow calling America "the most important country in the world"... 
Patriots for Trump
It's 2017 and this is fake news.
Dunlap Music
BS propaganda
Trump is not president in this scenario; therefore, this documentary is too optimistic.
LAUGHABLE Liberal horseshit. By 2015 massive Drought, no oil and food shortages huh? Keep making these they're hilarious.
ill die in 2071 so no dark era for me :D
Wow. The time is 12345
Jeremy Horne
The Mayans had the only writing in the world? False. There were hieroglyphics, cuneiform, the Asian scripts, etc. Because of fracking and the possibility of abiotic oil, the oild supply has gone up, invalidating the claim of peak oil advocates. However, the overpopulation trajectory, natural resource consumption, anf global warming are on track.
The White Injun
The real question is.....are we headed into a Mass Effect future or a Fallout one? The Hunger Games or the Matrix? The Planet of the Apes or The Time Machine?
milliardo Lovecraft
Make earth great again
Smokey NYY
Nice fear mongering documentary.
bogdan bonto
Feb 18 2015 this fella had a nice birthday party :D
27:21 proof that trumps wall gets built
Craigs List
Oh no! Climate Change Propaganda....
Dror Ben Ami
well, it's 2014 and no change so far.....
Chadresh Patel
The problem with future prediction is it is based on the current trends and always failed to accommodate future actions that will be taken by humans. We have survived so long by taking appropriate actions according to nature demans. We have realized that global warming is a real threat and therefore almost all the countries have started utilizing wind/solar energy. If you look at the statics than we have reduced pollution from its peak and earth condition will improve slowly.
That frog theory is total bullshit. We did the test not once but 13 times in school, And the frogs jumped out every single time. You might be able to cook a human that way. But not frogs there to smart for that dumb trick. Because the truth is humanity is the only living organism that love and protect there offspring for 18 years. And then hands them a gun and uniform and sends them off to war for nothing more then financial gain. If you don't agree that's the dumbest thing you ever saw, Thank you for identifying yourself Shit For Brains!!
it will happen much faster and uglier than this
Rui Azul
Now add to the scenario the imponderable factor that Donald Trump is, and the chances of having a similar outcome in 2100 will be of a much higher probability. Face it. Seriously.
Roundy Rocky
How we'll save the world: Start sending people to Mars or pull out the nukes.
Richard Rabinowitz
27:00 so much for Trump's wall
Shrey Pandya
RIP Paris Climate Agreement in 2017 :(
Da Lu
Double up the speed of it all now, they had not foresight Trump's election...
Wesley Johnson
I get that it is a "worst case scenario" and all but, Las Vegas burning out is simply too far fetched in my mind. The amount of revenue they pull in yearly is theoretically enough to increase the crop yield and pay for enough food to feed all of Africa. I'm pretty sure they have enough money to get water treatment plants that can clean waste water enough to be drinkable indefinitely or at least build reservoirs deep under ground that won't evaporate.
remember when it was called global warming?????? as it never happened they called it climate change...the problem is polution and excess population...
Kimberly Schmidt-Blowers
Scientists don't know anything that'll happen years later because GOD WAS THE ONE WHO MADE THE UNIVERESE AND OUR PLANET AND HE'S THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOW'S WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN!!!! I don't care what ANYONE else thinks. X(
Barack Obama
These predictions are actually happening; Hurricane Irma 2017 vs 2015 Hurricane depicted here.
Tangerine Farmer
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change Charles Darwin
Cornelis Schutter
propaganda !
The crap about Climate Change or commonly referred to as Global Warming is that, crap. A scary fairy tale to scare the ignorant to give up their money and their freedom.
No phones, no light, no internet, not a single luxury Like 2100, it's primitive as can be
~ Bright Romeo ~
12.11 Obama's underachiever twin.It's upsetting how thy were not realistic enough to mention the enforcement that the government will bring against humanity to support and bring about the new world order, which will come. Nothing mentioned about the war zone/Iraq, nothing about religions, other great capitals of this world. etc. Could have been done better.
Scary, I live in Las Vegas. Lake Mead is alot lower then usual as we all know. its upsetting really.
Ivan Bentley Claymore
In 85 years the population will be doubled to 15 billion, what difference will wind & solar have made ? Double the container ships and farm equipment that will never run on wind and or solar. Double the wildlife habitat loss to factory farms,garbage landfills,houses and highways,Double the sealife pulled out of the oceans by twice as many mega seafood processing ships. The oceans rising a few feet is not the problem our future generations are facing. Why don't they ever talk about the common denominator to all of the earth's ills human OVER POPULATION ?
alright guys. I'll see you guys in 2100. I'll be 106 ;)
this whole thing was an advertisement for globalism D:<
Leonard Chornomaz
Honestly, I can't believe I made it through this video.
Georg Spengler
Fortunately when it comes to green energy and electric cars we are one generation faster than in the film.
I am 27 years old....I live in new delhi...18 years ago when i was in school i like too see vultures in our city there are so much of them at that time...They fly very high i was amazed by them....But now they were all gone i dont know where but something is changing....
Owen Taylor
But 2015 had a HOT summer i live in a colder state in the pac-northwest and it usally gets to 90 in the summer and never above 100 but it got 115 degrees farenhiet
I appreciate this film, but it's 2017 and the things they said would happen between 2009 and now are actually completely wrong.
Noah Szwagulak
I just got gas and it's like 3$ not 5.45$ and it's 2016
Vuthy Vy
I feel like every great civilization gets restarted every time until we get it right, I mean look at our ancestors and what they built, yet they too failed. Sadly, we almost got close... but it might have to be restarted again. But I do hope this is it... that we reach a Utopian World, where peace and prosperity is our main goal.
Truth Cerum
a prophecy, a huge storm in October?
Awesome Cat
ROFL Not going to happen. I mean the positive ending. The bad - yes. We still can't agree there is climate change happening. The insane amount of stupid needless waste happening is insane. Water, power, the obligatory yearly cell phone update. The instinct to turn on the ac the moment the weather turns even a hint of warm. Yeah. We are doomed.
Pretty sure most of the problems here fall at the feet of capitalism. Whoopsie doodle. Better not change that!
Summer A.
STUPID. Too many factors are missing to be taken into account.. in this BS video.
Shaobo Lei
7 years later, the oil price is not higher but cheaper.
Richard V
Well they're already pumping crap into the atmosphere . I saw the chemtrails covering the sky southeast of Seattle a few days ago . And ABC is owned by globalist assholes so I wouldn't believe anything they say anyway .
Kosovo Mapping
This was an amazing video. The ending had a very clear message and gave me chills, and the it was fun seeing the characters grow up. My only complaint is that the impact this would have on geopolitics has some great potential, but isn't explored at all.
Jason Ng
I believe if end of world we human ourself create it for sure !
Larry Miller
What will we do when half of the US's population considers global warming a farce? Or a mass conspiracy thanks to idiots like Alex Jones. Should we force them into internment camps and MAKE them acquire an education. And if they don't we take away their right to vote. We've honestly got to do something. Continuously our ignorant masses vote against its own best interests. I realize Obama has done little to help but at least it's a start. Now we have a straight up weakling president who doesn't have the backbone to stand up to the large corporations controlling the oil? Or natural gas. No, in fact, he's more likely to do the opposite and actually work for the oil companies at our expense. We'll have to do something before long. As they say, "You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." Once Florida is gone will lose a large portion of the same idiot's I'm referring too. However, will still be stuck with far too many. Ignorant masses be warned, eventually, if you don't stop, you'll be the true enemy of this nation.
Emily Toole
i guess the dislikes are from people who are in denial.
Wheatley GLADOS
Oh wow that's creepy. In August 2014 I was in Pensacola, FL. and there were swarms of dragonfly all over the military base, just like the prediction in this video, damn.
cute Lilly -cool girl
Tormented Tantalus
Sit back, grab a beer and enjoy the collapse. Because shit's going down and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it.
WWII is just NOTHING compared to dark age,MAybe having WWIII is better than what this scenario is
Brian Castle ROCK RXR 9
does it seen like hurricanes getting hitting harder than before ?
Guys remember: This is the WORST case scenerio
Denver McCorr
2017 is a year in which Mother Nature is surly pissed at us.
What I want to know is this. Will I be able to purchase a bag of M&M's out of the vending machine without the package getting caught up in the coils forcing me to buy two to them?
Funny video house
Fake Documentary ........................Very Fake Documentary
The music for this thing is amazing.
Millenno kho
I am a 15 year old teenager and after I watch this show , it inspired me to have a job on renewable energy source
Shinku Toner
False. this idea that the world population is so huge its unsustainable is mostly a myth to perpetuate even more misanthropy. This is really an Anti-Poor people video. If you think you are consuming more than what you "Deserve" stop eating, breathing, or whatever. "You First"
colm duggan
food shortages goddamn why do americans eat so much its not for there health its all the body builders fault needing protein every godamn 4 hours [is what a crazy person would say]
More human caused, global warming, OMG...the planet is gonna die propaganda horse shit. Not wasting 90 minutes of my life watching more of this liberal alarmism fantasy.