SAVATE boxe française

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Savate (French pronunciation: [saˈvat]), also known as boxe française, French boxing, French kickboxing or French footfighting, is a French martial art which uses the hands and feet as weapons combining elements of western boxing with graceful kicking techniques. Only foot kicks are allowed unlike some systems such as Muay Thai, Silat and Yaw-Yan which allow the use of the knees or shins. Savate is a French word for "old shoe". Savate is one of the few styles of kickboxing in which the fighters habitually wear shoes (another example is Ukrainian Combat Hopak). A male practitioner of savate is called a tireur while a female is called a tireuse

I love all forms of Kickboxing - and I was fascinated by Savate the moment I first heard of it. A fighting style that originated in street-combat. Unfortunately, there's nowhere in my area (or indeed on the East Coast) that teaches it.
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