18 Month Epic Teen Body Building Transformation - Taylor West

My Fitness Journey. Instagram: @twest360 Snapchat: @twest360 When this all first started, I would always watch videos on youtube of other people and their successful transformations. Hours of these videos. Seriously. It was just so motivating to me, and helped me get the determination to follow through with my own transformation. I hope I can help be any kind of motivation for anyone out there who wants to take control of their body, and get into the shape you want! The people who inspired me the most have been; Jeff Seid, David Laid, and the Late Great ZYZZ (God rest his soul). Thanks for your support by watching my video. Shout out to r\fitness. You guys helped me keep my head up and I always love reading your stories. Music in this video was provided by NoCopyrightSounds Fade - Alan Walker -- />Cartoon – On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) --

Brandmannen Kalle
Anyone else saw him becoming douchier and douchier as he got more ripped?
Andrea Fionda
Okay good transformation but can u stop being cringy?
Emma P
he went from "my daddy will sue you" to "call me daddy" real quick
Erik Glicker
*IS THAT ASS FLYING??* 0:36 omg that technique..
Leo ailva
people are gunna remember this song as the staple for every transformation video ever lol.
Glitch3d Syst3m
If I had a penny for every time he took his shirt off in slow motion, I'd be a very rich man.
League fantums
Does one rep *takes off shirt*
I'm sorry but.... 6:42 who were you ganna send that pic?
Logan Arnett
I knew it would be this song
Ahmed Čabaravdić
its nice but stupidly cringy
0:25 me at the gym
Jessie Mangala
0:51 what were you doing dude..lol
What was his diet ? (at the end of the video ) by the way it was a beautiful body transformation respect
I want the same body type but I would work on the chest a little more
Does he like.. Wear the same pants to the gym everyday (or however often he trains)?! Like don't they get dirty or something? Or did he buy like 10 pairs completely identical?
How the hell does he have the whole gym to himself?
Rengar life
6:49 Stop? You are ... ahahahahah looking careful shittt toilet
Laura S.
18 Month Epic Fuckboy Transformation hahaha
Thomas The Tank Engine
I look exactly like him Before his transformation 😂
Well you forgot your legs
Random Dogface
6:47 I clicked out...too much skin for me... *all 11 year old fan girls: 🔥* Me: *Yeah...okay, not too much for me...*
Mike Ruchington
All you bodybuilders be killing me with the same edm music in EVERY video 😂
Juho Ruuskanen
video is more like "18 months skipping leg day"
Sr duvidos
2:30 “I’m huge” LMAOOOOOOOO ya bro, u actually bigger than Phil Heath
Bench presses were just uggghh wtf
Geo Rock
He probably switched his friend group as he lost weight and became douchyer
Joren Tucker
Dude you incouragrd me to start caring for my body THANK YOU SO MUCH
All that training and you never learned to keep your ass on the bench....Nice transformation, now you should work on your form before you hurt yourself. Keep it up though.
Oscar Martinez
5:40, hold up why you lifting such light weights when you could probably do like 100 pounds😂
Maracaroni Ravioli
Is this guy gay, because I’m getting that feeling that he is
Reggaeton/TRAP Letra
0:58 When you accidentally take the wrong one. 😂😂
Parker Hero
Chill lil cuckboy... just chill xD. Some of those photos are boderline cringe soyboy fuel.
Rafael Vargas
I’m never surprised at the songs anymore.
David Clark
Couldn’t help but cringe my guy
Batoul Sayed Boussi
his poses are hilarious😂😂😂
jack ripper
Good job... but..uhm where are the muscles dude ?
Aariel 04
In all the gym videos he’s wearing the same stuff :\
Garyn James
What did you do for abs
iiAnexo 1.0
Took me about a month to get a body like that. 😂
Fayçal Seffar
Your videos are very interesting 👏 Can you take a look at my 1 year natural transformation ? It would very appreciated and I would like to know what you think.
Y'all are just some haters I can't believe how many people hate on here. I was so inspired I had to watch the transformation twice. You literally saw his confidence transform through the entire video . He looks great
Parabéns! Excelente evolução e natural.
good job just make sure not to grow your ego more than your muscles
Chanceblood YT
5:23 when you watch Conner Murphy to much 😂
Am brose
cringe af man sort ur ego out
Sankeerth Koshy
If you used internment fasting you could have dropped down the body fat faster regardless amazing job
Night Bot
Not only we watched him get fit we watched how much it a glow up he became..
Sankeerth Koshy
Did you get taller?
Cactus Jack
Like cmon u even train legs.
Good video, great results but jesus dat arrogance
Tarantula Fangs
Very inspirational, kid. Keep up the good work and ignore the haters, you worked hard for this so you deserve it. 😎💪🏻💪🏻
alexis hui xuan
Lmao blessing you w abs
Wow. Grat from Székesfehérvár Hungary
moonlight Shawn
now his crush will totally be the one asking him out ;)
Yasin Mekki
"blessing you with abs" I'm gonna throw up
Cactus Jack
Im cringing so hard
Big Boy Arnold
I thought this was a troll at first lol Was almost about to dislike
1:13 does that photo make any sense about you body transformations? 😂
You have inspired me
mirlind bislimi
the real question is Did it stunt your growth in *height* thank you
Alex Tso
4.35 still cant do a proper pull up.nice transformation though
Gabriela Kotwica
omg great job !!❤ respect bro 😍keep goin '💪💪
Now u look like a totally different person!
Gracie Haschak
A bunch of hate comments, I think you are very inspiring!👍🏼
Fabrizzio Antici
The minute 8:00 it was the best off 😂😂😂
Algidus Alias
Very cringe, very impressiv, very fun. But these legs man, play some basketball. And impressiv transformation!
0:52 Loool wtf are thot poses
Music awkwardly stops at 6:03
Gerardo Rodriguez
And the leg day? You should look for a bulking way
Leira Denise Serena Tsukino
Perfect transformations! ❤ 👏👏
Amazing, you've inspired me
Awesome dude keep it up Gonna upload some recent footage?
Joshua Igberase
Crazy gainz bro. Dem legs tho 🔥🔥
Ash Delights
Amazing job! Ignore the haters you should be very proud of your body
xLuce :3
Honestly great transformation, 100% natural, motivates a lot :)
Matej Chovanec
do you even eat bro?
You are my inspiration
J AlexOfcial
Lo único que su pito quedara pequeño
Dan vercetty
best glow up im proud of you!!!
finally a REALISTIC Transformation! Good job!
Niall Hogan
Everything has changed in that 18 months apart from them marron trousers lol
Yoooo this man doing reps with the bar at the beginning tho lol
With one video u get 4.4k subs
Mollie Haskins
just wanted to say good for you that you ddI this! that’s amazing, don’t listen to anyone else just be you and keep working hard!!💕😊
Giwrgos Giwrgaras
Half rep pull ups..anyway great transformation though
T Ross The Boss
You look artistic 😂
Brolby Is life
Well all I have to say is, good job boiiiiii 👏
Tiferet Tsitsiashvili
Wow! You seriously inspired me, I'm hella motivated. Congrats on your progress :)
The shoes stil fits u
Kristian Karlstrøm
U need to bulk bro
guanine 11
Best transformation I seen so far
C11113L 1101253
when you turn off the music is so much better
Vasu Ahluwalia
Motivational... Amazing transformation.. shredded 💪
I wish, that I could stay focused on my willing like you did. This is so amazing and inspiring. I'm jealous😭😂😅
why all the hate he was a little on the chubby side and could of lost a little weight and he did there is a difference in being ripped and toned he is toned and there is no problem with that whats so ever good job my dude
chendo jamin
nice bro, well done!!! keep up the hard work and stay natty
Mat Freestyle
La route est encore longue 😂😂😂
Kushal Chauhan
what is your hieght ? and btw your skiny body is more good than bulky
francisco quintao
That’s a good glowing up transformation mate😎👊