Crosby, Stills & Nash (Live) - Helplessly Hoping

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From movie "Long Time Com'in" DVD.

Mark Polakow
Was there ever a better three part harmony? Not that I can think of.
Dipshekhar Das
Annhilation brought me here
Amanda Falcone
Slow downnnnn! However much I appreciate this live recording, it's much faster than the album version. I prefer it to be slower, more melancholy sounding... Breaking my heart in all the right ways. 💕
Tom Hardenbergh
We are blessed to have had these three men find each other. Marvelous harmony by three different personalities who found peace, love, and understanding each in their own way.
matt walker
The song was perfect. After hearing Crosby's stoner rhetoric, however, I'll just add this: shut up and sing.
crosby was sooo stoned but sooo right at the end haha whatta guy
They were just "on" here! You can listen to a million really nice covers of this song...and then come back and get what you were missing;) Stephen's voice is one of the absolute coolest of all-time IMHO.
Saw them do this song at the Greek this year. All of them 70-something and they can still make such beautiful music, Crosby can still make everyone laugh, and Stills can absolutely shred on guitar. Unbelievable experience.
Juke Joint
Hot coffee, good harmonies watching the snow fall in March…
Richard Folkman
I have heard so many criticize how CSN sound like one voice and 2 side I disagree.....this is 3 individual lives wrapping together to express the love, the struggle, the interaction of 3 dudes sharing their lives with us. I just will walk over the dross of all indifferent comments. To criticize the wind for blowing and effecting me is like telling these 3 men they have made a mistake. Thank you CSN for your expression. The Almighty has given us all our lives and He has a Son which we all have to answer to..
Rick Chalek
Gorgeous...but slow it down a bit
Bellicose Nation
Great song but the Boomer logic at the end shows why Boomers go down in history as the worst gen.
back in 1969 i was 13. i had such a crush on steven still! lolol.
Ralph ditore
the girl running through the flowered field.. wouldn't be possible with having war from time to time... think about it. Communism spreads unless dealt with.
Mark Simko
Good...but missing Neil Young... for fullness, harmony, and tenor excellence.
nash's high harmony is missing on all of the cover bands... Nothing like the original....
Stills is amazing
Gary Ferraro
Crosby is still as stupid as he was then as he is today.
John Hughes
To those who complain of these artist's not playing each song with soul , or in a hurry to get the set over with , yes you did pay money to see them but you know what ? these three guys are human . You all just try becoming a smoke machine and then a human jukebox playing the same songs day after day , night after night . I would say just appreciate that you were able to witness in person these three musical genius's .
Josh Morrison
a little fast isnt it
Seven Costanza
Crosby is a douche
Nim Boo
Stephen Stills such a beautiful and wonderful artist and poet straight out of Texas. I wonder what those sjw teenage girls who hate White Hetero Men would say if they were to hear this song and know who wrote and performed it. LoL
This is a song about a dog - think of the words from a dog’s perspective - A Harlequin is a Great Dane
Too fast, DESTROYED the friggin' song... (siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh...)
Simply Tremendous!
jean claude noel
ils sont très forts
Jeanne Frye
In memory of my son, Ryan who passed from this world to the next on 6/2/2015. Forever 30. He relapsed and he did not know he took my heart with him..."they are two alone" Yes, we are son, yes we are. So, mom
Nostalgia. The harmony still sounds good after all of these years. They were much more innocent then and it was a time when guys with long hair still looked like men.
F Urmom
Mr. Stills is a brilliant musician and singer songwriter
Dlee W
I do prefer the original tempo, but it still sounds great
Mark Schultz
Nash always looks as if he were trying so hard to make the three sound right. The dude is always totally engaged in the moment. Stills and Crosby just look as if a performance is a breeze--delivered with ease. Both approaches are impressive and the result is magic. Fabulous.
Enzo Del Bono
Love this sooooo much...
Moon Phase Tarot
denis....reminds me of you honey
Niall Baskerville
Mh D
The harmony of these three is so exquisite. I fell in love with Stephen when Buffalo Springfield came out, still adore him. Outstanding group, outstanding album. Wish I could go back in time and see them again!
Peter Manzi
Was handsome. Alas, beauty has a fatal flaw- it dies.... Listen to all the covers of this song- the original live sounds so good... Best harmonizing band of all time, the Beatles...
Molly Lepup
I saw them in 1992 in Boston during their Acoustic tour. Michael Hedges (RIP) opened for them. They sang and played GREAT!! Crosby kept his stupid mouth shut!!!!
Dean Nederhoff
Just noticed to that when sills goes to his g chord he wraps his thumb around for the e string.dont see many people doing that.on of the all time great bands for their harmony.even when Neil is in to
Daniel Tyler
When I listen to this song I get a feeling that I cannot explain. The word has not been coined. I just want to die but I must keep on living to tell the children why.
Jim Morrison
so beautiful it's almost painful to listen to it. on some level their music is a lovesong to california which was the mecca that brought these guys into eachother's orbit, & neil & joni mitchell too.
Michael Neu
Skip to :33 for right hand picking pattern.
Terence Fitzgerald
Poetry and Prose,,, Wisdom and beauty in their voices. Peace be with Us.
So, on acid, your thinking, wow, time man, nah, something will come, pick us up, and then, that's that.
Scott Klismith
Wonderful, thanks for uploading 
Patrick Remi
What year was this?
Hans Wijnands
The Brandi Carlile cover sounds better !
Pedro dlldldldd
the father of rob schneider
My favorite song at the moment
Duilio Pereira
Are you High? Awesome.
Jonathan Spiers
Peter Putnam
alright, folks, who is singing the (mainly) middle harmony?
Zofia Wróblewska
Honestly I can't stop listen to this song. I listen to one over and over again.
17 76
Crosby's ruined it for me with his Douche moves...
mark price
just like fine wine,better with time.
Ginette Pine
Did you hear the tone of that Martin? Olson, Walker, etc. eat your hearts out.
Ok David, so the alternative to violence for kids is drugs and porn. I bet he wishes he could erase that tape.