Retro Review: T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Android (HTC Magic)

We take a trip down memory lane with the HTC Magic/T-Mobile MyTouch 3G - the second Android smartphone commercially available worldwide (and the first touch-only smartphone running Android OS 1.6). Was this your first Android smartphone? Find the MyTouch series on Amazon:

David Evans
Still uses this phone for development work: My premise, if my app works on this low end phone then perf problems are not yet cropping up. :)
technology productions 2019
the first Android phone without a physical keyboard and the phone is so cute and pocketable
technology productions 2019
XDA didn't give it much love
Lady P
Oh the memories, I still have the case it came in 😢😭😂
Kevin Bhasi
that USB port is canned extUSB
Jeff N
The battery never lasted 2 to 3 days. 1 day if you were lucky. I still have mine.
I have the 1st model and it has so much scratches on the screen
technology productions 2019
you talk too fast