Kiss - Cold Gin - Kiss Alive Version 1976

Kiss - Cold Gin - Kiss Alive 1976 echo x Marcelo Ramirez

C Brown
Just finished listen to talk is Jericho. Vodka and orange juiceee 😂
Arthur Daly
best live album ever. I love it to this day.
Keith Ferrilla
Still, easily, THE best live album ever!
Deep Ashtray
First concert I ever went to, February 1976. It was all down hill from there....
Ziggyzag Zi
Great Pix w/ great sound
Gary Keuma
1975. Not 1976.
Ziggyzag Zi
Great all around! Drink up!!
nicely done vid!
I think this was released in 1975, not '76.
Chuck Ryan
Favorite KISS song \m/ \m/
Scary thought: Those cute teens @6:38 are now pushing 60 years old!
Jeffrey Hansen
I'm sure all the 12 year old boys in the audience loved to drink straight gin.
I find it hard to believe that some of these songs were recorded in a studio and used live tracks to make it sound like it was really live. Wonder which tracks were faux live?
zepbigfoot bearcove
Kiss suck 41 years later
Jeffrey Fletcher
Wow, making alcoholism seem cool. Bet we won't be hearing them play that live anytime soon.