The Station - Like It's Quidditch Lyrics (G6 Parody)

This is the lyrics to Like It's Quidditch by the Station, which is an awesome parody of Like a G6 by Far East Movement. I love Harry Potter, and so does my friend Gillian so I dedicate this to her. ENJOY. The music video by The Station:

Olivia Peck
awesome and ridiculus
Florentina Rosalyn
Is the same colors as my school, so...
Florentina Rosalyn
Sigma Tide Touch
Why Griffindor? Slytherin rules!
KayLynn Creager
KayLynn Creager
Florentina Rosalyn
Nice peter you're awesome! I love you and gwatsky!
Sigma Tide Touch
Slytherin rules!!!!
I love it! <3
Ivy Floyd
You are very welcome XD
why thank you :)
Ivy Floyd
Hahahahhahahahahha this is frigging awesome!
Jesteś z Polski? ŁAPKA!
Lyra A Ryan
which house do you think i should be sorted into? Please respond
Plays quidditch don't you wish you were me
Our class
Mason Grizz
Heh heh this is awesome GO GRYFFINDOR
Rhiannon Terpstra
I love this song!! Its on itunes and my dance class is doing it for june show!!
I'd go to slytherin. I mean come on how can i not it's tradition all my family is in slytherin... Except my brother he's a hufflepuff a very dirty one mind you but a hufflepuff none the less... I don't know why I'd say that but whatever
@ThePuggypix NUUU Ravenclaw forever <333 we will only kill you nicely C:
Um, it's not The Station's song >.> Why are you false advertising? It's by NicePeter. He wrote it and even has videos on his channel of him practicing it. Why he would let Youtube Whores like The Station even touch one of his good songs, the world may never know.
Susan Henry
Go Slytherin!!!!!!
Gooo hufflepuff
Lauren Weinrich
LOL! i LOVE this song! (but did anyone else notice that they said "AFTER dinner we're getting sorted..." LOL!
@THEALLSTARSROCK1 No sorry :S I tried it before though, but it's kinda confusing, you just gotta take time and learn all the functions in imovie, you can learn yourself. :) I don't own a mac though.
@THEALLSTARSROCK1: Oh...I didn't use imovie, i used windows movie maker :P
@ThePuggypix: LMAO I completely agree with you xD
@KiaVanilla Thank you Apples! :)
Estelle Sanders
lovee this song
Thank you for all the views! I appreciate it!
Kaitlyn Souter
Haha this is hilarious!!
Destiny Stokes
Shaun Scholz
Man.......I raped the replay button *hits replay again* FFFFUUUUUUUUUU
Kristen Ward
I 💝 this song