SERIOUS BLACK - Serious Black Magic (2017) // official clip // AFM Records

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Mayor Naise
Sweet jesus this is hilariously awful.
Yvonne T.
Great music, great video - I like it
Miguel Rocks
Serious Magic Black !!! LOVE This band !! \m/
power metal without power ! sorry kind of boring and i dont like the vocals in this song
Rafael Budy
You guys do a nice power metal but forget only two things: the "power" and the "metal" lol
Roland Eichler
Na da habt Ihr aber einen abgebrannt... meine Herren, was für ein Brimborium :-)... cool!
Chrysilia Official
Hail from Chrysilia! Well done guys! Cheers to Bob!!
Captain Buggy
Cringe. Plain, undiluted cringe.
Giacomo Florini
First album was a masterpiece, then you keep publishing trash, what about a hiatus? Anyway, I think that this band without Thomen doesn't work.
George M
Great song \m/
david verhaeghe
what a great video and a very awesome song!!!!!!!!!
Through the video I can see where their first single (Burn! Witches Burn!) off of this album would tie in as a conceptual story similar to what they did with Castor Skies.
Shane Smith
Sounds like the vocalist has a lot of snot in his nose
Александ Соседов
It reminds me of Lordi.
Cathy Daval
Avantasia bis repetita?
Oliverdsw YT
Sorry but... this sounds (and looks) like a cheap version of Kamelot.
Marco Schober
Sehr gut gemacht. Finde es HAMMER!!!! Weiter so 🤘
Lucius Ehrlich
I am simply enchanted!
Fran Picazo
Esperando que toquen en leyendas del rock 🤘🤘
Christian Sitta
1st spin: great; 2nd spin: love it; 3rd spin: now we're getting serious, both new songs top the previous albums easily... though both are amazing in their own way... can't wait to hear the full album and read the whole story. Bob, nice necklace, I think I saw it somewhere else before. :)
Clemens Hindinger
tolles video,super song,freu mich schon aufs album!!macht weiter so.
Jeremy Freeman
Urban Breed is the best vocalist in Metal but this is just weak. I wish he'd get back with Tad Morose, or even Bloodbound.
Arco van Akkeren
This is serious..I like it! \m/
Erik Mondragon
good energy!
Speed King
Honestly their first two albums are much much better than this one.
Jaded Heart Official
Cool Mario!
Great video
Great video, great song! Just saw the show in Nuremberg tonight and it was absolutely awsome - you guys rock!
No Thomen? :thinking:
Great song and great video! Urban Breed have a powerfull voice! <3
the red friar
so this is what Julian Slink does on his down time then >;-)#
kamelot video?
Bradley B
I am both confuse and disappoint.
Jarkko Kyntäjä
If Burn Witches Burn was very good, so is this ! And for a change, a good video instead of a cheap lyric video. Serious fever is rising !!!
Renos Dickey
Amazing guys! \m/
Ramon Sanchez
I have a simple question: you have in the Band a amazing Keyboardplayer like Jan Vacik! Why you Give him not the oppurtunity To play something strange and give the Band a new input! He's Keyboardparts in the Band Dreamscape are stratosferico!
Hardrock80 Hardrock80
Excellent titre et excellent album
Олег Ладыко
look like Kamelot!
Kenneth Hill 2
Hello everybody!
Iván Maisterra
I still don't understand why out of all his projects Urban breed decided to stick with Serious Black. This is mediocre, what a waste of talent.
Jenya The 1st
I see a great potential here)
Alex Devlin
sacrifice huh? lol not too nice
lester chua
Sounds like some cheesy 80s glam song. :p
Dean Moore
king diamond called....he wants his wardrobe back
Christiane Hüller
unglaublich geiles Video und noch besserer Song ... ey... das ist für mich einfach der Hammer .....
Arieh Patito
Good song
Juan Carlos Garcia Gomariz
Este video se comparte en