Times Celine Dion FORGOT She Was Human! (REACTION)

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Thanks for reacting to my video, I loved it! Btw I hate to make this sound like promotion, but since at the end you asked for more, I did make a second part some weeks ago called Times Celine Dion Forgot She Was Human (After Prime Edition), I hope you enjoy it! Have a great day everyone💗
Archduke of Belgrade
Whitneys 20 times she forgot she was human 🙂☺
The Vole performance gives me instant goosebumps! Please react to 10 Times Celine Vocals had me shook PART 2 pleasee 💚💚We miss you
Gerry Weed
No other woman can sing like Celine .. she's the best of the world ..
Wait.....she’s human?!?!?
Why is she always trying to kill us?!? Total and complete destruction, good God Almighty woman, she just came for everyone! I welcome you to the Heaven that is Celine Dion's voice, she never lets me down!
Glad you reacted to it, this was AWESOME!!!!!
Man... the note in The Reason is a G5 in studio, and the live in this video is a G#5 !!!!!!
Christopher Alex Pavlidis-Garkinis
Dude....my favorite part of your channel: doing the trinity. She is out of this world good. Thanks!!!
voici je
the song you talk about...like flute...is VOLE...i did ask you to watch it time ago !...,it is a short song...but...its a must see
Invincible Snowman
Can you please react to 15 Times Celine Dion Silenced her haters and 10 Times Celine Dion had me shook Part 2, please and thank you you for amazing reaction videos
Nothing but respect for Celine 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻excellent video and reaction sir 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Whitney Fan47
Celine is a great singer but I never got into her songs. Singers like Celine and Whitney are singers that we will only see once in a lifetime. Amazing!
She is the female Freddie Mercury!!!!! #Extraterrestrial 👽
jake oneil
Please react to Celine recording the let’s talk about love album you’ll be shook
Melanie Lau
Queen Céline! Always respect for this legend
danny boyyy
The beautiful & heavenly headvoice is the live performance of "Vole" 1995 Paris.. song that was written for her niece who died in her arms.. very emotional. You should react to it!
Cody Clary
that heavenly flute sound was on the song for her niece who died called "Fly" .. One of her best song that was hardest for her to sing being her niece died in her arms. I love it in English and French.. just emotion is enough she puts in it no matter what language it's in.
Devin Guerreri
I love the rasp in Celine’s high belts when she was younger 🖤🖤🖤
Salvador Neto
hi man JustTheVoice, how are you? the flawless performance you saw, it was in Paris 1995, the song is called Vole and I would like to see you reacting to that please.
That flute-like run is form her song 'Vole' from the D'eux album.
Celine's voice has always been a straight beast. Seriously, she has one of the best controlled voices I have ever heard. Amazing. She's simply astounding.
Have you reacted to her version of love is on the way? Cause it’s amazing
You know these clips cut off some of Celine’s most amazing vocals 😭😭😭 To love you more ending is a savage! If you asked me to was just getting good and it moves to another clip The heavenly head voice after that run in Only one road ..😭
LDol 1991
THAAAAANK YOOOOOUUUUU for reacting to this videos. There's nothing else in this world like #TheVocalTrinity 💖💖💖💖
Penny Mitchell
She’s my favourite artist too, brilliant x
Gonzalo Ponte
Incredible! Specially can’t fight the feeling and the reason. Great reaction❗️
elinor blum
I DO really love your reactions 😍😍🤣
Celine Fan2
Josh Haswell
La Ballet - Celine Dion - Paris 1995 Reaction !
A. Karatas
when she sings french, wow
René Chèvaprâwatdumrongsoü
After Prime one please.
jake oneil
Please can you react to “treat her like a lady” by Celine it’s a different style for Celine it’s fast with a reggae twist !! It’s amazing
maggie bristol
Another awesome vid! PLZ react to "quand on n'a que l'amour" by celine. Her 1995 Paris performance is brilliant!
Can you please react to Celine Dion When I Need You live ?! Its mindblowinggg!!!!!
Elton Dion
I love Celine... Thanks,
Keyshawn #IsSnatchedAsf
Slay slay slay
Melissa Garcia
More Celine ❤️❤️ love your reactions
Sarah Stewart
Celion, Whitney, Mariah. They're called the Trinity Three. Never agreed with that term but it is what it is. Nice review. Thank you. I have all three Artists greatest hits. Legendary.😍
Kevin Neeley
If I'm not mistaken, the clip where you said Celine sounded like a flute is a song she wrote for her niece who passed away at a young age. In english, the song is called Fly. I recommend you look it up and react to it.... it's haunting and beautiful and will probably make you cry lol
Garrett Hollander
Thank you for reacting to her .. please react to her singing knock on wood.. she sang the song can fight the feeling once life and killed it
DJ James
Can you react to Celine dion when I need you live
Henry Izzi
Do reactions for Barbra Streisand :)
Antonio Valverde Domingo
2:58 Jajajaa 🤣🤣🤣🤣
It just makes no sense. It makes no sense that she is that talented, that disciplined, that humble, that hard working, that soulful, that powerful - it's literally insane.
Thumbnail goalzz
Tom Evans
i remember seeing that the reason performance live and being dumbfounded
Danny Simion
She’s just so fun to sing to because we can’t hit those notes but damn it if I’m not gonna try! Haha
Queen Bey
Can you react to Celine Dion When I Need You !!?? Its Amazingg!!!!!!
Can you please react to whitney Houston nobody loves me live 1985
Shahil Chand
Please React to Celine Dion - to love you more live 2018
Annette Martin
The voice of an angel in Vole. Sung to her sister about her niece who died in Celine arms by cystic fibrosis.😢😢😢
LOL Yes she´s memorable.
Pirate Cat
The song "Vole" is a last farewell to her niece Karine who died of cystic fibrosis at 16, She died in Céline's arms as she sang a song to her. You may guess who's the biggest contributor for the research, the answer is easy.
Watch the one after prime!!!!
I just finished watching all of ur latest videos💜👍
Homeless Guy
Can you react to the McClain sisters
Vitor V.
React to "katrina velarde impersonating singers 4 short cover"
adam m.
Celine is immeasurable. ❤
shevonnie salmon
2:59 we had the SAME reaction.
Titi Amador G
The best 😍😍😘
Tyler Hackner
That note was an F5
Tyler Hackner
Abc Def
I just look the trinity in your video anyou🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍
Have you seen Whitney's Star Spangled Banner (Live 'Welcome Home Heroes' 91) performance?
Ryan Rockwell
You legit looked scared at the Can't Fight The Feeling run at 2:57 😂😂 My boy was #SHOOK
*"She's so forgetful"* 😏
Most viewed video of your recent videos since you’ve come back!!
Please react to Camouflage (lyric video) by Mariah Carey.
Xack Ryan
You should react to her singing Water From The Moon! You’ll be shooketh!
Princesa Moreta
React to ariana grande bang bang live at the summertimme ball 2016
Mike Alward
I loved your reaction of the Tonight show clip of ‘Only one Road’ You reacted to that video a few months back you and paused at the exact same spot. I know Whitney is your lady. Was mine for many years in the early 90s. But then this Canadian guy started listening to Celine and she took over the top spot in my heart. Lol I’ve said it before you’re fun to watch. Keep on doing it. Thanks!!
Prince Clarke
Mariah times she forgot she was human 😭
Alex Pech
React same video but in Christina Aguilera’s version please
Nebuchadrezzar A.
Dude, can you react to Celine and Cafe Quijano’s NADIE LO ENTIENDE? its amazing https://youtu.be/lAnEHnLgFtM
Whitney The Voice Houston
Hey Adam! Can you react to Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace, from Gospel Greats album? I requested this performance so many times here and in the Patreon site... I would love to see your reaction! If you could react and post right now, it would be amazing!
Nicolas MART.
Sorry To say that to love you more was playback
Davide Bettoni
Celine Dion is not Human!!!! She has a extraterrestre Voice!!!! Her Voice so so so Powerful.... And Very very great Melisma & belted!!!!! Exceptional voice!!!! Global & Supreme Voice!!!!! Amazing Voice andò Piercing Pitch!!!..... Oustanding Vocalist in musica History of all Times..... Ever......INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE......
Davide Bettoni
Celine Dion is Not Human.... An Incredible andò Incomparabile Singer Like any Other Vocalist!!!!! Her Voice is So Completly.... She's THE BEST VOCALS OF ALL Times!!!! She' d On TRINITY VOCALS Whitney Celine Mariah!!!!! 3 Super Legends Of World Music!!!! STOP....
Your expressions are perfect!!! P.S. Could you react to B. Slade - Total Praise?
Daniel Petersen
It's a thing called looooooooooove!!!!
Angelo Armbrister
Kevin Neeley
Please react to "Vole" by Celine. It's the clip where you said she sounded like an angel. GORGEOUS performance.
PLEASE react to Lisa Fischer “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time”!!!!! You will be SHOCKED towards the end of the song!!! PLEASE!!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Alex Fed
Please, can you react to Lara Fabian & Michael Bolton - The Prayer
Dustin aka dtcsk
React to Céline Dion singing "Le Blues du Businessman" live ADISQ in 1991!! That version was so underestimated by many Céline fan! And I'm sure you love that live performance❤ https://youtu.be/94fFDWahpm4
can you react to some selena quintanilla? she freaking dances like a beast and doesnt even run out of breath while singing, its amazing!
Александр Сусоров
Please react to "Vole" performance!
Shakur Wright
React to WHITNEY VS GLENNIS?!!!!! I love your videos!!!!!
Lichy Guevara
My name is Whatever you decide
Please react to 'Quand on n'a que l'amour' live à paris 1995 🙏
You could react to 10 Times Mariah Carey forgot she lost her voice. It's a compilation of her best vocal moments post prime❤️
Chuchans Rivera Rivera
Do mariah carey vocals on the butterfly returns
Nahuel Martínez
At 4:02 it sounds both as a mid-low chest note and also as a very high head voice note, and I love that
Thank you very much for doing all the videos you've done reacting to Celine Dion, why I enjoy them a lot. Some of those videos that you react I can not see (I'm from Uruguay and do not know why they are banned here) so that's why I enjoy them so much. Thank you!!!
Azucena Calderón
For me, Lara Fabian is better than Celine ....
Nadine Gauthier
I just discovered your channel and I am so thankful for it!!
Céline Dion Over the Rainbow 28 May 2016
I love your reviews ,the song you said she sounds like a flute is called "fly" .she sang it in a different language there but I would love it if you would review the English version,it was made for her neice who died at 16 in her arms.,✌
Shelma Osuna
2:58 hahahaha ❤