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PLEASE READ THE CAPTION On July 7, 2018, Celine Dion, one of the best Diva legends of the World for the first time coming to Indonesia and entertaining fans in Indonesia, at Sentul International Convention Center (SICC) Bogor and with a capacity of 12,000 people, all came to witness outstanding performance from the Diva. The concert was opened by singer Veronic Dicaire, where he was able to mimic the sounds of the world's best singers and also with her beautiful voice (not Lipsync ), the audience was greatly entertained and aroused the audience to look forward to Celine Dion on stage. Thanks to PK Entertainment who has realized the dream of Celine Dion fans watching live performances on stage. It was a really great concert and will never be forgotten. . . . Promotor : PK Entertainment Venue : Sentul International Convention Center, Bogor - West Java, Indonesia Date : 07 July 2018


Gila itu impersonate anggunnya persis banget wkwkk
Emma Emna
Thank you for upload /sharing this concert video Celine dion. She is really superstar the voice is amazing. The best singer
Putu Andreastra
my angelll
BaliMusic - Lagu Barat Terbaru
my angelll
This video would have been so much better if you didn't sing. Sometimes cannot even hear Celine singing. People attend concerts to listen, not to sing. If you want to sing, go to karaoke.
Vincent Alneid
Philippines cant wait for her concert on July 19-20....😂 Filipinos are have a huge huge fans here Celine Dion.... ♥
Henry Daya
Celine is the living legend
Loca Gaming
Got to say the audience in Jarkata is one of the best :o
The most extraordinary feeling for you. Thanks so much.
Mariah carey shade was on point 🤣🤣
Achmad Tamsis
Keren part Anggunnya, pinter ya.. Bangga ada penyanyi darah Indonesia yang beneran dikenal luas di luar Indonesia tanpa sensasi murahan
Tam Lewis
Please let Celine Dion sing
Lisda Payne
Love you Celine. Can’t believe you touched down in my country.
randi ramadhan
Terimakasih sudah mau berbagi video, sangat terhibur sekali..
what a feeling
What an audience <3
joepuji joe
ini baru namanya the best singer,Celine dion My favorite singer..😍😍😍😍
novelz heart
Gw standing applause pass niruin si britney spears. 😍
Skip to 46:00 for Celine
Mukhlis HSB
Thanks to upload Celine Dion live concert in Jakarta 2018. Eric Carmen will proud a songs 'All by myself, celine is amazing singing this song👍👍👍
Ira Ganda
thanks for upload this dear
Muhammad Bagus Munawar
Smoga celine konser lgi di indo
Hanny Octavia Sitanggang
Really born to be a singer. What a talent! What a bless! God bless you n fam as always.. Love!
burhan blues
yg peniru tuh siapa namanya sih haha
rina aris60
Multitalenta bngt...pantes bngt klw jd diva sepanjang masa...proud celine dion 4ever...
frhn .m13
Udh tau jarang2 ada artis legend mau ke indo. eh malah disuruh jangan nyanyi lah pas artis nyanyi, suruh jangan lebih keras lah dari penyanyi. Stupid, mereka bayar mahal2 buat ini ya wajar lah mereka excited. Coba aja lu yg nonton langsung pasti kelakuan lu kaya gini juga nyanyi mau sekeras2 nya atau malah mungkin lebih alay. Idiot. Kesel bgt gue nonton gratisan aja protes.
Dolfi Besari
Thanx for the full version share 😍
Thanks for sharing.. Aku kmrn telat bgt baru datang pas lagu kedua sedihhhh nyaaaa ini uda plus naik gojek depan tol sentul.. One of the best moment in my Life !
Merce Juliana Kaliele
Veronic Dicaire 👍
Jennifer Ludwig
Great video, but at times it is hard to hear Celine over your singing.
Barbara Pelltier
you ruined the concert by singing....you drowned her out
eka redianto
@W Channel thanks for the video🎉🎉😊
Dee Coolz
Hehehehe mirip banget dia niruin hehehehe
Aris Muwardi
u can see at my youtube to..
Ladi Hawke
Saw her June 1, 2018 in Vegas!! NOBODY can compare to her!! Rockin 50~~
Fatima Soares
I love so much
ranz 87
Makasih Yang udah upload video nya...
edi usan
Thanks you W channel
Mantap jaya...incredible, akhirnya datang ke Indonesia. Sehat selalu Tante Celine :D
nick angel
cover lagu terbaik......love celine dion
Diko Yumo
Keren... semuanya ok
Luther Ternal
Hi. You took the video so great... I wonder what did you use to capture such great video?? I am looking for a smartphone with a good camera or an entry level camera. I will be watch8ng Celine here in Manila next week for her Asian Tour and I want to have a good remembrance of her concert. Thank you so much..
Elisabetta Làtini
Io adoro Celine ma questo è il piu brutto concerto che ho visto ,brutti vestiti brutto l audio,Celine negli ultimi 2 anni è cambiata e mi dispiace dirlo ma in peggio.....voglio pensare e mi auguro che ritorni quella di prima,elegante sexi e piu professionale, con quei capelli sembra una megera, ma la voce è quella di sempre per fortuna
jhdn safar
Celine is the bast😘😘😘😘😘😀✌✌
Melinda TC
Thank you so much for sharing
Asep Sanjaya
Nice 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Dade Yusparman
Lipsing broo
Azizah Zizah
Terima kasih sudah upload😍... Saya dan adik pengen banget bisa nonton konser celine dion di jakarta, tapi kami nggak ada waktu buat kesana... 😥😥😥
Donna Needham
Saw her last year in London she was out of this world. Was the best night of my life.
Su Dahtrie
I love you please you say love.....my to aku seneng lagu ini
you will be so overwhelmed and in ecstatic if you perform in front of the Filipino audience.. The Philippines has long been waiting for you
Eder Callais
uma das melhores plateias, cantando todas músicas
fiqhri putra
W Channel yg baik hati terimakasih sudah upload video yg kucari sebagai obat hehehehe
Yudhi Yudhistira is Indonesian
thank you for Upload ... Lovely
Vinesya Viocin
Bruno Cebagg
Merci d'avoir partagé ce concert. Céline est fantastique...
Agil Lover
Cma. Bsa nyimak dn mewekkk i love celine
Jimmy Robert Riwu
Kerenn.. Love U Celine💖💖 Makasih sudah Upload Video ini
Salimah ash Shadri
Kalah suara Celine sama suara uploader 🙂🤤
Salimah ash Shadri
Srgnya malah suara Celine literally ga kednegran ... Tenggelam 😥
Гавенко Александр
Thanks for uploading. I've watched from beginning to the very end. Was mesmerized by the beauty of her glorious voice.
Christiane Span
Thanks for posting this!!!
stefano prakoso
Keren Veronica niruin artisnya tapi waktu Mariah carey xtina dan whitney gak bgt mirip
Rahman Alex
Top banget diva world
nick angel
beuty n beast...Maw nya abdul yg bawain
Izabela Bobryk
Celine! When is the next new brand new album coming out? Ps. Celine And only Celine Dion.
Morana Paškiević
Wann Apple
Apa hanya gw yg kesel denger suara penonton lebih kencang dari audio dan penyanyi 😏
9:00 is what song ?
Yohanes RK
tq for upload...
Ira Ganda
no its okie then 🤗
Khang An Nguyễn
ahmad krisna Husada
hampir semuanya mirip...kecuali part whitney houston yang sama sekali gak mirip
VrL Va
Kok sound nya gk semenggelegar klo dya konser di las vegas ato konser2 diluar...
It's Britney Biatch!
Makasihh udh upload dri kmren nyari yg full gaada😂 thankss gurll
Endar Yanto
Kemarin ikutan lihat konsernya langsung krn istri lagi ngidam pgn lihat konser celine dion, bagus dan puas banget sama konsernya baik musik, vokal sama lighting.
Lathifah Edib
Gak ada I Surrender. 😅
Semiris Motta
SUPER diva
Rafael Leycegui
Thanks for uploading the concert, but for the next time please let her sing😂
berisik sma suara fans yang fals... sedih :(
Hesty megawati
Nice concert
RDina Wati
Anselma Olivia
Thanks for uploading this! I was there and was so very much glad being part of this memory. Definitely one of the very first concerts that I'll remember for the rest of my life. Hopefully the next time won't be to long to go. See you soon again, Celine.
roesmaydita mentari
nyanyi sambil lonjak2 ttp stabil n bagus.... love celine thank u udah upload jd bisa tahu
Arif Widyanto
Singer impersonatornya keren 👍
Hijau Kertas
MixyMx // Random Stuff
Who’s there? My mom and dad. Where is me? The front of the concert (a hotel). Also my mom and dad got vip
Asian Global Music
01:03 is what song
Jun hee Bae
are you watching the concert in a movie theatre ? there's a lot of spaces between the screen
Jenny Atherton
Wowwwww celine is still AMAZING all these yrs later, just AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. And no I dnt have a stutter😂 she's beautiful and that voice 👌😍
Teratai Biru
Nonton dari Hong Kong, 10 Juli 2018
Ahmad Young
Kenapa ya lagu my heart will go on gak pernah jadul... Terasa bgt di hati
Jacqueline Aronica
Merci pour le partage😉😉😘😘
Rizal Sarman
hebat ternyata dia penyanyi serba bisa ya...awet muda lagi...untung gak ikut2an nyanyi lagu Lagi Syantiek :D
Paling suka pas lagunya to love you more. Apalagi pas woooo ooo oo nya.
lordJr _
veronic is so talented but she can't imitate mariah, she is just untouchable and i love christina + pink part tho
Ricardo Vilches
quien es la que canta al principio?????
Katerina Ven
This video is fake. This is not Celine Dion.
Anmar Yombex
legend... dari gw sd udh beli cd aslinya