Hogan's Heroes S01E15 Reservations Are Required

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This is one of my favorites of Mr. Mark's episodes he wrote. I started noticing that it was rare to have episodes that didn't insult your intelligence. Or make the German's always seem so totally moronic. This episode showed the desperation of the men who really did go stir crazy at times. The actual camps were run horribly. Some times they'd get the packages from the Red Cross. A lot of times the Krauts took them and laughed about it. Geneva convention or not. As a teacher whose studied this war, what Hogan says about the tunnel being under that wood stove was, old fashioned," was an omage to the movie, "The Great Escape." You notice they never say anything about concentration camps in this show. A lot of Germans didn't even know they existed. They were that well hidden in some areas. If the German people knew what Himmler was really doing with Hitler's approval. . they wouldn't have worshiped him like they did. A lot of German's thought Hitler could do no wrong. It's ironic. He was gay and his beard was Eva Braun. And Himmler sent anyone gay to the gas chambers! If he only knew. Hitler designed all the German uniforms. Look it up. Including the SS. Hitler did believe in God but he ignored him for a long time so he married Evan just before the end. He certainly didn't want the allies to get ahold of him. He knew he'd die in the end so he took her with him. She was a young girl who loved to have pictures taken of her in her bathing suit. You know now that I think about it I wonder if that very same stove was the one they used in "The Great Escape?" Anyone know? Wouldn't that be something. It looks the same. The greatest and most accurate war movie I've ever seen. Excellent actors and wonderful writing. So many escaped that it tied up German's doing their work that it helped shorten the war. Very few lived. The German's shot 50 of them I believe. Took them to a field and machine gunned them all. They had escaped so many times. The first order of any prisoner was to escape. And there were men that just couldn't take it any more being cooped up for years. Being abused by the German's for trying to escape. Getting put in the cooler when it was 20 below. . Some would rather be dead. How much we owe these men for giving their lives for freedom. And Trump is trying to sell us out. He's a traitor who doesn't know what he's doing. My fellow American's one thing he does understand. Booing. Trump worships in this order, himself, money, sex and applause. He now even taking his staffers to ralleys because people aren't clapping like he wants them to. And he's dangerous. He's made friends with a serial killer who knows how to charm Trump. There was even a letter put on the desk that Trump's using that said on it that America was going to cut all ties with South Korea. Kim calls us, "American bastards." And if you listen to a defector they all say that they are taught in elementary school to refer to us that way. He's murdered his Uncle, his step-brother and at least 70 other people. His realitives are scared to death of him wondering whose next. The people are starving while him and his elite live in luxury. I could go on. He's is truely evil and wants the people to believe he's a god. He even has a department that thinks up ways to trick the people into believing it. Did you know he learned to drive a car when he was three years old? And that he doesn't poop or pee? Some of the pictures show him standing next to a man that is so skinny you can see his bones. And I think he murdered his so-called Father. Look it up. There's only one TV station that he controls. And most North Koreans don't know about the Internet. He doesn't want them knowing the truth about America.