Teemu Selanne's Hockey Hall of Fame Speech

Teeme Selanne's full Hockey Hall of Fame induction speech. Credit: NHL Network. 11/13/17

I know Finnish names aren't easy, but they could have learnt how to say Teemu Selänne properly for this occasion, don't you think?
Joseph Park
Gretzky and Kurri. Canadian Finnish. Selanne and Kariya. Canadian and Finnish. Canada and Finland go so well together
His rookie scoring record will never be touched, ever
What a class act.
After Dawn
It was only fitting that two living legends would be inducted in the same day as one of the best duos of all time.
The original bromance
Teemu derserved it.
Isn't it ironic that he thanks for having the chance to play in six Olympic games and straight after that thanks Gary Bettman...
When I was a kid, I was a Kariya fan, through and through. I had all his hockey cards. So in the minor league, I wore number 9. When I played street hockey, I WAS Kariya. My best friend at the time chose Selanne, so we could “be on the same team”, against the neighbors. One year, we even got picked on the same minor league team. I proudly wore my number 9. He proudly wore his number 8. I looked up to him. He has a great vision and was an amazing playmaker. 23 years later, that best friend is still my best friend. And I still look up to him. As a friend. As a great person. As an amazing father. In his acceptance speech, Teemu says a few times “like Paul said” and I do that with my best friend too. I will quote him, whether he is there or not. I think it shows how deep the bond is. Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne were one of the best duos this League has ever had and being inducted together certainly proves that. Selanne will always have my utmost respect, and I will always be a Kariya fan. And I still have all his hockey cards.
Lori Suomi
The Finnish Flash!!!! <3
Respect from Sweden
Disrespectful watching your got damn cell phone when Teemu thanks you... SMH.. -.- You are our greatest Duck Teemu :) :) Such a star in a little place in California and made hockey forever great in Anaheim. #ThankYouTeemu
Aleksey FarEast
Damn. Teemu have a good sense of humor. I've never liked him as a player, I don't know why.. but he is unbelieveble as a person. He desereved this - to be in the HHoF
Ivan Ivance
6:05 Tom Hanks got old
Burke can't even tie a tie for the hall of fame. Press box sure, whatever. Come on man you look ridiculous. 9:50
Michael Joseph
Did more living in a day than most will ever do in their life..what an amazing player and life he has enjoyed, just an absolute joy to witness just how great your life can be
Respect to you Teemu Selänne! with <3
He didn't thank Domi. I thought they were close?
Man E
That bromance between Kariya and Selanne is just too much to handle.
Jordan McCallum
Its funny many consider Teemu the best Duck of all-time but without Kariya Obviously woulda been a great player but Kariya made him even better, so id say both the best Ducks.
Stefan A
What a legend. Heard he gets after it hard w the partying and ladies back in his playing days
Glenn Hoheisel
Met him in 1992 his rookie season they were staying at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame wow that's when they were playing at the Cow Palace
Ouf, if he stayed in Colorado. :D
Itfeelsgood. To live in Finland :)
"Thank you"
Growing up watching Duos play was amazing. Kariya Selanne sakic Forsberg Lafontaine and mogilny yzerman fedorov
Who the heck disliked this?
Soggy Jungle
He speaks fast, and the kokes go to qiick.sorry im dunk
Stick Prince
Omg i was 134 000 watcher
Rasmus Anttila
He has goal record and point record as rookie
You have only One Life!
Thank you Jesus Christ since over 19 years when I took you into my life amen. God Bless:D P.s. My career was 10 years in icehockey actually in junior team. John 14:6 please 'n peace. Maranatha!
Theimu Seläni👏
Pacific Northwest
Epic !
lynagy him
What a beauty
Miko Peltaven
When I was 12 my most popular players were Teemu and Paul.My team was the Mighty Ducks.Now I still follow NHL but I don't see anybody so great there as those 2 guys were tegether!!!
Teemu salami
Mr.Selänne is a Finnish icon.
Sande Hindrea
I just love this rallyenglish
Matthew Dickson
Hei ystavat hyvat,jattakaa nyt herrajumala Valavuori rauhaan ja keskittykaa johonkin muihin asiohin ,vai pitaa pahaa Han on teille tehnyt?!
National Acrobat
I want to thank Teemu for acknowledging Swedish Jets legend Thomas Steen. His son Alex Steen is assistant captain with the Blues of course.
Janne Aaltonen
Tkachuk-Zhamnov-Selanne AKA "The Olympic Line"
Minna Toikka
I love that no matter what team he has been in, people still respect him. Teemu the Finnish Flash <3
jay banks
Joku Vaa
TL;DR Thank you
I wonder how Teemu's jaw got replaced by Andre the Giant's. Wasn't by drinking wholesome Finnish milk, I tell ya.
Jon Heijasto
Do not mean to be a dick here, but 20+ years in the US and his English is still so bad :D But anyway, well deserved an honor, he was a great player and a class act.
Teemu shouldn't been selected. So overrated!