Nekromantik (1987) Trailer

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Nekromantik (stylized as NEKRomantik) is a 1987 West German horror film directed by Jörg Buttgereit. It is known to be frequently controversial, banned in a number of countries, and has become a cult film over the years due to its transgressive subject matter (including necrophilia) and audacious imagery. Visit Weird Retro's website at Follow us on facebook Follow us on Twitter at www.twitter/weirdretro (@WeirdRetro)

David Chomiak
dead cunt
This movies changes you as person. Its 75 minutes packed with worst gore, violence, murders and taboos like necrophilia and incest. Its probably the weirdest thing you will ever watch in your whole goddman life... And thats why is it so good. Thats why it sticks in your memory, thats why you always remember and probably return to youtube to listen its trailer soundtrack. Its so bad yet so haunting. Lifechanging and mind expanding experience.
Germans, sick as always.
Astro Valentine
Boobs on YouTube.
Great Super 8 movie. Better than The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, and Schindler's List combined, times ten !!
Ich liebe die deutschen Sadisten
haise dyer
wtf i just saw?
Ajan Suunta
TheKolyaOlya Studio
What about Nekromantik 2 : Return of the loving dead? (yes, i've seen both)
Great Mazinger
The musik of this film is wonderful and biticool and merricool and todo cool
daru sunter
greating from belgium
alam medrano
en esta basura de pelicula Matan animales reales!!!!! estupidos bastardos !!!!!