Badr Hari vs Hong Man-Choi[full fight] K-1 World GP 2008

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Badr Hari vs Hong Man-Choi K-1 World GP 2008 TKO due to corner stopage at the end of round 3, winner Badr Hari.

Michael Laurion
omg lol 7:54 the cameraman xD
no way that was a draw! choi lost!
Károly Varga
badr hari king
Zinema TV
Maç berabere bitmedi arkadaşlar. Choi Hong-man'ın kaburgası kırılması sebebiyle maçtan çekilmiştir. Söylediklerim resmi kayıtlara geçen bilgidir. Sonucu beklerken hareketlerinden kaburgasının zarar gördüğü zaten belli oluyor fakat hakemin neden sonucu açıklamadığını bilmiyorum.
Art Vanderlay
even thought he was "knocked" down, Hari won that fight fair and square.
radgadf dafsd
choi knocked down Hari lol
Don Juan
Hong skipped legday
Fake news,fake tits,real aliens,real sad. -
A draw for standing there looking stupid
Hong man King Kong
Draw ? LOOOOOOOOL Fucking asians
Steve Dupree
is it me or does Hong Man Choi look like Piston Honda from Mike tysons punch out for the old nes
Nazım Semercioglu
Danışıklı dövüş bu bahriye kanal açar normalde
I bet hong man can't get his choi up.
Wow badyr got nowhere
khalid amil
Badr the king
7:55 poor cameraman :)
please subscribe for no reason
Badr Hari was ropped
Hayce Laabed
Hayce Laabed
Hong man is huge but has a malformed body while badr is also pretty huge and has a close to perfect body.
Broken Kenny
연장전 진짜 말도 안되는 개소리다 진짜 국격을 보여주네 넘어온다
도핑의 무서움을 보여줬었던 홍만이.. 뇌하수체 수술 받고 나선 일반인 되서 힘이 하나도 없어.
어딜봐서 동점인데?
Uğur Yamaner
anlamıyorum hong man neden vurmuyor
timon t
최홍만 덩치가 아깝다
Good Riddance
Huh i'm not an expert when it comes to this kickboxing sport but how this is fair? This guy is way, wáy taller than Badr Hari.
Gustavo Raposo
Hodor.. hodor.. hoooooooodooooooooor
Aydee Nguyen
lol wut
0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, try to figure it out ;)
Kristiano Bertucci
Frankenstein is just too slow...
Hari was fasting during this fight, it was during ramadan.
haha you funny camel
very few muslims are good at fighting, you're an idiot.
Aydee Nguyen
Your bitch ass give muslims a bad name.
I find it a little unfair...Hari beating the piss out of a giant fuckin retard.
Wow the giant fight for circus!!!!:D
Danny Hamer
hong man is a mong. a freak of nature and is nothing but a freakshow. He cant fight for shit.
Hong Man dont know fighting
In UFC....Silva - Velasquez - Jones - Cormier - Rampage Jackson and soo many others...would destroy that boy (Hari)...hahahaha gay kickbox... :)
Darian Pop
ugly as ****... his face demands punches
badr looks so nice little boy..hahahaha like a
Will Whitman
Hong man is really slow.
bugenhagen srw
u r such a disgusting retard. what did u say when badr got smacked? that he was on ramadan or what? fkn idiot
cesar sanchez
Badr got an 8 count tho, that means a lot on fucking k1 just like Alistair beating and dominating the fight with Remy Bonjasky but he got an 8 count and lost k1 rules kinda suck sometimes
What ? Who fucking cares about muslim in this video ? BTW, Badr showed up three days ago & we ate some pig together for dinner.
baderhari is beter geef duimpje zodat hij dit meschien ziet
It weakens you, try it and you will know what I am talking about.
Is it me or does Hari look like Colin Kapernick?
Dare Aquaz
His kickin like a girl jong man
A draw those judges must be retarded there is no way that should have been a draw anybody with a brain can tell Badr won that fight and Hong Man Choi is just a big ass kicking bag if he was smart and not so dumb and knew how to use his body he would have been dangerous and would have beat more people and he is like alot of big guys dumb and slow and you could easily beat him in a real fight just punch or kick him right in the nuts.
Incognito Z.
hahha shit, I was expecting a hot chick with a sign
Muntean Luiza
the kinggggggggggggggggggg yes in the k1
Sir Haszak
Marocan animal
Phan Quý Mạnh
that gay can va dep mat
you're just scared of muslims lol
Nemanja Bojovic
Best match from badr this one and second is against bonjasky in 2008 he showed great tech and he kicked a lot more in those 2 matches than in others so boxing and kickboxing in those two matches were fantastic to me.
ferdi acar
badr hari vs klitschko..coming soon
Why nobody use the Double Round Kick from TAekwondo in knock anyone out with that, not to mention the increased reach.
Armen Balkchyan
Badr Hari fucked Korean CUPBOARD!!!
Badr Hari is from morocco and guys who not respects mocros then fuck off
لعب المباراه هذي وهو صائم
domagoj selak
gigant head! hah
Tbiisla Gaming
Badr is a legend .. so shut up and enjoy .
oussama guelzim
moroccooooo vive le maroc ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ golden boy oussama hari
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Ayman B
lol 7:54 cameraman gets wet
hari is 197cm tall.omg!!how tall is this hong man-choi????
근성도없는세끼 기권ㅋ
Muntean Luiza
te ador
wertygo evr
all trees are wooden
So who won?
Amira jadaoui
goo harii
that Huge man was just afraid to be KOed
Gyorgos Gyorgos
The Beauty and The Beast
Asians are shooort... Asians are shoortt.... yeaaaaa STFU
most handsome kickboxer
Bugra saltuk
WTF 7:54 :O
I dont understand why Hong Man Choi dont try to fight with his legs...A high kick from Hong Man Choi would be terrible in the face !
Hong Man Choi is'nt so bad, his style is just less agressive than the Badr's style. But the low kick and the speed of Badr are sooo crazy ! A great warrior, for sure
mostafa barkane
kooooooooooooooooo! de lion de altas
Styx Hellmouth
hari is tall also :)
Arjee boo
stupid in the situation can you still say reem is in good condition? he eat all the shit hits and got STUNNED how ca he ever recover if it continued? and reem is just for show. BIG FOOT CRUSH HIM BECAUSE he is a PUNK hahaha... WATCH UFC dude.
Arjee boo
you sound stupid dude. if the ref didn't stop the fight reem would be dead on the spot you moron... take a look at the fight over and over again how reem can't spot the combo of badr. well if u wan't reem to be dead so bad you should have been the ref of that fight...
Brave Heart
fuck your Alisteroid shit
this has nothing to do with religion.
Okan Sezgin
golden boy badr hari
Tarar theRoyalTribe
Respect from Pakistan ...... Badr hari is king ....
jordan thompson
achilles vs boagrius
7.55 cameraman xD
Don't mess with Muslims
Danil Sarapulow
эта хуерага корейская вообще умеет дратся или только пиздюлей отхватывать выходит на ринг
You are denying it but you know its the truth.Reem stopped using illegal shit, he lost some muscle and got destroyed yesterday !
Rachid Khamlichi
With rules and regulation Choi stands no chance but in a street fight god only know what would happen. And that's conning fronn a badr hari fan.
Dude you just said "reem takes roids" - Wich has been utterly disproven. You just proved you dont follow MMA or K-1 at all - You're opininion has become worthless. End of discussion.
Aww cmon man u can clearly see badr was winning that fight, reem didnt even complain when ref stoped the fight... And maybe badr isnt the same size because reem takes roids =)
hahaha - I love you guys - Just denying simple facts. Have you seen Overeem? He would, and still can tear badr apart. Badr isnt even the same size as Reem - He had to do so much work to be in his weight class. How can you even say Badr would have won? Reem KO'd badr - Badr won over reem because of a bad ref call. How does this even remotely show Badr would have won? Are you insane? or just morroccan?