Deluxe - Blocked feat. Taiwan Mc

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Deluxe - Blocked feat. Taiwan MC from The Deluxe Family Show Deluxe Abonnez-vous : />The Deluxe Family Show CD / Vinyl : />MP3 iTunes : /> Get 'Polishing Peanuts' Digital : />Vinyl/CD : /> The Groove Sessions Vol.3 - 14 Avril 2014 CD / Vinyl : />iTunes : />Deluxe on the web : /> Watch it in Germany: /> Chords Tab : Couplet Dm C Pont Dm F E Dm Dubstep 1 Dm. F. G. Dubstep 2 Dm. F. A. Lyrics: You'd better run run run run to hell There's an army of angry ladies at your door Playing the meanest little games, don't do you good no they don't Your time as come, the dead is done you're bout to pay for them all, They've come with clippers silver scissors aiming right at your balls Don't stand a chance you been outnumbered bout to pay for them all You hear ya' Whole town know you've screwed up big time Fooling 'round with Miss Brown, Sally, Patsy, Clementine! Molly, Daisy, Madeline! Leagued against your dark force Cooking quite the big fuss And building up in powerpuss Out to put you down for good I tried to warn you, tried to point you hoes get mean and weirdo They play dumb but when you done they 'member where u live hun Get your kitten get your mittens Fly them out the window Backdoors bloked with cranky bitches pointy teeth in their cunts The Deluxe Family Show : 1 - Family show 2 - My Game 3 - Too Me feat. Tumi 4 - Pretty Flaws 5 - Making Music 6 - To Doop 7 - Baby feat. A.S.M (A State of Mind) 8 - Blocked feat. Taiwan Mc 9 - Indisposed feat. Cyph4 10 - Bleed On 11 - Daniel feat. Youthstar 12 - Extra Mile DELUXE is : - Kaya / Bass - Kilo / Drums - Liliboy / Voice - Pepe / Sax - Pietre / Guitar - Soubri / Percussion & machines Recorded in Deluxe's Studio by Nicolas Bertocchi Mixed By Sodi at Zarma Studio Mastering by Simon Davey at The Exchange Taiwan MC's vocals recorded by Nicolas Bertocchi at Deluxe's Studio

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ITALIA est ici
never sober
I have a deep love for your in greece NOW
Mad Dog
Romane Cosson
Érection capillaire !!
David Moulinard
groupe que je connaissais pas que j'ai découvert à Garorock!!!
Grégoire Botuha
vous pourriez mettre les paroles de taiwan mc svp??
Vraiment un super morceau ;)
Taiwan !!
moi meme
j adore !
Happy sister [해피 씨스터]
Julien Canela
C'est juste énorme ! j'adore ! Ca c de la musique !
Ines Rigaudie
La personne qui a mit un pousse rouge y faut vraiment qu'elle m'explique x) Nan mais vraiment continuer j'adore ce que vous faites :p
got me bouncin
Non non, ou alors on souffre des mêmes symptômes!
Léa Charbonneau
0:38 we're stuck on the rythme like Game of Thrones ? Ou je suis juste obsédée par la série et j'entend des voix ?
Manque juste un featuring avec Plex Rock :-) Superman c'était tellement de la bombe!
Ma Wa
i dont know so much about deluxe, but i can say without doubt that it'smy favourite band atm
Now this is being broadcast live at Bong Tv Live!! Going down the list and we're in love with Deluxe!!! Cheers from The Stoner Army (8 years strong)!!!
Robin Neal
If only I didn't hate dubstep, I could love this song even more...
Andrea v
i migliori !!!!!!!!!
Alexis Thines
Vos featurings avec taïwan MC, à chaque fois c'est de la grosse tuerie, à bientôt à Montpeul :)
Au Trianon c'était ouuuufissime !
Lourd !