Vanessa Serrano
This is one of my favorite kisses of all Korean dramas. They look so good together and this kiss DO look real , they are awesome! I luv Geun Suk!
Yana Jiwon
I've been watched all jks kissing scene but this one looks so real... I hope to see them together again in drama or film...
I cried to this LOL I was so happy it looked like a real kiss! Normally they just press their lips against each others. Park liked him too much and she was always making faces and being too embarrased but this one actress did a great job! It looked real! Thank you for that!
Beatriz Gomes
i'm not into long haired guys but he's super handsome
Marinelle Miranda
Jang Geun Seuk is the best kisser 💕💋
Mapet Maratas
oh my! best confession scene! and the kiss, it's so passionate! 😍
he has prettier hair then me...
MeU forever
his voice is so freaking deep
The best kiss scene in the whole world drama-film industry.....Jank Geun Suk. you`re the best..
Moonguenkim Youngbum
Ooooo passionate kiss ❤️❤️he kissed only like this to moonie woow
I think this is the tenth time I watch it :)  Eleventh now YEAAHHH
Georgia Ortiz Sandy
Creo que esta escena del callejon es totalmente hot,y el beso,pura pasion.Esta parejita se lucio,todo fue sensualidad, la forma en que se miraron,la calidez de la voz.Bueno todo bello,asi se besa,ojala que muchas actrices lo vieran,en especial esas que ponen ojos de espanto cuando las besan.
riz leonor
Grbe sya humalik 😍😍😍😍 yung feeling na parang na fall sya sa co star nya 😍😍😍
Kamenashi Kazuya
my second fav kiss!! I'VE DONE WATCHING THIS DRAMA many months ago but i really like both of them,so i keep on watching over and over....this kiss amazed me!!! my first fav kiss is from flower boy ramyun shop!! totally fascinate me,jung II woo kissed so naturally but with a great impact for the viewers...
Alejandra Barahona
My favourite kiss in a kdrama because is so beautiful and is of these two! I miss them, I need another drama with them as a couple 😍🖤
claire van leiner
It`s a beautiful scene.
claudia andrea miranda ramirez
Ese beso me mato... el mejor que he visto en todos los doramas... es cierto lo que dice Georgia Ortiz ... quimica TOTAL ... grande SUKKIE !! LOVE LOVE... 
gotfexo loves me
those girls act like sasaeng fans
I thought Pierce Brosnan, was the best on screen kisser. Jang Keun Suk took first place with this kiss. OMG- 5:45!
riz leonor
That kiss😍😍😍😍😍 best ep ever
Nerdy Bunny
Love the friends for that brilliant odea of handcuffs. ;-) Pabo!!
Milinda Wilson
One of my favorite K-dramas. I love it so much that I even own it on DVD and watch it often.
Alex Cy
im still watching this series. 2017!!! :))))
Roni Matias
Here I am again watching the best episode!!Lol..just can't get over the alley kiss of GeunGeun couple. I do miss them. From time to time I watch various episodes and still enjoy this drama.
lindsay cortes cortes
cómo olvidar ese besote de mi oppa😍 ya quisiera ser ella ahaha😳😍
dareyoutomove callin
It's 2018, still watching this drama...hayss...hope they end up together...
Baek Lulu
not perfect match..but still luv jks..d story was nice anyway😉
Juguetes y Muñecas
bien emocionada creí que la iban a dar en pasiones cuando anunciaron el kdrama cásate conmigo y no era esta, pipipipi
Mikaela Rodriguez
Ese besoo!!! xoxo
J mB
I cant get enough of this scene, it oozing with ❤❤❤❤❤❤.... the best kiss i have ever seen.. i categorize it as a kiss with respect but with passion and the most important thing❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤... its not gross, yacky, and eeeweeee....2019 and still watching...
riz leonor
The confession, his voice so deep.. the kiss so passionate. 😍😍😍 im falling in love to him all over again 😍😍😍 kyaaaaaaa
jessica quispe
mori con ese beso..................fue lo maximo :3
Adwsdfssfawdwa Adsddadfagsa
احله مسلسل كوري شفته بحياتي
riz leonor
That kiss oh mhay ghad😍😍😍😍 i can die happy now 😍😍😍 can't get over fav. Kissing scene 😍😘😘😘
Aisyah Rizki
thank you for subbed this one..
Edith Marlin
my pussy is always hot since i watch this dramas i can no longer focus on anything exept sex , am in a dangerous situation my life is so ruined by this stupid dramas
23 Years Old of Gold
9 i think
jaelen elaine
what ep is this
Jemima Alt
Thanks for the video.
حيدر الكربلائي
مسلسل روووعة
asmaa asmaa
شو اسم المسلسل؟
نور نور
يحزن أحبك ياماري
Ingrid Jacobsen
what is the song at the end of the video called?
Amona Nana
شيء جميل
Riza TV
Urgh ssoo kilig
كوريه ومغروره
هنيالهه هسه لو اني اشكد احبه
Lindawati Hosain
Kiry Sama
I just love this kiss the way they look each other ~
I love this scene :(
exol Army
Which episode is this ?
TaestySugaKookeis o3o
Woah the nostalgia...
Anie Chibie
Nih cewe yg tambah cuma angka usianya ,,,apa ga bisa tumbuh lagi ya???masih kaya anak sekolah 😄😄
Angelina Rwaka
0.15  oh shit thats a dude.... I need to look at these people properly cuz now I'm mistaking a dud for a girl... :') I'm so weird.....
Liza with a Z
That's a kissing scene!
Kathy Hong
What’s the name of this song?!? I’ve been looking for it everywhere!!!
ayong manja
mana sub indonya
afifa sadaf
Darama name please
Manju Adithya
Full seris where..
جْوَوَوَ صالح
شِوَوَوَ اسِمٌُه الُمٌسِلُسِلُ
why there is no new of jung geun suk........why why why much i have to wait......
Daniriz Grlie
So I am currently watching this drama and for whatever reason I am so against this couple. I actually like Jung In for Mary. It’s like she changed his life. He really does fall for her and it’s so sweet. I don’t know. I just thought it was so cute after he found the picture of him and Mary as little kids, it’s like he felt a connection with her and wanted to be the one to protect her and care for her. Am I the only one who feeling these vibes??