History Of Vision!

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Kasey Brown
Damn comics, you complicated!
Lol, how is that a compromise? Stan Lee: "I want an android!" Roy Thomas: "No, I want the old Vision" Stan Lee: "Okay, lets compromise and have an android"
Nick Simpson
History of Arris Quinones! this hero brings to us vid after vid, saving our lives from the ignorence of not knowing about all these awesome heroes!  who is he? how does he do it? why does he do it? is he sent from another planet to save us?  we need answers!
SulthAn_ 22
Personally I think that vision is the martian manhunter of marvel. I love it
Leonardo Juan
Vision the Marvel Equivilant to Martian Man Hunter. XD
Bahpomet Morningstar
Still waiting for History of Lobo...
Blake Stolba
I love how Variant breaks up his videos and keeps them clean without any bad words. You don't see that very much these days. Thanks Variant, keep up the great work!
Siam Sama
Age of Ultron movie shows the Vision lifting Thor's hammer with ease?? Can he actually do that????
hassan jabari
History of Bizarro please.
Barfing Dog
Please do a history of HAWKEYE!!
please do red tornado
Can you do history of Speed. Look him up he is a Marvel superhero that wears green
Tyler Holt
Awesome. History of The Question please
Mister Peachy
I think deadpool should have his own tv show animated or live action
Wanna video about that flash episode last night
Darryl Franklin
History of Stan Lee
Zach Couch
Love the vid and i have not even watched it. Bc that is the quality you put out man. Thanks.
N .B
Vision first appeared in the 1940, how the hell is he a Rip-Off of Manhunter.
So....how many times did Vision get destroyed and rebuild? Next time that happens, he should say: Oh no, not again
Buck Wood
History of Spider-Man's villain The Shocker
Virushunter X
History of Young Avengers Please. I would love to hear you talk about them.
isaiah gent
What would happen to the speed force if quick silver joined the dc un.
EisDaBeast Plays
Arris your by far the BESt comic channel!
Star-Wars Master
history of lobo plese
Geovanny Garcia
Good video man keep up the good work
History of alpha
Grant Jones
Can we get Batman vs Iron Fist or the best hand to hand fighters in Comics
noodle lover max
History of vibe please
The Don
Malcom McCants
Please do a One Shot of this week's Flash episode cause it was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jacob Sturtevant
Arris do a History of Beast Boy and Cyborg
Ash Barrett
U should do a Video of the top 10 super villain weapons.
Andrew The Man
You should make a history episode of Taskmaster
Jackson Mars
Hey, what's up Arris how you doing
Donte’ Harris
History of Black Panther?
noodle lover max
History of raven
Yes! Favourite Avenger right here! :D
They call me Redemption
This guy single handedly got me into comics
Nafehur Rahman Khan
Do a Spectre history
Yesterday I just watched age of ultron and I WAS SATISTIFIED SO MUCH!!!!
jojo koutoulakis
Ha you said nai the greek word for yes and by the way pretty good accent Hi from greece
CJ Daly
Yay!!! You talked about the Young Avengers
Star-Wars Master
lobo is a great character for you to do
Jonathan Ybarra
Hey can u do a history hobgoblin and green goblin
Andy Bekerman
on Tuesday march 28 the Flash do a one shot
Jack Walton
I love all of these videos man, really top stuff! But please, sllooowww dowwnn! I had to stop the video as well as others because you're too fast Keep up the good work though :)
@VariantComics can you please do a history of Lobo and his abilities I beg you :(
mihir shah
Do a history of silver surfer
Awesome video, I had little to no idea who Vision was. Ill be doing a bit of a Marvel month myself - reviewing some awesome Age of Ultron toys and collectibles over the next few weeks!
You should do a history of The Darkness.
Andrew Henriksen
You should do magneto
Jonathan Sebastian Muñoz
3rd Gen Guy
The Vision is super kill prone. i guess no one gets mad when a robot gets killed.
Marlon Chingliak-Elukak
I agree Vision is the BEST avenger
noodle lover max
History of owlman
History of cyborg!!!!
first, you forgot Frankenstein Underground #1 this week! it's so good! and you should do a history of Blackheart, you know why? because it will be super short, but he is still cool! :D
Dark Claw
Do a origin story of wild cat
Jose Hernandez
Please do a history of fable's biggy wolf
Do a History of Iron Fist Please!!!
Jedi Council
To celebrate the end of the All-New Invaders comic run, you should do a History of The Invaders!
Sifa i
Could you please do a explaining the dc convergence event
Johan Cronisk
Wow, what an opera. Had no idea. Thanks. Vision's OS must be pretty good.
pontardawe wuss
Can you do a history of ghost rider episode
Solomon Davidson
Richard Rider aka nova should have his on tv show 🙌
You should do a history of shadowhawk that would be cool. Image comics btw. If you dont then at least check him out, i personally wish that certain comic characters would ve more known.
They should just remake Vison out of Lego's next time, it'll make it way easier to reassemble him.
Young Money
Are you gonna do a Review about both the Convergence Series and the Secret Wars Series?!?!
Darius Theus
You should do one on kang or thanos because of the marvel contest of champions app.
Dear Arris! please make a new vs episode, I'd like to request Vision vs Red Tornado
Danny Castro
History of Mephisto :)
prodigy Is Prodigy
Loucas Flash
Top 10 Avengers for Marvel Mounth plz. I love hearing your opinion about characters
Rasmus Jansell
Can you do a history of Azrael, so I can understand Knightfall better?
Danny Castro
History of Malcolm Merlin ;)
I also like I robot & like to consider it a prequel to Matrix
Hazi Boombox
Jeez, my 2 brothers are named Thomas and William
Flip Peeporeeno
And they say DC's characters was too overpowered. This is comic books everybody! Everybody gets whatever someone gets! :D
ATC Productions
The Desert Warrior
History of Taskmaster
History of Taskmaster
This is the problem with Marvel Comics is how convoluted they are. I love how the MCU remains so true to the comics, but smoothes it out into a much more dense and straightforward story.
Ya I was kinda confused when u talked about his kids cause he's a robot
Crimson Panther
soooo is vision good or bad?
cole koffron
This guy sounds like the marvel version of marshin manhunter
Dylan Robertson
history of Ultron??...eventually
wait, April is now Marvel Month, that is amazing
Do a history of Nathaniel Richards !!
Ulquiorra Cifer
I had a VISION that this video would comeout.
Chris LeDoux
DC!!!! Marvel!!!! DC!!!! Marvel!!!! Guys aren't they pretty much the same with different costumes.
Aaron Das
Can you do a history of Scarlet Witch?
Josh Laeser
Please do a dc month. Dc fans would probably like more history episodes and such just like the marvel fans Thanks. I hope you get me request
Talk about The Flash and arrow from the cw
Declan Blodgett
you should do a recap of convergence when it ends
Frank F.
Wait! Vision and Scarlett Witch lived in New Jersey?! LOL!
Why does Mephisto like to ruin marriages (Peter and Mary Jane)?
Uncolored Man
"Ripped out his soul..." Question. What do you all think a soul is.
YES! Great video.
My fanboy levels went over the roof when you mentioned I, robot. <3 arris