[SFM FNAF] The beginning of the end 2

Overwatch series will be with a slight delay due to technical problems Intro music: />Music: Kevin MacLeod - Unseen Horrors Outro: /> Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons (

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R.i.p freddy 😫😫 1-like =1 prayer
Merry Christmas everyone And for Freddy 1 Like= 1Prayer
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R.I.P Freddy Fazbear 1983-2017
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doing more video for seosen 4 Plaese!!!!😘😍🙋🙌
1,1 MLN subów, a pewnie tylko 100k to polacy xd
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Rip Freddy he been like in two episodes I think but then died BUT WAIT 1 like = NEW FREDDY XD
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This Channel has been a absolute memory for me! every day I check in for a new video, if there isn't a new video I re watch a older video! I love You Zajcu37 and I hope that you keep making awesome videos! as I was saying about this channel being a absolute memory for me, ever since the first fnaf and first fnaf video he made I checked it out and right away I was addicted! I have been with him in between 50k- 100k and I have been watching for a while! (btw This is maybe 3rd account i have subbed with because its a newer channel of mine). I love you Zajcu37 and I wish to see more and more videos and episodes on you! From: Kid Mediocre
Bambaramba SFM
Zajcu 37 can you teach me how to animate?
Annette Ritsema
I know who the traitor is, its Chica 100 percent sure about it
its toy freddy 99,9% sure! He joined nightmare because of a misunderstanding! On the video „The Final Plan“ puppet said „they must die in order...“ and toy freddy heard that and he was really mad and sad maybe thats the reason ;/
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Como vcs dao deslike esse video e muito bom very crazy
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Freddy no!!!! 😭😭😭
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nooo freddy!
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Zajcu will you use the more newer models/more realistic models of fnaf 1,2,3,4 and will you add season 5 in fnaf or a series 6 as well
brayancool Michaeldash
What about the sister location characters are they going to be in the story?
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This can’t be the last season please no zajcu please please ur so good at this can u make new series of fang then please man please please😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫😩😩😩😩😞😞😞😖😖😖😖😫😫😫😫☹️☹️☹️ please
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oh my god this a long time ago it is 2018
The twisted Springtrap
rip freddy
Dear Zajcu will there be a part 3 1000000 subscribers.And why did you stop doing teasers please answer P. S I'm not English, with Russian do not know English
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toy Chica is so beautiful,but I more like Foxy.😅😅😅
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I want part 4 please!
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R.I.P freddy. May you rust in peace
Omg I didn't realise this was uploaded on my birthday 3 weeks ago 😀
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Foxy Is My First Favourite Fnaf Character
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You should get a team to make this come out faster because it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
I'm guessing the traitor is either toy freddy, toy Bonnie or Bonnie. Reason are: Toy Bonnie: when golden freddy teleported them out of the pizzeria in season 3 when spring trap wanted to blow the building up, they TP outside the pizzeria and toy Chica said it was a traitor, toy Bonnie responded say "WHAT" suspiciously Toy freddy: when toy Chica and toy freddy went to recover the toy Chica costume in season 3, after toy Chica freed phantom freddy by giving him the gift while in his head, toy Chica went to find toy freddy and when she found him he quickly got alerted and quickly smashed an electronic that he was using, which I bet he was using to communicate with the nightmare about what's going on Bonnie: Because it would be cool if toy Chica's boyfriend was the traitor.
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Shadow flame 101 Nightmare blaze 101
I found out that once you've had Alan Walker the specter as your intro and love your vids
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That one was good
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Wow zajcu great job i like it
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Hello i am mister springtrap
Please make Large Chapters
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But I love to program
nice episode ^^
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I havent watched in quite some time thanks for making these keep up the good work.
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Did you know that on night 4 in fnaf 3 that the phone guy mentions Sister location of maskots.something about the springlocks
The List: Freddy: Death Bonnie: No in Season 3 he give his friends live. Chica: I THINK Foxy: No he has a Hook and the hand Toy Freddy: MAYBE Toy Bonnie:To Clumsy Toy Chica: No.. Mangle: Kidnapped by Traitor Puppet: He is the Master and this is not his Endoskelleton Golden Freddy: No he is a Master Springtrap: No he has a Device from the Traitor in his head Balloonboy: Not his Endoskelleton Balloongirl: Not her Endoskelleton MAYBE Chica or Toy Freddy
Mohammadx2 Roblox more
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RIP Freddy Fazbear 1987-2017 He Was A Great Leader... Death Scene: 2:28 (His Head Exploded)
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Zajcu37 please notice me I've known you before you've gotten to a million subscribers and even before 100k You have gained sooooo many subs dude your doing a awesome job and keep up the good work :)
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intro song pls
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The only thing your series was hyped for is the Cliffhanger, it's just makes it interesting.
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???? is the next season of f.n.a.f.?????
LegacyElectronicCreator 885
*Toy Chica: Here* *Toy Chica: This is the old body of Nightmare* *Toy Chica: The ball should be in the jaw* *Freddy: There is nothing here* *Toy Chica: How is this possible* *Freddy: Someone had to take it* *Toy Chica: I agree* *Toy Chica: What is this?* *Freddy: What?* *Toy Chica: This device* *Freddy: I don't know, I can see something like this first time* *Toy Chica: It's time to begin an investigation* *Freddy: I will stay here and I will try to understand how it works* *Toy Chica: I will try to find out who took the ball* *Marionette: Toy Chica, Stop!* *Marionette: This is very important!* *Freddy: Let's see what we have here* *Freddy: My Head!* *Endoskeleton: Time has come* *Endoskeleton: He is back* *Freddy: Who are you?* *Endoskeleton: My master will take the order* *Endoskeleton: You guys were looking for this?* *Freddy: What are you going to do with it* *Endoskeleton: My lord is trapped in your head* *Endoskeleton: Finally, after many years, he will be free* *Endoskeleton: Thanks this ball* *Endoskeleton: The only thing I needed, all the animaltronic's in one building* *Endoskeleton: That power was sufficient for the release of the greatest power of the world* *Freddy: I will stop you!* *Endoskeleton: I don't think so* *Freddy: It hurts!* *Endoskeleton: Some things require sacrifice*
Giannis P.
he took a ball that's kind strange
Kim Junghyung
The traitor is Chica because she has'nt appeared in the last episodes and the evil endosqueleton does not have ears and in the end of this video the endosqueleton says "Some things requiere sacrifice" the sacrifice is her love for Freddy😭😭
Light God264
The summoning key the most powerful artifact in this and any dimension
Gwapong Panget
Toy chica: what is this? Freddy: what? Freddy: *moves the boxes* Me: ITS A TF2 TELEPORTER
Random Guy
Wait, if Nightmare is in Freddy’s head, wouldn’t it mean the Shadow Freddy IS after all Nightmare, like how I had mentioned on previous episodes?! Hm... also, the device thing Freddy wanted to investigate was actually seen in Season 3, in Attack of the Phantoms. Freddy had one of those hallucinations and within that, Mangle was the one that was doing something with it. We just gotta know what that does. Man, this episode is amazing!
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R.I.P Freddy sorry Greedy😭😭😭
Drew's Gaming Channel!
rip freddy 1983-2018
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What is the toy Chica model??
nice intro
R.I.P Freddy Fazbear 1985-2017 "Killed by endoskeleton" "Was a good animatronic"
I think the endoskeleton is the traitor but Who is that guy 🤔
zajcu37 can you make more videos
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Oooo The future is here! For them at least
E... EPI.... EP CI ... **Qrador.exe stopped working** Let's fix it with a *CONTROLLED SHOCK* ... EPIC!!!!
If someone wants that Zajcu doesn't focus to the Overwatch serie, so like. Only this FNAF!!!!!!!!!!!
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Will there be The beginning of the end 3?! Please, make another sequel to this awesome animation. I love your series, bro! Keep it up. PS: I subbed to you!
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2:27 freddy: it Hurts! Me: why are you so calm by saying it hurt but with the calm voice?
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I looked at the related youtube channels for zajcu37 and none of them have HALF of zajcu's subscribers
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rip freddy?
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Freddy, have you never played TF2 before? - sigh... - You disappoint me, Freddy.
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good luck for thinking a good video man pls never stop plus can you add a differnt type like only sister locations story nd problem thx
puppet sounds like Steven Hawking
make another long vid pls i need to know what happened next AND WHO IS THE TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please make the episodes longer. We all need it👍🏻👍🏻
Make a vid ware they fix springtrap/springbonnie
Dumb crap Marshmallow
Make another video
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Seriously? don't worry guys the next part of the video will come out in two years.. -_-
pudim de batata #contenteTV
Zajcu so pra você saber você tem enscritos brasileiros
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Rip Freddy
we need fnaf not overwatch !!
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Its been about 8 months since I've seen ur videos DAMN YOUTUBE WITH ITS NOTIFICATIONS. But holy hell I can tell your getting better at the content
I would like you to do the funtime Faceplates?
Todays my birthday please like:D I am 12
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Chicka! Why you kill Freddy? EDIT: Chicka no Toy Chicka.
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The traitor is MANGLE GUYS 99.99% sure
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_EndoSkeleton guy a little less powerful than nightmare has the most powerful orb_ *random robot tries to stop*
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That is the teleporter from the tf2 Made by engineer
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Where's Puppet and Golden Freddy when you need them!?!?!?
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Faz a temporada 5 pvf vc e criativo inventa algo
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Freddy: It hurts! Me: really? !?!?
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Zajcu37 IS FROM POLAND!!!!!!!! Zajcu37 jesteś z polski bo to wiem :D
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THANK YOU FOR GETTNG THE USE OF THE SUMMONING KEY CORRECT :D (edit: Or at least one use. Still recycled assets.)
DrRainbowFello :D
freddy nooooo
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FREEDY are u ok freddy I like u 💖
Muhammad Ammar cool kid and NIZAM dab it
This actually mask no Sence. I think the traitor is toy Bonnie. Because it sounds like him.
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"Some things require sacrifice" SAMMY LAWRENCE?? XDDDD (I'm so sorry for this cringy comment-)
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Zajcu got demonetized
Bye Freddy
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Jazcu37 continue please
Mabye you should hack like projectzogo
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Thx reality of the game PGB