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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Crosby, Stills & Nash's The Acoustic Concert is mastered with a loud and full sound. Videotaped at a 1991 show in San Francisco that was done as a memorial to the group's friend, Bill Graham, there is more here than meets the eye -- indeed, what initially meets the eye is most unpromising, the decidedly overweight presence of David Crosby and Stephen Stills (evidently Graham Nash's metabolism won't let him gain weight). But as it turns out the group vocal prowess is still very much intact, because they harmonize magnificently (far better, in fact, than they generally did at Woodstock), and despite its being credited as The Acoustic Concert, that doesn't stop Stills from picking up an electric guitar to add a little appropriate wattage to "Deja Vu," "Just a Song Before I Go," and more. Graham Nash, whose guitar was seldom ever even plugged in when he was in the Hollies, gets to play a little acoustic guitar on "Marrakesh Express," in the midst of a superb lead vocal performance. "To the Last Whale" is presented visually as more of a conceptual video than anything else here, in its opening, before the camera returns to the stage for the song's second half (featuring Nash on grand piano). Neil Young, though absent, gets a song dedicated to him in "Try to Find Me." When Stills takes center stage for his spot, he delivers a loud, crunchy rendition of "For What It's Worth" that's more a deconstruction of the song than a performance -- much more successful are the resurrections of "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" (to which he tacks on an extended acoustic guitar coda that incorporates elements of "Carry On," and a high-speed solo in which he sounds like he's playing 16th notes) and other early songs by the trio. The cameras are constantly in motion and the editing keeps the eye moving and occupied, and the show was more than good enough to occupy the ear as well, especially with the audio quality as good as it is here. Collapse ↑

Crosby Stills \u0026 Nash (Musical Group) Acoustic Concert (TV Genre)

Vitality Massage
I feel so good inside watching these guys do their thing today.  It's like a precious gift from creation.  Wow.  It's so excellent to sing along with the songs too. Update...  People thumbs up this comment and then I watch this concert again!  Seems just as good every time ~
Annie M
you know, in my opinion, there is only one thing wrong with CS&N. they are getting old and therefore will not be around in too many more years. their music is so beautiful. sadly, all of the music greats are leaving us.
M H Lee
131 dislikes!?!? Must be the entire membership of the Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus fan clubs...
Edson F Cordeaca
wonderful concert! thanks for sharing! Good ol times. Beautiful words on his wife from D Crosby before performing Guinnevere. Moving.
Digger Dame
Saw this tour at Patrick Gymnasium Burlington VT. Front row! They were just on a short riser, very intimate. At one point a guitar tech brought the wrong guitar out and Crosby said: "Get it together or we'll send you to work with Neil!"
248 people as of this posting, need their heads examined.  This is as good as it gets.
just a question to the 270 people.  How can you dislike this?
Gus classic rock channel
I'm listening to Wind on the W. (seems to be another acoustic concert I dig them more with a full backup band :D ) Still I wonder why lots of folks like to put them down maybe because Neil ''doesn't live here anymore'' lol, I mean doesn't play with them anymore, who knows, the truth is this band just kicked big time ass and will go into the history books as one of the best Folk rock, or rock bands that started mixing some great harmonies with acoustic guitars and more of course, long live CSN forever more!! Thx!
One hour, twenty six minutes and thirteen seconds of pure happiness. Thanks to you CSN
Vitality Massage
Listen to the tone of this note!  1:01:56 
Dave k
I saw these guys a Woodstock they where  awesome back then and are still awesome  its hard to belive its been almost 46 years  ago what a hell of a journey
Rondy D
amazing...more than amazing...real music!
john schommer
one of the greatest bands of al time
Luis Avila
wow they´ve got some trippy stuff going on, why hadn´t I ever taken the time to listen to them, I´m 37 now, I always thought they were just some neverending blues jam from the 60´s, this is such great music..this is the original progressive movement..
william horvath
SET LIST 1 Deju Vu 2 Helplessly Hoping 3 Just A Song Before I Go 4 Guinnevere 5 Marrakesh Express 6 Long Time Ago 7 To The Last Whale / Critical Mass / Wind On The Water 8 Try To Find Me 9 1000 Roads 10 For What It's Worth 11 Taken At All 12 Wooden Ships 13 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 14 Our House 15 Daylight Again / Find The Cost Of Freedom 16 Teach Your Children
Nipper Jellie
Happy 75th David Crosby
We should just ignore people like M.r. Moon. They just get too much attention. That's not worth it. C.S.& N. were not "political" - It's just that a lot of politicians don't like the vision of harmony, freedom and love. That's why they're so often offended. We wouldn't need that. Peace.
Mike K
Stills' solo is great but I like how he brings sensuality to the music that makes your arm hair stand up.
Amusing. seeing the comments that want to tear up David Crosby. I guess some see it as good trolling territory. I think he was a good song smith who had a split eye on marketability in his time and once in a while an eye on a timeless piece that would endure ages. Here I am listening 50 years later, that's a pretty good run naysayers. Come on, just enjoy the music or GTFO...
M Stratocaster
David Crosby is a still an egotistical, fat, bald, conceited, stuck up old man, but he sure knows a little bit about singing harmony.
Michael Dewey
Never ever stop believing in the dreams that the music of the 60's inspired.
Lenny Haynes
These guys have it going on....unmatched 3 part harmony....timeless music....70's and 80's music was the best !!!
Jimmy Acorn
The thumbs down certainly don't know a thing about the guitar playing of Stills.
Love the description box ! Everyone click on Show More under the video display. So good.
Alistair Ewen
i wish to christ they would print the tunings they use on each song !!!
Daniel Ortego
Well, for those of us that have six decades of life on the birth calendar, they were the sound of our youth, and I for one appreciate their contribution. 
ben wade
12:45 is pure magic.
Brad Dietz
10:21 and then Stills reaction. Priceless.
Pam Nichols
Thank God they are still with us!!!!!
If there is anything YouTube comments prove, it is that small-minded do-nothings will never fail to belittle the accomplishments of those who excel. Please people, when you post videos, disable the comments to silence the moron trolls.
Trevor McCarthy
This sounds... insanely fine!
bill foster
now go out and buy their records
tom hanway
whenever the hate in the world try's to overwhelm me, I listen to this. and remember how we overcame it during the Viet Nam era.
Kimmi T.O.
These 3... so incredible.
Sabrina Massie
Sad that Neil Young wasn't in on this recording ... He really added a lot ...
Anthony Mead
Bassmaster your not being fair. And, what you are saying makes no sense in the long run. Yes, Stills was a genius. But, the other two were at the top of their game - fine musicians in their own right. If there had been any discrepancy over this - Stills would not have entertained them in the slightest. He was a perfectionist. He could not have worked with anyone who did not measure up. He knew by applying the skills of Crosby and Nash, his own compositions would achieve full potential. Listen to 'Wooden Ships' on 'Roll the tape,' brilliant but crude. A bit like unrefined oil. Stills needed Crosby and Nash - not the other way around. See it for what it is.
Susie Kemper
Fantastic. Just as good as when I saw them live- 4 times!!! Thanks so much for the great video. Well done!
Brenda Lester
I hear this and I'm eighteen again.  Who would have thought we'd last this long.
Joe Ruf
Excellent.  So happy my mom introduced me to them.  Amazing Crosby sounds so good after all the crack.  Stephen Stills might be the most underrated guitarist alive
I can't stand that constant inappropriate chorus effect that Stills inflicts on his acoustic guitar. Why play a beautiful, expensive Martin if you're going to goop it up with such an obviously artificial effect? I don't much like it on his electric either, but since electric guitar is essentially an effect anyway, the chorus seems a little more acceptable to my ears. But please, Stephen, let us hear your vintage guitar as God and Christian Frederick Martin intended.
Donna Niemi
nobody makes music like this now, no "autotune" either
john boyle
Has anyone in the history of music had less talent and been around longer than Crosby?
CSN's difficult harmonies are out there for critical ears.  In this concert, they sounded especially clean in those beautiful harmonies & acoustics; a fitting tribute to a Bay Area legend who brought so much great music & talent to us, and who brought us Shoreline Amphitheater!
Gwynn Evans
Their harmony is unequaled in my opinion. The only ones who come close were a duo - the Everly Brothers. Every time I hear these guys I get chills. Great talents.
tracy scanlon
Are we all getting old or what?
The time is always right to do what is right, Google *_Truth Contest_* and read the top entry. Nothing could be more important or worthwhile.
They are the reason I picked up my first guitar in 1980, still singing and playing in 2014. God Bless You Guys!
dan b
seen these guys in concert 1970 or maybe 71  they were awesome seen  them after the Doors concert Sept 1970 Bakersfield...
Stephen Peeples
Exquisite. Crosby in robust health and voice. Wind on the Water brought me to tears, it's been so long.
World Class!
love these guys ..they been hangen with me all my life...good music from good artists.....true harmony....none better...|||
Bob Pawlak
Saw these guys and it was one of the best concerts I ever saw!!!!! 
Vincent Dunne
Again and again, I come back to these guys for mellow relaxing thoughtful music and lyrics. So nice.
Yes its really sad these monkeys out there giving a thumbs down, but I do not feel sorry for them they just don't have a good since of great music and will never have it. We can not expect to much from these monkeys.
Christopher Bowen
Graham Nash is one of the greats. . .under-rated and fantastic!
While the 'resurrection' of "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" may at first glance seem to be a tad more 'successful' to some critics, Stephen Stills deconstructed "For What it's Worth" could also be considered a 'success' from to the audience's response. But what do they know, they were actually there. (sarcasm)
Jim Moriarty
enjoy the video because you will never see them together again.Unless hell freezes over.Nice going David.
Weird Old Uncle Kenny
Wonderful. Saw these guys the first time at a truly acoustic concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl in the mid 1990s, just the 3 of them with no backing band. Marc Cohn opened for them, solo. David and Graham joined him on the stage for his hit "Walking in Memphis". The highlight of the show for me was the most amazing version of "Guinnevere" I've ever heard. David and Graham had such a special harmony together, probably the best harmonizers since Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle.
A lot of negative thoughts here, why not just enjoy or leave?
James Rudd
I was hoping to hear "Southern Cross", but considering it was really Stills, Nash, and Schmit (as in Tomothy B from the Eagles), I'm not surprised they skipped that one. Great show. Great musicians. Great harmonies.
M.r.Moon-- When you are dead and in your grave and no one remembers you they wiil still be playing this music!!
Mary Phillips
i was in love with Stephen Stills..think he noticed? Nothing sounds better that these three. Brings me back to a simpler time.
only hope of salvation is in the music......peace
I am one of the lucky ones who was alive and 'got in' when CSN first harmonized to a captivated public. I can remember purchasing their first album way back in the 60s - wonderful!  nearly 60 years later in this acoustic concert they prove they are still unique; they stayed together - unlike many other groups. Now 2013 they show that they reign supreme. Long may live - God bless them. From a UK fan who remembers Graham when he tried his fledgling wings in the 'Hollies.' Thank you for the music!!
Graham Nash always looks so happy to be there. Almost every CSN video I watch, he's smiling and grinning at the audience. Just a nice guy, I bet. :)
Spoken from my time: I am 62 years old.   I am from a time when peace ran amok within a circle of idoits, yes I was there, to listen to their songs of freedom,.....but I have love & the peaceful sound that CSN has always produced.  I have long ago added them to my 'Bucket List', .... although I know deep within my heart,..........I shall never catch hold, nor into my butterfly net.  But, I do love their sound. The only sound of "Peace"!!
Mônica Antunes
Great musicians!
1987 Harmonic Convergence all the like-minded peeps networked to converge on the tops of all the pyramids in the world. If they could afford, people went to Egypt and C. Am. and climbed to the top of their pyramid; we who could not afford gathered to meditate on our crystal pyramids, all focusing on WORLD PEACE. We not only saw the Berlin Wall fall down, we saw an enormous surge in the sales of whirled peas...
It's funny how some people come here and attempt to insult their betters. It really must suck to be them. CSN are world famous, loved by millions and made some of the best music of their time. These loser complainers, on the other hand, have no life except to come to the internet and spew vomit and make fools of themselves. Pffftt...
Thank you, Crosby, Still & Nash for providing my youth with the light of your songs, the movement of what you stand for  and permeation of the beauty of your magic melodies. Thank you for giving my life meaning when I was just a hollowed out teenager full of abuse and pain. Love you, bridgette xoxoox
Frank Juninger
einfach klasse.
Larry Romero
when i was on kauai at the hanalei airport in the middle eighties, awaiting a plane back to oahu, after enjoying my return from a great trip hiking the kalalau trail, as a local boy that i was and always had for years,  i sat alone in the lounge area and to my surprise stephen and graham nash arrived. they invited me to enjoy in a beer with them before the flight took off, as stphen was also on the same fight they invited me as the brothers we should all be, they made my day, but a week later i saw s.stills again in hauula on oahu, making music with some local boys, he said hi and thought what a small,small world. so, M STRATOCASTER remember we all have egos, some larger then others, so have respect for your brothers and sistas' "ALOHAAAAAAAAAAAAA" remember life is soooooo short, as yours is too
rick frazier
David Crosby’s 6 string Martin sounds AMAZING (most noticeably on Guinevere)
Haroldo Alves
M Stratocaster
OK kid, listen real close now and you might learn something in your stupid pointed little head. If you had seen Crosby when he was with the Byrds , he came across as a smart Alec. He thought he was it. He was it. Him and his smart mouth got the Byrds kicked off the Ed Sullivan Show. Yeah thats right. The Byrds were not allowed to come back to the ES Show and they never did. Now, I don't deny that Crosby is an excellent sing and rhythm guitar player. I couldn't hold a candle to him. But, just take a look at him. He's got that big old Basket Ball size gut out there in front of him and it really is a danger to his health. And he probably don't care. Now, I have a right under the constitution of the U.S Constitution that says I have the right to free speach so you just take your little old pimply face and your Harmony Guitar and leave me the H*** alone. Do you understand me? I don't want to hear from you ever again.
totally enjoyable. Some concerts can be performed with minimum effort on the back of a famous name. Not this one. It requires constant vocal and musical skill. No background accompaniment or effects to hide behind. The real deal.
No drums here...just the rhythm of your heart and beautiful voices...I've got a whole bodyfull of goosebumps going on here.
Robbie Stewart
I remember coming home late one night from work back in 1992 and catching this concert on PBS as one of their concert specials that they like to run during pledge drives. I thought then that it was a great concert. I later found it on VHS, which meant that I got to hear the stereo version of it. Now watching it on here in 2015, especially Stephen Stills' technique of switching out and playing different guitars in between songs reminds me of a similar technique that my late father used to do also when performing on stage. Stephen and my late father were both Capricorns, and Capricorns like to mix things up a little along with being perfectionists at their craft. Thanks to whom ever uploaded this. God bless.
Thank God my dad introduced me to these guys. I'm in love with their music!!
Steve Eckstein
Jimmy Reid
What year was this?
I think this is the setlist (no times. Sorry) Tracklist 1 Déjà Vu 2 Helplessly Hoping 3 Just A Song Before I Go 4 Guinnevere 5 Marrakesh Express 6 Long Time Gone To The Last Whale 7A Critical Mass 7B Wind On The Water 8 Try To Find Me 9 1000 Roads 10 For What It's Worth 11 Taken At All 12 Wooden Ships 13 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 14 Our House/Daylight Again/Find The Cost of Freedom//Teach Your Children
Andres Montoro
Thanks my Friends
M Stratocaster
I'm not "bitchin'" as you say about anything or anybody. I'm just stating a fact. I've heard other people say the same thing about "the Croz" as you call him and NO, the Croz is not going to live forever. Whoa, I digress. He will live forever in Heaven if he has accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. If not, it'll be mighty hot in the other place. But I can't judge him. Only he has the power to change his destination. And he's still a bald, fat, egotistical old man. Oh yeah, this subject is closed. don't contact me again because your email will be headed for the trash can. Have a nice day.
philippe lauters
Merci à vous .
Groovy Guru
God! I just love talent!!!
Olaf sørensen
just sufisticated delicate beatifullness .Olaf Saxplayer Copenhagen Denmark.
Phinnegan Phipps
Frickin' wicked! A pleasing tribute to one of the greatest rock heroes of all time - #BillGraham  ! I miss him all the time - especially in this age of corporate concerts & un-human festival enterprises (ruled by megalomania & void of meaning), though I did just have the best time at a smaller homegrown jamband festival called #StrangeCreek & highly recommend that people channel their energy & capital into likeminded ventures.... And Bill (I know you're listening), you'll always be like a father to me! I love you, Big Man!
walter c. charles campbell lll Lovin' Bearwolf
cool band back in the day
fred houpt
very fine concert.   Some real gems and special moments.....
Croaking Toad
Great vid ... glad Neil Young wasn't there.  Was never a fan of the squeaky hinge voice.
Bajoobie Cuzican
...first five minutes of listening to this classic and already the stress is leaving my body <3
Relaxing with my old Idols
Phil Lecompte
A personification of that 60`s mystique.
legends of music, great show ty 
I grew up listening to these fabulous good to see a healthy David..lucky to be alive..check out his autobiography, an amazing story, fer sure!
linda baker
When I was a teenager I got the album Ohio , my Dad heard it and banned it from our house.....that is so funny now
Steve Eckstein
Stills is just one hell of a magnificent virtuoso !!!
George Orr
FUNNY CROSBY QUOTE (something like this): "My generation was RIGHT that the Vietnam War was as mistake, we were RIGHT that one's skin color should not matter, we were RIGHT that Rock music could be a positive social force; but we were WRONG - it turns out - about drugs " :)