Bongripper - Satan Worshipping Doom [HD] [Full Album]

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[ 00:00:00 ] 01. Hail [ 00:13:44 ] 02. Satan [ 00:25:21 ] 03. Worship [ 00:41:22 ] 04. Doom

jk fn
How to listen to this album properly: 1. Take a fat bong rip. 2. Turn this shit up to max volume. 3. Eat Doritos and ice cream till you throw up. 4. Do heroin. 5. Overdose. 6. Die \m/
this music make me want to take the red tit demon out for a steak dinner *and* call her the next day cmon satan hook me up man
Ian Cook
you can tell who the lightweight or amateur smokers are by their comments: "bro I got so effing baked to this" "bro I wanna stab a nun in the throat with a broken bong"
The fact that these guys have no vocals really lets the music shine. Vocals would've ruined this.
i liek the part with the loud guitars
Obsidian Marshmellow
I worship Satan now, strictly because of this album.
listening to this on new year's and hoping that i die soon.
I swear this music slows down my computer. And I'm sober...
Lord Nasty
whoever did the album cover needs an award.
This album made my balls drop a little bit.  And I'm 33 years old.
Matthew Graham
This, weed, and playing Diablo is the closet to the possibility of heaven existing. #HailSatan
Heavy Metal Weatherman
I just remember when this band played MDF a few years ago. They were so loud, so crushing, everyone had to just stop and stare. And then eventually everyone stumbled toward the stage and watched with awe-struck eyes at the magical riffs emanating from their instruments.
I just baked a new york style cheese cake with strawberries and your mum
Sean Sellars
i've been a heavy stoner for a few years and a metalhead my whole life, but I'm just now finding this band and similar ones I feel at home
Syamim Asyraf
the fuzz is the key to hell
Ben Casey
Listening to this while driving caused an extreme case of highway hypnosis, which lead to a crash involving 3 vehicles, myself being the only survivor.  When the first responder showed up I gave the air in his lungs a shortcut out through his neck with a broken Noothgrush cd.  I popped out this album from my cd player and put into that of the cop car, drove off into the night and finished this masterpiece with a smile on my face.
What's a bon gripper?
Bongripper + Acid = Victory
Hell-On-Wheels Wild
36:00 and the following two minutes are just insane. Tragic beauty. 
Great study music!
opol opol
Perfect vinyl to listen through before an invoking a Demon.
i will never vote 4 Hillary
Jordan Davis
My sister told me to look up electric wizard, so I did. I personally don't like it ,but I clicked this and i have found life
15:30 wasn't expecting to hear black metal.
Coffin Coven
makes me wanna kill everything
Just discovered this band, its like finding catacombs with the walls covered in skulls :D so awsome
Davos Maxwell
I imagine this echoing through a deep and secluded valley, with the sound originating from a twisted and ancient fortress. The riff's summoning young women and men of dark hearts to worship their one true god..BAPHOMET
Musta Krakish
I didn't expect me to like this so I've had this album basically on repeat for four days and I ain't stoppin soon
I got high with Worship... No drugs, no weed, no alcohol...
HEAVY,just how i like it, awesome band, thought they were gonna be another belzebong or something, but oh no no no,theyre a whole other breed,i look forward to smoking a bowl to this with my apple pipe, haha
Mark Arandjus
That album cover looks like a party!
Luke Edwards
Bongripper, Conan and Monolord...the 3 modern jems of Doom.
so listen to this and then some ween it will make you sooo happy
Dirk Diggler
These guys have a great tone and a 'no-bullshit' formula. I think they should possibly try this stuff with a well-versed vocalist that is very knowledgeable about this specific genre of music. I think with a really good, cutting edge vocalist they could be bigger and better than Electric Wizard. Bold statement, I know, I know.
Matt Line
Hillary clinton should play this while she has her "Spirit Dinners"
Coyote Bongwater
Your mother is a nice person
I hear Black Metal influence in here.
Wesley Lemos
im not allowed listening to bongripper at my house, i have to take all the porcelan jars and dishes out in to the basement first.-.-
Devon Cottrell
Hail Satan Worship Doom!
Doom Scene
Balls Deep.
Stoned Amusement
Why, yes, this music is the dank. I do agree.
36:00 and 51:50 heaviest guitar riffs in history
Oh man.. What's to say about this album. I took 3 hits of acid and landed somewhere stuck in a hopeless pit of self hatred and a misanthropic view of the world (as most acid trips are anyways) Then worship comes along and brings me out of my despair.. Such a killer band. Cant wait to see them at MDF
this is really good
god daamn
'Satan' riff is so cold it gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it.
Keegan Shulista
Listening to this made my steak taste sweet instead of savory.
There is no God but evil There is no light but darkness There is no hope but doom
Cole Brenna
Makes me want to shit on someone's lawn and light it on fire it's so good.
Doom is the doomest thing ever
Roland Zellmer
This whole album is shorter than dopesmoker... Doesn't stop it from being great doom though!
I read the song list and I started laughing so maniacally i had to stop myself.
It sounds so evil. I love it
Piotr Cieślak
Daniel Santinhos
Bobz A
After listening to this, now I worship Donald Trump!
Sonic Titan
Those dislikes probably came from conservative churchgoers.
hail pinecones
Mo, The Metalnigga
this album saved my life!!!!!!
just hit play and let it ride
Mike FaJohn
So sick. Makes me want to smash my bong against my head repeatedly.
"waterpipe" ripper. (i work at a headshop).
The power of Christ compels you all
Put it at 1.25 speed . It's pretty cool . Specially at 18:36
Amy LR
This gave me a nose bleed.
13:44 (Satan) there are some Darkthrone influences in there for sure.
Tyler Jarjoura
that last riff in hail OMFG
Punx Minoica
This album is perfect in every notorious way possible...
very electric wizard'ish
Jake Corwin
I love jesus so much church every sunday cats
Jesse Jay Allen
Chill Metal?... Didn't know it was a thing. I ffcking love it.
The Microdance
Christmas music.
wow great album
Just listening to this made me stoned
Chanandler Bong
4:45 shit gets real.
The Lukeas
Maryland deathfest here I come
Supertramp Supertramp
Ruken Topalan
Dallas Ferguson
I just opened a portal to hell
David Moore
it took a while but i finally realized that the album's name is written in the flames on the lower right corner
Stefano Deathstep
Satan worship Me
yup definite darkthrone influences there
Joe Diaz
I like their music! it can be used for movies, videogames,scores, commercials,tv shows,you name it! it's awesome! they got some heavy guitar riffs with some Black Sabbath riffs in there too. I enjoyed this whole album!!!!
I got a good workout throughout from all the headbanging
Haley Adams
praise jeebus
kharnak crux
the 3rd Worship segment is mesmerizing.
awesome music and nice artwork
Chanpekes Norris
Tim Lange
If you play this backwards you get Katy Perry songs
Erik Limbacher
love this album at double speed
This shit is so so good.
Josh Pelton
I happened upon this while listening to Eyehate God Dopesick album. Idk its very boring to me , too many of these doom/sludge bands lack substance or originality.
kranav sharma
Ian Vickrey
I have this CD. Is it just me, or is the low end almost non-existent?
why did playing dopesmoker suggest me bongripper?
Ahmed Al-Hajjar
Too slow. Nice tones. But too slow. I need some Overkill or Motörhead NOW! ( Before you all get your vaginas in a twist: I like this album ).
Crazed Heretic
I like a lot of heavy metal, pretty much only heavy metal, and this is just boring as all get out.  It doesn't invoke any emotion and the whole album is so monotone.