Top 10 Discontinued Food Items We Miss – Part 7

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Top 10 Discontinued Food Items We Miss – Part 7. The foods we talk about here were popular at some point in time. However, as time went on, people stopped buying them. They had no choice but to discontinue them. So here is the list of the Top 10 Discontinued Food Items We Miss – Part 7. TOP 10 NERD - NEW CHANNEL - /> FAN MAIL: P.O BOX # 14015 2408 Lakeshore Blvd W. Etobicoke, On M8V4A2 MORE VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE AS WELL: Top 10 Discontinued Food Items We Miss – Part 6: /> Top 10 Discontinued Food Items We Miss – Part 5: /> Top 10 Discontinued Food Items We Miss – Part 4: /> Top 10 Discontinued Fast Food Items We All Miss: /> SUBSCRIBE TO MOSTAMAZINGTOP10- /> FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Fan Page- /> Instagram- /> Twitter- /> VIDEO EDITED BY: Ryan Wazonek PRODUCED BY: Liam Collens POST PRODUCTION: Sasha Wood

Danny Burke
Nom nom nom. Part 8?
I got click baited by Oreos
Nigeria was Hungary Ate turkey Added some Chile Slipped on some Greece Broke China Czech it out they Went shopping at Iceland Nothing Congo wrong Got eaten by Wales Norway is that true Kenya believe it! Like if you found this funny
Olivia Equestrian
Chocolate covered potato chips? That actually sounds really good
Derpy Gaming
how to get all stuff Oreo 1.Buy some mega stuff Oreos 2.take a cookie 3.separate the cookie from the cream Makes sense right?
Me: wtf? I dont know any..... Me: im too young My mom: *remembers evert single one* Me: ur old. My mom: LA CHANCLA ME:T-T
Tina Wannabe
Would you eat this? Yes Have you eaten this? Probably Are you okay? Debatable
Katie kat
I'm probably the only one who still likes cheese nips
Christopher sherpa
Does anybody remember twinkies
Asia Smith
Chocolate lays...I'm in heaven 🙂♥
Actually back in the 80’s it was WWF still.
I never heard of anything on this list so I dont miss them
Pugpartyforever 101
Who else thought whem he said tib-bits thry freacked out cuz they thought tim bits
Sister Ian
Roses are red Violets are blue I came for the Oreos And so did you
Brayden Larimer
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I just got clickbaited, And so did you
Jedileader 01
The chicken and waffle Lays actually sounds kind of good.
I'm waiting for part 8. :) like if you agree!!!
I wanna try the Choco Bliss.
Bryceyboy 58
1:50 those are still around in the USA and they are the BEST donuts you don’t have to worry about them going stale cuz you will just eat them all before they go stale 😂
Yu_ dedme
we have giggles in lithuania and fiery habeniero doritos
Ericas gachas
Who else is just watching this but some of you were born in the 2000s😂 i was born in 2007 im 11
JOSHUA Montoya
I miss that WWE ice cream SO badly
Mattzilla Gamer
Are the Oreos with just the cream actually real
I loved the lays chips dipped in chocolate
Aqono Luna
I do miss the hell out of Chicken and Waffles Lay’s Chips.
Joy Galler
R.I.P Giggles, Lay's Wavy Chocolate, Pizza Cruchabungas, Dutch Mill Donuts, Fiery Habanero Doritos, Cheese Tidbits, WWE Ice Cream Bars, Pac Man Spaghetti, Choco Bliss and Screaming Yellow Zonkers
He sounds so depressed?
AMpixels TMJ
who else wishes they could still try these
Bombastic Brody
I miss the BLT Lay's potato chips...
sal pal
Lays chocolate chips were delicious
Miena Pienaar
I have not ate 1 of these snaks?!
Yeeeeeeeees! WWE Ice Cream Bars!
Ashleigh Baker
like if Oreo Cakesters should be brought back
WE have giggles in 🇮🇱
Colby Piotras
The chocolate lays were really good.
Toaster Noodle
The lays wavy is easy to make just dip a lays chip into Nutella
Juggalo Jedi
Those chocolate chips actually are wicked good
Cool MacKenzie
Roses are Red🌹 Violets are Blue I came for Starbucks So did you🦄🦄
Jevon Jackson
Bring back lays biscuits&gray it's like heaven and a good meal put together just my opinion.
liz the Fox
I remember the chicken and waffles chip bag click like if you do too
Lets Do Stuff
Where are the all cream oreossss? CLICKBAITED!!
Moha HT
Where is the waffle huh and starbucks
Tony Hiscock
The lays wavy are gross
Jack Marston
In my country we have dutch Will donuts because im dutch😂😂
Emily's Way
Yall need to say watermelon mint lemonade from Chick fa la
Piper Lichtl
I want those firey habanero doritos
Small Potato Unicorn
Me still have a biscuit something like "Giggles" in the UK... Its a biscuit with a smiley face but instead of chocolate it is cream and jam inside....
Timothy Wright
We have them in England
JayJ A-O
You can find habanero Doritos in the special collisions packs
Nish B
Wavy chocolate chips are actually really good. They still sell the lays version here in nc near my local food lion
Chocolate lays were bomb af
White Lion
i havent tried the lays chocolate chips before but i did from another brand and it was good.
what if this catches up to the dumb tweets.... oh wait the world would need more discontinued food items... and we would have to miss them!
Rowan Fisher
Connor The Cloutgod
Who here else got a 105 minuet ad?
Jastej Pabla
I had the milk chocolate chip
Janko Jallow
Does anyone remember the skittles gum
Douglas Freeman
Destiny Abreu
Where is the all stuff Oreos
Jason Oakleys Vlogs 2018
In Canada we still have lays wavy chocolate chips
Frothier Orchid
Cheese mip-pels
iChxrry RBLX
The lays wavy covered in chocolate are still sold in the US. They are a very good snack.
Pøtato Nãira
*i love how I didn’t even see these because i just got birthed at 2008 but I’m watching these*
Codename: Xelda
I didn't even know all stuff Oreo's were a thing
TheRedGamerPlayZ 42
The chips that are discontinued, i have a collection for them go visit [email protected] to go buy them, only 3 bucks,
☀️ Sunny Days ☀️
None of these were available in the U.K. I grew up in the 70s & 80s.
Becky Michealis
Karis H
Danny and Landon are my favorite
The wavy lays were good I had the milk chocolate ones
KieronKN Singapore
Im not a lays fan because they scam as the potato chips packet Is made up of 20% chips and 80% air
Karis H
Cheese nips
Sue Criswell
Mmmm, chocolate covered potato chips! They are sooo good!
*_S C R E A M I N G Y E L L O W Z O N K E R S_*
Ninja Parkour Gamer (NPG)
Your got the stuff
Tide Pods
Cheese kippers yummy noodles filled with cheese. 1970-2007
Tide Pods
Craved gravey Yummy cheese balls filled with gravey 1923-2012
Nicholas Celaya
The chocolate lays aren't discontinued, they bring them back each year in the holiday season at target.
Tim Fifelski
Cian O
Dolphin Blue
All Stuff Oreos is a April Fools prank not a discontinued food item.
Brianna Gutierrez
I don’t remember just Oreo cream
Crazyface 9000
I saw the wavy chocolate chips at a nearby store not too long ago.
tails milespower
Giselle Neri
UltraGamer 49
I ate Lays Wavy chocolate it was very good!
Sabrina T
I have had the chips dipped in milk chocolate it was so good! If you want to try it, melt Hershey's milk chocolate and then dip a ruffle chip into it. Let it set in the freezer or refrigerator overnight and bam you have a chip dipped in chocolate yum
Sandy’s Squishes
Part 8
Mike K
Chocolate covered chips were THE BOMB!!!
Elizabeth Hartmann
U can still get the lays chocolate covered chips at Christmas and new years
Harley Quinn 4 Life
Chocolate covered chips are still a thing in Virginia
Maddison McMahon
Ew chocolate chips
JBNinja 777
I have had a different type of chocolate chips and they were really good plus I love your vids :)
Brittany Harris
those lays chocolate chips were my life
Jamilynn Mcelravey
Roses are red Vilolets are blue Theses foods look yummy I need them in my tummy
Jack Marston
We have giggels in my country but with a other name
Rae Sossa
The chocolate covered lays chips taste like caramel
AQ Thrones
The wavy chips are still here where I live 👍
Norman Patterson
I loved to eat Fiery Habanero doritos
Robert Z
Here are some discontinued items that might stir up interest and appetites: 1) Blair's Death Rain Cajun chips 2) Blair's Death Rain Tequila chips 3) Cadbury's Rum & Butter candy bar 4) Cadbury's Six Bar (might be available in the UK) 5) Libby's Spreadable Pizza (no photo of the product seems to exist; tomato sauce, cheese, & pepperoni to be spread on toast, heated in a toaster oven)