LOUD live @ Ozora Festival 2015 - Full Set [HD]

Listen to the 5 Billion Stars - Full Album Mix: />It was amazing to play for 2 hours in Ozora Festival 2015 mainstage. We presented ALL of our new 5th Album in this show with almost no beat mixing , from beginning to end . . . and a lot of the new tracks we made this year along with some real LOUD classics together with a live drummer and live synths and an amazing crowd!!! We can’t really ask for much more . . . Thank you all who were part of the experience. Drums & percussion: Nimrod Gorovich Track list: 00:00 - 5:00 - LOUD feat. Raja Ram - Why Was Music Created ? 5:00 - 16:00 - LOUD - 5 Billion Stars 16:00 - 24:00 - LOUD & Shulman - If (Mashup of Original with Boom 2014 Edit) 24:00 - 33:00 - LOUD - A Unique Drum 33:00 - 41:00 - LOUD feat. Emok & Vice - Om 41:00 - 50:00 - LOUD - Shores of Titan 50:00 - 1:00:00 LOUD - Peace Pipe 1:00:00 - 1:07:00 - LOUD - Green Star 1:07:00 - 1:08:30 - LOUD feat. Empirikal - Brazilian Jam 1:08:30 - 1:15:00 - LOUD - Africa 101 1:15:00 - 1:23:00 - LOUD - Goblins Talking 1:23:00 - 1:30:00 - Psysex - L.S.Dance (LOUD Remix) 1:30:00 - 1:38:00 - Infected Mushroom - Psycho (LOUD & Domestic Remix) 1:38:00 - 1:44:00 - Tandu- Alien Pump (LOUD feat Oforia Remix) 1:44:00 - 1:49:00 - Hallucinogen - Snarling Black Mabel (LOUD & Domestic Remix) 1:49:00 - 1:57:00 - LOUD - Loose Senses 1:57:00 - END - LOUD - Small Talk & Perpetuum Mobile Mashup by Ben Kirschenbaum 2nd Camera by Raphael Federer Subscribe: /> /> /> />Small Talk - Remixes Album: /> More LOUD: /> /> /> /> LOUD are one of the hottest and most interesting groups in the world trance scene today. Kobi Toledano and Eitan Reiter have been producing high quality and original electonic music together since 2006, blending old school roots with cutting-edge fresh new sound. Refusing to adhere to fashions and formulas they have been paving their own road in the world of Psychedelic Trance (Psytrance or Goa Trance) with their own special musical say. They have been performing in the biggest music festivals and raves world wide. This channel is powered by Trancentral. Subscribe for updates:

Crazy stuff guys... Cant stop listening to it!
G. A. Molnar
This is probably the best music video on youtube.
Gabriela Rabeschini
This is seriously one of the best things I've heard.
Farshad jahangiri
Hi I'm from Tehran. Me and mY friends are in love with your music. For me is too hard to get to boom or ozora. But I have a little story to tell. In this summer I tripped like 5 times with your live set at boom and I still want to do it its just new and fresh like first time I heard that track yeah. Last time that me and friend went to jungle we had your boom fest set on my blutoth speaker and the music were making us going further and further to deep in jungle and we were nearly going to get lost((which is so good)) and suddenly I told my self wow this music is amazing and I wished there was somthing that could bring us back. Just wanted to say you guys are amaZing and amazing. I saw you at neon festival in turkey and wish to see u again. Peace and peace and peace.
Felipe Ribeiro Pereira
melhor live de todos os tempos!!! já assisti mais de 20 vezes kkkk
Leonardo Rodrigues
Por mais lives assim aqui no Brasil, + som orgânico - drop e kicks infinitos
Marcela Fiamenghi
Fantástico, simplesmente maravilhoso! Não consigo parar de ouvir!
Masha Mizzi
One of the best sets i heard lately.. so deep and powerful. just couldn't stop dancing and smiling. thank you!
Paul Hill
19:00 was just , well , I cant even describe aha !!!! so good!
No drunken idiots jumping all over the place, just people loving the moment., beautiful....
Dominique Barros
Qualidade de som espetacular
francismar b.
I am happy to be part of that culture called PSY TRANCE...ૐ ૐ ૐ
Leandro Lopes
fechei os olhos e viajei, viajei pra longe... que live, que perfeição, altamente psicodélico quebrando protocolos de kick e bass constantes, atmosfera mágica e ao mesmo tempo meio tribal, perfeito, perfeito ! it was amazing, congrats !
Filipe Nunes
I found you by luck and i am very happy, your music is the true trance experience. Thank you for your contribute to this world.
Ahmed refaei
people who hit the dislike button do not understand the alien's messages
Marmik K
Loved every second of this set!!
Stefan Huber
Thanks for this amazing set!!! 1:06:10 is incredible!!! :)
Arielli Machado
LOUD you rock! AMAZING, d+, perfeito! Namastê
probaly over a thousand vieuws only me now :D
Jeronimo Dominguez
Percussions with small talk is one the most beautiful things I ever listened. What an amazing set Loud. Just amazing.
Luiz Zen
"Brazilian Jam" --> GO GO GO Brasil! Amazing set!
Dylan Birkett
This has changed my whole perspective on life I feel like I need to play this on one giant speaker so that the whole world can here it and go through a much needed perspective change. will this set be available for free download by any chance.  .
Marcos Marciel
Muito clássica essa apresentação dos caras. Assim que é.....dou valor parabéns!!!! tamo nessa juntos.
Juliano Guimarães
The best psytrance live set!!
Damián Pomodoro Zemborain
almost one million, yesssss!...Ilove that
Gabriel Ferreira
i liked of the voices from the various cultures
Robin Singh
The best set ,loud live are great artist love ❤ you guys for such a amazing. Set
Your live are amazing guys, well done!!!! The end is just amazin, Epic Modify: Alien Trump Remix IS EPIC! really good job
Mara Tibrea
wow guys... this is magic <3 thank you
Valber Cabrini
Vídeo incrível. Emocionante. :') Parabéns! <3
Jesper Daugaard
I beleive I am currently responsible for about 10% of the views on this video #LoudOnRepeat
Joshua Jacobs
That intro HAS to be Raja Ram speaking, right?
Acqua Indigo
thank you last night we party with this great sounds
Stephanie Osef
How this intro drive me crazy... That was a great set, thanks so much Loud :D <3 One of my best moments in ozora
bruno alan bessone
Amazzin work you and ozora djs ! without acid words Min 14:16 amazzing -. and all the people who help
<3 you were incredible amazing, thanks!!! I can't wait to see you again <3
Ze Dosbois8000
1:06:55 ...AMAZING!
milton salgado
Makoto, 😊 Puebla, México
Robinson Andrés Reyes
WOWWWW i loved your music <3 amazing live, no paro de escucharlo!! :D thanks min 34:00 - 37:00 whats a name the song ??
Best live of ozora, thank you LOUD ! Our giraffe make the party all the afternoon ;)
such graphs. so data.
take bliss with you, next ozora :)
I really liked that Alien Pump remix <3
Bruno Ricardo
LOUD feat. Empirikal - Brazilian Jam !!!! Carnaval....hahahah
Isabella Almeida
"Good, Good, Muito bom mesmo, acompanho esses 2 faz tempo, e pramin essa eles superarão, Nao vejo a Hora de encontra-los na MANDALLA 10 Anos, In BRASILLLLL Ufa..
9:08 *_* This set is pure energy ...
Kim Y.
Brilliant and beautiful!! Thank you LOUD! LOVE YOU!!! <3
carlitos ॐ
Son ustedes.... =D Ojalá pronto los bajen de nuevo a México.
Camille Mauguier
Magic ! Beautiful job, congrats :)
Adam Katz
such quality...slow brew...oh love u guys.. Thank you!!
Charles Leaver
omg, 1:33:07... SO MUCH POWER!!!!!!! truly epic!
Zaz Paddishah
What album, what sound, what set !!! Thank yooouuuuu!!! :-)
daan hoekmeijer
wow that intro gives me [email protected] flash backs unreal loud keep on going goa4ever RESPECT
Ramin Ghazizadeh
man you are the best in the world !!! also your boom festival was perfect and amazing.
Mikkel Jørgensen
You guys are truly amazing.. I really hope to see you IRL one day :D
I'm following Loud since I hear the complete Hadra Festival 2011 Set, and after that I have the opportunity to assist to a live Act in ILO Festival 2012 in México City, Time and Space in Riviera Maya México, ILO Festival 2014 in México City, and Fantastic Festival 2014 México City. I think their evolve is awesome! always changing the formats and styles, innovating and creating excelent new forms for transmit the energy and thinking to their listeners. Although a lot of people who are fan of Loud like me are psy, psy-trance, also incluve dark-psy, forest supporters for that reason sometimes I think we would have the desire to listen every time the "High Loud" based in their album "Some kind of creativity" but we have to understand that certainly Loud has included more and more deep and spiritual oriented music that make their sounds greater and better than when they started.
JiRi HavliCeK
VIDEO production BIG RESPEKT...
Robin Singh
Loud live when you are coming to india
haha what a drug fest :D
Gustavo VH
True sound Alchemists. Thanks!
I just stumbled upon this and I loved it! Where can I download it in HD without the crowd? For a moment I was there too. :)
Awesome set; you guy's managed to get me out of the shade; probably one of the only days I was at mainstage during the day :) (found myself at 6:50; yey :D)
Taygeta 303
Best live act i've seen in my life... Thanks for sharing this precious moment with us..
Spectacular Syncrol
why would you dislike this ?
Brandon Alvarez
This is really brilliant, amazing job!!!
Respect! This is my trip
Respect! This is my trip
Respect! This is my trip
בן ליסטר
after 1:20 i understand i love u loud dont stop
David Brito
Great job, i love it, keep going, greetins from Portugal.
Always taking me to the place I want be! Transcending, absolute perfection <3 Lots of love from Brazil!!
pAnon valente
Esperando ansiosamente em Manaus -AM -Brasil
Martin Molnar
This set shows the noises of an alternative world. Big up for you guys
Douglas Bomfim
Amazing!!!! Sense of peace!!!!
Eugene Tsvetkov
I can bet you meet with aliens and buy samples from them.... :/
Amazing set! <3 Love LOUD! I was there!
Trường Đào
Wendel Jesus
Eu gosto de aprecia um som magnífico para loud! amo seu sou muito alusimodio ,nossa faltou eu nessa tribo 👏👏👏👏🇧🇷
Rediscovering psy trance with your music. Best producer no doubt bro
Carina Mendes
Ghega logo DIA 17 #Cabessativa #Brasil
reza abdi
just one word awesome pls dl link :D
Ibbni Abbas
GO Brasil! Amazing set! hit thats bass :)
zoltan g
I wasn't there at Ozora this year :( but this was a pleasure to watch! Well done guys!
Dank Sans
mega geile sound! grües us de schwiiz <3
Live act words just started to make sence, once again... Well done, Loud ;)
Iggor Lopes
cheers from amazônia!! <3
Aleksandar Gregurić
I loved hearing you live, even had an alarm clock set, just in case not to miss the morning show. And need i say it was worth it! ;) thx
Alexandre Toledo
Se dancei? Suor da transformação <3
This is my trip, go ahead this way please 😎
This is my trip, go ahead this way please 😎
This is my trip, go ahead this way please 😎
Ixtremist Ohtheyrlywantmyname
One of the best moments at Ozora 2015, big respect, thx from Czech Republic!
geovan o. jesus
live performance fantastic psychedelics espiritual
Holger Halfmann
Thanks. Like to do the 2nd Camara once for you..
raj bhoir
just bloved my mind amazing set
Much trip for today
Vivre Simplement
At 20:43, it's the same voice of Soundwave (Transformers G1) , excellent !!!
i´m speechless ... amazing live deep proggy set ... fantastic work guys !!!!
Yaes MD Oficial
I always LOVE LOUD and with Emok and Vice convince perfect