Céline Dion - I'm Alive (Video version 2 - NO "Stuart Little 2" movie footage)

Music video by Céline Dion performing I'm Alive. (C) 2002 Sony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc. Céline Dion's official video for I'm Alive Click to listen or buy A New Day Has Come on Google Play: />Buy the A New Day Has Come album download from iTunes: />Click to listen to Céline Dion on Spotify: Click to listen to A New Day Has Come on Apple Music: />Buy the A New Day Has Come CD from Amazon: More videos from Céline Dion: My Heart Will Go On - />The Power of Love - />That's the Way it is - />A New Day Has Come - /> Web Site: />Facebook: /> Lyrics: I get Wings to Fly I'm alive When you call on me When I hear you breathe I get wings to fly I feel that I'm alive When you look at me I can touch the sky I know that I'm alive When you bless the day I just drift away All my worries die I'm glad that I'm alive You've set my heart on fire Filled me with love Made me a woman On clouds above I couldn't get much higher My spirit takes flight Cause I am alive When you call on me When I hear you breathe I get wings to fly I feel that I'm alive When you reach for me Raising spirits high God knows that, That I'll be the one standing by Through good and through trying times And it's only begun I can't wait for the rest of my life When you call on me When you reach for me I get wings to fly I feel that... When you bless the day I just drift away All my worries die I know that Im alive I get wings to fly God knows that I'm alive"

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Amit Mind
who is still watching in 2018???
Prince Newton
I am I the only one here in 2018??? Never gets old😭
اكسواليه كيوت
Carina Batista
2018 and still watching I’m alive ❤️ when you call on me
*OMG! 15 years ago! :o I'm old... wait! No! I'm still a child! <3 Till the end! <3*
bomi Avenue
im ready to see you in Bkk 23th July 2018
Ikko Cahyono
Wajahe koyo lukisan animasi
Kasia Sulima
June Msp
2018 anyone ?
Moha Cola Pepsi
Who's watching this beautiful voice in 2017
Beaver Cleaver
Still watching it in 2018 ----- Celine dion I love till my end 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Muniiro Manka
2018 who's watching song❤❤❤❤❤❤
Maméry Diabaté
2018 celine dion
Akash Buragohain
Lots of memories❤!
Sabah Tube ❶
*Wooooow! Incredible voice*
Sakis Efraimidis
*_The nostalgia...Omg...I remember watching the movie and listening to the song when I was 5_*
john felix villaflor
you make my heart alive!!!!!!
Monisha I love you
I can't stop watching it again and again, her voice and the playback singers were great
samia kobli
I love you Celine💕💕💕💕
kenisha anthony
2017 anyone? I wanna know who's watching
connection 740
I want it to be 2002 again...
Kasia Sulima
Ktoś z Polski ???😂😂
Fantastic Dion 2
Céline is amazing singer
Evelyna Aspidov Ravlo
2019 anyone????? Just me....oh....
Jomar Panado
May 11 2018 still watching
Adam Sene
July 09 2018??
Martha Shemuvalula
All my worries gone😍🤗
Monisha I love you
Dylan Ritlall
2017 anyone?????
Samundra Amgai
Those guys are awesome ....who are watching this also in 2018
Khan Syed
Beautiful song
Fatima almalki
I love your songs
Ema Candy
Marika Zawada
I'm a live
Anyone else still listening to this in 2561?
2018 anyone? ❤️😁✌🏻🌹❤️
fatima AI_afrawy
Daniel Süki
My mums favorite song!
Med Capsule
Her face doesn't seem to be alive ... One of my favourite song though 😘
Maria Ella
2018 ??thumps up ,if you still listening this song?😍
Jeon flo
Holy shit this brings back memories. I feel like crying now
J'adore cette personne n'a c'est une personne que j'ai toujours admiré j'aimerai toujours de la part de Colette Marseille
Am I the only one who thinks that she does not look herself in this video? It looks super photoshopped to me although I have no idea how that works on video. But the fact is that she does look like she is 20 by the end of the video and that is so not true if you see her live appearances. I don't understand why would they work her face like that????
fathi lemouchi
Sumithra Jayaraj
when i hear this song...I'M ALIVE!
ميران احمد
من يستمع إلى هذا الصوت العذب في 2018 من العرب أعطني لايك
Barbara Wilkinson
I'm so excited to be alive!!
Who watching in 2018?
محمد الطيب
يا سلام علي الفن الجميل
Ramjane Ramjane
تسجيل دخول😉😉
Michael Frank Dela Cruz
Celine dion... whatta song wow!!!.. my goodness beautiful.... god bless you more....we'll god blessed you so much with lotsa talent... offcourse your beautiful voice ever... that inspires us all..
Ilhem VEVO
Céline Dion the legend will not be repeated ❤️
King David
2018 anyone ??????!
Bror Karlsson
Mycket good musik.Thank you från Sweden
Kenny Scott
No more mouse traps. Bless little Stuart.xxx.
Yas .
Amoya McBean
My mom favorite song
F.C.E. 365 TV - iDevice Central
RIP René :(
Pe Bo
offizielle german vh1 video edit version original movie soundtrack
Yarada Lij
Anyone 29 juni 2018
Barbara Wilkinson
I feel so much more alive!!
Feathered Serpent
I don't understand why they kept retouching her face as the video went along. By the end, she looks so plastic and cartoonish especially around her mouth..
Blood Orchid
There is only a few female artists that make me cry when i sing along with them she is number Two Stephanie Mills will always be number ONE with Home. This one makes me cry because I can relate to becoming a mother and having So Much Love for my children that I sing the words with all my soul.
Ali .R Slemani
I love celine 😘😘😘😘
The Soul Of The Wind
Neelima Zadar
May 2018?
Africa Konnect
Still here on the Eve of Christmas 2016. Blessed Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2017 Music Lovers.
Qq Qq
3018 I’m alive 😇
alessandro d'isola
Sovere Muhindo
Anyone which this lovely vice in 2018
FireBlock Gamer
Emmm... What was that?!
Awais Afridi
2018, March 22. Anyone?
Purity Kamande
I'm flying n 2018am a live celi 😍😍
Areza Safa
Merci Céline Dion jevous adore à tout ma vie jevousaime très fort votre admirateur miloud gouchi Algérienne
Phil Clancy
2018 anyone?????
DeT0TeD guerreiras místicas
😍😍😍😍 Eu gosto da suas músicas são lindas e também fala de amor eu adoro porque eu sou muito romântica sua mulher muito romântica e também gosta de mim muitas muitas coisas de amor poesias Adoro essa parte mas as suas músicas são tão maravilhosas e e eu fico muito feliz quando eu eu eu fico ouvindo as suas músicas maravilhosas
Sarah Sauveur
Second of June 2018 !! Hahahaha #celineforever
Shadek Avaat
Ülviyye Bağırova
Я тоже очень люблю музыку
Jeken Amangul
Yarada Lij
Who's is still watching 2018
katharine morales
Cusco Perú 🇵🇪 2018
Назуров Афган
sg is coming today
April 2018
Bernardo Hein
best music video ever
Nairen Cassar
beautifull voice I am crying
Forcelini Silva
Jorge Solis Martínez
Bravo celine
حكم العراقي
I love this song 💙
Stuart Little 2 <3 Makes you feel so nostalgic
Angie Bonocan
Go celine dion
Anuj Rajbansi
May 21 anyone? ??
charles edwin
any 1 still my death😍😍
Yeah...Am Alive....Set my heart on Fire...
Hema Prasad
I m alive....👍👍👍👍
Rudīte Fauste
Munal chaudhary
Looks like I have got my birthday gift.............(love this song)