Hunter x Hunter 2011 All 6 Openings

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SunRise Fun
I love this anime
Kim Taehyung
I like op 6 because of Ging
I really hope the author can finish the manga and they continue to animate it :') I love hxh so much.
Ruth N.
I don't think you can ever smile after this anime ended.
Fangirlhasnoreality MM
Killa's skateboard was my favorite character
The 6th op is depressing as shit, especially when Killua and Gon are walking away from each other and Killua looks upset.
Isabel Angell
When you relize the creator of hunter x hunter married to the creator of sailor moon Could there be a more legendary pair
Rachell Carranza Rivas
Doctor: I'm afraid you only have 8 minutes to live.. Me: *watches this video*
"You just try again" *shows Zushi and Wing* "You just go away" *shows Hisoka* 😂 lmao
Dr. Psycho
If Hunter X Hunter didn't stop yet.... It would be one of the best anime shows
sub to pewdiepie
knuckle: Whats the name of your technique?! Gon: Ja-Janken Knuckle: (very detailed explanation on jajanken) Gon: sure that part was amazing
2018 anyone ? 💙
This is the most underrated anime of this decade. I feel sorry for those who haven't seen it, it is a true masterpiece. Fingers corssed for more anime after 10 years if the bloody manga progresses(ahem, gets out hiatus all the damn time!)
Orion's Arrow
HxH Openings By Episode *Op 1:* Episodes 1 - 26 0:08 *Op 2:* Episodes 27 - 49 1:27 *Op 3:* Episodes 50 - 58 2:44 *Op 4:* Episodes 59 - 75 4:05 *Op 5:* Episodes 76 - 136 5:24 *Op 6:* Episodes 137 - 147 6:42
3:47 "You can smile" (Shows uvo) HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SMILE
Only Opening where song doesn't get booring after gazillion listenings!!!!
y'know... I feel that the intro was best during the chimera ant arc. it felt so in-sync. but that's just me.
Snivy Fans
Hunter X Hunter >My hero academia >Naruto >Dragonball
Fatin Ahmed
You can smile again! Me: no I can't I need to finish the masterpiece! You can fly away! Me: I can't fly You just try again! Me: No! no matter how many times I try I will never get to continue ur until the story continues itself... You just go away! Me: Fine...
i would KILL for a season 7...
One of the most legendary shounen ! My only fear is that the manga will never be completed or that when it is, they won't be able to animate it the same way or use the same voice actors because too much time will have passed.
Opening 1: OH MY GOD THIS IS SO PRECIOUS AND HAPPY Opening 2: OH MY GOD IM SO HYPED Opening 3: OH MY GOD ITS THE PHANTOM TROUPE! Opening 4: OH MY GOD IS THAT GING Opening 5: im just not in the mood... Opening 6: OH MY GOD LEORIO Episode 148 credits: I WILL NEVER SEE THIS SONG THE SAME EVER AGAIN
Fried Gaming
I feel like watching the anime again....
FastRandomEX 123
HxH Op = Spoiler :v
piece of wood
opening 5 is just legendary, same song but 1000x epic
omg I love Killua <3 he's so cute aaagggggghhhhhhhhhhh
hunter x hunter manga Is Backkk i think 1 year and hunter x hunter anime back :)
In the third opening they should put more Kurapika's scenes instead of Gon's :/
Whoosh Whoosh
うき うき
Kurapika Kurta ChainsUser Golden
I really like this video of opening theme song of Hunter x Hunter all so cool and cute and awesome... but i like love Kurapika Kurta so much ...
ahmed othman
5th opening has spoiled so much about the arc now focusing on it lol. the 3 bodyguards and the king, netero losing an arm and gon going adult mode.
AngeLoveR Anime
I love this anime, I honestly recommend the entire universe to watch this before god comes
キルアのスケボー乗ってるシーンとか個人的に好きだなーw あとクラピカの前髪気にしてるシーンと 誰かこの気持ち分からないかな?
Piwi V-Tamer
I just hope if Dark Continent is eventually on TV, they must keep this song. Period!!!
ShadowRealm Gamer
This is my favorite anime
ここのコメント欄を見て思ったこと 俺英語力皆無だわ
Gretchen Mendoza
best anime ever like if you agree
Yakoub Barcelona10
HxH is legendary
I remember the first arc..... Then things went backshit crazy. But in a good way. The author of Hunter X Hunter is really good considering he would kill off a character who isn't one of the main ones. He gets us close to them for a second then cuts them off, making us feel for them. It's a great way to write
Killua Zoldyck
I like Killua Zoldyck the best I am just like him
its Fiery
I love the fourth one
久しぶりにこの曲を聞いたのですが、なんかもう涙流崩壊。w ほんとに、大好きだなぁ♡
Donia Mahmoud
i cant get over it help please.
ヤバイ 幻影旅団好き
Rainbow Man
Opening three technically isn't another opening since it is the same thing just a different scene and other animes do this like naruto so really only 5 openings
Its so sad in the 6 op,when says "you can smile" and appears gon,and you know that he is dying ;-;
Dana Owens
My absolute favorite anime
Kurapika is Best Girl.
Victor Alvaro Bravo
Best shonen ever!!!
DarwinRulezzz HD
i love u kite
ぐり ぐり
I love hunter x hunter so much
Anrial BBOH
My top : 1- 4 Opening 2- 5 Opening 3- 6 Opening 4- 2 Opening 5- 3 Opening 6- 1 Opening
Nana Zoldyck
it has 6 theme, but one or two songs? i'm confused.. because it sound a bit differ
Space Girl
2:06 yes hisoka, please just go away
bts & len hina
I love killua and gon
1:10 killua's smile is so cute!!!!
7:05 looks so sad
3番目と4番目が個人的に好きです! (ジンイケメンすぎやろ…)
Joi LikesVids
so, just to sum it all up... it's literally just alternating between the same two songs, and you know what? that's perfectly fine to me. I freaking LOVE this song.
Roblox Sam
I really like op 5 cause of neferpitou :3 I really like her for some reason
Roaa roaa
I think I will watch ep 149 with my son
6:45 Badass Netero
Does anyone else love the Greed Island arc and it being your favorite, solely for the reason of the dodgeball match?
This anime is the definition of a masterpiece (btw i finished it a long time ago i just love the op's) I dont think there can be another anime with this many episodes and still be this good, srlsy there are alot of anime with many episodes, but that just die out or gets super boring after the first couple of episodes, but every episode in HxH is perfect. Edit: wow, my english is really bad, let me fix it.
*Killua saying "I'll kill you' in Japanese intensifies*
DarwinRulezzz HD
chimera ants
.....the same
Killua Zoldyck
I feel that hxh will make a big return
If they continue the anime, i hope they actually keep the same song, is pretty iconic at this point
i love this anime but im still sad that the fact that the anime had finished (for now) but at least the manga is still going,just wondering when the anime will come back.<3
*shows gon* you can smile! Me: wtf? Gon nearly died!
大地(だいち)を踏(ふ)みしめて 君(くん)は目覚(めざ)めていく Daichio Fumishimete Kunwa Mezameteiku 天使(てんし)の微笑(ほほえ)みで 连(つ)れ出(だ)して! Tenshino Hohoemide Tsure Dashite ! 孤独(こどく)でも 一人(ひとり)じゃないさ Kodokudemo Hitorijanaisa 生(う)まれてきたことに 必(かなら)ず意味(いみ)がある Umaretekitakotoni Kanarazu Imiga-ru 优(やさ)しさに 満(み)ち溢(あふ)れてる Yasashisani Michi Afureteru 青(あお)い地球(ちきゅう)(ほし)にありがとう Aoi Chikyu-(hoshi)niarigatou You can smile again 太阳(たいよう)浴(あ)びて Taiyou Abite You can fly away 世界(せかい)は君(くん)の 辉(かがや)きを待(ま)ってる Sekaiwa Kunno Kagayakio Matteru 大地(だいち)を踏(ふ)みしめて 君(くん)は目覚(めざ)めていく Daichio Fumishimete Kunwa Mezameteiku 天使(てんし)の微笑(ほほえ)みで 连(つ)れ出(だ)して!(you can smile!) Tenshino Hohoemide Tsure Dashite !(you can smile!) "始(はじ)まり"はいつでも遅(おそ)くないさ " Hajimari"haitsudemo Osoku Naisa 何度(なんど)でも立ち上(たちあ)がれ! Nandodemo Tachiaga Re! 最後(さいご)まで あきらめないさ Saigomade akiramenaisa やり続(つづ)けることに 必(かなら)ず意味(いみ)がある Yari Tsuzukerukotoni Kanarazu Imiga-ru You just try again 闇(やみ)を抜(ぬ)けて Yamio Nukete You just go away 未来(みらい)はいつも 仆(ぼく)たちを待(ま)ってる Miraihaitsumo Bokutachio Matteru 大空(おおぞら)駆(か)けぬけて 海原(うなばら)越(こ)えて行(い)け O-zora Kakenukete Unabara Koete Ike 天使(てんし)の投(な)げキッス 捕(つか)まえて!(you can try!) Tenshino Nage KISSU Tsukamaete!(you can try!) まだ谁(だれ)も见(み)たことない世界(せかい)へ Mada Daremo Mita Kotonai Sekaie 飞び出(とびだ)そう明日(あした) Tobidasou Ashita 大地(だいち)を踏(ふ)みしめて 君(くん)は目覚(めざ)めていく Daichio Fumishimete Kunwa Mezameteiku 天使(てんし)の微笑(ほほえ)みで 连(つ)れ出(だ)して!(you can smile!) Tenshino Hohoemide Tsure Dashite !(you can smile!) 终(お)わらない冒険(ぼうけん)に出挂(でか)けよう Owaranai Boukenni Dekakeyou いつまでも どこまでも Itsumademo dokomademo 流(なが)れ落(お)ちる涙(なみだ) 勇気(ゆうき)に変(か)えていく Nagare Ochiru Namida Yu-kini Kaeteiku 天使(てんし)の羽(はね)広(ひろ)げ 舞(ま)い上(あ)がれ!(you can fly!) Tenshino Hane Hiroge Mai Aga Re!(you can fly!) 悲(かな)しみも痛(いた)みも包(つつ)みこんで Kanashimimo Itamimo Tsutsumikonde 强(つよ)くなれ明日(あした) Tsuyoku Nare Ashita 大地(だいち)を踏(ふ)みしめて 君(くん)は目覚(めざ)めていく Daichio Fumishimete Kunwa Mezameteiku 天使(てんし)の微笑(ほほえ)みで 连(つ)れ出(だ)して!(you can smile!) Tenshino Hohoemide Tsure Dashite !(you can smile!) "始(はじ)まり"はいつでも遅(おそ)くないさ " Hajimari"haitsudemo Osoku Naisa 何度(なんど)でも!(you can try!) Nandodemo!(you can try!) 何度(なんど)でも!(you can try!) Nandodemo!(you can try!) 何度(なんど)でも立ち上(たちあ)がれ! Nandodemo Tachiaga Re!
Neko Chan
My absolute #1 anime of all time!! (I've watched a lot, even FMA: Brotherhood can't take the cake)
T Wiz
Honestly one of, if not the best anime’s ever created such a great storyline with a variety of great characters.
Despacito Despacito
Say your favorite anime mine is jojos bizarre adventure but this is second hunter x hunter is legendary but quite as good in my opinion
Idiot77 _
I thought kurapika and leorio would be with gon like killua was but i guess not
i miss this anime
Afonso Eric
3:47,5:06e 7:40 até arrepia os cabelos do cú
Op 5 and 6 are the best
MikeDude 108
I luv dis show And dis song 2018?
Nova 260q
4:06 piccolo from Dbz! 😂
In my opinion, Hunter X Hunter, My Hero Academia, and The Seven Deadly Sins are my favorite anime.
Luis Victor
The 3 is my favorite.