Shaolin Kung Fu Vs Muay Thai Fighter KNOCK OUT!!! (2013 Fight).

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Shaolin Kung Fu Master Vs Muay Thai Fighter - KO!! A great fight from both fighters. AMAZING KNOCK OUT FINISH! What do you guys think About the monk just dropping his guard like that? He could have won if not for that LOL Please leave a 'Like' and 'Favorite' the video. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more Martial Arts related content. CLICK BELOW TO SUBSCRIBE! /> CLICK BELOW TO SEE MY OTHER VIDEOS! /> Thanks /> />Cocky Fighter gets Owned. Shaolin Kung Fu Vs Muay Thai Champion - Upset KO - HD ORIGINAL QUALITY Thank you for watching.

he is not a real Shaolin just a normal fighter who claims to be a real shaolin Shaolin monks would never act like this / having such a bad attitude I am Chinese and this guy puts shame on all of us :(
Handler Rezei
What a jackass! He would've won if he wasn't so arrogant.
Any "MMA" fighter would tear up a monk in the octagon...but Shaolin monks don't train to fight in a ring with padded gloves. They train to KILL, not for SPORT. They also train with weapons designed to decapitate or cut your balls off. I respect MMA fighters for what they do in the ring, but if it came down to a life and death fight, absolutely no holds barred, you better bet on the shaolin monk. 
The Struggle Is Reel
Bad moved with the monk he thought he could take those big punches like he did in the past by just standing with his guard down and show off to the crowd that his chin is tough i guest not lol ... Lesson learned " never underestimate your opponent" you ain't invincible
Cloeren Jackson
Yep, because if you're a Chinese guy with a shaved head in yellow shorts, then you're definitely a Shaolin monk, because that's what they wear. Logic: fail.
No. 9
how ironic for the monk to be that arrogant in a figh
Joseph Le
The back of his head is probably so flat cause he keeps falling on it
hellsohot x
That's funny, the monk got KO'ed cuz he arrogantly thought he could endure blows to the head. Sigh.. monks nowadays
Haha worst moment for a pray!
he wasn't being to cocky just simply using the SECRET SHAOLIN CHIN BLOCK….however unlucky for him the muy thai fighter knew the little know and only effective way to counter this intense block..that is a swift left hook to the face
Sir Lance Goodthrust
Its really sad to see such a disciplined monk fall to stupidity and arrogance- to start show boating. Its just unbecoming and makes him look stupid. Such a pity.
Cynthia Avishegnath
When Shaolin wins they cheer "yay, see powerful shaolin". When Shaolin loses, they sour-grape themselves "That is not real shaolin. Real shaolin's ethics would not fight in the ring." The truth is, when they enter the ring, everyone fights muay thai. In the ring, there is no silat, no shaolin, no taichi, no marine, no brazilian, no taekwondo, no judo, no karate, no jujitsu, no ajinomoto, no sushi, no kawasaki, no toyota, no chevy. It is impossible to execute elaborate movements of shaolin or silat, etc in the ring. In the ring, everyone is simply plain muay thai aka plain street fighting. All techniques and dance are lost in the fray. It only depends on how fast, agile, deceptive and powerful. The rest is BS. If a shaolin wins, it's not because of shaolin movements that he won. It is because of the endurance training, the persistence training in awareness, focus and response, and the skill to take calculated risk. I don't see the point in all these silly ethnocentric cheering.
I have to give it to the Gold pants dude, he could sure take some face shots but no amount of monk magic can protect you from sheer physics and his ego caused him to drop.
As a guy who trains in Muay Thai, it sucks to have to say this... But I personally think the monk would have taken the fight had he not gotten cocky and offered his chin to him on a silver platter. These Shaolin Kung fu types are too quick. They have the speed to pick apart each and every mistake. I find that almost every other style would need to throw something and then anticipate the response to connect clean enough to hurt the guy. That's hard to do. Not impossible... But very difficult. Given this particular Shaolin "monk's" cockiness id say that this isn't a "real" Shaolin monk with traditional training so I understand the argument of "if he was a real Shaolin monk he would have killed him". But with that said... The same argument could be stated for a traditionally trained Muay Thai fighter as those guys are as tough as they are focused. It's hard to say which style is dominant. Both styles are very deadly in their traditional sense.
Mick G
Lesson from Shaolin Monk:  Hit me! And I will show you how to fall like a man knocked out! 
William Grand
I thought monks were supposed to be humble...
haha, this is such a stupid way to loose a fight. He basically lost by his own arrogance.
Rodrigo Herrera
"Let me drop my guard and activate my chi"....LOL, no chi this time dude!!!
Rule Number One: Never drop your guard.
Not only did he lose because of his arrogance, but he doesn't know how to use his knees even though he tried to more than the mui tai guy.  He could get better if he gets a good trainer.  And, forget all that chi training to channel the energy to absorb the punch.  It's better to just not receive the punch.
I wonder how much he got paid to throw the fight.
giuliano vlaardigen
Tiwanakotas Inca Vikingos
por lo que he visto, solo el Muay Thai, kick boxing, judo, lucha grecorromana y boxeo valen la pena para el combate los demas estilos son bastante fraude :v
Homere Lesperance
It was the shaolin monk cockiness, over-confident and ego that got the best of his fall. If history has taught anyone something, it is that people who know, think or believe they are invincible or superior to other's are most likely to slip up somewhere down the road! LOL
That uppercut is what did it. night night time and blow out the candles in shaolin.
After seeing a number of these Yi Long fight videos and several other Chinese fighters who seem to fight in the same league, I'm seriously questioning the legitimacy of this Chinese-owned WLF Organization that promotes these events. In WLF they have a lineup of Chinese fighters called the "Red Corner Players" and a lineup of non-Chinese fighters of different origins called the "Blue Corner Players". On their website they go on to say "China's top fighters will challenge any top fighters from around the world." Of course on YouTube, you will see hundreds of these WLF videos with titles like "Kung Fu vs. so and so" and unsurprisingly the Chinese fighters always seem to be unstoppable. Even more unsurprisingly the venue always seems to be in China and the commentating is in Chinese. As you may already know, China is a very nationalistic country. In all these WLF fights, especially the ones featuring Yi Long, the Chinese fighters look like they have exceptional power and speed, and yet they never seem to tire out. They also seem to absorb strikes very well. They are like machines. If you compare them to similarly sized fighters in the western world or even Korean and Japanese fighters, you'd think the Chinese should own championship belts in every single competitive fighting organization in the world, including UFC! So why don't they? Why does it seem like they only fight in China, in their own league, where they find all their success? How come there are no successful Chinese fighters in the UFC or anywhere besides WLF? Does that not raise any flags? It's no secret that the Chinese are morally and ethically ambiguous at best. Given their nationalistic pride, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the WLF (Chinese owned) has very poor standards and regulations regarding PED usage. Or they turn a blind eye toward their own Chinese fighters but ban any PED use of the foreign opponents. How else can you explain that these Chinese fighters rarely ever lose and only seem to fight in this Chinese league? Yet when they fight in more well-known heavily sanctioned tournaments that bans PEDs they have average-to-little success or are non-existant? Yi Long looks like an unstoppable powerhouse - if the Chinese are so proud and confident in his abilities, why hasn't he ever fought in the UFC? Why are all his videos WLF? It wouldn't surprise me one bit to now that these fighters like Yi Long are taking PEDs that would otherwise be banned in any other more well-known legitimate fighting organization.
Freeman King
i think he sale the fight
Enrique De Obaldia
idiota iba ganando la pelea y por estar haciendo payasadas lo noquearon.
Matt Williams
Why did he drop his hands like that? Arrogance or was he stunned before he did it? He was doing pretty well in the fight before he pulled that weird shit.
Inka Tupac Amaru II Cultura Música y más.
Sin guantes ganaba el Kung fu...Es asquerosa la actitud del gringo no merecía ganar. Se nota que no conoce el origen de las artes marciales ,una vergüenza de occidente.
Atomic Frog
I love the look of confusion on his face when he came too. 'What? I lost the fight???' Well yeah... you did stand there and let a trained Thai Boxer repeatedly punch you in the head.. what did you expect? lol
This guy trained with the monks but he is not a real monk.
Leviticus Butler
haha silly monk. yi long has mad skills. but this guy hit him with the perfect combination.
Guys, did you see that punch after the last kick it's land on the chin . that's why the monk just stand still.
leslie echegaray
Yo creo que perdió solo por hacerce el canchero cinco minutos.. Por que el se quwdo quieto.. Y parece que el golpe que le dio lo dejo medio tonto y no supo reaccionar ante esto
Arnaldo Caldas
Shaolin fake. Um verdadeiro Shaolin, não subestima o seu corpo e o seu oponente...
wtf!!!! that dropping the guard doesn't make sense!  I don't get it.
erwin vercauteren
qui gong became bing bong
Oscar Rage
This is what Happens when you show off, No one is immortal, Too much damage to the nerves you go to a Blackout.
Smash Me
I think the Chi blast is not allowed in this fight. He could have won if Chi blast is not forbidden.
Smash Me
Amazing! He used the ground meditation technique!
Dear Mr. Shaolin monk: you never, I repeat NEVER neglect your guard in a boxing match, not even if you think you are technically superior. Keeping your guard is just as important as hitting the opponent. Your opponent is not stupid, he´ll take his chances whenever you make a mistake.  Lesson hopefully learned. 
Dallas DautermanDallas
How often have we seen a fighter allow free unblocked head shots & regret it a second later?....a few times over the years. Haha
Danh Hải
china is noob noob
jason bourne
he tried that "chi" get hard as a rock bullshit and got slept. fuk outta here I'm done watching kung fu movies 😡😡😡
Bruce Hood
A true monk would take out the crude MMA style in one round. Alas, no true monk would take part in this sport. The monk here, evidently has ego, not just from the obvious fact that he taking part in a sport for money, but he often shows clues during the fight. The ego is shown when he take no damage from a heavy strike, he shrugs as if to taunt the opponent. Even the knockout looks like he stood there using some kind of iron wall technique to further taunt - but failed lol. A true monk is humble and spiritual, never taunts in any way - and more importantly, would never fight for money. The true legends of combat are very rarely seen.
Johnny Denmark
How can a shaolin monk use his iron fist with gloves on?... Not fair.. It reduces the shaolin style way too much. >.<
His cockiness cost him the fight.
JCG Thewordis
On behalf of the Shaolin Temple.... serves you right!
Jay Man
You call that a win?
Joel Filizzola
the mind over matter thing didn´t work so well huh? XD
water foker
actually monks are known for their 'hard head'ed ness. iron head is a technique where they literally train by slamming their skull into brick walls for hours a day for years so they let the microshattering reheal into a super strengthened version of their original skull...anyway, he's so confident in his ability to take the hits that his hubris got the best of him. yes you can take the hits, but the concussions will take its toll, and all it takes is a split second of slowed reaction to get pwned.
Eric Mesias
Shaolin is more respectful than ufc.
Every fighting style is designed to kill. Muay Thai fighters die often in competition.  Yes shaolin monks train their whole lives but so do a lot of other martial arts disciplines.  and a shaolin never fights so put against a discipline that does this regularly they would get obliterated. Experience>stories
Алексей Вангер
Емельяненко на него нету!!!!!!!
david dulin
Yi Long is not a real monk, he is an amature kung fu fighter whose promoters use the term monk. A monk would NEVER do this kind of fighting. There are a few videos of monks demonstrating their skill, even one of a no contact skill exhibition against a taekwondo master. Watch that one and you can see who would win...
Freedom Writer
Real shoelin would end the fight in few seconds
that's what happens when you get cocky
1. What did this Kung Fu guy do in this fight that was actually… Kung Fu? Everything he did was kickboxing.  2. Chinese Kung Fu people are so arrogant they think they're invincible. LIke the boxer rebellion when a bunch of shaolin monks literally thought that bullets couldn't stop them and they charged toward British soldiers who had their rifles pointed at them and needless to say reality kicked in and the monks dropped like flies (I'm not even joking this was real). This guy thought he could take punches in a display of arrogance and needless to say reality kicked in and he got his ass knocked out. LOL
They do seem to have a sort or superiority complex and a strange arrogance about them. Strange when they are supposed to be so spiritual.
The Joker
Same mistake with Silva
Otak Upil
Did you believe that?? I'm sure the shaolin monk accidentally budge. I guarantee it!
A real shaolin monk can take on a muay thai boxer in the street no problem
Dan Iacobescu
Another thing to look at is how shocked and demoralized all those Chinese were. It's amazing how they could really believe this guy was a good fighter. He is strong and up until now, he was able to PSYCHOLOGICALLY bully his weaker opponents. But his technique was always one of the most awful in combat competitions history and when he encountered someone he could not intimidate with his cheap tricks, he got what he was bound to get sooner or later. You know, Bruce Lee talked about this a lot. That's what happens when you start believing you're superior because of your nationality and style and forget to train to develop the skills you really need to be a good fighter. This guy found out this the very hard way and I hope his people and all others who have this attitude will learn from this.
I just scrolled down to see all the martial arts "experts" commenting.
Mu-sec Mil89
what is up with that head though? it lines up with his back.
Pramit Nandi
fung fu come short 😂😂😂
Get Off My Spaceship
Larry Tuazon
stupid fighter!
Yet Shaolin Monks claim that they can withstand knockouts haha
Khaled Khalido
Hhhhhhhhh lol!
I didn't see any Kung fu being used in this fight. It looked like a tough Asian dude in yellow pants kickboxing against a Muay Thai fighter. With no elbows. If he was a shaolin Kung fu fighter, he better go train some more on keeping those hands up.
I used to train with the Shaolin Monks but I was kicked out of their school for smuggling in a Snickers. :(  I would of been the best! 
Jose Buraot
haha he got knocked out
i bet this fight is staged
well, if there is no glove. the monk would've won lol
being cocky will get you nowhere mr shaolin monk
i think you mislabled this one... looks more like kickboxing/muay thai vs kickboxing muay thai. 
ช่างซ่อมในตํานาน ผมไม่เล็กนะครับ
เจอบัวขาวจะเป็นไงเนี่ยยย หลวงพี่.....Buakaw Muay Thai Master vs Yi Long Shaolin Kung Fu 6 June 2015
I see stiffness...
saleh qahtani
Come on guys he definitely let him to win.
lmao!!! hilarious!!! shaolin monkey thought he was bad lol!!! yeah that's what happens when you think your Teflon !! lol!! im gonna fav this vid lol!!!
I hope you all realize this is a sham fight
Sega Wolf
What happen ? why did the monk let his guard down
He deserve it
arrogant kunfow,...
i highly doubt this fool is shaolin. i doubt a monk would be that cocky
KarlMarxTheTalkingParrot Doesn'tKnowWhatHeIsSaying
Unfair, Kung Fu relies on outdoor combat and bare hands.
Benz Player
maybe next time he will choose to block punches with his arms instead of just standing still
His Chi failed him.
Reesey Me
this is what happen to show off.
goognam goognws
the chinese got caught by a right hook on his chin, that stunned him but instead of loosing his legs and equibrium he stood half conscious and then it was easy to finish him. Had he fell he probably would have recovered from the first punch and he would have been guarding better for the rest of the fight and won since he was dominating up to that moment.
Lil Juan
the king fu dude was using muy thai tho...
daniel parker
ok so at the end of the fight the monk just let him knock him out ....thats exactly how it loooked lol
HuskyWarrior 0029
In China indoctrination is a powerful weapon.....
cameron simmons
Lol, match fixing?
he threw the game lmao why are people even getting so excited over the ko
He sold this fight
Violenza Fantastica
Guess Shaolin monks arent as invincible as they pretend