Shaolin Kung Fu Vs Muay Thai Fighter KNOCK OUT!!! (2013 Fight).

Shaolin Kung Fu Master Vs Muay Thai Fighter - KO!! A great fight from both fighters. AMAZING KNOCK OUT FINISH! What do you guys think About the monk just dropping his guard like that? He could have won if not for that LOL Please leave a 'Like' and 'Favorite' the video. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more Martial Arts related content. CLICK BELOW TO SUBSCRIBE! /> CLICK BELOW TO SEE MY OTHER VIDEOS! /> Thanks /> />Cocky Fighter gets Owned. Shaolin Kung Fu Vs Muay Thai Champion - Upset KO - HD ORIGINAL QUALITY Thank you for watching.

being over-confident and cocky cost him xD He SHOULD HAVE won that one!!! damn grasshopper...
The Struggle Is Reel
Bad moved with the monk he thought he could take those big punches like he did in the past by just standing with his guard down and show off to the crowd that his chin is tough i guest not lol ... Lesson learned " never underestimate your opponent" you ain't invincible
he is not a real Shaolin just a normal fighter who claims to be a real shaolin Shaolin monks would never act like this / having such a bad attitude I am Chinese and this guy puts shame on all of us :(
No. 9
how ironic for the monk to be that arrogant in a figh
hellsohot x
That's funny, the monk got KO'ed cuz he arrogantly thought he could endure blows to the head. Sigh.. monks nowadays
Arnaldo Caldas
Shaolin fake. Um verdadeiro Shaolin, não subestima o seu corpo e o seu oponente...
Rodrigo Herrera
"Let me drop my guard and activate my chi"....LOL, no chi this time dude!!!
Joseph Le
The back of his head is probably so flat cause he keeps falling on it
this shit is NO Shaolin kung-fu... there's no kung Fu moves or manoeuvres here.. it's all boxing
Haha worst moment for a pray!
Sir Lance Goodthrust
Its really sad to see such a disciplined monk fall to stupidity and arrogance- to start show boating. Its just unbecoming and makes him look stupid. Such a pity.
Otak Upil
Did you believe that?? I'm sure the shaolin monk accidentally budge. I guarantee it!
Dallas DautermanDallas
How often have we seen a fighter allow free unblocked head shots & regret it a second later?....a few times over the years. Haha
he threw the game lmao why are people even getting so excited over the ko
I hope you all realize this is a sham fight
I wonder how much he got paid to throw the fight.
William Grand
I thought monks were supposed to be humble...
water foker
actually monks are known for their 'hard head'ed ness. iron head is a technique where they literally train by slamming their skull into brick walls for hours a day for years so they let the microshattering reheal into a super strengthened version of their original skull...anyway, he's so confident in his ability to take the hits that his hubris got the best of him. yes you can take the hits, but the concussions will take its toll, and all it takes is a split second of slowed reaction to get pwned.
Thanh Xuân
stupid chinese, he is too confident to lose lol
Atomic Frog
I love the look of confusion on his face when he came too. 'What? I lost the fight???' Well yeah... you did stand there and let a trained Thai Boxer repeatedly punch you in the head.. what did you expect? lol
Leviticus Butler
haha silly monk. yi long has mad skills. but this guy hit him with the perfect combination.
também acho que esse n é um verdadeiro lutador Shaolin* o combate foi comprado $$! o lutador de Muay Thai não foi tão bom assim... luto Muay Thai e essa não foi uma luta legítima
"Iron Skull, Take a Fall Technique!"
the back of his head is so flat...
I just scrolled down to see all the martial arts "experts" commenting.
ช่างซ่อมในตํานาน ผมไม่เล็กนะครับ
เจอบัวขาวจะเป็นไงเนี่ยยย หลวงพี่.....Buakaw Muay Thai Master vs Yi Long Shaolin Kung Fu 6 June 2015
On behalf of the Shaolin Temple.... serves you right!
haha, this is such a stupid way to loose a fight. He basically lost by his own arrogance.
Mick G
Lesson from Shaolin Monk:  Hit me! And I will show you how to fall like a man knocked out! 
Yet Shaolin Monks claim that they can withstand knockouts haha
Third-Eye ZEN
Chinese guy uses kickboxing and then claims it's kung fu?! LOL! Anyways: 4:30 yi long: "kung fu make me invincible" 4:33 "........never mind,"
Dog Killer
No matter shaolin, karate, kungfu, wing chun, or whatever is called. boxing and kickboxing outplayed them.
"i don't remember....what happened?" this is what he said when interviewed..
I used to train with the Shaolin Monks but I was kicked out of their school for smuggling in a Snickers. :(  I would of been the best! 
Rule Number One: Never drop your guard.
erwin vercauteren
qui gong became bing bong
boast and self confidence = "FAIL"
Violenza Fantastica
Guess Shaolin monks arent as invincible as they pretend
Tuan Trinh
Lol, an example of "made in China" =)) all the products and..., made in China, are fake or extremely low quality =)) useless
ho dun chan
FAIL!   He think he is wearing helmet?
As a guy who trains in Muay Thai, it sucks to have to say this... But I personally think the monk would have taken the fight had he not gotten cocky and offered his chin to him on a silver platter. These Shaolin Kung fu types are too quick. They have the speed to pick apart each and every mistake. I find that almost every other style would need to throw something and then anticipate the response to connect clean enough to hurt the guy. That's hard to do. Not impossible... But very difficult. Given this particular Shaolin "monk's" cockiness id say that this isn't a "real" Shaolin monk with traditional training so I understand the argument of "if he was a real Shaolin monk he would have killed him". But with that said... The same argument could be stated for a traditionally trained Muay Thai fighter as those guys are as tough as they are focused. It's hard to say which style is dominant. Both styles are very deadly in their traditional sense.
i think you mislabled this one... looks more like kickboxing/muay thai vs kickboxing muay thai. 
Get Off My Spaceship
Pramit Nandi
fung fu come short 😂😂😂
Javad Zare
Seems like movies that they force the hero to lose the match otherwise they will kill his family lol. But really , the monk was indeed much more capable in martial arts , as was obvious in the first round. his speed , accuracy and skills to make the opponent fall down or totally out of balance a few times. Wonder why suddenly he dropped his guard in second round and received all the fists . Either as other people said, he wanted to show off that he can take those fists , or practice of being humble ? I am not sure.
Kratos God of War
the Shaolin Monk guy got overconfident, and that's y he lost. the lesson here is never underestimate your opponent.
On this i start to remember the Proverb : "Pride comes before a fall"
Jono Edwards
Watching the dopey Ref,he is way to slow for this sport. Great post KOS.
Freeman King
i think he sale the fight
He looks so disoriented. Perhaps wondering what all these people doing in my bedroom.
wtf!!!! that dropping the guard doesn't make sense!  I don't get it.
For a kung fu fighter to win against MMA guy, he has to train like an MMA fighter, which means full contact sparring, intense physical conditioning, cross training and ground fighting.
matias noxs
murio el chinito
ฺBP-พุทธวจน- channel
Shaolin Kung Fu, but fighting Muay Thai. With Muay Thai funny
Soffian Zainal
Banana knock out hahha
Naits Nesnahoj
he was stunned by the first punch, basically he was knocked out but still standing...thus his arms dropped and he not defending himself
that Shaolin monk kind of just allowed it at the end. but I think he thought he could take the other guys punches and then crazy on him when he tires out. but he knocked him out.
scott tim
@ 4:28 he gets got! Sadly he was out on his feet and took a beating after the fact. He wasn't taunting (black trunks) he simply(imo) got is clock cleaned and maybe me being ignorant to martial arts or any spiritual training/conditioning just went back to his natural state/stance... I'm probably not explaining myself very well her but after that hit around 4:28 it seams to me his body went directly into muscle memory position. US military focuses on muscle memory for tactics and extreme circumstances your mind may not be able to process right? Perhaps this guys body(taunt) stood like that due to muscle memory? Much respect to both fighters and their cultures/beliefs
What is this monks background? Is he genuine? or is it just a gimmick?
Jimmy Chen
If he didn't just stand there and take those punches, he would win. I don't know why he always try to do something like that, does he try to show that he can take punches?
Tegan rice
when your controller dies 4:28
i bet this fight is staged
Ronnarith CE
HuskyWarrior 0029
In China indoctrination is a powerful weapon.....
Homere Lesperance
It was the shaolin monk cockiness, over-confident and ego that got the best of his fall. If history has taught anyone something, it is that people who know, think or believe they are invincible or superior to other's are most likely to slip up somewhere down the road! LOL
The Gang of Rek
This match was staged.
I didn't realize the tiger style looks just like regular old kickboxing. Lol
Still no blood or face damage. Wtf!!
4:53 you will see Bluma and Yumcha pay for Kuririn XD
he wasn't being to cocky just simply using the SECRET SHAOLIN CHIN BLOCK….however unlucky for him the muy thai fighter knew the little know and only effective way to counter this intense block..that is a swift left hook to the face
Mats Wederbrand
No respect for the opponent.
Everyone has an off switch button.
Guys, did you see that punch after the last kick it's land on the chin . that's why the monk just stand still.
well, if there is no glove. the monk would've won lol
Cloeren Jackson
Yep, because if you're a Chinese guy with a shaved head in yellow shorts, then you're definitely a Shaolin monk, because that's what they wear. Logic: fail.
Isso não é kung fu, se fosse ja teria ''matado'' ele.
I see stiffness...
Brian Stanfield
Staged!!!! Who does that? He just dropped his hands and let dude steal off on him....
I have to give it to the Gold pants dude, he could sure take some face shots but no amount of monk magic can protect you from sheer physics and his ego caused him to drop.
Diana Ball
interesting.. why let guard down .. hmm
Disploom Yo
I'd like to see Floyd mayweather against this shaolin. The shaolin would definetly miss every attack
Ewelina Sablick
he is a human not a machine... but why he let him hit him.. he can beat easy the muythai
Oscar Rage
This is what Happens when you show off, No one is immortal, Too much damage to the nerves you go to a Blackout.
andi joy
underestimate your opponent is a big mistake mr.shaolin monk.
Danh Hải
china is noob noob
Gamer Space
blocking with your head never works.
Jake Papadopoulos
Unidentified X
Dammit krillin y u always loose
Johnny Denmark
How can a shaolin monk use his iron fist with gloves on?... Not fair.. It reduces the shaolin style way too much. >.<
John Owens
Wtf was he thinking
99,9% mach rigged
His cockiness cost him the fight.
hassan Waleed
what was he thinking taking those punches to the chin at full power, chin exposed would knock most people out
Ironic how the Shaolin guy used more knee strikes compared to a MUAY THAI fighter. Anyway, I was a good fight, the Shaolin guy could take hits, but didn't know how to guard up. What a pity.
dartagnan Jackson
even though the muay thai fighter won he definitely got shaken up a bit more from the constant heavy leg kicks. had this been a regular street fight or a no holds bar those stumbles would have been the end of him.
Andrew dang
Shaolin monk forgot to put on his iron head .. Kaka
Sabish Nakarmi
Over confidence !!! Thats whats this is. Never underestimate others.
Dion Freeman
It looked to me, like, after Yi caught the kick, he got hit and I think he got knocked out right then. He wasn't taunting, his hands dropped. He was out on his feet, he just didn't fall. I've seen that happen only a few times, but it DOES happen!
It might be a special shaolin technique . Target face ! Lol