WORLD CUP PREVIEW - GROUP G - England / Belgium / Panama / Tunisia

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GROUP G - WORLD CUP PREVIEW England / Belgium / Panama / Tunisia Everything you need to know on each nation before the World Cup starts. Our prediction for GROUP G: Belgium to win the group, England come 2nd, Panama to concede 9.5+ goals in the group stage Odds: 18/1 Back it with Bet Victor here: /> 18+ // BeGambleAware // T's & C's Apply:

Maghraoui Seifeddine
England is better than Tunisia on paper, but Tunisians have started their preparation to the WC too earlier and the team Now is very homogeneous and solid. its a Draw mybe 1:1 or 2:2
Clubiste 1920
Nikomou manitraach7ou 🇹🇳❤❤ Traduction : Thank you
MSA 1925
tunisia ye zebi
tunisia is going through without any doubt mates
Luke Guardiola
Belgium and Tunisia to go through
ya zebi commentairet kolhom twensa xd
bezz pere zid
Tunisia will be the big surprise on this groupe
Hedi Abdellah
Did you see Tunisia against Portugal yesterday in Portugal ? 2-2 they had a quite good team they didn't even played their best players. So i would say Tunisia will be the surprise of this group (probably of the world cup ?) beating England 1-0 and passing ;)
ReplayTunisie Officiel
Tunisia To the semi finals
Main player msakni is injured he will miss the game but their recent performance against portugal is quite good and they have an ubeaten run now I think they will be a threat in this group
اسامة .،،،،
Tunisia now is not Tunisia 1998 now has a strong midfielders Fast 💨 Remember this comment Tunisia 🇹🇳 England 2-0 Tunisia Belgium 2-2 Tunisia Panama 3-0
Ali Tube
Tunisia ✌
Tunisia will the surprise of this group
Issam TN
Tunisia 💪
wali derouiche
Tunisia will win it's sure..
You didn't mention that Tunisa's FIFA Ranking is 14 and England is 13 , don't underestimate Tunisia ;)
Foued Dhaya
Tunisia will be the surprise of this group =D !!
Tunisino Sfaxiano
Good work, brief and accurate 👍 Two big issues for us (Tunisia) : 1- Our best player (Msakni) is injured and won't make it. 2- The order of games in WC group stage is not good because England and Belgium play together in the last match, it give us no choice but win England (first game) to pass the group.
Tunisia this time would pass
amine TN
If Tunisia plays at its true highest level, they can cause a load of problems to most squads in the WC. BUT, unluckily for them, a lot of key players are now out of form for several reasons (like injuries), and the best player by far Youssef Msakni (the talented playmaker) will miss the WorldCup, such a big loss for the Tunisian squad !
Yacineee Tn : D
Tunisia should win Panama 7-1 like we do for the most weak african teams
Siwar Dhahri
Good luck Tunisia
casta man
Good luck to Tunisia
hayçar hamza
Billy Gunz Up
Yasin Absi
You will see about tunisia hhh
hassen belaweyd
Tunisia 👍🔝
snaker boom
im tunisian but it will be england and belgium who will pass to the next step with no doubt
Ilhem Hamdi
So I watched all of your videos , funny no single africain or Asian will make it to the second stage. and most of the teams finsh with 0 points . that's extremley poor analysis and understmating of Africain football in particular . Africain Football is changing to the best . the fact that in the latest world cup at least one africain teams made it to the second round . they allways come up with a win against big teams.
Everyone is so surprised by FIFA ranking. It's simple really - you win games you get points. You lose games you lose points. Everyone especially Brits are so astonished by their team place in the ranking. Play better you'll have netter place then.
zizo gamer
Dhiflaoui Mohamed
Will see tunisia vs england 2.1 tunisia
Che guevara
Three english arrogant gays speaking about soccer
william farhat
Msakni the Tunisian best star is injured , he won't play WC
Artistou 2001
peu importe les pronostics, ce qui compte c'est d'être prêt le jour J... surtout jouer sans complexes et intelligement.... Bonne chance pour nos aigles de carthage !!!!
CraZy shot
بطبيعتنا شنحشيوه معاكم 😂 T.z.z.E Translate Tunisia have big dickk xD
تونسي وافتخر
GJ from Tunisia
The Light TN
the eagles of cartage (tunisia) will destroy belgium trust me belgium is a team which has many famous players but they can't play together very well
Chafik Mdini
The huge contest in this group will be between tunisia and england for the second place :)
England doesn’t have a football team. All of their players are foreigners just born in the UK. Sad!
Noah De Camps
Belgium 1, england 2 or 3, tunisia 2 or 3, panama 4
triki ilyes
Tunisia 1st / Panama 2nd .. How about that ? hhhh
Nawel Attig
Tunisia ❤❤
debbiche khalil
tunisia is the best
Pasha 92
3 Idiots
Houssem Mahouachi
tunisia <3
Jawad Sultan
I feel it's eng 2-1 tun we will see ! ;)
allalah ben abdallah
melek khlif
tunisia will win england and panama may be it will be a draw against belgium.
Yassine Ben Abdessalem
we are tunisia and we won a match vs mexique 3/1
hd gk1
I am a tunisian and tunisia now is a very good team and rank say it all .....🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳
Bedis Sanheji
our best player Msakni is injured btw We will beat England inshallah
Walid Yousfi
I think it's a draw maybe 2-2 but the surprise will be in the second match when the draw will appear again between Tunisia and Belgium 0-0. Hello England are u here ?? Sorry see u next word cup :p
Selene Evans
England ✌✌
You don't know nothing about Tunisia. we waiting for you England in the moment of truth in the world Cup ✌...
Mekk Mirr
Tunisia is Africa’s best football team!
khalil bouguezzi
Missive to England and Belgium: you're walking into an ambush Tunisia: we will bear no through it
hatem ben yahmed
tunisia <3
sahbi rezig
WITH result assumption , i assume Belgium and Tunisia go through the round of 16, right ?? , knowingly the goal differences is in our favor , i reckon
Hassan Sakji
Ashley Wickens
England have had bad scores lately to minnows at tournaments; 2014 Costa Rica draw, 2016 Iceland loss. Who knows about Panama result? XD
Moumoucha Mou
I'm Tunisian and in the name of all tunisians I want to apologize for the arrogance of many tunisians who are sure that tunisia would beat every team on earth just because they played well the last few months.. Guys just be humble and hope that our team passes through and stop insulting other teams
Anouar Kacem
Tunisia - England, Will be something draw
Semor Bchr
OMG why England fans are so arrogant lol, this is why i despise the team itself , and i am so glad that we got them in our group , we pinned down portugal and spain in friendlies , so what makes England so different , because ON PAPER Spain and Portugal are better than England at least.
jawher Djelassi
Maybe an upset will take place in Russia ! Good luck to England , Belgium and England , I still hope y'all lose to us though lmao LET'S GET IT TUNISIA !
TUNISIA will surprise all of you and will come 2nd
Jerry V
Tunisia are bunch of losers .....Spain did not play hundred percent.. England wil score in second half ...easily 3-1
Tayeb Hassan
Zied Hamdi
Belgium is the strongest , tunisia come in the second inchallah , panama and england come the last , that’s the truth sorry ☺️☺️
Haphip Tito
Now tunisia vs spain draw 0:0 to 82 min and spain just win with 1 goal hardly!! And u tell me tunisia🇹🇳 is so weak!!! And We will see what tunisia can do 🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳❤❤❤😢
I think England will draw with Belgium and scrape past Tunisia.
hammouda akrem
Tunisia much better and deserve better because they're not racist like u England people's.
Freind Panameño
Panamá 1 vs Belgica 2, Panamá 1 vs Inglaterra 1, Panamá 2 vs Tunisia 1
Groin Strain
Belgium England Panama Tunisia First game has England 1-0 Tunisia all over it, England are the masters of 1-0 opening games to “settle the nerves”. England and Belgium will also draw so both finish the group unbeaten.
Blaze nkosvski
Nice video but I have some comments; Tunisia's performance in the last 4 games: draw 2 - 2 against portugal ( drawing after a portugese advantage of 2 - 0 ), a 2-2 draw againts Turkey, a win againt Iran and a lost vs Spain 0-1 with a goal scored at the 84min of the game due to a defensive positioning mistake WHILE spain could've easily concided 2 goals if the players were jut a litllebit more concentrated. What i want to say is : England vs Tunisia is going to big big game and whoever wins will qualify. I expect a score of 2-1 for Tunisia or a draw.
أبو شنب M 3.7 Vue
ولاد مفيدة النسخة الأنقليزية ههههه تحيا تونس
Do you guys recommend betting on 1xbet ? Nice analyse but i think englash is so much underrated it can come 1st Am tunisian i wish tunisia come 2nd or why not 1st but i dont know why i am the only one who think that belgium will not play a perfect worldcup
Trample over Tunisia Point at Panama Bottle it at Belgium Pens at Poland Goodbye at Germany
tunisia 2/england 1 tunisia 1/belgium1 tunisia 3/panama 0 naykinkoum naykinkoum
Ayech Med
What's fifa on about? We're 14th for a reason i think they do not just place teams however they want get down from yourbhigh horse
Sam wesleti
Vivian Williams
WC do not measure u just have to play on the day,england look good on paper,the other time will play hard so it is not wise to count out ain't team
Keyboard Warrior
Really good predictions I just think Belgium will just demolish Panama with like 6-7 goals other than that I agree with everything
The trouble for Belgium is to get to the semis they need to beat Germany or Brazil in the quarter finals, not impossible though.
Isamar Herrera
No entiendo una mierda de lo que dicen pero Panamá va a ganar
Finishing second in the group and getting eliminated by Colombia in the round of 16 is realistic for England. Reaching the quarterfinals should be seen as a great success for England, anything beyond that a miracle.
Jawad Sultan
tunisia 0-2 belgium \ tunisia 1-2 england \ tunisia 1-1 panama
a la mansouri
تونس في العاللي
Sabri Tlili Khalfallah
B9odret rabbi mena7chohoulkom bb <3 Tunisia to the semifinals
Nidhal Mahjoubi
do your homework guys, M'sakni is out with an ACL injury
game fucker -D-
Arrogant person's have no future..... don't worry dude's you'll get more dislikes..😊😊😊😊 Middle finger for the 3 of u God bless Tunisia ♡♡♡♡♡
youssef msakni will miss the world cup and tunisia will reach the next round
Kaylash Ramtohul
Too many people overestimating Tunisia. England will top the group with Belgium second. I see it that way. Anyway we Will see. Come on England.
Dhafer Zh
I think that these guys are bogus, theyre just stating facts copied from published articles and adding some obviously dumb fake reactions.
walios hiramilus
england team is a big name on paper will be walk on the park for tunsian team ..easy money ..easy game for tunisia .
Islem Assas
jl c
Tunisia 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪
Herissa Malaoui