Crazy Capoeira MMA

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Mr Pickles
This was an awesome fight and I love how respectful these guys are
Marcelo Marsico
oCapoerista tento finaliza a luta com1golpe de Capoeira+não deu,por isso ele ficava parado boa parte da luta,pra tentar usar martelo cruzado,meia-lua-de compasso pra com isso acabar com a luta mostrando a eficiência da Capoeira+se ele fosse usar a verdadeira Capoeira seria desclassificado,so quem conhece a arte vai entender,varias posições que ele no chão podia dar uma benção de chão,martelo,chapa,queixada de angola na cara do cara+não vale na regra dessas lutas,se ele partisse pra cima usando a real Capoeira ai é outra coisa
abe g
Capoeira is a beautiful martial art. Don't get wrong in a real fight you don't have to do jinga. In a real fight you will never show your oponente what can you do or what you know. The good thing for capoeiristas is there body is ready to move any direction and attack any position!
Nan D
6:07 that kick was beautiful
Capoiera in its authentic form was super effective in the 19th century , Portuguese slave hunters were more afraid of Capoiera fighters than Dutch invaders and it allowed Slaves to fight people armed with bayonets , there were special laws against Capoiera cause it was considered very dangerous for the colonists The modern form is probably more "dancy" and spectacular than the original , i don't know but it seems they waste a lot of energy moving back and forth all the time  and going for high kicks so often , just my opinion though 
Flavie Cazamea
Andre trindade hanauer
Good fight, good respect, fun fight, and seems like two guys who generally love what they're doing, you dont get a lot of this in the big televised stuff. 
Luke Skinner
This has to be one of the most boring fights I've ever watched. The 'takedowns' were awful, looked like the fighters wanted to make love, and the complete opposite of a war.
Meninao Ville
how can you call it capoeira if there's no ginga?
Jogaki Capoeira Paris Bamba
Carrément ouf le combat de capoeira en MMA,  le mec assure ! bravo pour ces beaux gestes techniques et martiaux dans le ring, la capoeira à sa place partout ! jogaki capoeira paris
Noob X
I would twist my own neck and die if I use capoeira.
He's making good use of the Armada but getting kicked coming out of it. He should negativa and role right after it to avoid the counter-can't kick a downed opponent in the face. Looks like he understands the game of modern mma but is incorporating Capoeira into it.
paranaue paranaue parana
Dylan Sabulsky
regardless of the skill of the competitors, I'm impressed by the displays of sportsmanship.
DeVon Ambitious
MMA is sport it'd not a martial art 
RIchard Stylez
12:38 He was about to do some crazy capoeira celebration, but got interrupted. Shame.
eli ertini
Don't f with capoeira
The_-Light Gamer007
this is real fighting, not like wwe smackdown.
artist quality
can you say 'boooring'
brasileiro descontente mais um brasileiro
Achou legal esses golpes? ????? Te apresento o Lula. .........aquele aplicou belos golpes
Alex Watson
There is only one thing I don't like about Capoiera, it's the fact that everything has a long windup, there's very little that's meant to be a stunning or opening strike, it's a lot of bio-mechanics and power, but if you can react in time, it's predictable. To give an example, effectively every kick in Capoiera is one you'd use if your opponent is distracted or dazed, as they're all finishing moves, but it doesn't give many ways to do that in the first place. Fair enough, it doesn't look good if you're constantly avoiding your opponent, but you're not gonna get close to a capoiera fighter without taking damage, so you should create space and let them wear themselves out. Once that happens they're slower and easier to counter as you can get in before they've finished the windup or get them on the overturn. If they're tired and you have the reaction time, you've won.
Brice Beimer
There are two kinds of martial arts. The disciplines that are martial, and the ones that are art. Capoeira is an art form. Disciplines such as Muay Thai get to the point a bit quicker and have a higher percentage of landed strikes, but capoeira is mostly deception and counter attacks to catch your enemy off guard.
Ivan alonso
is always so envious criticizing and arranging arguments to discredit a fighting style just because it is South American, not even made ​​a critique of may thai fighter who fought so bad that neither seemed to be struggling as effective as muay thai style. Alias ​​the two seemed to be fighting each unknown fighting styles. That envy has criticized the South Americans ..... just to convince themselves that they are not inferior!
Luanderson Fernandes
Brasil porra
Jonathan D. Truelove
Clearly, the only guy who knew ANYTHING about fighting was the capoeira guy. Style, stance and class can be achie ed through martial arts. I'm ptty sure if Bruce Lee was alive, he'd have a lot to say about what goes on today in the martial world...
john chisholm
crap cardio
1:28 old man was enjoying the beautiful view of asses. Front row seat for you. XD
ovo nisamja
oh well, once you get tired, no more capoeira and dancing around.
Zaehel Lucca
11:59 Moment is SO FUNNY!!!
10:39 his punches looked soooo slow
Fer Gomide
Vocês lutão muito bem 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
David Ng
Crazy???? No....
brenda mattos
:) capoeira e cultura muito lindo de se ver
Jack Krauser
capoeria ? , LOL. that guy not know anything about capoeira.
aa'joe alexandria
i think capoera isnt too effective on mma...try to using SILAT technique
Steve V
They both look too scared to throw an actual punch.
Serge Green
Приятно посмотреть. А главное - какое взаимное уважение!
Andi Kaizar
good technic n strong kick
Real ish
what silly pacing. like jousting. dont blink lol. u might miss two bafoons exchange the same attack every few seconds
Martin Arancibia
la verdad que pense que iba a perder el de capoira 😶
Zakaria Touaibia
worst capoeira fighter ever , wasn't he drunk !?
funny how the crowd had to yell at them to use their hands. I think the fighting style relies to much on the legs.
Tyvon Byrd
They will never see UFC
wasted 13 minutes of my life...
vlad vladm
the fight was really bad... Not very efficient, not very quick, no knockout... I saw better more in other videos.
Ian C
This was kind of meh. I feel like the Capoeira Kick Knockout shows what Capoeira can do. This guy was standing really straight and not moving his feet or anything. In my opinion you keep a song stuck in your head if you're using this style and follow the rhythm while watching your opponent. Like i said this guy stood up straight and didnt dance or anything.
5 losses 2 wins...
Reiner Braun
What the hell?? Ok capoeira is supposed to be disguised as a dance right? As if you would dance in the UFC or any MMA fight, i didn't see him disguise any of his kicks with dances, sure he's athletic buuut his hands are always down, he doesn't cover up and he looks like he would get knocked out easily. 
هيونكل الغضوري العنزي
Robert Andarson
Sky Lord Panglot
And where is the capoeira? Nobody is even using the basic capoeira movements.
This is why I hate MMA. less than 2 minutes into the video, 2 fighters of kicking-based styles are wrestling on the ground like 5 year-olds.
uses capoeira -> failed hard -> uses chokes (BJJ/Wrestle) -> wins -> Pretty much sums up the whole effectiveness of capoeira in mma
Fernando Gomes
N sei se é pq eu sou retardado mais eu ri muito nessa parte 0:59
Why does it look like Marcus is holding back. His punches took a while to hit.
Malaquias Almeida
Depois ki o cara cai ate minha vo covardia
Malaquias Almeida
Kkkk u.cara da um martelo e cai
Hanoi Tripper
Mario Pinesa
Heeeey I don't see capoeira in this fight
Dries Bogaerts
Capoeira guy can do some awesome kicks , but he can't throw a punch what so ever
I can see why lack of a good ground game leaves you incomplete. Both gave up their backs multiple times. The punches were a bit sloppy and uncommitted at times. Missed arm bars and rear chokes. I do understand why he was cautious of his style capoeira it's unorthodox and unpredictable. You definitely don't want to get caught with all that momentum.
1:54 Isn't that what you call a parry?
Sandro Sena
Se parar de telegrafar a meia lua melhora uns 39%.
risky prandana4
Best fight
MMA kämpfer hat ein guten reflex, aber Fußtritte gegen capoeira kämpfer?? ist wohl ein witz. Statt dessen sollte er lieber seine arme benutzen. Außerdem hat er ein schlechtes gleichgewichthaltung.
assis assuncao
Parabéns pelo guerreiro que vc é e por representar nossa capoeira sempre com muita raça e coragem.....
Roger Willams
Os gringo paga pau na capoeira hahaha BRAsil <3 Caralho!
Felipe Garrido
Lelo Aurelio o Prof.Barraozinho :) the best :) Capoeira axe o melhor da capoeira
For those of you who don't know why the ginga isn't used in this match much or at all...the ginga wasn't a part of Capoeira until after 1835. That's more than 2 centuries AFTER Capoeira was known to exist [ the quilombos--the free cities and small states where African warriors fled to escape slavery, resurrect their cultural practices, and train in Capoeira--were known to exist no later than 1604, which is amazing because Brazil was founded around 1560 or so ], so...unlike the untruths that Cardio Capoeiristas spread...real, genuine, self defense Capoeira DID NOT feature the ginga at its inception. Los Zuavos...the Capoeira heroes of the Paraguayan War who are the reason that we sing the song PARANUE today...also never did the ginga on the battlefield or anywhere else. The ginga...when trained functionally to be used in a fight...does not look like the Cardio Capoeira roda ginga, but it's an incredible weapon that can be used standing crouching on the ground, on your back, grappling and more. It is a fact that Capoeira's fluid movements and animal techniques has heavily impacted bjj to this very day [ remember, Capoeiristas were grappling before brazilian jiujitsu ever existed ]. If you want to see what real self defense Capoeira that can also be used in the streets, the gym and the roda looks like? Please come to my Channel and look at my videos.
salviano serra
o capoeira e difícil de apanhar e igual raio bonito que aparece a beira mar 😹🎇🎇🎇🎉🎉 capoeira porra
Maurício Ruan
aos 13 minutos eles estão ainda se estudando..... kkkk
Pedro Cardoso
No final da luta, ambos cansados, parecia uma luta de bêbados... Mas agilidade do capoeirista foi sua vantagem.
Fran Pérez
la peor pelea que he visto de mma vaya mierda xD
Gallo Grigio
Capoeira  Brasillllllllllll  Brasil   Brasil  Brasil  Brasil  Brasilllllllllllllll
slick hardknock
Capoera es para niñas
Devid Lamar
jessé oliveira
parece mas briga de rua
Filosofando Filosofando
Capoeira nao é "Crazy"é a nossa arte,nossa luta,nossa defesa e ataque,a parte forte de nossa cultura!!
Funny how a capoeira dojo opened up near by. Me while fighting: Yah....BRAZIL......PONYTAIL......BRAZIL! *gets a KO*
Ozone 01
I Like How The Capoeira Guy Got Dizzy After Doing 2 Spinning Kicks 😂😂
leonor borges
dois lixos.... que vergonha... terrível ver dois caras desses nível deplorável .... lixo !
john chisholm
Crazy capoeira? Brazilian jujitsu finish lol. crapoeira example
LilNeto 352
Wtf they're hella out of shape
Deon Lewis
Great Capoeira but he could have at least through his hands more
You want to talk about telegraphing your intentions...
i love his kicks. they are no joke but he needs a better close range game
Ashe Fitzgerald
I want to see someone combine the flexibility and dexterity that practicing capoeira gives you to the principles of Muay Thai. Just think of all of the insane possibilities that would open up! Anyone who could do that and accurately assess their opponent in the ring would definitely have an advantage in the long run.
Diego Graziano
upload better videos please,,,,,...this fight's a waste of time..nothing happened in this fight..both of them gasp out doing nothing...
Fabio de souza e silva
essa foi a pior luta que ja vi 
guto rocha
Valeu cada centavo do ingresso!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop freaking touchign gloves!! Im so sick of MMA guys who touch gloves in the middle of a dang fight. Its annoying. We get it oooo sportsmanship blah blah just fight! 
Infinite Sentient
Such respect for each other. I hope those two had a beer later.
Denis Cunha
E o gás que só dá pra 1 round????
Robert Styes
That's not Capoeira. It's not good anything. Both of them telegraph their kicks. And the "capoeira" guy throws his arms way out leaving himself wide. Look up capoeira championship videos. While mostly noncontact it shows what the art looks like.
Smooth Play
Left + Down, Circle! Left + Down, Circle! Left + Down, Circle! Spamming kick! :D
rizal jhi
Gak modal
Arthur Rodrigues De Sousa
Viva O Brasil #huehueBR
Bane Cook
 Dude was picking homeboy apart for the better half of the fight and it wasn't even Capoeira that won him the fight, it was ground and pound and submissions.
yaohushua Remanescentes
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk time 11:54 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk GAY