Freerunner Trailer - Official International Cut

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Serious Comedy movie that your gonna love, Ryan Doyle plays finch (the dick) freerunner who is in it for the kill. With Danny Dyer, Sean Faris

Alisson Faoli
A movie about parkour that's called Free Runner. I've seen it all.
Jasmijn noa
I saw the movie. It's a little sad.😢
Hunger games
The challange guys V/J
Dont try this at home??? so you will that i an gonna quit with parkour NEVER!
The Amazing Vas
I already know parkour!!
ZedLeppelin EUNE
copy paste of the movie ''the tournament'' but with parkour instead of assasins that kill each other for survival
thanaphong boolsataporn
just seen the movie its not all that bad
hussain aflaan
where can i download this movie?
aw, I miss this movie
jhose traceur
alguien sabe como se llama la canción de el minuto 1:46 por favor diganmelo se los agradeceria mucho.
Alvin Njeri
99% of the movie is Parkour, but yeye Freeruning can be it too.
i feel like this is a movie that would make me cry
jhose traceur
anyone know the name of the song 1:46 minutes please let me know they are greatly appreciate.
Voleti Ramprasad
same as death race buddies
what song?
reece brady
They dubbed ur voice! Really?
1:07 whats the song
patricia gomez
como se llama la peliculaa
mc biel
Como eu acho esse filme
lol finch is ryan doyle... i would be upset if ryan doyle doesn't win. his spins are legendary.
Musica Arte y Vida...!!!
como se llama
Lawson Jones
Did anyone see the full movie
The Adventure Crew
Not bad. Great concept, and by the looks of it, nice execution. However, the trailer kinda tells us what happens in the movie anyway. From the looks of it, this guy (Finch, right?) already wins the $1 million dollar prize, and the collar is disarmed. I'm guessing that's the end of the movie, unless there's more to it. Nonetheless, this is a pretty critical flaw in advertisement. Foreshadowing is great and all, but that was one scene you didn't want to reveal in your trailer. Maybe it could have been a scene where Finch's collar is mere seconds from detonating and the screen goes black just before he reaches the case? Personally, that would definitely be a hooker for me, and I think I speak for a lot of other people that the suspense would make the movie even more anticipated. But what you did in the trailer kinda puts a nail in the coffin for me because now, the movie is a little predictable for me, and my interest in this film has dropped a little bit. However, I still plan to watch this due to the amazing plot idea, and the constant action of the film. Well done on making a very interesting movie, but the trailer needs a bit of work.(P.S: I'm well aware this trailer came out five years ago, but I still felt the need to put my thoughts in here.)
Marc Bier
1:32 what a horrible death
Mad Hama
Is the movie is good?
HaiN Tv
Sean Faris <3
Joana Galilea Zavala Rodriguez
Chida no
Aaron Hornickel
Joana Galilea Zavala Rodriguez
Hare you??😂
Shehzad Imran
What is parkour?
Patsy Noobplayer
Aaron Hornickel
Jarrick Williams
I like your video
michael shoremekun
do you have any videos on YouTube?
Are you Ready For This - Kritical
Luis Forero
dont pay for watch it
shu haib
don't try this at home,TRY THIS ON BUILDINGS
Minecraft Forever
if jesse laflair was in this then it would be a cool movie
artist fox
This movie is actually really good for half an hour
Whats the song??
saif khan
I love this man
Carlos Zambrano
What was that song that first played?
Its a pretty bad movie to be honest the only reason I enjoyed it is because im freerunner myself
Gian Ferreira
ПаРкУр Я РуСсКиЙ
Carys Pakula
looks epic
I hear imovie music in this...
Kombat Kamel
I went into this movie not expecting it to be an awarding winning masterpiece and I really did enjoy it. If you love parkour you will love this
Kevin M
Unsurprisingly the movie was, brace yourselves, absolutely horrendous.
Gergő Bankó
omg this is movie is cool
Bez jaj people :p
Jesus Hidrogo
lol trailer says no cgi. Guy blows ups cgi blood.. lol terrible cgi blood..
Cool movie, but it tries to do too much with a not-so-huge budget. If Sean Faris weren't in it, I wouldn't give two shits about it.
Denni Meshekova
Love Sean Farris !! <3
jacko g
Wow that movie looks good
Servanteous Excaliber
Only thing that made no since was the collar when all you had to do was offer the money but if your a parkour fan it's a great movie
idk but Never back down brang me here
@Duncan Hamby yes it is its on Netflixs
yeah it is!
Caughron Hamby
Wait, this is a real movie?
LaRue Parkour
Go Ryan :D
so bad it's funny category!
Urban Traceur
The Tournament was based on the idea of a modern gladiatorial arena though and the only Parkour and Freerunning was Sebastian Foucans character, this film was designed as a pure display of Pk&Fr in a movie, and what better way to display it than a competition
this movie was fucking awfull and it kept getting worse the arab billionaire sounded like a russian lmao dont waste your time you want a good freerunner movie go watch district b13 or a french movie called the great challenge...
I just found out about this movie and saw it on Netflix. I have to say, this is my favorite movie now. It's really amazing, in my opinion. Should've been more popular so more people can see it.
Just got a quick question, the movie name says freerunner ( Run for your life) didnt we invent the gun so that you cant run for your life?
Arcade FFA
Its like battle royale but the North American version and parkour.
Sebastian Robledo
this movie doesnt make any sense
Kwan Daniel
Why must finch die
reg g
fun stuff .... i used to do this stuff in the 70s
Tristan Crooks
when was it released???
cool moves +story /*/
Desmond Miles
dont crush his dreams, dont do it at home, do it outside bro!
its like saw
Sava Vuckovic
i like this movie :D
Cool movie ive seen it
@lawrsilver aww sweet, can't wait!
Lawrence Silverstein
31, please don't. That's the point. LOL!
Lawrence Silverstein
Right on Flash! Keep it up! Stay safe! Best Wishes, Lawrence Silverstein
Lawrence Silverstein
Yep, good call Joe! And like I was saying to Rush, also "Hard Target." Check it out if you have not already. Happy Holidays! Lawrence
Lawrence Silverstein
Thanks Rush! Have you ever seen "Hard Target" ? That was one of the inspirations for the movie along with the others you mentioned. But "Hard Target" is a John Woo film starring JCVD and it kicks ass! Do yourself a favor and watch it or watch it again! :-) Happy Holidays! Lawrence
Lawrence Silverstein
Thanks Brick! Glad you enjoyed the movie. I'm working on the Director's Cut right now in 3D! I'm excited as I'm replacing a lot of the music and putting back in a lot of scenes and sequences that give the movie a Larger scope and more Heart. I can't wait for you to see it. Thanks for your support! Happy Holidays! Lawrence
Lawrence Silverstein
Hey Vegas, I'm sorry you didn't like the movie. It's just popcorn entertainment made for less than the cost of catering on Bourne. I did learn a lot making my first feature, and I promise you I will fail better next time. Peace and Love, Lawrence Silverstein
Lawrence Silverstein
I know. He's such a sweetheart in real life. Ryan, you are a great actor! Keep up the great work! All Love Brothers and Sisters! Peace! LS
Lawrence Silverstein
Thank you! I'm working right now on the Director's cut in 3D! Changing out most of the music and putting in the BIG stunts that were taken out. I'm very sick (no pun intended) of the "shaky cam" so I'm cutting a lot of those shots. Hard to imagine bigger stunts on a sub million dollar flick with all that is in it already? Well get ready :-) Thanks again for the post, and I'm really glad you enjoyed the movie!
Lawrence Silverstein
We have Big Brand National Commercials before our trailer?! That's awesome!! Ryan Doyle, you are a SUPER STAR!!!
Just finished watching this in Netflix. So good.
Alaa Ali
That guy looks like Cristiano Ronaldo.
Lawrence Silverstein
We Premiered at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in May of 2011. The movie is not so bad. Especially for my first feature. Rebecca is gorgeous and a pleasure to work with. Ryan Doyle, in a word, Awesome! But I am currently working on the Director's Cut of the film, as I am NOT happy with the released film. The shaky shots make me sick to my stomach. The pacing, shot selection, and and sequence progressions make little sense. I HATE the Title Sequence. The music in the movie sucks furry trucker balls.
basically the movie sucks but you're awesome.
Antony Babb
yes this is a movie...
Antony Babb
its out already its on LOVEFILM instant... :)
Jordan Richards
hard to imagine ryan doyle as a dick
its 4 peps actually, he just thinks its 2
Well how dare I put a troll to his misery and bring him back to the bridge , blasphemy is such an act.
This isn't argument, it's me mauling this fail of a troll.