The World's Best Parkour and Freerunning

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they can do all this without getting hurt. I cant even walk to the fridge without stubbing a toe.
Remember back when this was that shit.
Ankit Roy
I grew up watchin this parkour video. #memories
Saptarshi Biswas
M. Khan
If these guys become zombies......we are SCREWED+!
This video inspired me to do free running and parkour. *jumps of building* *dies*
Pk Freerun
who is watching in 2 0 1 8?
Astronmical 47
I remember seeing this video when i was 13 and now im 17 and ever since this video has motivated me to do parkour i have progressed in ways that i could do most of the stuff these guys are doing in this video and im so proud of that , Thank you @StuntsAmazing for posting this !!
Taeyang An
Me: okay it might be cool. (does a back flip) Breaks my back bone
Gluteus Maximus
I feel like this is what human body is made for.
Ayden Sanchez
Am i the only one who thinks parkour should be turned into an Olympic sport?
Aria Baladi
People who comment "2018?" on older videos should be put in concentration camps.Who agrees?
Michael Walder
first video i've watched on youtube 😍
This People Must Have Practice Like Crazy!!!
Veltryek V
Give them a hidden blade, we are screwed
I watched this video when I was 6 with my best friend after this we started to do parkour. Today it’s flips on the ground and doubles on the trampoline. This video is one of the videos that inspired me and my friend! <3
Amm Ar
Old but gold 👑
Screen Life
I watched this video in 2013 February. Then I learned about parkour. Now its 2018 & still this video have those vibes and Goosebumps. Love this. 💓
Arvind Mahto
Legendary video
can't even get out of my bed in the morning...
Ya_boo_ Noah
I think I’ve watched this video like 20 times 😐
almost 110 mln views! ♥
Dhanraj Kasbe
Lazaraki_Kenpachi #11
Still the best parkour video
Saad Cheema
Are they really humans.but they have really inspired me✌👌👍👍
Sujeet Choudhary
It's awesome
Динара Тулеуова
Я 30 лет занимаюс паркуром
The World Of Android Games
2018 ? <3
Extraterrestrial Horse
When I see these guys, my masculinity starts fading.
Doğukan Tuna
2018 ???
Been watching this Video for about 5 years still love it,anyone agree?
Mango Kyaw
wow... this brought back memories..
Harun Muradov
0:05 song ???
Storror Parkour
Great! The best sport in the world is Parkour! ;)
Rodrigo VEVO
likwal Mohammed
Wie heißt die Musik an Anfang
Yasir Quadri
This is the video which raised my interest in Parkour.. and i am now a beginner at it...
christian joziasse
Imagine playing tag with them....
Muneeb Ur Rehman
2018 anyone😝😝
Killer Raven574
I can't even do a simple roll ROLL
mixed LOL
Wow 110m views
Moto R6
I remember when this had 5 million views back in 2012 and 2013
They are like modern ninjas!
Hoki 1000
when i was 8 i wach this like 100 times
Nasro Nasrddin
Name the song 1:15
Be Lightning
Amazing! 😅😍
Gaming with J&C
I remember when this came out 🙃
the SRP #BC4L
thats nothing, i dont meen to brag but i can balance a light switch between on and off...
Hong Jhun Pu
I rather die if zombies can do freerunning like this😩
Brenda Lopez
Soi un niño que sabe parkur
Felix P02
I still love watching this again and again.
im here again!
Kenneth Baoleki
when you grow up watching too much Jackie Chan
thats just flips, do u know what parkour is?
ded sec
La musica es muy emocionante
Zap bolt
I was 11 when this came out so many memories😭😭😭
Ahmet Tiryaki
Deanie Baby
How are cops gonna chase these kids if they ever commit a crime
Prag Paudel
Best flipers ever
Rayan Mudaliar
Dis is the best I remember watching dis when I was a kid good job
Death gamer
These Pakour dudes always risk their legs and hands
So muss man auch erstmal auf einem Container landen(2:33)
Shawn Colligan
Mind back then... parkour, girls and punk rock Now it’s fortnite, rap and more fortnite
mouheb clash
عرب موجودين 😂😂😂😂 العربي يسوى لايك✋بصمت😂😂😂
Since 2012 I've been watching this video... keep coming back to it. The best parkour video even in 2018. I think the song choice gave the boost... you need to make something as good as this.
*Amazing* *Best youtube parkour video*
borjan janevski
Whats called the first song
Rosa Tumbaco
como hago para aprender parkour y tengo 10 años me gusta el parkour
Sergey Forostenko
*I have parkour steeper*
Jamie Miller
Amazing stuff who would not want to be able to do this soooo cool love it xx
i dont know how many times i have watched this video but it must be like 1 million times
Bhupendra Ahirwar
I learn this moved
Charisse Barnett
boy if I had those skillz I would be using it for something good...skipping school
Melhor vídeo de Parkour
Christopher valco
I do parlour because my dad does it!!!! He is in this video!!!!👱👼
Joosua Anttila
First parkour video I ever watched and still the best.
randomest of strangers
Remember when parkour was the best thing on youtube?
Isaac Dineen
I remember watching this as a kid back in 2012, I though it was so awesome and I really wanted to start training. I never really got into any sport until I found parkour and freerunning and I loved it! Five years later and I still train. I am so great full of this video cause it changed my life. Parkour is my passion and I have made so many great friends and memories.
Sara Ajmal
and i cant do headstand:(
La Baguette
My anxiety starts to take over every time they jump, thinking that they’ll slip, fall, and die. 😤😭
Kylo Ren
Who else is watching this in 2018?
Boogie Bear · 2.4M views
When ur scared to skips steps on stairs
Llevo 5 años viendolo jaja
wow .. 6 years :D this is the Video which motivated me to start Parkour as a Little child … so much memories :D
Creme TM
Ok, i hav watched this video a billion times since 2013. This was the goat like i was so inspired. I love watching these and this one is still my favorite one. Keep doing what you are doing and have a great day person seeing this comment :D
Why So Serious
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Я один с 2018?
Silver Cronos
I don't get it, what's with the baggy ass sweatpants 😂😂☕
Tharun Spidey
They are having great balance I can’t perfectly balance while I’m running
I like PARKOUR!!!
Shari The Firefly
i can't even run...
Nugget Guy
Niga's :) !
MaxJoshua Brock
Oh my god I remember watching this ages ago
hamza el
Partager avec Moi Merci
Geon Denmàrk Ching
they can clumb higher wall awesome
Katherine Pierce
I stub my toe when I walk between my couch and the coffee table.