Grand Theft Auto IV - True or Nostalgia?

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UPDATE: Months after uploading this video, I've realized I still play GTA IV more than V, and it is still my second favorite in the series next to Vice City. I was too busy trying to do a critical retrospective review that I forgot to actually talk about the things in it that I love so dearly. Yes the driving is ice blocks, yes it has its flaws, but I still prefer the world created in this game to to V's. This shit is True. Sustained, overruled.
Morgan Freeman
Jumping out of a moving car once in gta IV was more satisfying than the whole V's story
GTA IV, deserved That tho
Have you ever tried to take a 90 degree turn in a large SUV while going like 50 MPH? It's going to understeer and body roll like fucking crazy. Just like in the game. The game IS realistic. but realistic isnt fun to most people. Try driving around in GTIV like a normal person, going the speed limit and following traffic laws. the cars behave perfectly normal like you'd expect a real car to. But that's not good enough for people. People expect to be able to take a 90 degree turn at 100mph without the slightest bit of suspension travel, and so much grip you'd think the wheels were literally stuck to the ground. Not to mention the way the cars feel like they're made out of some futuristic material that feels like it weighs as much as paper, but can take massive impacts like 3 inch thick steel. (Im talking about GTAV here)
The cover system from 5 is better than 4 but the shooting in general was superior in 4. Controls were far more responsive and snappy when not in cover. And the NPC's reactions to getting shot were far more dynamic than they were in gta 5.
Zeus Osenkai
I quite like the driving physics in GTA 4
Gta 4 has the best story, it's dark, and depressing This is a review about bike handling, by someone that's never sat on a bike
I respectfully disagree with you on your point you made about the driving, I was very disappointed when i found gta 5just let you roll your flipped car back around, in 4 if you were being chased in online and that happened it would mean you had to leave your car and come face to face with your enemy leading to an epic grand finale face off. It would also add the element of risk to the chase.. do I take this shortcut that could lead to a flipped car or take the longer but safer route.
Kevin Peeters
brake before a corner , might even help you in real life ;) bring those driving physics back !!!
In my opinion, its true. Best bowling in video game history.
GTA IV has far more better story than Far Cry 3.
Nikola Peh
GTA IV + GTA EFLC = One of the best video game experiences
No nostalgia. 100% awesomeness.
Hot Boi Stalin
I actually like the simple colors.
I loved the vehicle handling so much. GTA V is way too arcady.
Uber Dragon
For me the driving ruined most of the game for me. Not just today, but also back then. I don't understand how anyone can argue it's realistic. I don't drive cars in real life very often, but when I do they don't lose traction as soon as I touch the steering wheel.
Gahan Raj
The driving physics was one of the best aspects of GTA IV. Not perfect but still better than GTA V if you ask me.
I liked the steering in gta 4, i think its more realistic and overall better than in gta 5
Jezus Leeft
GTA IV's vehicle handling is 100x better than V's.
Matej Sommer
I feel like Niko is the most intelligent main character from the GTA series.
Andy [Xvixx]
I like the driving it actually feels like the cars have weight to them, and there is suspension instead of steel bars unlike gta 5
Pounch Controller
I loved GTA IV, man the first time I played this game I was so amazed, I was so excited to play it again every time I got back from school, there was no fancy shit, like fancy characters or fancy cars or fancy mission like in GTA V GTA V is a cool game but it doesn't have the soul and the love from GTA IV Hope Red Dead Redemption 2 will have the same soul
I still love the driving in GTA 4, not because of realism, but because it's simply fun as hell
RaYze dark
Sheev for Senate
A couple of things I do miss from GTA IV are: 1. The cheats tab in the phone instead of having to type them over and over. 2. Interiors like Cluckin Bell and the Hospital, the best stand off zones against the police. V seriously lacks them.
CT Spoder
I have the say it's still a good game I've went back numerous times and enjoyed it
Marcuz Pedersen
GTA IV has all the good things. Good music, a good story, the driving was really fun, the physics, in general, was really fun. I once played GTA IV a whole summer holiday, because I was in love in this game. I still listen to the music sometimes. Is clearly a better game then V. I wish Rockstar made a 2018 version of it, like LA.Noire....
Logan Ainsworth
gta 4 is 10x better than gta 5
Ateru Arts
GTA iv, the game of my live. Really! 99 out if 100
I still MUCH prefer the driving in GTA4 to GTA5 though. I much rather feel like Im driving on ice than Im driving bumper cars set on a rail. Collisions are such shit in 5
In GTA 4 you could: Bowl Play pool Eat in restaurants
V 4 Vellian
Every GTA game from my childhood are the best
Wonka DeWitt Bukater
Driving physics from GTAIV are way very realistic, try to do what is in GTAIV in the street, the car will react way alike, with all that body roll to only stock cars can, also cars without ABS feel very realistic. i meant is very old engine but much better than some out there. but opinions are so wide :)
The story was amazing
SaiyanZ's Wife
Rockstar neglected the single payer experience too much with V.
Billy Savage
I understand why people didn't like the driving but the vehicles turn fine when slowed down enough. Then again it's fine to prefer the more arcady driving but i found slowying down enough, hitting the apex of a corner and accelerating out of it just skimming the opposite curb a treat.
I loved the gta iv driving
Honestly i still prefer gta 5 over 4 and man that is a heated argument but hear me out. I went into gta 4 cold only knowing how everybody flocked over it like it was a god tier game. Keep in mind this was me coming from playing the story of gta 5 3 times because of how interesting it was to me at the time. When i got into gta 4 however... things were not really the same. i was met with piss poor and just downright pathetic optimization on the pc getting 30 fps if i was lucky with a 1080 ti and an i7 5930k! Even more issues occured when i realized that my resolution was chopped in half and stretched because of my 21:9 monitor. So great im stuck playing this game at 30-40 fps with constant drops and a horrid resolution but i stuck through to play this game that people were so amazed by. First off, driving. holy shit its impossible to drive with a keyboard in this god damn game. even when plugging in a controller its a pain in the rear because of how horrid the cars are. It is such a genuine chore that i found the BOATS in gta 5 to be more maneuverable than 4. and its not like i dont appreciate realistic driving, no my favorite game is assetto corsa and i have actually driven cars before. this crap is slidey tedious garbage at times. The gunplay is similarly clunky and annoying as mentioned in the video. niko takes forever to get into cover and for the love of god why do you need to take 5 fuckin years to pull out a pistol! The physics are still fun as hell to play around with though i will admit but the problem was, i literally dont want to experiment with this game further because of how BROKEN it is. Aside from that though, my main gripe was how linear and boring the missions were. it was either, go to a deal and kill people when it always goes wrong, pilot this shitty vehicle to not die, go to this place and shoot these people, or even more boring here fucko just take this car and drive me somewhere where you can shoot people for a second then leave. What the fuck is that? Meanwhile in gta 5 you were highjacking planes and crashing them into the alamo sea, crashing trains into eachother and escaping down a river, doing heists with interesting alternate routes, doing amazing heists with different options and crew members, and most of all playing along with the branching storyline and weaving your own path until the end. I know i will likely go back to gta 5 and realize it was not what i hyped it up to be but people need to stop romanticizing both games and realize that parts are better in either of them. Hopefully in the future we will get a gta 6 with all of these positives put together. Im putting my hope into rockstar, now will you too let go of the past and look onto the future?
BigBad Bryant
Getting GTA IV on launch day when I was in high school was one of the top highlights of my childhood. It didn't match the greatness of San Andreas for me but the story and characters were a hell of a lot more interesting than GTA V in my opinion.
Let’s be honest.... the only people who dislike GTA 4 are the kids who’s first GTA game was 5.
GTA 4's driving was just perfect, some people really perfected it and did hardcore skilled online races where taking turns like in racing games actually mattered.
5:14 is just plain stupid. That what u said there can be applied for gta 5... and 3, and San Andreas. If you don't like the realism of the missions go and play Saints Row. Why? Because you don't need (between the missions) to go all guns blazing, Niko doesn't like to kill, only when he needs to... so in your free time you can just go from mission to mission and not cause havoc in the city. CJ is also that type of a character. Sooo, RS is giving to you a movie type game and the freedom to do whatever you want and if you feel like the main story and free time in game doesn't match the same atmosphere that's completely your fault, or fault of your gameplay style. For the driving part i agree, for combat part i can't tell because i'm a pc gamer and the combat was fine. And if you say that it doesn't deserve a 10, pls look the games before GTA IV, and after and you will see that it completely revolutionized the game industry. GTA 5 is just a bigger, mora eye appealing version of GTA IV
Higor Silva
Come on, guys. GTA IV is fkn' amazing. It's not perfect and didn't age well, but it's awesome!
Zyndall Media
Prefer GTA IV than GTA V.
Dino Spumoni
If you think the driving in _Grand Theft Auto IV_ is bad then it's just user error. There's still an active race community in the game for a reason. The driving is fantastic, if difficult.
Very much disagree. What you said about combat was mainly talking about when playing with a controller. For me playing a 3D game with a controller is a pain. I tried to play Dark Souls with a controller the camera was so hard to move and I need to use like almost all of my fingers to do stuff. While with keyboard and mouse everything is so much easier. For me controllers are more meant for 2D games. You forgot other important things. First off GTA 4 by far has had the most realistic police. In other GTA games including GTA 5 if you kill someone in the middle of the fuckin' desert, you get wanted level. In GTA 4 if noone sees you kill someone, then you wont get wanted. Physics. GTA 4 by far has the most realistic physics, even more realistic than GTA 5's. The physics GTA 4 introduced made the game also 10 times more fun. In GTA San Andreas driving into people is so unsatisfying, because they just stand on one place and die instead of getting flung like in GTA 4. The main character. While in basically every other GTA game you have some generic criminal, in GTA 4 we had some fresh air with having a badass war veteran. Niko is an amazing character and definitely the best GTA protagonist so far. The only two problems GTA 4 has is motorcycle driving being complete shit and the game running like dogshit due to it's horrible port.
GTA 4's multiplayer was way better compared to 5's online. 4 literally revolved around having fun, remember meeting up at the airport with other players to have races on the strip, massive shootouts at the airport, people racing to grab the helicopters there and camping them, getting chased by a dude in an annihilator, everyone driving to the 3rd island to get the sultan rs, people trying to show off the sultan rs, shooting cops with friends, everyone in the server meeting up at the swingset of death to see who gets launched the farthest, etc... good times... 5's online is very hard to have fun, you can't drive anywhere without some asshole in a tank or hydra blowing you up. tank and hydra campers are everywhere in online. not to mention that you need money to buy shit in order to have fun as well, 5's online revolves around money.
Absolutely TRUE, I just completed the game for the 1st time, and I played GTA 5 before - great game 10/10
I didn't even like GTAIV, didn't even finish it
Jure Baban
So nobody pointed out that if you halve the turning radius you actually get more sensitive steering as opposed to what he was trying to say?
Hey man your review is pretty fuckin solid. I can see where you're coming from saying that furthermore I'd have to say I do not completely agree with your opinion. Which is to say no salt, I can see you anylized the game pretty well. In terms of atmosphere I agree completely it looks amazing and has done well to set the mood but some texture replacements and remodeling would be in order (keeping the games style in check as well, I wouldn't want it looking exactly like gtav which has changed it's tone). Combat and movement are two different things. That said the combat itself was delicious in my opinion. Highly satisfying, my only critique towards it would be I wish Niko would take more damage making situations way riskier. Making your choices much more thought out. So I can't say it was trustalgia I'd say combat is pretty true man. In terms of movement on the other hand I agree it is clunky (although more versatile than any other gta game). You can shimmy, side, roll, and grab on to anything which isn't seen in any other gta. What makes it clunky is the slow groggy movements that come with the physics based animations. That said I'd like a middle ground of fluidity and versatility which would make the experience that much more dope. I'd say that's totally nostalgia. As a side note switching weapons is a pain yes I agree would be cool to implement the gun wheel from gtav. Something I completely disagree with is your view on driving. Just hitting accelerate and turning will tend to make your car to skid off to the side whether in real life or in the game. Having finesse with the gas and the brakes made it obvious what kind of player was playing the game. In no way I say this to discredit you because in every gta excluding the 4th the driving is very gung-ho fast. But driving in a place like new York(liberty city) requires finesse to take those corners. Driftu powah and all that. In terms of story I also do not completely agree because upon completion I felt like I knew the city like the back of my hand with some minor exploration. At the very least I understood which building I could walk into whereas anywhere I haven't seen gave a good excuse to lengthen playtime to just walk around and explore. Sick review keep up the good work. I felt like I had a fairly valid opinion given how much I love this game compared to the rest of the series. Dunno how to tag or whatever on YouTube so at this point just kind of hoping it's seen. Tl;Dr I feel like metacritic (can't believe I'm gonna say this) was fairly right on this one. Def not top 3 all time best games tho.
Totally disagree with you on the driving, GTA's driving engine is what made the game great in my opinion. If you can't control the motorbikes you're just a noob and you're probably holding the accelerator on full blast and trying to hit corners at 300 miles an hour.
compared to GTA V, the shooting physics was way better. Like when you shot someone, it felt like you sent ballistics their way and you hurt them bad. now it's them sporting blood and falling on their side and dying after 3 seconds
Leilah Nicki
Am I the only guy who plays strictly for story and missions. Always thought before GTAV the sandbox was pretty boring... Nothing to do but go on rampages which without an interesting objective or setup just feels empty. But in GTA V they're actually pretty dope sandbox rampages, shame the missions are pretty hit and miss and it needed way more heists, 5-6 options per heist would also be better. With a different mission name and rating for each main choice, maybe with a difficulty rating from 1-5 stars to go along with the expanded choices, and payout changes for less effective methods of stealing, or slower payout.
Am I the only one that noticed shadow of the colossus music in the background? XD
Chris Carter
V was better. IV is still great. That's all you needed to say.
Spencer Cox
IV is the only GTA that I've only finished once. I've had no desire to go back and play it. It wasn't good to begin with, and it's not good now.
Bas Bastiaansen
the story and characters of gta iv are ten times better than gta v's. I honeslty never gave a damn about any gta 5 character, at all. exept for trevor.
Great is the GTA V story, right? just robbery, steal and more robbery, excellent story.
Donkey Kong
GTA V = better story GTA IV = better gameplay
When gta iv came out I was 5 I played for the first time last month and I felt it looked good and played well even by today's standards.
Tupacstole Mybike
Am I the only one that loved the driving mechanics in IV compared to V. Drifted my way thru corners like a boss.
Kevin Maddick
The driving is fine. It's GTA V's driving which is a joke. It's like driving plastic toy cars.
screen name
It's because GTA 4 is for true PROS
The YouTube Phantom Official
*drifts garbage truck* The handbrake in GTA IV was basically a drift button, and in GTA V, drifting was actually difficult.
John DiMaggio
"Niko is an amazing idea for a character" NO shit, he is the best written character in GTA history
NyQuiiL Cold & Flu
I thought GTA IV was an overrated snooze fest with crap driving boring characters. It had a bland over world, and I thought MP was decent at best. I figured reviewers were paid off because the term masterpiece shouldn't be associated with this game. It's not a bad game at all but one of the all time greats it is not. The only credit I will give it, is that they improved everything in GTA V by improving controls, they went for a more colorful setting and the MP has become a huge element that extended the longevity.
To be honest the best GTA game most likely lies somewhere in between San Andreas and GTA4. SanAndreas for its massive(for the time) world, 3 major cities and plenty of countryside to connect them and lots of ACTIVITIES to do in this world (own properties, hair/clothes shops, gyms,gang turf wars,.....). The gameplay itself a bit too cartooney though. And GTA4 mostly for its gameplay elements. There is just something immensely satisfying about physics based gameplay, be it driving a car, hitting stuff, shooting,... It's like throwing a tennis ball at a simple, but can keep you entertained for hours. I think it has something to do with the unpredictability of it (unlike a predetermined animation that plays the same way every time you trigger it) only a slightly different action will SIMULATE an entirely different situation every single time, yet the outcome isn't completely random either, it follows our innate understanding of physics. If I drop the ball, it will fall down, etc. GTA4s world, although it had a nice atmosphere and a detailed world I admit, felt very limited. Just a single city maze, with no countryside to drive around in. The whole game(and the PC port) just felt rushed and unfinished. GTA V unfortunately fell short in both these regards. The one thing it has going for itself is it's a really great technical achievement(although being a newer game, that is mostly expected these days). The attention to detail in it's world building is amazing. I find myself staring at a wall texture in some back alley no average player will prpbably ever even get to see lol. Oh and did I mention animated flip-flops! ANIMATED FLIP-FLOPS!!! No need whatsoever for that to be in a game...but it is. If some poor sob at Rockstar was forced to do wonder why they haven't bothered with some of the elements I mentioned above first?!? Now with the GTA Online taking over I don't have hope anymore for the future of this game in the next installment at all. :(
1:00 I can GTA IV is still the best and actually way better than GTA V.
Icebear _Chill
If I want to say I like GTA 4 with driving physics better then let me do it don't argue that gtav's physics better because I don't care, I like the driving physics better and that's the way it's going to stay for me, I also like the shooting physics better and the crash physics better I like the bigger explosions and I liked all the weapon models with their guns sounds and I love the Ragdoll effect on all the people when you shoot them or hit them with a car and when they stagger backwards it's not too unrealistic or realistic for me but I loved it anyhow this is my opinion you can totally like any other aspect of any other game better than GTA 4 if and I wouldn't care, if you find one that's good enough I may even agree.....
Bearded Sifu
i'd take gta4 over gta5 anyday.
Nigel Morgan
I think Niko is a a big case of wasted potential. He starts off the game as this interesting character trying to run away from his past while at the same time trying to confront a man who betrayed him long ago. The arguments he has with Roman and the conflict they go through is engaging and interesting for me, the first couple hours of the game made me very interested. But that all goes away after the mission Roman's Sorrow. All the things I loved about Niko's character are all gone, and replaced with this boring person who only talks about how he will do things for a price. He never even says why he "needs money", he just says it over and over and I just got so sick of it. Occasionally he'll mention how he's searching for the man who betrayed him, but he never does anything to actively try and find him apart from simply telling people he's trying to find him. There are a few likable characters like Packie and Little Jacob to provide some entertainment, but most of the time Niko's working for characters that have little personality, or are just assholes. It made me care so little about the story, it felt like there barely was any story. All I felt was like this errand boy running around doing ultimately meaningless tasks for people I don't know. The story picked up a bit towards the end, but that wasn't enough to make me feel like the story was positive overall. Personally, I'll never understand why everyone loves this game so much.
CG Media - The Classic Games Hub
I LOVE GRAND THEFT AUTO IV. It is one of the best GRAND THEFT AUTOs. It's stood the test of time more than any other GRAND THEFT AUTO. It isn't a perfect 10 because it was missing a lot, but I adored the feel of it.
Chris Carter
Idk. I like GTA V a little more than IV I know that's not the popular opinion, but hey I'll say it. The world is better to me. And the characters are more relatable. That being said IV is still one of the best games ever made.
Ace of Alien
The story isn't prefect but i would say its true-nalgia. Driving was so underrated tho. Once you got the hand of its semi-realistic physics you can do everything.
André Loureiro
To me nothing will ever beat San Andreas. It's the power of nostalgia i guess. When GTA4 came out i thought it was a good game, but shit when compared to SA. But i came to enjoy more as the years went by. I still think that SA was/is the better game, but GTA4 is cool too.
Othman Salih
GTA IV is my least favorite GTA game
The Noob Gamer
2.6k dunkeys
Po Tato
how you gonna say driving is nostaliga have you tried steering a goddamn car at high speeds? its supposed to be as you call "soapy" and if you actually learn it you can drive without any issues, just saying m8 git gud :))
I like GTA IV better then GTA V
A Buzzed Whaler
Shuckle my doing.
There is no swingset in GTA V... GTA IV wins
Michael Havas
Sorry, but GTA4 was entirely overrated and it still is. Cars drove like boats, relationships with characters were forced, poorly optimized for PC, campaign was too long and lost steam over time, lack of customization overall, losing the cops was terribly easy, forgettable protagonist. Incredibly overrated.
I loved the driving
Daniel 786
You got it wrong, IV had the BEST story in the whole series!
Ben Link
I could say the same for Ocarina of Time, because Majora's Mask is just way better.
what's the tune at 3:33?
jacob preßen
San Andreas is my fav
The Pokéman
Whatever it is....... Dat San Andreas theme song tho..
Daddy Dallas
GTA 4s story is by far the greatest and most realistic in the gta series. So deep and so emotional.
Great story, great atmosphere, great gameplay for it’s time, great and memorable characters, I just wish it had more customization.
Dharmavid Francis
In my humble and correct opinion GTA IV was a masterpiece.
GTA V and IV both stink!
Voice Muted
You know what the best part of GTA IV is? Roman’s shirt
son ant
I don't believe in nostalgia that clouds peoples true views on a game, games were truly just better back then, but I don't think GTA IV is at that nostalgia stage yet like GTA San Andreas is, unless time is just going faster then I can keep up, but either way I think GTA IV is superior, I play iv and v all the time and IV is just more realistic and fun and I love the seriousness of the story and the dlcs, I love the 2000's ny theme also, way better than the Cali shit
Personally, I always found everything about GTA IV to be clunky. The driving, the movement, the guns felt powerless, and the presentation always seemed bland and washed out. As for the story, I don't have anything to say about it, since I never really paid attention to it.
that fit Asian
Solotorobo is the best game of all time Bet you’ve never heard that one before