Grand Theft Auto IV - True or Nostalgia?

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UPDATE: Months after uploading this video, I've realized I still play GTA IV more than V, and it is still my second favorite in the series next to Vice City. I was too busy trying to do a critical retrospective review that I forgot to actually talk about the things in it that I love so dearly. Yes the driving is ice blocks, yes it has its flaws, but I still prefer the world created in this game to to V's. This shit is True. Sustained, overruled.
I still love the driving in GTA 4, not because of realism, but because it's simply fun as hell
Kevin Peeters
brake before a corner , might even help you in real life ;) bring those driving physics back !!!
GTA 4's multiplayer was way better compared to 5's online. 4 literally revolved around having fun, remember meeting up at the airport with other players to have races on the strip, massive shootouts at the airport, people racing to grab the helicopters there and camping them, getting chased by a dude in an annihilator, everyone driving to the 3rd island to get the sultan rs, people trying to show off the sultan rs, shooting cops with friends, everyone in the server meeting up at the swingset of death to see who gets launched the farthest, etc... good times... 5's online is very hard to have fun, you can't drive anywhere without some asshole in a tank or hydra blowing you up. tank and hydra campers are everywhere in online. not to mention that you need money to buy shit in order to have fun as well, 5's online revolves around money.
Jezus Leeft
GTA IV's vehicle handling is 100x better than V's.
In my opinion, its true. Best bowling in video game history.
GTA IV, deserved That tho
I respectfully disagree with you on your point you made about the driving, I was very disappointed when i found gta 5just let you roll your flipped car back around, in 4 if you were being chased in online and that happened it would mean you had to leave your car and come face to face with your enemy leading to an epic grand finale face off. It would also add the element of risk to the chase.. do I take this shortcut that could lead to a flipped car or take the longer but safer route.
The story was amazing
Andy [Xvixx]
I like the driving it actually feels like the cars have weight to them, and there is suspension instead of steel bars unlike gta 5
Sheev for Senate
A couple of things I do miss from GTA IV are: 1. The cheats tab in the phone instead of having to type them over and over. 2. Interiors like Cluckin Bell and the Hospital, the best stand off zones against the police. V seriously lacks them.
Ateru Arts
GTA iv, the game of my live. Really! 99 out if 100
No nostalgia, GTA IV is a masterpiece.
Nathan Kirby
I have the say it's still a good game I've went back numerous times and enjoyed it
I loved the gta iv driving
Morgan Freeman
Jumping out of a moving car once in gta IV was more satisfying than the whole V's story
No nostalgia. 100% awesomeness.
André Loureiro
To me nothing will ever beat San Andreas. It's the power of nostalgia i guess. When GTA4 came out i thought it was a good game, but shit when compared to SA. But i came to enjoy more as the years went by. I still think that SA was/is the better game, but GTA4 is cool too.
GTA IV has far more better story than Far Cry 3.
Totally disagree with you on the driving, GTA's driving engine is what made the game great in my opinion. If you can't control the motorbikes you're just a noob and you're probably holding the accelerator on full blast and trying to hit corners at 300 miles an hour.
compared to GTA V, the shooting physics was way better. Like when you shot someone, it felt like you sent ballistics their way and you hurt them bad. now it's them sporting blood and falling on their side and dying after 3 seconds
Pounch Controller
I loved GTA IV, man the first time I played this game I was so amazed, I was so excited to play it again every time I got back from school, there was no fancy shit, like fancy characters or fancy cars or fancy mission like in GTA V GTA V is a cool game but it doesn't have the soul and the love from GTA IV Hope Red Dead Redemption 2 will have the same soul
Marcuz Pedersen
GTA IV has all the good things. Good music, a good story, the driving was really fun, the physics, in general, was really fun. I once played GTA IV a whole summer holiday, because I was in love in this game. I still listen to the music sometimes. Is clearly a better game then V. I wish Rockstar made a 2018 version of it, like LA.Noire....
V 4 Vellian
Every GTA game from my childhood are the best
Wonka DeWitt Bukater
Driving physics from GTAIV are way very realistic, try to do what is in GTAIV in the street, the car will react way alike, with all that body roll to only stock cars can, also cars without ABS feel very realistic. i meant is very old engine but much better than some out there. but opinions are so wide :)
Matej Sommer
I feel like Niko is the most intelligent main character from the GTA series.
Alonzo Harris
The storyline of GTA 4 is the best GTA Story no questions asked. The confusion of Niko at the start of him saying how he is looking for someone. And as the story progresses he tells more about his dark fucked up past. And he opens up how depressed he is and it wouldn't matter to him if he would die. You feel for the character even if he is just nothing more then a character. You see Niko develop as he he meets Michele and Kate or speaks to Roman and his mother in emails. But the part where you find Darko is maybe one of the most mindbreaking moments. Will you kill him to avenge your friends but you will also be a hypocrite because you are also a killer like he is. Or will you let Darko go realizing nothing will bring your friends back even if you get revenge. It feels like the build up to finding Darko got so high just for most people to let him go felt so uncomon. Then if Niko couldn't feel worse about searching for him for so long just to feel empty (even if he feels a bit better when you spare him) the Revenge and Deal ending happens where Niko simply doesn't win. It differs from most GTA's because in all other games. Tommy becomes kingpin, Claude gets revenge, CJ becomes king of LS, Michaele Franklin and Trevor can kill all the bad guys. But Niko just can't win. Niko will never win because he has just lost so much.
kasbar kasbarian
1:21 i get goosebumps listening this for some reason 😂😂😂
GTA 4's driving was just perfect, some people really perfected it and did hardcore skilled online races where taking turns like in racing games actually mattered.
Gabriel Coughlan
2017: no 2018: wait for it 2019: okay now we put it in recommendations
Zyndall Media
Prefer GTA IV than GTA V.
Dino Spumoni
If you think the driving in _Grand Theft Auto IV_ is bad then it's just user error. There's still an active race community in the game for a reason. The driving is fantastic, if difficult.
Absolutely TRUE, I just completed the game for the 1st time, and I played GTA 5 before - great game 10/10
in my opinion, regardless it's realistic or not, I love GTA 4 driving physics. it's FUN to drive. I wish that game has a bigger map so I can do a long trip.
Abdulmohsen Al-qurashi
The driving is much better than in GTA5 though.
I like GTA IV better then GTA V
Hey man your review is pretty fuckin solid. I can see where you're coming from saying that furthermore I'd have to say I do not completely agree with your opinion. Which is to say no salt, I can see you anylized the game pretty well. In terms of atmosphere I agree completely it looks amazing and has done well to set the mood but some texture replacements and remodeling would be in order (keeping the games style in check as well, I wouldn't want it looking exactly like gtav which has changed it's tone). Combat and movement are two different things. That said the combat itself was delicious in my opinion. Highly satisfying, my only critique towards it would be I wish Niko would take more damage making situations way riskier. Making your choices much more thought out. So I can't say it was trustalgia I'd say combat is pretty true man. In terms of movement on the other hand I agree it is clunky (although more versatile than any other gta game). You can shimmy, side, roll, and grab on to anything which isn't seen in any other gta. What makes it clunky is the slow groggy movements that come with the physics based animations. That said I'd like a middle ground of fluidity and versatility which would make the experience that much more dope. I'd say that's totally nostalgia. As a side note switching weapons is a pain yes I agree would be cool to implement the gun wheel from gtav. Something I completely disagree with is your view on driving. Just hitting accelerate and turning will tend to make your car to skid off to the side whether in real life or in the game. Having finesse with the gas and the brakes made it obvious what kind of player was playing the game. In no way I say this to discredit you because in every gta excluding the 4th the driving is very gung-ho fast. But driving in a place like new York(liberty city) requires finesse to take those corners. Driftu powah and all that. In terms of story I also do not completely agree because upon completion I felt like I knew the city like the back of my hand with some minor exploration. At the very least I understood which building I could walk into whereas anywhere I haven't seen gave a good excuse to lengthen playtime to just walk around and explore. Sick review keep up the good work. I felt like I had a fairly valid opinion given how much I love this game compared to the rest of the series. Dunno how to tag or whatever on YouTube so at this point just kind of hoping it's seen. Tl;Dr I feel like metacritic (can't believe I'm gonna say this) was fairly right on this one. Def not top 3 all time best games tho.
Ben Link
I could say the same for Ocarina of Time, because Majora's Mask is just way better.
Jakey! Make more True or Nostalgia. I really enjoyed this concept.
Dharmavid Francis
In my humble and correct opinion GTA IV was a masterpiece.
I still MUCH prefer the driving in GTA4 to GTA5 though. I much rather feel like Im driving on ice than Im driving bumper cars set on a rail. Collisions are such shit in 5
Robert Zaludek
ok who did this went to the hospital used the gun set cheats and shot every npc that are on the chairs with every gun to see how they react to the bullets because of the ragdoll physics im weird
better story than gta 5 let me tell you that
burbon ­
oh god, you really got me distracted with that limbo soundtrack...
Keith Williams2
My biggest problem with gta4 was driving
Tupacstole Mybike
Am I the only one that loved the driving mechanics in IV compared to V. Drifted my way thru corners like a boss.
Jack Fleetwood
GTA IV is the Goodfellas of gaming Nuff said.
I liked the steering in gta 4, i think its more realistic and overall better than in gta 5
masooome soleimani
I see that little Frank Ocean / Tyler, the Creator font for the word "nostalgia" in the mark 1:24 lil' man! I see u there!
Kevin Zwicker
Legend of the dragoon @ 3:42??!! Should have put that OST in your vidya game music video.
The driving mechanics are straight booty in GTA IV. But the way the cars flip, take damage, and fly in the air after collisions are still superior to GTA V in my opinion.
I like how in GTA5 you can have Niko Belik as a parent for your character.
Den Lomov
rockstar is one of the most overhyped studios and games are same - they are good but far from great and masterpieces
tit griffin
The combat is great. Bodies drop rather realistically
Free Flow
Props for the music choice! Only real players would put Breath of Fire, Mystic Quest, Legend of the Dragoon,... on it.
The cover system from 5 is better than 4 but the shooting in general was superior in 4. Controls were far more responsive and snappy when not in cover. And the NPC's reactions to getting shot were far more dynamic than they were in gta 5.
It’s really great, a masterpiece imo
Ronei Martins
I love that you use The Legend of Dragoon OST on your videos! Classic soundtrack of an underrated game!
Nicklaus Kindelberger
I log that if you squeeeeeeeeze the trigger you become more accurate. LOVE that detail
kevin roger
Bearded Sifu
i'd take gta4 over gta5 anyday.
Peppachelet Jr
GTA IV still the best Grand Theft Auto of all Time.
Voice Muted
You know what the best part of GTA IV is? Roman’s shirt
In terms of the steering radius thing, I figured it out. It took me a while to notice it, but when you are stationary you have full steering radius, but depending on your speed it applies like a percentage drop to your max steering angle if you angle the camera so that you can see top down onto your car and you will see the wheel adjusts its steering angle for you as you accelerate, despite having the joystick all the way to one side. I believe it is their attempt at a sort of "traction control" so when you go flying around a corner you are less likely to break traction in the front, or oversteer and spin out if there is no traction loss up front. It is why drifting is seemingly impossible in the game. if you add a couple degrees of steering to each car in the handling data file it sorta helps this problem as it increases the minimum-maximum steering angle (minimum-maximum as in the minimum amount of maximum steering you can have at a given speed). It will still change steering angle for you, but you can turn the car more when it does this to you after editing. Also adding a few points to traction, velocity and speed can be beneficial. I also change the transmission gearing for most cars for instance the turismo is 5 speed which is retardation (I've never heard of a super car that had less than 6 or 7 gears), or the semi truck which has like a 6 speed transmission as opposed to like 10/12/or 18 speed (I usually go with 9 just to keep it single digit as to not break the data file). As with most GTA games the cars have unrealistic top speeds and power. all the cars max out at 120mph or less, doesn't matter if its their version of a corvette (which should easily do 160-180mph). Like there are actual fuckin "lamborghini" or "porche" type cars in the game that drive slower than a stock 2005 non turbo subaru forester (I've gotten mine up to 116mph). gta4 is basically unplayable without altering the data files, but then again gta5 is equally as unplayable, and the cars handle like it's a fuckin aCruisin' USA arcade game. The realistic bodyroll and general driving physics of gta4 are so much better, and if you tweak out the ice brick behaviors it becomes a totally different experience. It's also nice to be able to actually drift cars that should be driftable, which is also achieved through editing data files.
The police is way better in IV, along with a lot of other stuff. They wouldn't allways shoot you, for one thing. Pointing a gun at a driver would cause some of them to run and some of them to hand you their vehicle... While in V? They all drive off like maniacs. The police is the worst offender in V though, I hate it.
The "What's the Difference" reference made me a lifetime fan of your content.
CG Media - The Classic Games Hub
I LOVE GRAND THEFT AUTO IV. It is one of the best GRAND THEFT AUTOs. It's stood the test of time more than any other GRAND THEFT AUTO. It isn't a perfect 10 because it was missing a lot, but I adored the feel of it.
I am a god at driving in this game.
Stoned Mcgee
GTA IV was the perfect response to GTA SA
Nice meme
The civilians and car damage was better in GTA 4 than 5
Nothing like the classic O[c]arina of Time.
Jure Baban
So nobody pointed out that if you halve the turning radius you actually get more sensitive steering as opposed to what he was trying to say?
Omg when Xzibit popped up i laughed sooo hard....
Lil Smarky - Watch Indie Wrestling, Boycott NXT
You should make this into a series. I love the True Or Nostalgia concept.
John DiMaggio
"Niko is an amazing idea for a character" NO shit, he is the best written character in GTA history
There is no swingset in GTA V... GTA IV wins
Every time I watch this video, whether I agree or disagree with the conclusions in it or in the comments section... ...This video is still incredibly funny! Thank you very much for making and sharing it. Incredibly good job!
GTA IV is badass... I especially liked Niko as a character.
John Horn
Was that legend of dragoon music I heard in the driving segment? You dog you
BigBad Bryant
Getting GTA IV on launch day when I was in high school was one of the top highlights of my childhood. It didn't match the greatness of San Andreas for me but the story and characters were a hell of a lot more interesting than GTA V in my opinion.
Fortune Finder
Doesn't matter whether or not you love it now. Yeah it may be shit to play now but back in the day it was groundbreaking in the way it did things.
GTA4? Dr Dre 2001 reference? truly some nostalgia.
I liked V more just because I found it more replayable then IV, with the Online which is better in V.
Adalard Richter
One of the best games ever made
shit man the xzibit thing made me laugh, thanks
Nicolo Don Diego
I finished the story many times. Haha damn
Apeman Entertainment
TBH only Vice City deserves the top spot. all the other ones are amazing but if we're talking of all time it has to be VICE CITY
Leilah Nicki
Am I the only guy who plays strictly for story and missions. Always thought before GTAV the sandbox was pretty boring... Nothing to do but go on rampages which without an interesting objective or setup just feels empty. But in GTA V they're actually pretty dope sandbox rampages, shame the missions are pretty hit and miss and it needed way more heists, 5-6 options per heist would also be better. With a different mission name and rating for each main choice, maybe with a difficulty rating from 1-5 stars to go along with the expanded choices, and payout changes for less effective methods of stealing, or slower payout.
Video Demon
GTA IV was why I bought a PS3 actually.
Shubham Panchal
I was actually installing gya 4 while watching this video 😂😂
Dunkey's Long Lost Son
That sneaky videogamedunkey reference at the start with "Orcarina of time"... I approve.
I had to stop the video and I had to comment just to say this - You used music from Legend of the Dragoon and that made, my, day.
Hunter MacDonald
I totally agree especially with the combat. It’s still a great sandbox to fuck around with some friends in.
in heaven
TBH driving was the main thing i loved about gta 4. I mean do you expect some old chevrolet to have turning angle of a modern bmw? Newer cars in gta 4 did have good turning angles. And other gta's didn't have better mechanics, even gta 5.. Gta 5 driving feels like you're driving rc car, way too nimble, way too stable...
Charles Desmonda
it's a great story driven atmospheric game
Yeah, the thing about the driving in GTA IV is it feels realistic... to someone who has never driven a car before. That said, I still think GTA IV still deserves that spot in greatest games of all time.
Raptor Jesus
Honestly, I like the driving in this game, it genuinely rewards you for being a good driver. Everything is fun to drive, you can drift corners wi5 just the tap of the hand break and it’s super satisfying, not to mention the way a cars weight will transfer on the suspension.
Fuck You
The only Nico I care about is Robin
Jake! Your inclusion of the Legend of Dragoon soundtrack alone would have convinced me to sub if I hadn't already. Thank you so much for your content man. It hits really close to my heart and my experiences with games growing up. This is the best one-way friendship I've ever had.
John Who
You can't beat that atmosphere that Liberty City had in IV.