Luffy and Zoro VS Coby and Helmeppo

One Piece Episode 314 Follow me: @PhoenixOPMarco

don't ask luffy if he remembers u unless u want your feeling hurt.
Coby: Let me use soru and go 7m away from Luffy and then run towards him and give him so much time to make a counter-attack
Elias Aajja
Luffy at the begin : 17 Luffy on the vid : 17 Coby at the begin : 7 Coby on the vid : 17
He aged like ten years in a few months. Just what the hell did Garp do to him?
The Good Kidd
I'm still amazed at how much Coby grew in such a short amount of time. I mean, he still was nowhere near Luffy's level, but the fact that he had the balls to even take him on speaks volumes...
1Pun Babe
Coby is the character i have the highest hopes for in this series, i really want to see him become really awesome
So..... Puberty?
Linanina Elmer
That awkward moment where you have to try and remember who someone is.
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
I remember them like they were yesterday. Koby was getting punched in a bar and Helmeppo was stepping on rice balls.
0:06 Zoro has 4 swords? Wot?
Hey fellow one piece fan! Remember Coby, the little boy from episode 1? Well he's gotten a LOT stronger, and now he's back to KICK SOME...... oh.
daniel sims
Luffy and zoro going to kick all the ass in the new world
It's funny, because in the war both can't defeat a single fodder pirate LOL
John Daker
i cant w8 to watch helmeppo vs Mihawk
A Hotdog
When Helmeppo and Coby had the potential to be badass.
Dusk Rose
Coby shaved 10 meters behind luffy... kind of defeats the purpose of attacking doesn't it.
Aruka Kirigiri
@Gulyabani yup, he's gotten that much taller within a year. After two more years, he's gotten taller even more. By the time he gets his own fruit, he would be around nine to ten foot tall.
Man puberty hit them like a freight train O.O
John Lavaka
Day 1: Dear diary, I am faced yet again by the 240p. My eyes have not yet adjusted to this ancient tech. Day2: Dear diary, I am slowly dying on the inside, slitting my wrists at the moment is the best way to end my mentality . Day3: Dear diary, what is life anymore... Day 4: Dear.. uhh whatever your name was. I have just faced 144p, and I dont think i can go on Day5: .................................................................................................................. x|
It'd be interesting if sometime later we see a rematch with these characters, Luffy vs Coby, Helmeppo vs Zoro round 2 :). 
The Scrub Scouts
0:06 Zoro has four swords
Garp and Roger = Coby and Luffy
Brandon Joseph
Luffy you forget so fast
Willie Stroker
Coby is an important character to this story luffy and coby will have a serious fight someday i was thinking he was goning join luffy alliance but i think coby will become fleet admiral and change the marines
Some one piece theorists: Coby is admiral green bull XXXDDD
Oussama Essamadi
When puberty strikes you hard.
Kakine Teitoku
OMG 666 COMMENTS... But then i ruined it.
Mr. X مستر اكس
Roger=Luffy Rayleigh=Zoro Garp=Coby Sengoku=Helmeppo
Ovidiu Sampalean
0:16 Luffy spills blood even though he is not hit with haki.
Abdijabar Haji
Lol, Coby used instant transmission. XD
Do you think Oda is trying to show the strength differences between the pirate king and an admiral?
His realy no match after time skip luffy have 3 haki types impossible for coby to beat
Zaimous Paradox
He says kakuri knives are weird yet he uses 3 sword style
Panda Bot
Luffys arm on 0:45 :D
Lucas cw
Longest fight ever
Fungai Mudimu
I hope they do an episode where they finally catch axe hand morgan
Coby passed up Tashigi in a heart beat. Coby vs Tashigi! Go! I vote Coby lmao! They're both captains of marines
nonStop Kangaroo
khukuru are special weapons used by the gurkhas if anyone's intrested😅😅
Damn Hyperbolic Time Chambers making age hard to keep track of
adman 456
I would like to see coby master the six powers and use the roukougan
Midnight Dragon
*They attacc* *They protecc* *But most importantly, they are strong as hecc*
Not Lair
Even Koby knew soru, Unlike luffy that cant even use it in his base form...
Natsu Dragneel
Luffy is confused he didnt know that was coby :D
Ben Schocket-Greene
garp: of hey, we're just testing koby and helmeppo's skills. Yall can stop fighting now guy who got cut down by zoro at 0:04: ...
Gogeto ssj50
Present time (chapter 927): Coby: Vice Admiral Luffy: "5th Yonko" ( Yonko top general level/Warlord level++/Hurting propably-haki-down-due-to-being-piss-drunk dragon Kaido level) Really doubt Coby will ever catch up to Luffy
ihey its Jessica
their nothing like before (face)
I want to see Coby use the Rokuougan so very much!
Kenshin Yamato
Luffy be the pirate king and coby be the next strongest marine
who still watch this in 2015-16?
Lê Minh Trường An
fan Luffy và Zoro :)))
Timotiyuz dolar
watching them stronger and fighting each other in the future is gonna be like sengoku and garp vs rayleigh and roger
COBY DEVIL FRUIT CONFIRMED BY ODA 2016!!! ITS THE.... troll troll no mi
0:47 If Luffy let that punch go, I don't think Coby would be alive
Abraao Isac
Mano, queria ver o Coby ficar tão foda quanto um Almirante
Admiral greenbull
Garp and roger almost kill each other becouse they fall sleep while fight. If they not sleep they end up die together.. then luffy,ace, and sabo dont know each other.. luffy will being marine for revenge to pirate who kills his grandfather to become king of marine.. infinite tskuyomi
That one loser on youtube
Coby will eventually become Luffys rival
Boxing Ted
What's that track called in the background? It sounds great!
Theme is called Zoro vs Sanji.
I was 2000th sub! Literaly!
najam md
In wano arc coby has become very stronger he can also use color of observation haki as luffy
the captain and his firs-mate.
I always like when luffy and zoro fight together
Maria Grace Morales
because hes garp! he obviously knows haki. plus hes super strong regardless.
garp has haki
That thumbnail lmao
Never ask Luffy if he remembers you lol
Sarah Foster
Can Someone tell me what the soundtrack in this clip is called? I really like it :)
before 2 years damm
He activates Observation Haki in the war not much later, so yeah he has latent haki at that fight.
NO, nothing at all like that. get the fuck out!
Party Harder
Yup. Coby has Observational Haki. Honestly everyone has it at birth but they need to go through training to actually unlock it.
john snow
not really, luffy doesnt want to have sex with coby.
john snow
people maybe the reason why blood came out of luffy after getting hit by coby is that because luffy is already injured and maybe coby opened a wound when he hit him or something and not because he uses busoshoku.
Nathan Roberts
luffy is a paramecia anyone can attack him you learn buoshoku haki to fight off logia types so no he dosent know a haki and he can hit luffy but it wont hurt luffy
Lorem Ipsum
@0:45 Luffy's arm is O.O He looks ripped xD
Original Name
About the Coby kick making Luffy bleed at 0:16 - i think it must be something like coby made Luffy bite his own tounge or something, I doubt it's Haki. He only became aware of Haki when he was at the MarineFord Arc, remember?
Antonio Braz
deu nem pro xero
*Spoiler alert* he used Kenbunshoku Haki unintentionally in the whitebeard war without knowing it. he could have used haki there unintentionally like luffy uses Haoshoku Haki without knowing.
d dave
It's wonderful that instead of going the shallow, stupid rout of insulting me you developed a sourced cohesive argument. Lol.XD You haven't given a good argument. Concession accepted.
d dave
Are you replying to me?
d dave
Only and Zoro and Luffy were so get out of here with that argument. As for Coby... he trained with Garp and possibly Sengoku. So he had 1 and possibly 2 Top Tiers training him. You don't know what you're talking about.
d dave
Luffy used Haki at Marineford and Sabaody Archipelago. I don't remember anything before that. As for Zoro, I don't recall him using Haki at all Pre-Skip. The thing that he does where he scares people was because of his bloodlust. Current Coby is very likely above them. You'd see that if you weren't so blinded by your hatred. The Strawhats haven't gained a wealth of experience in the past 2 years. I never said that they weren't doing anything. The others weren't trained by Top Tiers.
d dave
That's exactly what it means. The Strawhats left for two years. Coby has more experience than them.
Activision & EA, Twin Pairs of Destruction
seaprism shoe tips
Maybe some blood from his previous wounds I'm guessing.
Not until after the timeskip, I think?
d dave
How do you figure that? Coby is a Rokushiki master with advanced Observation Haki.
0:16 Wtf, how did Coby use Busoshoku haki
d dave
Not really.
total humiliation
lol luffy funny as always
The TyRant
I honestly think you have no clue what I am talking about....Let me break it down.... Usually when the sword is sheathed you see the guard of the sword.... But, you cannot see the guard of Yubashiri which is why I believe that Zoro is already holding it, but people are misinterpreting it.
brandon noble
could not have ended that better luffy's face was funnyXD
Well, obviously it's sheathed. It has no blade, but you already know that :P
The TyRant
That's basically what I meant... I said that I could not see the Yunbashiri's (black one) guard nor Hilt.
Huh? You can clearly see Wado's (the white one's) hilt.
The TyRant
To me it just looks like Zoro has an extended sheathe (personally because I do not see the guard of the YUbashiri). But then again I have not seen this episode in a very long time and I completely forgot that the Yubashiri has broken during the end of enies lobby.