Kia Carnival MPV - Better Than Toyota Innova | Faisal Khan

Here is the most detailed review of the Kia Carnival MPV, I tell you everything about the design, interior, features, performance, ride, handling, braking, steering, price and of course give you a verdict on whether you should buy the Kia Carnival in India. This Kia Carnival review is a long drive one with a real-world perspective of the MPV from Kia Motors. Join me on my website and interact with me on the forums - /> Subscribe to my channel and become a #FasBeamer /> Follow #FasBeam On: /> /> /> /> Meet The MotorBeam Team - />Join MotorBeam On WhatsApp - /> Equipment I use: /> Action Camera 1 - />Action Camera 2 - />SLR - />Lens - />Big Mic - />Small Mic - />GoPro Audio Adapter - />Tripod - />Mobile Gimbal - />Editing Software - Apple FCP X

Faisal Khan
How many #FasBeamers would choose this over the Innova and Fortuner?
You Lee
Faisal Kab Khaulega Re Tera Khoon? Kab laayega Tu M5 wala vlog?😂
Hrithik Jayanth
the 8th seat can be used as an armrest for the 2nd row. cant believe you missed it.
Aman Tahiliani
At least the person being kidnapped will be comfortable 😂
Over here...over here....over here....over here....over here..... over here....over here.... 😂😂 Anyone noticed?? 😁
Rajesh Rajbhoj
Indians really needed such car. No car manufacturer in india was emphasizing on the 3rd row for big family mpv buyers!!👍👍😊
maniteja Chowdary
KIA Motors have a manufacturing plant in Andhra Pradesh...hope everyone support it..
ankit kumar
90 to 100 liters fuel tank Am I Right
One Republic
₹30 lakhs? I'll take the Marazzo over both Innova and This
Gaurav Rawat
Please make a video on Mercedes v class
Bipul singh
Hey Faisal please make a video on Jeep Compass limited plus new variant.😀
vishakh rakshith
Carnival is better than the innova. Accepted. Which one's more reliable?? Innova for sure😁😎
Ram Charan Teja VLOGS
Finally, KIA cars are being made in my home town ANANTAPUR..😍 And cars are registered with AP 02 registration. 🔥🔥
franklin rose
Very horrible seating options - unbelievable for such a big MPV vehicle...No arm rest, rear seats got poor thigh support!
nimbus alive
If Faisal can sit in third than anyone of us can sit in the third row
Ramen Mohan
At 4:11 ''Not only for kidnapping''.
Abdullah naeem
Do i only see a reflection on the speedometer which blinds it up?
OMG KIA is better than Hyundai.
Rohan Deshpande
Fuel tank capacity must be 75 litres
Autofreek Naman
Next gen kidnapping van 🚐
Aslam Bhai
8 Seater is Needed but Side door Opening is Feel Like Ecco budget is Overloaded Once again like Crysta
Amura Tharak
Waiting from a long time for d Kia carnival vlog nd definitely it's better than the Toyota Innova Crysta.
chetan malkar
It's a good luxurious MPV & fuel tank capacity I think 60litres
Bhai at 10:02 It wasn't expected from you. At driverside there's never ✋ buckle ( hand grip)
Myron Sequeira
If the distance to empty is 729 kms and the mileage is 7kmpl then the tank would be more than 100litres. 😂😂
hari Krishna
Superb over here video👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Nice presentation and absolutely fantastic car😍
Rajput Roshan
105 litre fuel ⛽️ tank capacity
indian pitstop
4:13 bro no one would use this premium vehicle for kidnapping..... I mean why would anyone kidnap of they can afford such premium vehicle 😂😂
Yamaha RD350
Faizi bro..Please review Gurkha Xtreme. hardly waiting for your review
krishna gohil
I think it would have 120 litres of fuel capacity
Fuel tank capacity is 60-70 litres.
jack juglan
Bro you forgot to say the car is OVER HERE 😂
Aditya Pokharkar
Please do review of KIA SOUL EV
Khasim Shareef
Pajero Endeavour Innova Fortuner Next anything
Sathvik Samrat
Hey if possible do a video ON KIA SP CONCEPT (TREZOR)
hawva nachiya
Bro when you will review in motor beam
Amit Verma
*⚠️Disclaimer for kidnappers looking for an upgrade:* *Till the time the rear door opens & will be behind the bars👮🚔😂Hmm🤔Nobody can beat "Slide to Unlock📲" tech patented by Omni🤙*
Nasru falcon
Left leg on brake right leg on accelerater....? What..,. did you just say !!!
Abhishek Agnihotri
Nexon being the best car for short segment car (compact SUV) Acc to me Kia will be the best car for MPV. I LOVE IT. The fuel tank will be 700/7 =Century. Amaging.
muaz rawther official
Please do review for toyota alphard if you get a chance to drive it🤙🏻
Fuel tank capacity somewhere around 70 -80 Liters Is it? ?
manohar biken
Bro what happend?? I think its for the 1st time from many days you have not uploaded a video .
Madhu D
Omg fule tank capacity 104ltrz
Na Venkat
Plz buggati review🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
why did u put a motorbeam sticker on speedometer ???overspeeding??😂😂😂
mitsubishi outlander review 🙏🏻
cool boy dude
bhai over here , over here bhut bola aapne gaadi me guste hi 🤣🤣🤣
Jaipreet Singh
Bro plez review on new honda civic. Love ur vlog😍
Yasasvy Guntur
#faisal bro is the tank capacity somewhere around 100lts?
Tech With Varun
Bro Many things in this car remind me of Honda Odyssey If u agree like...
Rahul Chss
fuel tank capacity would be around 70 to 80 liters
Neelesh Kant Pandey
100 Liters should be the fuel tank capacity.
Bhavya thakker
Fuel tank b/w 100-125 lit
Manthan Lakhani
Fuel tank capacity might be 50 liters
B R I N G T H E B M W M 5 R E V I E W
Sriram Gunasekaran
Fuel tank capacity is 75 liters
Jitend Singh
Would be "phenomenal" if those sliding doors were manual like Maruti Van, gharrrrrad ghat..😂🤣😂🤣 Now thats what the premiumness
Ramcharan Baishya
😍love this Kia ❤
Mohinder Dhawan
Better than the Innova for sure but people will always buy Innova
Suraj Bhayana
@6:40 🤣😂🤣😂you are looking for arm rest which is there in the boots rest you know who you are
May be the capacity from 40 to 45 lit
Shaikh Aman
The fuel tank capacity might be around 130 litres.....
Amit Pandey
Bro, hexa 2019 edition and innova crysta? Which one to buy. Guide pls. Thanks...
You Lee
Way better than overrated Innova! Hope India gets a shorter version so that it would be priced on par or lower than Innova 😅
Very good... need sun roof for 100/-
Dixit Jamwal
At least 80liters ,sir plz do a vlog on Mercedes Benz g63 amg 6x6
Hrishikesh Joshi
Faisal kudos to your review. Keep doing such videos! Guys, how many times Faisal said "here" in this video 😀. Comment below.
Obrien Dsouza
Fuel Tank Capacity 80 lts.
Galaxy Pro
We have this vehicle as a company cab in our hotel in Dammam, Saudi
Sai Bikkina
Please review pulsar 200f ABS 2019
True Soul
You have a phenomenal vocabulary and loved the way you reviewed it. Keep it up
Jimidar Jatt
You are using both feet for driving automatic car lol 🤣
Ubai Rahman
Price Start Range & Top End Model Price Available Manual Transmission
Yash Madhavi
Waiting from so long finally vlog is up
Saksham Khokhar
U asked about the fuel tank capacity. My answer is: around 80ltrs
Abhishek H S Palegar
Whenever u drive the cars U always drive them so rashly & rudely, handle cars carefully smoothly
AJharuddin Shah
Bhaai... Cool vlog ever I saw on YouTube related to car information... I'm going to subscribe this channel...!!! May Allah bless you and thank you so much..!!! 🙏⚜️🚩
varun adhithyan
Mid row must have got armrest,which will be more comfortable for long drive
Sameer Mirza
Fuel capacity may be 65 to 70 liters
Vicky Rock
Most lot Features available in carnival Door (# when u open time just duck duck do in door automatically will open door)
Zen = Yen 🔴
work on that lisp stop eating ur words midway. focus on enunciation and don't ever forget.. youtube is an AUDIO Visual Medium. with a stress on Audio. and remember it's the voice that made Amitabh Bachchan what he is. not his average looks.
Vishwas Ravindran
third row are for couples buddy! ;) this mpv is so spacious that no one needs to book a room!
4:00 now if I had two kids kidnapped how do I open doors simple Kia will help you *Love Kia Love kidnapping*
Kartavya Sharma
Talk slowly and explain in a broad way... Try checking doug demuro...
Swaraj Amale
Faisal, next time start the video with how it actually feels to drive and dynamics, will make you look more professional.
We deliver your Message
May I know the price ...? Approximately
Galaxy Pro
I like to see Mazda Subaru Opel (not the old models) Peugeot cars in India, not Kia, MG and all
Shubham Goyal
At 3:00 it seems a gilr passes by everytime he skips hundred counts 🤣
aditya achalkar
All i hear is "over hear .. over hear" with accent of stewie from family guy
Rajendra katimada
This mpv would be awesome if it had moon roof
Subrata Kumar Das
Looks damn sexy & proper MPV 😲💯💝 I think Kia will rule India 🇮🇳
This man have so much knowledge about cars he is one of the best reviewer
Narayan Dutta
This can be defined as over priced *M.A.R.U.T.I. EECO*
Offbeat Peers
16:53 About 103-105 l Edit: Typed 195 instead of 105...
Raju Kumaran
Cheap looking fabric on the interiors
Luv kia But not india Luv their respective countries in this Indian sub continent., (Will u say luv Asia? Like that )
krishna pandey
at 1st glance i thought it was Mahindra marazzo.
Chris Moses
Now I feel like going on off roading with the ₹30+L KIA Omni
shrey aggarwal
I think fuel capacity 55 ltrs