10 Behind The Scenes Black Panther Secrets Marvel Won't Tell You

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Marvel's Black Panther had some amazing costume designs and special effects! Subscribe to our channel: /> 2018's brilliant Black Panther movie has undoubtedly cemented itself as one of the best comic book movies of all time - period - and it's been rewarded with a worldwide gross of almost one-and-a-half billion dollars to date. A hell of a lot of work and time went into making the epic and groundbreaking Marvel Studios offering - and we're going to take a look at just some of what went on behind the scenes. These behind the scenes secrets will change how you watch Black Panther - and the secrets in question are; the 3000 prosthetic dots that were applied to Michael B. Jordan, the entirely CGI rhinos created by referencing footage of rhinos found online, Nakia's green dress in the brilliant casino scene was actually 3D-printed to suit Lupita Nyong'O's body, Kendrick Lamar chose to do the whole soundtrack after seeing the movie and being impressed by it, how Wakanda was created, how Warrior Falls was created, how the Black Panther suit was created, how some of the various combat and action scenes were shot and perfected, the rap battles that took place between certain cast members between takes, and the push-ups challenge that was born from a bet between two actors on the movie's set. We hope you enjoy the video! Do make sure you let us know your thoughts on it by commenting in the comments section. And please don't forget to subscribe to Screen Rant's YouTube channel, so you never miss our great new video uploads in the future. Featuring: 1. Killmonger's scars 2. The rhinos 3. Nakia's green dress 4. Kendrick Lamar's soundtrack 5. Wakanda 6. Warrior Falls 7. The Black Panther suit 8. Combat scenes 9. Rap battles 10. Push-ups challenge Check out these other awesome videos! 10 Gorgeous Stunt Doubles Who Put The Actors To Shame /> 10 Movie Trailers That Were PURPOSELY Misleading /> Our Social Media: /> /> /> Our Website: www.screenrant.com

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Jordan Robinson
It’s not hard to believe that there were no real rhinos. I saw this video , it changed ........................... nothing
Obnioxious _
“These behind the screen secrets WILL change how you watch Black Panther.” Possibly... Quite possibly...
No videos 1 Million Subs?
Thor needed aim assist in infinity war
huggy claire
All these videos are clickbate things marvel won't tell and don't want you to know about what???????
Marcus M
"The actors were simply performing in front of giant green screens" > proceeds to show a clip with actors in front of a giant blue screen
Waxedup penguin
Best of all time? Really?
Bobby Ramirez
I stopped watching after “cemented itself as the greatest comic book movie of all-time.”
Andrew White
This makes me love the movie even more
So, the rhinos were a complicated screen transition wipe. At least they were useful for something. I guess I can partly forgive Marvel for the rhinos cgi since they were such new technology.
lil kink
The ending could have been better I feel like they were hyping up a big ass fight and they didn't deliver still enjoyed my self tho so that's a win I guess
That guy
I like black panther but it's sooooooo overrated
oni zuka
Saw the movie twice,...Best of all time? Ya, no...good, but not the best.
So much money and attention a the soundtrack that nobody remembers. I dare you to say how many songs there are in it... without Googling it!!!!
Star Lord
Butthurt whites incoming. Oops they are already here.
Golden Ship
I don't think marvel minds if we know any of this or not.
Daniel Johnson
Really not gonna talk about how Jordan requested his armor to be similar to Vegeta's? Way to "research" guys
Dinesh Chawla
I thought Michael B Jordan was Marlon Wayans the first half of the movie...dear me...
Dakota Stepe
Killmonger will always be the best villain if u ask me
michael tremblay
I thought this movie was overrated
Tech Phase
*Rhinos are unfortunately extinct* There's only one male rhino alive on Earth.
Marcus M
"one of the best comic book movies of all time" yeah no
Byron Harris
This was one of your best videos you have ever done. Thank you SCREEN RANT for all of the behind the scenes goodness for my favorite movie of the year, BLACK PANTHER.
Cory's Face
I could care less about this clickbate. Im done with this channel.
Billy Martel
I mean you've got to hand it to Marvel for striking while the iron was hot with all of these race politics flying around now. It was almost a galvanizing movement by the black community. Unfortunately I just think that everyone put their blinders on for this one.
Isn't this the same cuckboi who made a video about how family guy is racist?
Shawn Castro
Love it
Kevin N
The rhino cgi in the movie was horrible...
*obligatory hate comment*
Bruce Willis
Whaat?? Those rhinos were so real!
Syxxy !
Can you just rename your channel to “Marvel Rant?” Seriously you guys post multiple videos a day of nothing but Marvel movies and the occasional DC film. With a name like “Screen Rant” I expect to see videos of MULTIPLE films...not just multiple MARVEL films...
Lol.. Why did he pronounce "Babes" so weird..? That part of her name is English..
Zander the Cringe lord
Matt Gadster
Came to dislike
Adam Anonymous
Black panther is rubbish
Abdullah Khurram
Sadly, I haven't watched the movie yet😭😭.
Can i have 3 likes?
Ashley Jay
Umm since when is Thanos a better villain than killmonger 😒
Donna Williams
Oh my God. Michael B. Jordan.😍😘😘 Take me away.😫
Jayden Marvel
They aren’t “Secrets Marvel Won’t Tell You”, all these were made public, or how did you get these?
Chris Li Loia
0:07 - "...one of the best comic book movies of all time." ummm, ok it was a really good movie and all but to say it's one of the BEST comic book movies OF ALL TIME..... I don't think it deserves to be THAT high up on the list (n btw when I talk about the BEST comic book movies of ALL TIME... I'm talking about my top 5... so there's a little context for ya, ok???"
Chris Li Loia
2:00 - REALLY??? THOSE RHINO'S WEREN'T REAL??? WELL gODDAMN, YA COULD'VE FOOLED ME THAT'S FOR DAMN SURE! ...lol that's gotta be one of the stupidest things I've EVER heard in my entire life lol... "believe it or not there weren't actually any real rhino's used in these climatic battle scenes in Black Panther" lmfao I seriously can't stop laughing... he DEFINITELY had to put that in there as a joke knowing everybody would just laugh at it hahahaha ok... I obviously should've listened for just a few more seconds when he clearly makes fun of himself for what he just said... making this entire comment worthless but I'm still going to keep it bc I don't want the time I wasted to be completely wasted lol
Hansen A
Overrated, boring, awful CGI, horrible accents.
Farendra X 51
Wakanda video is dis?!?!! Sorry its just a pun
SMIBB Productions
Killmonger is an awesome villian
Vinco Galzu Tzu
Nicholas Cage
The warrior falls is based on the place from up ?
SEO Toy Review
How many adds do you need to run during a video?
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Movie Lova!!
Very Gucci video!!! Black Panther is like my 4th fave hero!!
And water is wet
Akmal Danish
I thought the movie was okay. But all these facts kinda makr me appreaciate the movie more.
Games FTW
Real Ion777y
I’d say that vulture is better than killmonger
Master B Studios
Amanda Panda
Funny I just finished watching this movie actually lol
Bumblebeedestroyer aj
I got a dc ad
Dexpression _
I had to close my eyes every time I saw that. IT REAAAALY MAKES ME FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE
Btb Tbt
10:43 wtf she has 3 legs
Absolutely butchered the pronunciation of N'Jadaka Please leave.
Connor F
Sequel in two years time. Yeaaaa i dont think thats happening
Lina Mayela Mayela
My Grandma got a Rave in the Grave.
Abraham Jarvis
Rowan Shepherd
Dr Strange
Wow #nonificationsquad
Patrick Popp
Ugh... best villain before the mad titan thanos... was by far Hela honestly so stop 😂
Ricky The Runner
That N'Jadaka pronunciation at 0:42 made me cringe...
South Africa rules
They butchered the South-Korean location names...
James JR
Whats up
Christopher Sims
N-Ja-Da-Ka?! c'mon you heard it pronounced if you watched the movie...N-Ja-Ka and N-Jo-Bu....
Cameron Hall
U say it orabi
Mary boulden
I'm 17 minutes late. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my dreams of being first have been beaten and flushed down the toilet. Ok bai!
Sts. Gerardo Serrato Garcia
Sts. Gerardo Serrato Garcia
Tyler Does Dip
Michael Jordan is bald
that guy that thinks he's funny
I was so close... I was almost first...
Ntokozo Moyo
Bhabhes wadumo lol... Like I wish I could send a voice note.. it's just babes... You Know babe...right...babes...babes...don't Africanise it...
"Kilmonger is the best villain since Loki" ahem you're going to be embarrassed when you remember that car ride, you know the one with the best bad guy speech til Thanos "I hope they remember you"
Devant Smith
The black panther album is really good
Vicky Mc
Loved the movie, but the rhinos don't move right. At least now I know why. :-)
Captain Blocky
3000 people Killmonger went straight to hell then locked in a cage of lava for eternity
Ali Hau
Weta wouldve done a better job on the CGI
Harley Quinn
*Likes immediately when they complimented loki*
m. ark
The babes in babes wodumo is in English
I am Groot
Why wouldn’t Marvel want us to know this
Sky the Anime dork
Mine 5cc
I'm really annoyed Claw died
Guillermo Sandoval
Ummmm...it wasn't that good. I mean, "best" Marvel movie of all time? Hardly.
Jerry Ang
These aren't secrets... You want me to share some real secrets Marvel won't tell you? Sorry, they're secret and Marvel won't tell.
Joe Harrington
The movie was good but not great.
Grace Gonzales
I get the feeling that every white person who gushed over Black Panther is desperate to prove he's not a racist blinded by his priviledge.
DeadInside/ ImACultClassic
love this movie even more now
Samlike Redfury
If there was black panther secrets marvel won't reveal then how did you get those secrets?
One punch Man
I gotta say The rhinos look terrible and fake