Alucard vs Anderson Hellsing OVA AMV 1080p HD

SONGS IN DESCRIPTION. (; ̄Д ̄) Watch In 1080P. Hellsing OVA 8 and 9 Fight: Alucard Vs Paladin Alexander Anderson. Song1: Immediate Music: With Great Power Song2: Two Steps from Hell: Protectors of the Earth.

Thanks for a million views on this trash video i made a bunch of years ago.
Dark Stalker
Castlevania on the hardest difficulty...
Poor Anderson, he was such a great antagonist.
Žan Ujčič
Only a man can kill a monster.
at times like this i though anderson was the good guy
ilbomber cinquantanove
Me in dying light
1:48 Anderson Engine go! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Darkness 1128
"Only a man can kill a monster" Sadly the man isn't strong enough and failed as a monster.
WTF... It's amazing
Probably the best fight I've seen in an anime. =-O
Yah. You kinda ruined the whole thing with the crappy music. Can't even hear the fighting noises very well. Needs a bit of work.
And plot armor strikes again!
Anderson y Walter mis personajes favoritos!
Sean Lesnar
but what happened to andersons army
Javier Lozano
Dante vs alucard would be epic
William White
First song is called  With Great Power by Immediate Music.
Kurai Akuma
y pensar que yo vi el anime pero nunca las ovas xdxd
3:43 <3 xDDDDD
;( Anderson R.I.P
Name of song
Kyky DJenkins
Wait what did Anderson become? And yeah what's this song?
Kyky DJenkins
Wait what did Anderson become? And yeah what's this song?
Chris Berquist
How could he alucard can't die ho could Anderson win. Thats like saying kill God it's impossible.
Alcuard might have let him win if he fought fair, but its a big maybe.
Mark-Anthony Arce
there is no situation in which Anderson would come out on top in this fight. If he didn't use the needle he would have died faster because he wasn't healing from the jackal shots and since he did..well we saw what happened when he did
I think Anderson could have won if he had chosen to remain human, as Alucard wanted a human to kill him.
Allen Alvey
Alucard and Anderson the two biggest bad asses I've ever seen in the same anime
Can Anderson regenerate he did the first time we met him
anderson is mor a vampeier then edward from twilight
Lukas Skliuderis
Alucard is lame because he's just some sort of monster frankenstein where Anderson is a real human with his sins fears and struggles in this life. He's someone everyone can relate to. The fact that they didn't let Anderson kill Alucard is retarded in my opinion
he did multiple times yet the undead are persistent Amen to Anderson for he was a true saint
The Legend
If Anderson stab alucard of the nail he will die ?
The Legend
If Anderson stab alucard of the nail
*Not feud, deus.
The Jackal is one of the biggest feud ex machinas I have ever seen. Without it, Anderson would've killed Alucard comparatively easy.
kenpachi zaraki
What the hell...???!!! Anderson was the only one i freakin liked he shoulda been the one to kill this blood suckin flea damnit
I think they're all from Two Steps From Hell OR X Ray Dog or something.
Devonte moses
Mmmm bitch
Devonte moses
Anderson could not regenerate from the Jackal's shots, Alucard put one in his arm and Anderson couldn't use it, Anderson wasn't holding his own he was losing quickly
he was holding his own, and alucard himself said he could only be killed by a human. he just got desperate.
no, he didn't have a chance if he didn't go full monster
anderson would have won if he didnt go full monster.
Just after he crushed Anderson's heart.
When did Alucard cry?
Soldier of Wotan
Angel of Death*
Soldier of Wotan
Nope, just because you masturbate to Jesus doesn't mean he should have won.
Thats just awesome!
Joe Spirit
It was definitely unfair for Anderson but Alucard is immortal, no one kills him.
Ja- Nox
If you would leave me the title of this song that would be awesome :-)
JonBarzam TV
that must be one of the most epic fights in Anime ever! Alucard vs Paladin Anderson is just on a whole different level, when he stabs his heart with the spear of Longinus, wow, just WOW!!!
ahmedmene Meno
the move is soo good
he actually wished alexander beat him without becomin a monster his story waz similar to his so he mourned his death and he was his chosen ally to kill him cuz alucard regret being a monster but he goes on till his dying day, its similar to race when u white, black, hispanic, or asian rather u love it or not u choose to live on
i like alexander and alucard even, and alexander died like a G a man , a real hero and his famous amen i swear i said it with him when he did, and as for alucard he cried showin that he felt his pain its perfect how they did so its become the best vampire animation in the world seond to me is jojo the adventurer somethin likek that
Sebastian Muro
Best anime ever :3
Tyler Brubaker
Original Video Animation
Whar does ova mean?
Abrianna Kendrick
i wish i could hold alucard and give him the love he didn't have
Belden Low
Best Hellsing AMV.Just Perfection combination between the songs and the scenes.
Warley Rodrigues Santos
1º - Immediate Music - Ode to Power 2º - Two Steps from Hell - Protectors of the Earth
Lei Huang Xiuu
Slandered Prince vrs Religious Nut... Who would win? ( exposingchristianity . com )
Hopdruxx Le Jumper
Anderson would win... if he was the protagonist ._.
Really mindblowing series. Dracula (yes, he's really Dracula) is pretty much a devil incarnate!
Zulaa Zuka
I think I'm sick
name not found
Had it not been for the ghouls, I think Anderson could have won.
killer kessler
Alucard really feel that becoming vampire is a step down that's why he let's his victims do as much damage as they can before killing them he wants to die but they have to earn it. No killing this monster easily
Anderson was a so badass character :x
Lesly Townsend
Anime King
Alucard really had a moment of philosophy in this OVA...anderson used helenas nail to make himself strong enough to kill alucard but in doing so lost all humanity.alucard stated that he had become a monster who followed god and that whether it was a monster who followed god or a monster who didnt was still a monster nontheless and therefore to be killed.if you think about it theres a shitload of meaning in his statement.
Allen Alarcon
Whats the Name of those Songs?
wow alucard looked disappointed whenthe priest used the transformation
Alucard Hellsing
ALUCARD .all the way ......
Andres Guerra
Anderson pelea mucho
Andres Guerra
Anderson pelea mucho
SuPeR- Player
Two opponents, worthy of each other, with equal powers. It would be more appropirate if both of them would have died .
アンデルセン、孤児院の子達も泣いてるぞ! 止めてくれ!
Eva die Sozitante
If Andersan dont use the piece of wood he ad won. And that is was alucard want. He want be killing by a man, a human. And than die in "peace"
Gabe Wilkerson
alucards tsuki is god like.
Alucard hero in mobile legend 😂😂😂
Anderson is a beast
Santiago Marcos
If anderson can be a powerfull father, imagine an angel vs alucard, alucard dead
Manuel Hernández-Sepúlveda
Padre Anderson. Adelante!!!
vitaly 616
0:04 =)
Xzel Pelonia
What anime is this?
Travis Lavanway
Anderson is Definetly taking the Arch Angel of Valors place in heaven because god damn.
hernan agustin
anderson un tipazooo
Sharklay 72
Lo mas EPICO!!!!! del mundo
Yrlo - ThE LazY ARtiST Beatz
Someone ask me before watching the show : Does anyone in Hellsing Ultimate died? Me *smile* : no
How is the song called
And then you realize that the original hellsing somehow managed to beat alucard
Tatum griffin
420 gang
Ircham Maulaya
Alucard First blood Double kill,triple kill,maniac,Savage
cuando llegue al combate no sabia cual de los dos animar, estaba animando a los dos a la vez xd
JupiterLoss -
By far one the best fight in hellsing. A man of god and a man of hell. Alexander was great character and I wish he would have somehow lived. I cried originally when he died In the whole fight knowing he was going to die /:
Sebastião Donizete
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