Smoking Will Kill You

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What happens to your lungs after smoking is harmful. For the first time smokers out there, do not take up this habit, as its effects are highly addicting and deadly. Subscribe for new videos: />Subscribe to Bored Badger: /> What is it? Smoking is the act of inhaling and exhaling, or blow out, the smoke of burning tobacco or other plants. The most common products smoked worldwide are tobacco products in the form of cigarettes, which are built from thin pieces of paper, dried leaves of the tobacco plant, and other toxic components such as toluene, arsenic, and ammonia. Other commonly smoked tobacco products are cigars and pipe tobacco. Where is it located? Smoking didn’t gain worldwide recognition until the late 19th century, when cigarette-making machines were churning out about 200 cigarettes per minute. But smoking dates back to the ancient civilizations, where they were used for rituals and religious purposes. They were also widely used during the World Wars, where they were given to soldiers for free as a morale booster. These days, smoking is prevalent all throughout the world. Although some countries have ran heavy campaigns against this practice, consumption is still high. America and many European countries have experienced a slight decrease in smokers thanks to these campaigns while new anti-smoking experiments have started appearing in Latin American, African, and Asian countries as well targeting kids and adults of all ages. How it will kill you? Smoking can cause severe physiological damage to your body. When you smoke, the toxic components of tobacco products are burned and enter your body through your lungs, which then make its way throughout the rest of your body via the bloodstream. Common side effects include gum infection, pneumonia, asthma, and aging while some of the more severe and lasting effects include heart attack, chronic kidney disease, lung cancer, and leukemia. The average smoker tends to live 14 years shorter of a life than a non-smoker. How to survive? The best way for smokers to live a healthier life is to stop smoking. This can be done through the use of nicotine gum or patches such as Nicorette, programs to help you quit, or just going cold turkey. Those who decide to quit will start seeing positive results after just a month. After a year, they’ll have reduced their health risks by up to 50%. A study from the American Cancer Society shows that people who quit smoking before the age of 35 are less likely to experience 90% of the negative effects associated with it. Commitment and consistency are necessary for those who wanna quit, and there are centers worldwide than can help you.

anyone else smoking while watching this lol
Delaunte Bennett
Living will kill you
Wow I legitimately thought he'd be white. Cool to finally see him though.
Thank goodness I quit. It's been over a year too, I did it cold turkey.
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I knew smoking would kill you from the start but it sounds way scarier coming from this channel XD
How alcohol will kill you.
Wow, the "They Will Kill You" guy is kinda cute.....
Andrei Toribio
Are you Filipino?
dude... cigarets arent even tabacco anymore, the stuff that they do to that is just to make it more addictive. cigars and pipe tabacco arent that bad for you.
Goshdarnit 11
My auntie smokes, and I want her to STOP smoking before she KILLS herself.
Stalin Did Nothing Wrong
it's nice to have a face to go with the voice and I'm not trying to be creepy but it's not a bad looking face either :)
Cas M
I have never smoked haven't even touched it. I don't know why people start smoking in the first place. It's disgusting.
Do cancer
andrew anderson
thank you
Flash Man
You know what's worse than smoking? Voting for Hillary 😂
Harmannat Singh
Really good video to understand why not to smoke.
Mama Rora
Nice to finally see him. Damn, hes handsome.
100000% Smash
Thank you so much for the video
"Smoking Will Kill You" *Exhales Smoke*
Tristin noble
i straight thought you were smoking a blunt lol i was like Ahhhhhh shhiiieettt
Just bann them from the country
Galaxy Cat
Dayumn angelo you make a good vid. also you look like a gangster
Galaxy Cat
Dayumn angelo you make a good vid. also you look like a gangster
Are uou fillipino
Not to be racist but I thought he was white
Gaster/The Great Sans / Brendan
I have all of ur advice from EVERY video. Thanks, bro. Now I know how to survive certain diseases, attacks, and other things😄 Thx,
Wow facecam ur awesome
Holy crap I didn't know you ran board badger too so that mean I found both of your channels on my own I feel so proud of my self for some reason ;D
Melly Kidd
My mother has moderate emphysema, a permanent condition, from her years as a smoker. I'm glad she quit before it got worse.
I don't think you'll have a more powerful opening than that. Can't stop watching it.
Iam all ready subed to the other channel and keep the good work up on both channels
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Hey ANGELO ;-)You´re Dong a very wothful JOB.Thank you
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Do something, on krokodil
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Glad to see you hit 100,000+ subs! You deserve it!!
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if smoking kills you why did he?
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Lack of sleep
Do Redback spider ;)
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Damn ur handsome
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Im a filipino too
Btw I subscribed :)
Angelo is HOT 🔥
Keep it up <3 ur the best
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Boooooooooooored badger
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Pinoy nation tho
Amanda Deans
I literally lit a cigarette while watching this
is it true there is lead in tobacco products?
Jan Lester
youre hot, i will quit smoking @ age 34 then thanks for the video
I wasn't expecting that you are that young.
sasha Scott
Always wanted to know what you looked like
Skins 73004
Do you actually smoke!?
Alex The chef
what about vape?
Wtf he's asian lol! he sounds like a caucasian teenager..
Jeppe JCP
There is actually no one that has died of marijuana.
Alltime Conspiracies
Indeed it will  Good message!
So, if smoking will kill you, how come some people smoke like a chimney and live to be 100, and others spend their lives trying to be healthy, jogging, eating salad, only to die of a heart attack?
Malcolm Allison
The stupid habit of smoking is only for the mentally weak, who're too easily fooled into doing almost anything. And who're also dumb enough to think they're invincible from the noxious toxic affects of it. And 100% of babies who're born with neurological problems caused by their mothers smoking during pregnancy, should be compensated when adult to make up for the damage that was done to their lives before birth. Plus it's the added chemicals that make the habit of smoking such a killer.
Red Bull
Do marijuana
Fallen Angel
Thank you for this video my friend just before i watched this video i had a quick cigarette and after watching this video ive decided to give the patch a try plus im not even going to be bothered with those e-cigarettes so wish me luck thanks guys!
Hi to anyone who wants to quit but can't: I'm an ex smokers and I can say that, after quitting:1. got more energy (weight stay the same) 2 a better Skin 3. a better smell 4. I really can enjoy meals and roses cause my nose can smell a lot better 5. sleep better 6. stronger hair 7. LESS nervous.... and so on!Think of the positive things you can reach, don't think "Oh, no, now I can't smoke" think: "From now on, I'll take care of my Body". You'll be surprised cause, automatically, you also will make more sports and more Wellness, you'll treat yourself better! Really, believe me:-)+They will Kill You: Hahaha, you and your questions and the end of each Video: you know it's hard to chose between your options:-)I'm sorry for mistakes, but my mother tongue isn't English...
Unknown Reptilian
If you grow your own tobacco like people did 200 years ago you will not receive the 95% of the toxic chemicals that the manufactures put in cigarettes in their factories. Tobacco naturally does have some carcinogens but not that much. However you will not recognize the taste at all when you smoke it. It will be a totally new experience.
Kills more people a year then HIV, drug abuse, alcohol, car accidents, and shooting indents combined. 1 in 5 people who die die from tobacco related death. Second hand smoking kills people. Third hand smoking ( breathing in the particles of smoke settled down on a surface) has not been proven to kill you but it does break DNA strands in your body. Topping out at killing an average of 480,000 people a year you think our government would take more action against tobacco companys.
Jesse Arevalo
I don't smoke cigarettes they've like breath sticks taking your life away
justin Gr
Hi they will kill you. Forgive me if I annoy you guys. I'm just not sure where to go to request a certain topic for your videos. My fiancé just passed away and she was a huge fan of your channel. Me and her would watch your videos all the time. I was wondering if you could do one of your videos on certain drugs(cocaine, heroin, etc.) and how their overdoses can kill you? Thank you! It would mean the world to both of us.
John Garrison
There is definitely something going on with cigarettes. I smoked for a decade, often chain smoking one after the other. If I went more than an hour without one I craved it hardcore. I would get irritable and antsy. If it had been several hours since I smoked (like the first cig of the morning) I'd get a nice buzz. I quit and went 6 months not smoking anything. Now I smoke mini cigars, but have none of the cravings. One or two a day. I can go all day without smoking one and unless I think about it, I don't notice. Same with the way tobacco used to be, just sitting around a campfire smoking a pipe once a day. A way to relax. I don't nic fit, or get headaches when I don't smoke. There is something in cigarettes that is different than just plain tobacco.
Rogue One
I'm glad I don't smoke! Look at all those negative side effects!! So horrible! I hate the fact that even if you don't smoke, you can get cancer by inhaling the damn toxic smoke! D8<...So unfair! The stench of it gives me a headache!! Anyway........ As going through half of the comments (that's how far I can go), I noticed someone here mentioned about "how lack of sleep kills". Why not do a video of the "how lack of sleep kills you"?? I mean, I'd like to see how lack of sleep for 7 days will change your mental and physically when you lack of sleep and eventually lead to death. Thank you! :D I enjoy watching your videos a lot!!
My Grandfather died from smoking
Jay B
Even smoking pot it’s usually a Tabaccoo wrap and and other burnt matter better to get through vaporization or edibles
Harry Hansen
You've got more than 20,000 subscribers in two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!,!!!!!!!!
kami kami
This makes me want to smoke more
leadfoot lawnmower
vaping is a great way to quit smoking tobacco. the smaller levels of nicotine such as 3mg to 6mg is enough to get of unhooked from cigarettes and you can drop to much lower nicotine levels and soon quit all together if needed. but i find that you or anyone would love vaping more then smoking . and ill stand strong by that.
Lewis Studios
They will kill you I have a question do you smoke in real life
Joseph Crouch
Cigarettes should be DESTROYED ONCE AND FOR ALL but your videos really are helpful dude keep it up and do a video about Strep Throat cause you are the #1 best YouTube channel of all time and THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE TIPS!😃
Antonio Taylor
I don't care what anyone says id smoking cigars. How the hell do hundred year old ww2 veterans still smoke then and are alive?
I have hallucinations by thinking about the videos in your channel
Tyler Hogan
Can you do how vapeing will kill you
Quan Cheese
Lack of sleep will kill you!
Emily Parra
Okay okay, I know it was a big thing back then but why didnt they get rid of them when they knew it could cause damage. 20 years later vaping comes along like really?, whats next!? People that smoke should quit, if you quit its better for yourself and for the environment. Thank You.
+They Will Kill you Please, help me.. I keep playing on my computer over 6 Hours a day.. I can't quit.. It's like smoking But different It damages the eyes.. It's been two years, now. I would love if you upload a video about computers,
Jacopo Cydwyck Cole
don't smoke it will kill you
Cassie Alexander
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Alcohol will kill you, if you drink and drive you will kill someone else. Drug and prescription drugs will kill you.      Many ingredients in common household items are slowly killing you.  Ingredients and additives in food is killing you.
RTada the King of Flareon
Smoking is very bad for you, because it messes up your lungs and you might end up having cancer to, bedsides I know lots of people that's in their 40s, 50s, and 60s that still smoke.
Well here is something our company does to make people quit smoking. Calls in the non-smoking van :D well you know what else. Everyone that smokes got up to 4 extra breaks a day purely designed for people to smoke a cigaret. So when doing the math every cigaret you smoke at our company will ends up as much as £3 in your pocket. So hey who wants to quit smoking if you are getting paid for it right?? Well I'm nonsmoker just wanted to spread some things that people are doing wrong :D.
Sebastian Paredes
So the guy who makes a video called "smoking will kill you" smokes himself? Quite ironic. Also I could tell he was of Asian descent just by his voice. I know he has an American accent but something about it resembled Asian for some reason.
The chance of cancer actually increases in those who are long term smokers who quit. I do not smoke and find it disgusting but one doctor told my mother (who has been a smoker since 15) to not bother to quit at this point, it won't do much good and could do more harm.
*lights cigarette*
How about doing one on influenza which kills a lot of people.
Kevin Samuel
plz do MRSA(Methecillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus). world's most powerful bacteria Thnx!!!
Dude first you look cool it's been a year 2 ( DO BLOOD SUCKING LEACHES WILL KILL )
One way peeps can help stop smoking is kratom, which is used to treat heroine dependence and addiction
factory cigarettes contain highly toxic materials such as benzene and tar, none of that is present in regular tobacco leaves. I am not talking smoking being healthy, but factory cigarettes are the ultimate poison .
slade wilson
well that will not proof a point if you are smoking and with the title smoking will kill you its like this you know the anti smoking commercials were the person is smoking its not as effective but still works. you know.
Poison Ivy Princess
I will never pick up a cigarette in my life
Trena Mason
Regular tobacco is not that bad for you it's the addictive ingredients that they put in there one is nicotine
Jason M.
Your channel is the best Angelo keep them coming Congratulations on your 100,000 subscribers you deserve every one of them.
slick dreams
they talking about tobacco 😅 but if anyone gonna say that weed kills u too well let me tell u something cheech Marin and chong they like over 70 Yeats old and they still alive
XxFyrez GamerxX
Good now i can die young oh wait i could just jump of a really high building :/
william James
how will drinking soda(coca-cola, fanta and others) kill you. Please do this one because I want to show this to my family members.
The gentleman
I LOVE MY SMOKES, can't make me quit lol