Smoking Will Kill You

What happens to your lungs after smoking is harmful. For the first time smokers out there, do not take up this habit, as its effects are highly addicting and deadly. Subscribe for new videos: />Subscribe to Bored Badger: /> What is it? Smoking is the act of inhaling and exhaling, or blow out, the smoke of burning tobacco or other plants. The most common products smoked worldwide are tobacco products in the form of cigarettes, which are built from thin pieces of paper, dried leaves of the tobacco plant, and other toxic components such as toluene, arsenic, and ammonia. Other commonly smoked tobacco products are cigars and pipe tobacco. Where is it located? Smoking didn’t gain worldwide recognition until the late 19th century, when cigarette-making machines were churning out about 200 cigarettes per minute. But smoking dates back to the ancient civilizations, where they were used for rituals and religious purposes. They were also widely used during the World Wars, where they were given to soldiers for free as a morale booster. These days, smoking is prevalent all throughout the world. Although some countries have ran heavy campaigns against this practice, consumption is still high. America and many European countries have experienced a slight decrease in smokers thanks to these campaigns while new anti-smoking experiments have started appearing in Latin American, African, and Asian countries as well targeting kids and adults of all ages. How it will kill you? Smoking can cause severe physiological damage to your body. When you smoke, the toxic components of tobacco products are burned and enter your body through your lungs, which then make its way throughout the rest of your body via the bloodstream. Common side effects include gum infection, pneumonia, asthma, and aging while some of the more severe and lasting effects include heart attack, chronic kidney disease, lung cancer, and leukemia. The average smoker tends to live 14 years shorter of a life than a non-smoker. How to survive? The best way for smokers to live a healthier life is to stop smoking. This can be done through the use of nicotine gum or patches such as Nicorette, programs to help you quit, or just going cold turkey. Those who decide to quit will start seeing positive results after just a month. After a year, they’ll have reduced their health risks by up to 50%. A study from the American Cancer Society shows that people who quit smoking before the age of 35 are less likely to experience 90% of the negative effects associated with it. Commitment and consistency are necessary for those who wanna quit, and there are centers worldwide than can help you.

Delaunte Bennett
Living will kill you
Wow I legitimately thought he'd be white. Cool to finally see him though.
Thank goodness I quit. It's been over a year too, I did it cold turkey.
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I knew smoking would kill you from the start but it sounds way scarier coming from this channel XD
anyone else smoking while watching this lol
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Indeed it will  Good message!
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Are you Filipino?
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My auntie smokes, and I want her to STOP smoking before she KILLS herself.
tobacco itself is not the problem. it's the countless chemicals they put inside those cigarettes. their is shit in there that's also used in rat poison
dude... cigarets arent even tabacco anymore, the stuff that they do to that is just to make it more addictive. cigars and pipe tabacco arent that bad for you.
Wow, the "They Will Kill You" guy is kinda cute.....
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Really good video to understand why not to smoke.
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Dayumn angelo you make a good vid. also you look like a gangster
Galaxy Cat
Dayumn angelo you make a good vid. also you look like a gangster
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I have all of ur advice from EVERY video. Thanks, bro. Now I know how to survive certain diseases, attacks, and other things😄 Thx,
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plz do MRSA(Methecillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus). world's most powerful bacteria Thnx!!!
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You know what's worse than smoking? Voting for Hillary 😂
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Cigarettes should be DESTROYED ONCE AND FOR ALL but your videos really are helpful dude keep it up and do a video about Strep Throat cause you are the #1 best YouTube channel of all time and THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE TIPS!😃
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My mother has moderate emphysema, a permanent condition, from her years as a smoker. I'm glad she quit before it got worse.
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Could u do a video on k2/spice (synthetic cannabinoids)?
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Blue ringed octopus all day.
Alcohol will kill you, if you drink and drive you will kill someone else. Drug and prescription drugs will kill you.      Many ingredients in common household items are slowly killing you.  Ingredients and additives in food is killing you.
Angelo is HOT 🔥
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Lack of sleep
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"Smoking does not CAUSE cancer, it is only correlated with it." The tobacco companies spend a lot of money defending this claim.
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I'm kinda scared of the side effects of quitting smoking....I know how delusional that sounds, but it's true.
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smoking is not highly addictive nor is it so damn deadly! also, ithink ima headin out for a cigy now!
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This is what I don't get you smoked a cigar at the beginning and tell people not to wtf!!!
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At the end i was like: "Bored Badger belongs to you?" then i checked the voices. Some sound familiar from this channel. And then i was like: "Damn, Bored Badger realy belongs to them"
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I have never smoked haven't even touched it. I don't know why people start smoking in the first place. It's disgusting.
I wasn't expecting that you are that young.
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Angelo B
How to survive: Don't be dumbz. P.S: My real name is Angelo Bussolotti ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Im like 100% sure he is going to become a doctor in like 5 years
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also W-18 is a synthetic opioid said to be 10,000x stronger than morphine
Could you do a video on Gout please? Thanks.
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change the intro xD it scares me every freaking time :l
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What editing software you use
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I think Tinnitus is worth mentioning as people have killed themselves after getting lifelong debilitating Tinnitus.
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Just some comment channel
One said "Do steroids but not smoking" XD
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And also naibi network virus can cause soap damage and make your soal paralyzed
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There are easier ways to quit smoking you can't eat and smoke at the same time eat sunflower sleeps those will help
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This made me depressed. BOTH of my parents smoke at ages of 38 (mom) and 45 (dad) and my grandpa (67) smokes!
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They will kill you I have a question do you smoke in real life
uhhhhh i smoke like 1000 packs everyday
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There is actually no one that has died of marijuana.
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Even smoking pot it’s usually a Tabaccoo wrap and and other burnt matter better to get through vaporization or edibles
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Thank you for this video my friend just before i watched this video i had a quick cigarette and after watching this video ive decided to give the patch a try plus im not even going to be bothered with those e-cigarettes so wish me luck thanks guys!
Then why were u smokin braa
You forgot to mention second hand smoke. But otherwise, good vid. Good thing I don't smoke. lol
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I recently started smoking. I'm not proud of it.
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If smoking kills you why are you smocking.
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How to survive: Don't start =)
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Kombucha will kill you! Please do it.
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jeez. I go through 2 or more packs by the end of each week...My purse is filled with empty cig cartons.... :(
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I'm glad I don't smoke! Look at all those negative side effects!! So horrible! I hate the fact that even if you don't smoke, you can get cancer by inhaling the damn toxic smoke! D8<...So unfair! The stench of it gives me a headache!! Anyway........ As going through half of the comments (that's how far I can go), I noticed someone here mentioned about "how lack of sleep kills". Why not do a video of the "how lack of sleep kills you"?? I mean, I'd like to see how lack of sleep for 7 days will change your mental and physically when you lack of sleep and eventually lead to death. Thank you! :D I enjoy watching your videos a lot!!
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