Advanced High Speed Sync - Outdoor portraits with a Monolight

In this video, I shoot my model using ambient light, then 2 stops down, then 4 stops down. Then I add High Speed Sync (HSS) flash to light the model. Equipment used in this video. These are affiliate links, it costs you nothing to use them but I get a small percentage if you buy something, so thanks! :-) Nikon D750 />Nikon 85mm f/1.8 D lens />yongnuo yn-622n i-ttl />Nikon Speedlight SB-800 />Flashpoint 1200 Monolight (updated model) />CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD UPS, /> I posted some of the photos from this shoot here: /> />Music:

JRS music
You are amazing... Keep it up I am following you.
Ra'uf Coco
Never so clear and easy to understand !!! Tks man!!
interesting .. very good instruction and you used the perfect model for this .. very well done
Nice job Bill, great pics, pretty model -- always helps! I wish I would have seen this video BEFORE I went to the beach and shot... I was trying to overpower the sun with a strobe setup, but the background was washed out... my first beach shoot wasn't the best, but I redeemed myself with the sunset shots... like they say, never quit learning... thanks Bill.
Nikhil Nevrekar
Sir good chapter again and good practice like it.
Robert Pinto
I saw you were using Battery pack. Just want to know were you using the UPS System which is used for Computer. How many volts and Watts was it? I am using Elinchrom FRX 400 studio strobes. Can I power them ?
Reaksmey Toul Brasart
perfect Can you show how to edit it ?
Dion Gross
Loved it
Robert Pinto
One more question How many hours did you charge the UPS/Battery pack?
dan kuettel
Dang, she has million dollar eyes.
Robert Pinto
How many Flashes at full power does your borrowed battery backup gives?
is d750 good for 4k shooting
App Dev
Nice exposure on the subject but at 4:02 looks like someone has done a background swap in post. Thanks
spanish. ink
Smart move Bill. I was using a system like that few years ago. in sted of set the speedlight in the back of the model, i put it just over the optical sensor of the battery pack (broncolor mobil). Also you can have the same result with a pocket wisard conected to your flash and the receiver unit connected to the battery pack. I used with the nikon D2 , actualy all the pro nikon cameras can shoot in auto FP mode giving you the possibilty to expose until 1/8000. Thanks for the video love flash photography. Ed
digifotocluj DML
Nice one m8🙌👍😉
Angel Armenta
Honestly thought this video was from 10 years ago. Your battery is huge! Pictures could be a lot better. Keep working buddy.
beverly basden
ewww i dont like the photos at all. and auto mode? cmon man
Make another video but this time shoot in manual mood.
Stefano Campani
Background way too dark