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Top 50 Doritos Commercial doritos commercial doritos superbowl commercial 2015 doritos banned commercial doritos funny commercial doritos ad doritos advertisement doritos crash the super bowl 1 When Pigs Fly - Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2015 WINNER OFFICAL 2 Middle Seat - Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2015 WINNER OFFICIAL 3 What Could Go Wrong - Crash The Super Bowl - (Finalist 2015) 4 Selfish Sneezers - Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Finalist 2015 5 Baby's First Word - Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2015 6 Trouble in the Back Seat - Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2015 7 Doritos _ Lemonade Stand _ Crash the Super Bowl 2015 8 Doritos Manchild - Doritos Crash the Superbowl 2015 9 Doritos MisSpelling Bee Super Bowl 2015 10 Doritos Angler Very funny Superbowl commercial 2015

top 20 doritos commercial doritos commercial doritos superbowl commercial 2015 doritos banned commercial doritos funny commercial doritos ad doritos advertisement Doritos (Brand) Advertising (Interest) doritos crash the super bowl

who is eating doritos at the same time ?
You know the drill... 1. Doritos 2. Lays 3. Sour cream and onion 4. Cheddar and sour cream 5. Pringles 6. Pizza flavored Pringles 7. Cheetos 8. Cheese puffs 9. Limón lays 10. Hot Doritos 0. Take a pick 🤗🎉🦄😊🍭😂🎈🎁
Jack Aboi
Nacho cheese or Cool Ranch? I want your honest opinion like for nacho cheese reply for Cool Ranch
Adrian Bruno
That boy who didin't get the doritos should be happy, beacuse with 50,000.00 dollars he can buy even more doritos.
Rhianna Russell
Yes you know what to do (1) Taco. Sorry. ... (2) XToasted Corn. These things, mind you, are great dipped in queso. ... (3) Supreme Cheddar. ... (4) Cool Ranch. ... (5) Jacked Spicy Street Taco. ... (6)Doritos Roulette. ... (7)Dinamita Fiery Habanero. (8) make up your own flavour (9) slugs and snails flavour (0) all flavours mixed together
Lol Bruh
17:06 girl from thumbnail
Josefine Gurung
I die then the fish take the Doritos 😂😂😂
Average Fan Girl
currently eating doritos
this is so cheesy
BrandBrand 777
Man:Well, obviously it was the ostrich right? Ostrich: *GAAASSSSSPP*
Bader Plays
I am eating pringles
So when is the video starting?
James Crook
3:30 that is not how you wink
ExplosiveDimino RBLX
Does anyone think they over did it with the crunchness on commercials
The one at 16:16 IS SO CRUEL
Average Fan Girl
why am I watching this? lmao!!!
kawabird Kun
Lol In my country we dont have doritos...RIP
did the kid at 4:27 cry cause he got 50 million dollars or is he sad that he did not get the doritos?
13:37 what's the name of the song?
Itz Lily
5:19 *That’s like me at my school disco, the theme was the letter ‘P’, I went as popcorn and everybody was chasing me around yelling ‘GIVE ME POPCORN!!!’* *Best disco of my life XD*
do i am the one who eats doritos while watching this xd
Pxwer RBLX
10:08 wtf
Stick AnimatonZ
I really want doritos now
Sir Diamond
Who else is eating Doritos while watching this?
Mr Joshua
I searched up Arnold Swartsanagar and this is what I end up watching
Dina Jasso
0:46 when he sees a woman and hes trying to impress her but he sees her kid...
Now i want some doritos
I love the fishing one thing!
Ocean Legend
dave Greenhalgh
I love 🌶 heatwave Dotitos
Dina Jasso
This makes me wanna Eat Doritos so bad!!!!!
Kajsa and Signe
When you're hungry and watch doritos commericals! 😅
The first one (when pigs fly) the boy must have been very fast to get the doritos because realisticly it would be eaten already.. u should know why
Burazeri 123
Unknown Co
Why did you replay so many of them?
Jean Van Vliet
That would be A Nightmare If We Didn't Have Doritos
Ajay Connzz
It repeated four of them
That goat
Arata Kasuga
I Like Cats But I'm Allergic To Them
Lol am I the only one who watches these commercials only when I get Doritos? Anyone else?
eco kid360
LOL at 2:17
Mia Tube
What's with all the ads?!
19:35, WASN'T ME.
Anton Berg
This is only 49 videos
Incredible Gaming
20:04 is Jake Paul
Rose X0X
Harri Lahtinen
why am I watching this
17:25 oo maan
Abood Albishi
I love Doritos
Double Scoop!
"Sure, when pigs fly"
Maya Wilson
No but srsly, why did they want three mini bags of Doritos instead of a college scholarship?
Camo Ben
Same one twice Doritosin toom
Camo Ben
Break room
I watched this eating doritos
That crunch tho
Rachel Conroy
why are some the same?
Meaga Blastoise
Cicillia Tannos
I love doritos
maricelle ferrer
I wanna eat doritos nowwwwwwwwwwwwww
DuckyDude Rulez
I LOVE Doritos
Karen m
#7 Kamie Apple Juice Stand Kamie:kamie apple juice stand who kamie apple juice Cuphead bosses! Hilda berg:hey can I have kamie Apple juice with mixels plush kamie Kamie:sorry Hilda berg,that only not for sale Hilda berg:i'll give 4 pack of mixels plush Cala Maria:I give you 6! Kamie:did I hear 7? Baroness von bon bon:7! Cala Maria:7! Ribby:7! (Use loudspeaker) Kamie:only use kamie Apple get Free with Mixels plush for limited edition cost $346 for kamie apple juice who want a mixels plush with kamie apple juice only cost $67 for free and so 456 kamie Apple juice! (Slammed the hammer) (Throw undertale plush) Kamie:kamie Apple Juice with new mixels sister plush Cuphead bosses! (Blink right eye) Sally stageplay:she got new mixels sisters plush with kamie apple juice everyone! Kamie:who want mixels sisters plush! All Cuphead bosses:Me! Kamie:answer is........ CALA MARIA! (Everyone claps Cala Maria) Cala Maria:Yay!, I want mixels sisters plush with kamie apple juice! Thank you kamie!😄
I’m suddenly hungry.
Jean Van Vliet
At The End Why Are They Doing The Bad Word Cover Sound When they say Doritos
there was actually a dorito ad before the video it was the one when they're in the hospital and the woman's giving birth
It's actually 41 because you did one again
Jaimee Simmons
I wonder why I feel like Doritos
P.K. Anver
4:50 in Soviet Russia the fish catches you.
Ariel Viedma
Last one was super unrealistic
Andres Guzman
Son muy buenos los comerciales xd
Alex Outcalt
Number 7 the little girl in it is in my class
Jean Van Vliet
So Hungry For Doritos
* Aubrey Maddison *
9:33 fetch me A BEAR NAKED.😅😂
michelle bennett
Not 50 iets 49
trxsh baggy
soritos O.o
blue gaming
4:27 the boy can get a thousand doritos hes got like 500m dollar expansive and the girl get a 3 pack of dorittos 2 pack on shes hsnd and one more droped of from the sky lol whats funny think they two wanted a boritos
Chaz Chaz
I was eating Doritos while watching this
Raja Ehsan Kayani
me to
AllstarGaming 64
Minatozaki sana Kim dahyun
Im eating doritos today 4 bag og doritos
4bc.alivia S
I was watching this and made me crave some Doritos so as usual I went to eat some😂
2:53 that's just cruel
lil lon
They should make pancake flavoured doritoes
That goat one thooo lol😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣
Rose X0X
14:00 song?
Game Monster
Who's whatching in 2017
thats it. im going to buy doritos
Porbo Miah
im never eating a dorito agian
BookOf AppleTv
Number 9 He Get 50.000.000 He Can Get A Lots Of Dorito
Kid wins 50k dollars gets sad he dont realize how much doritos he can buy
Kowaina Incognichi
I’m was eating goldfish, I hate Doritos
Panda Nation!! /Chilly Kham
You can only get a girl with Doritos or a boy with Doritos I will get a man with Doritos
Why not cool ranch
amin alavi
I love you end the doritos live
17:33 to be continued
King of Fortnite
Im want now to eat doritos realy
Sal Campos
I love to Make CottageCheese With Chilly peppers The kind You put On Pizza. Mix The Chilly peppers with CottageCheese Stir it up And Eat umm With Doritos Damn Its Good.
Bo Ha
Doritos Are Triangles Dor-Ri-To Has Three Sillables 3 X 3 = 9 9 divided by 3 = 3 9 times 2 is 18 18 divided by 3 is 6 6 Goes Into 18 3 Times 666 DORITOS ARE CREATED BY SATAN
Brandon Waggoner
Dear Doritos Please keep the Roulette, & Wasabi Doritos flavors! I am very fond of their deliciousness! PERFECT-O! I love how very hot Roulette are! Now please bring back Black Pepper Jack. Those were my favorite!
What's with Doritos and sexual jokes