System Of A Down - Toxicity (Piano cover)

System Of A Down - Toxicity. Piano cover. Кавер на пианино на песню группы SOAD - Toxicity #systemofadown #piano #cover Instagram - />VK - /> ♫ iTunes - />♫ Spotify - />♫ Yandex.Music -

I don't know what you did with the latest video, but 500,000+ views in 10 days ... Please do it again)) В общем, я не знаю, куда вы там тыкали под прошлым роликом, что он набрал столько просмотров, но я не против, если вы проделаете то же самое уже с этим видео))
The part with picking the piano strings was genius! The composition was most enjoyable.
Max Islas
Picking the strings on a piano with a guitar pick... WAIT THAT’S ILLEGAL
Franzi blonki
Nice, finally I can hear metal music with my grandma :D
Ivan Dmitriev
Я думаю что срочно нужна коллаборация с Радио Тапок)
Marco Scardazzi
Beautiful cover!! Can you play fade to black of Metallica?
Kenta Tanpopo
Сначала хотел писать коммент на английском, а тут наша соотечественница, лол :) Очень круто, спасибо за этот крутой кавер! Невозможно не подпеть.
Сергей Орлов
Что ж, алгоритмы ютуба в последнее время хорошо работают. Однозначно годнота.
Максим Бровинский
Система и Раммы у Вас шикарно получаются!Пожалуйста продолжайте!!
DJ Styles
Damn this is good... Guitar covering is on point... Also love the creativity with the projector like the music video
Yavor Zlatanov
This can't be real. What dimension were you sent from???
I dare you to play Beethoven - Presto Agitato ^^
Рыбалка -это просто!
Знакомая блондинка))) Подписка и лайк однозначно!!! За Систему - уважение и восторг!!!!
Geremias Sac
I'm not sure how I found this channel but her piano covers are amazing!!!
uio oiu
Thank you YouTube algorithm for introducing this masterpiece to me
Ramsay MacFarlane
Mind is blown! 🤯 That was incredible. I'd go watch this in concert!!
I subbed , brilliant, you should try a TOOL COVER . Thanks for sharing your talents
One of the few times I thank YouTube recommendations. Awesome work! Subbed. 👍🏼 I look forward to your future videos. 👌🏼
Uroš Peteh
I don't like to brag, but i can play happy birthday with only 5 mistakes...
>You cannot play guitar song on piano >Hold my beer
Sometimes Russia produces stuff like Gagarin, and like this 🚀🚀🚀
Florian Kindslehner
Please go in Spotify 👍🏻 relaxing and good music, i love your work keep going 👍🏻
Krazy Man
Будьте столь любезны, сколь прекрасны, исполните что-нибудь из Metallica
Dream Land
me : so you have a pick .. i know you are guitarist !! gamazda : - hold my beer -
Ralph Barrett
When you wanna rock out but your parents bought you a piano 🤷‍♂️
Игорь Осипов
Красавица, только вперёд!
Олександр Токар
Rage_4_ Dayz
Please do The Unforgiven by Metallica next 🙏
Jay Byrd
This is amazing. By the time you were standing up in your zone jamming the song out, i was standing too, these notes full blast on the stereo. Thank you for this
As of today you only have 5 videos. We need MORE! Btw with fingers like that who needs a man lol
Cool! Please make more videos. I look forward to hearing more from you. I think you have a very bright future in the music industry. Amazing rare talent AND beauty. You go girl!
Мощно, эффектно, профессионально. Молодец! Предлагаю закаверить что-нибудь из Арконы. Например Ярило) Кстати, с миллионом просмотров на прошлом видео)
Алексей Коваль
Идеальная композиция сама по себе и такой шикарный кавер! Спасибо!
Nothing more beautiful for my wake up today
когда красивая девушка играет красивую музыку...это банально...но черт побери, как же это красиво!!! =)
Joe Z
Idk where it’s coming from, but you have something most people just don’t have, keep it up!
Milijana Ivo
Incredible! Don’t ever stop playing the piano, girl! Greetings from Croatia
Azizjon Musinskiy
Круто! Весьма круто! Видно сама тоже тащится, чем и передала атмосферу и смысл оригинала. Достойное качество кстати, можно под mp3 перекодировать и слушать. Молодца
Mark Mars
That was great! Next time you could play 'Aerials', that would be epic!
Good luck Gamazda, we'll see more of you for sure! ❤️I hear heavy metal, beautiful russian melancholy and your own power vibe especially in the base, this is amazing!
Dave Allen
For the love of god, please keep the SOAD coming. I can’t listen to this enough
I love this! awesome talent. By the way, I had you pointed out to me because at first glance they thought you were lara6683
Добряк Поэт
Это было потрясающе! Браво! Сразу же лайк и подписка
art kono
А в голове звучал голос Сержа!
Боже ты там живая вообще?? я чекнул все клипы что ты сделала за месяц и они шикарны 🔥
Просто вау! Благодаря вам, полюбил фортепиано :)
Gaming Studio™
I love al you covers you play with Passion and with your hart
Gaétan Bouthors
Could i have the piano sheets, i would really like to play this, you play very well by the way
Achmad Syauqi
blonde wearing anime t-shirt playing SOTD in piano, my whole life just completed , i can rest in peace now
I would like to hear you play a NIN title. Maybe “Mr. Self Destruct”
Μαριος Αθανασοπουλος
I don't see any "disorder" in this arrangement. 😎 Great job, keep on rocking the hell out of the piano!!
Михаил Дмитриевич
Все больше не могу, подписываюсь !!!!!
Joshua Farr
I loved the way you opened the video with picking the strings with a guitar pick. Very creative!
svo rok
Спортсменка, комсомолка и просто красавица (с) 👍👍👍
Violet Rosely
Wow you make amazing covers great job so amazing ! I’m definitely subscribing girl♥️ I love piano I’ve played it for years best instrument
Jeffrey Smith
Beautiful! Perfect time keeping and not a single note out of place on such a complex piece?! Truly amazing! Never stop playing the piano please.
Love it. Just shows how amazing SOAD's music is/was, that it could be played on a piano without vocals and still be beautiful.
No words. Speechless. Amazing
Prodigy ADED
Hey there’s more English comments this time! Thanks YouTube Algorithm! I was about to start studying Russian. Thanks for another amazing video!
Андрей Ковшун
Я новый фоловер,помни меня).
Charles Birdsong
Beautifully done!! Great work, keep it up.
George Castaneda
Wow! This is amazing how you managed the vocal melody and the guitar harmonies with the percussive feel in the piano. Incredible!👍😎
Francisco Morales
it's amazing how you interpret this song, and your way of playing the piano is magnificent. Saludos desde México
Scott Warren
This is incredible! I would love to hear your interpretation of a Tool song of your choice. Really amazing work! Can't wait to see what's next. 👍👍👏👏
Brinky Brinkz
Wow you are gifted! Just watched a couple of your videos. They are all amazing!
Александр Хмурый
Очень круто, продолжай в том же духе
This is amazing! I literally saw your chop sury cover earlier today. Great job. You should definitely try to do either spiders or streamline both by System. Two of my personal favorites :)
Крошка Енот
Вот что значит, выложится на все сто........
José Ramírez
So this video was recommended to me by youtube and now I'm hooked. I'm watching everything. Amazing work. I love it.
I found this channel a few videos ago. They keep getting better and better, I can’t wait to see what the future brings!
mohammad assadi
The part you were searching for is 3:40
Очень вдохновляющее звучание!!! И режесура приятная!! Очень хочется услышать классическое произведение на вашем канале!... Есть шанс?
jeremy Granados
The Best covers are in piano❣️ And SOAD is my favorite band😍😍❣️
Дмитрий Ярошенко
Блин, насколько же это офигенно! Новое прочтение до боли знакомых мотивов! Невероятно! А когда исполнительница в конце подорвалась и встала, у меня аж чуть не перевернулось всё внутри! 👍👍
The Grotte Family
So amazing, fantastic cover 🖤
z_shteiner AAA
Я восхищен! Твое владение инструментом не описать словами. Так и хочется переслушивать это снова и снова
Prelude Dude Si
Yet again gave me goosebumps, flawless. I love how you cover System of a down on the piano. It sounds so much more raw and emotional.
I love what you are doing, so much. Perhaps, you could do some Unleash the Archers or Nightwish. Oh...or...even better. Some Pearl Jam or Tool. The possibilities are endless...I am excited to see what comes next. Wonderful job!
Constant Separi
Really impressive, congrats from France ! Continue your videos, other songs from Rammstein would be fantastic !
Empathic Warrior
Wow girl you’re giving me goosebumps. The Chop Suey was in my recommendation. I love how much emotion is in your playing.😀
Сорян,но это лайк.
Mr Lambert
Очень приятно , особенно слушать перед сном )
Александр Хорольский
Очень круто) Жду новых работ)
Very beautiful...your music and you as well!
AAK Music
I can see you with 100k+ subscribers soon if you continue this way.
Joe Richard
BRAVO! You're good, really good :)
Raddi Kokko
You are so talented and beautiful me and my wife are in love with you !
Pavel Shlykov
Когда красивая девушка ещё и чертовски талантливая - это просто комбо) Браво, очень здорово исполнено!
Luigi Rinaldi
Well done and keep It up, you have a great future 👍
Julio Mateo
I literally had to get out of bed and do an standing ovation 👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Lubo Loobo
I want to like it again :)
Jayden von Hoesslin
I don't know where on earth you came from but I'm totes in love!
Gerard Might_Be_Ok
You're so amazing at playing the piano, i love this
Vadim Donvad
Круто. Александра умеет удивлять, и аранжировки и исполнение как маленький спектакль :) . И видео все сильнее и сильнее по монтажу и съемкам.
Просто офигенно)) без лишних слов:) Может попробуешь Auslander или Sabaton - Fields of Verdun?
[ b3mo ]
Watching someone own their instrument and feeling the music flowing from them is the best thing to witness. Good shit.
Очень талантливо!))
Im in love! i need moreee! thank for you this amazing piano performance!
Joe E
May I suggest, Nothing Else Matters by Metallica......? I could literally spend all day naming amazing songs that you could cover in your own mind blowing way! You’re badass, keep it up!
David Christensen
Very talented 👍 Would love to hear some Radiohead - Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Burn The Witch, Exit Music or Paranoid Android 🤘🤘🤘