Hypnoxock - Live Set - O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2013

No Copyright intended, for promotional use only! If any upload shall be deleted, please contact me and it will be taken off straight away! Wednesday / August 7 2013 / 14:00 h. Tracklist: Hypnoxock - Logic Evolution Hypnoxock - Reflex Hypnoxock - Viped 1 Hypnoxock - Nova Materia Hypnoxock - Magical Life Hypnoxock - Rastaman (Club Remix 2013) Hypnoxock - Progresion Ecliptica (Rare Live Remix)Special Edit for Ozora Festival 2013 Hypnoxock - Electroxock Hypnoxock - Ecstassy Hypnoxock - Rare Planet ,, Thanks a lot to all the team Ozora, by the excellent treatment received. Great vibes and the best culture & Music. We go home very happy and with a great taste from this amazing festival''! Victor Solsona,born in Barcelona and Pedro Quijada,born in Bilbao are the band "Hypnoxock". We started experimenting with different styles,but always looking for a sound closer at the same we are doing now. Why psy-trance & progressive trance? Because after listening and experimented with a lot of styles,we met trance-music.Since then,we didn't stop producing "psy-trance" music,for it contents,what it transmeet,and all events and it scene. The union of hard-work years in our musical careers,to transmeet with our music the things we like to do. We have some influences like traditional music and ethnic musics also the most advanced tendences,but,never stop investigating new sounds,textures and atmosphears,creating like this,our own sound. The music we create is "hypnotica", full-on progressive with goa aspects music,modern and actually sound,but never forgetting the essence of the times we met. Psychedelic-progressive-trance at same time hypnotic,well done and good worked melodies are our identity sign. Intelligent music that it will transmeet sensations and generates a real quality atmosphear. In 2009, goes on sale awaited first CD album, Synthetic Resurrection, with the German label, AP Records (Analog Pussy Rec). Mastering by Johannes Regnier (Silicon Sound). Hypnoxock are here to resurrect the essence of Psychedelic Goa Trance. It's here again just as it was when they first met it nine years ago, as already experienced electronic musicians. The essence is the same, but it is transported into 2009, with a new outfit, updated and evolved. Years of work accumulated into this album and Hypnoxock offer here high charged energetic dance floor stormers with captivating melodies and intense shattering build ups and breaks. In april 2011 goes on sale the second album, Logic Evolution (Trance Lab Records), besides participating in several international compilations (Materia Records Spectral Records,....). And now in July 2011, new remixes and inedit songs. Very Trance, very Goa, very Psy, strongly textured, always hypnotic with well-built uplifting energies and the extra added twist. Hands in the air, minds far away, smiling faces, dust all around you Hypnoxock!

Don't know if the picture is actually moving. [_<•>_]
Sergio DiFlatus
Love, Light, Energy =))
Matus Bubeliny
Dobra pecka .. ;)
Damir Bunoza
Odličnoooo !! Majstoreeee !!! Yeeeeeeeeeee =D
Awesome.... 2day Elmo&Oscar realized that there's no matter as life is only a dream..... and grouchland is only the imagination of themselves..?
Bojan Dosen
Lemilica care, samo nastavi da lemiš \m/ :D
Jessica Goldman
Canadian Wolf islami
16:16 Very nice
Canadian Wolf islami
Just perfect,future of the Peace ,Many Thanks for shearing
cool dass das erste ozora 2013 set so flott oben is :) hoffentlich folgen bald weitere. thx and greetings
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japan lover
15:37 turkce
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goa-jonny- swiss
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