G-Eazy & Halsey - Him & I (Official Video)

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this is like some Wattpad shit and I’m living for it.
2015: me, myself and I 2017: him and I 2018: without me
Alberto Torrez
Here after the Without Me music video
Noelle K
I always fall in love with these cute couples and they always end up breaking up 😭💔
Wolfs Rule
In the end it’s Him & bye
Ronak RaJa
2016 : Me,Myself & I 2017 : Him & I
Jillian Brunelli
her hair looks much better long and dark
Baby Minnie
when the video ends and you realize your single
funnybeasty 1235
2016: Closer 2017: Now or never 2017: Bad at love 2017: Alone 2018: Him & I 2018: Without me
Lloyd Pipiko
"Ever caught me cheating she would try to cut my balls off" I'm waiting for Halsey to do it.
H Ughg
This makes me realize I’m lonely af
Michelle Midy
2017: Him & I 2018: Without Me
Jessie C.
Who's here after break-up #2???? *awkward* :)
Ohmkar Nadh
Any November 2018 ?
Hooray Bagels
Who's here after their breakup?
Sorion GT
Who is listening in 2020?
5,000 subs without videos
99% of people wont read this but Have a fantastic day 1% ❤❤❤
Round Frame
Damn this video makes me feel lonely
So sad they broke up for the second time. Why? e eazy
Areen Majadly
I really want to sing this song but there's no "him" to sing about
Rayhart Twins
*G Eazy is still the only person we know that can pull off a slickback.*
Spill The Tea
Halsey lowkey looks so pretty with black short hair sksksksks. edit:tysm for the 182 likes! Edit:280 likes?! Tysm
Rebecca Ajala
Who came here from without me video
Teddy Leger
Who else realized now that her name is Ashley, and that is an anagram for Halsey..
Ion Marandici
lmao imagine they break up ... oh wait...
They look so truly in love
Sedef Arpaci
whos here after break up...again
anmOl Kumar
As g eazy and Halsey calls it quit I don't feel the song anymore
Hi, I came from ‘ Without Me ’ so I can feel less depress :)
Niki Achacová
They had to watch this video again..Things in this video are reasons to be together.
ang 00
Just when you thought they would stay together forever, they break up.
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Ange Alumasa
Was he thinking about living without you while making this video?
Helena Arroyo
1:27 “I love you baby”😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Him and I ??? I think you mean him and me, myself and I
*_HOW MANY_* people have listened/watched more than _ONCE?_
salah eddine meddouri
Me and my gf Always relate to this song .. .i'll try to keep her away from 'without u ' so she can't relate to
Moad AL_Samahi
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sashski dixon
Why every couple i ship so bad breaks up ?
Lance Marshall
Me myself and I Him and I Without me
am i the only one who watches this multiple times everyday?
Дэдпул Дэдпулович
Parth S
I can finally listen to this again now that they are back together <3
I was looking for this song after I heard it in my car radio and went searching for HUMAN EYE kill me please lol.
Who came here after listening Without me?! I did 🖐
G-Eazy and Halsey together is pure 🔥 OMG!
Mriganka Dey
Young gerald got his balls deep inside of halsey
*Together* *Broken Up* *Together* *Broken UP* ...... AWKWARD
yung yeet
Well... its a little bit awkward now
Sagar Rajpara
2015:Me, Myself & i 2017:Him & i 2018:Without you
_HOW MANY_ *G EAZY* fans are out there?
Shame we won't get any more music from this duo, their voices complement each other so well tbh
bad boy
Here after broke up & g got new gf 😢😭
Donald Sell
MGK cry's and snorts cocaine while watching this.
Paige Amelia Jacobs
My favorite music video😭❤️
Little Mixer
G-Eazy: -2015: Me, Myself And I -2017: Him And I -2018: Me, Myself And I *miss that couple* 😥😟
Яна Лебедь
От клипа не оторвать взгляда)
Maleeka Naveed
This is what happens when you put up a video without saying MashaAllah first.
I live for Tacos
These guys are on and off hopefully they don’t end up like selena and justin i want to see a true love marriage in Hollywood for once
Syubiased •
I got the without me ad before this...
Miss DeepShine
It is pure love!
Brian Maps Forever
2018 are you heeeere?
Aggelina Mavoglou
I will never escape from friend zone...
Kenna UwU
*actually has a boyfriend and is relating to the song*
OMGGGG. watch without me, then come watch this video! omfg. theres so much connection
She looks stunning here with normal hair
Ceyhun odabaş
Halsey arkadan bağırıyorya he işte orası offfff
yoni masso
They never love each other because the true love never ends
This song is about to destroy all current records, will surpass "Me, Myself & I" for sure
MH Chloé
Sylvia Sadiah
Tht drinking scene 1:22 is the same with the one in the Without Me 0:57 music video.
Presley Stclair
99% of the people wont read this Like if u listen to G-Eazy
The camrea work is amazing
Marko Habjan
G-Eazy is officially back to “me myself and I” haha 😆 great couple tho while it lasted*
Paulina Jan
Mehri Baluch
This video and song actually makes me cry no that they're over :( They were so cute
Mar i
Ad for 'without me' played before this song 😣😣😣
Kelly rawland
Who's here because heard this on Siren movie 😍😍😍
Emma V
Halsey is still an amazing artist
Ezra Chabon
If she ever caught me cheating she would try to cut my *laughs*
I'm here after watching "without me"
jpin0002 jpin0002
This guy loves him some transgender he she's Lol. It just looks like he made it....he really didnt though.
Bağıran Adam
See me again after 4 years. Just waiting. #Rez
H Ughg
Well this would be awkward if they broke up (especially if she cheats)
Oof Factions
The start looks like the start on The Chainsmokers - Paris
Angelina L
they broke up, delete this song now haha
josh moss21
im actually in a relationship like this but i miss g-eazy and halsey
Anand Hansda
Nice what Love in someone helll...😆😆😆
2018 are you hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!???
K. A. K.
Damnnn they're all broken up now.
2018 anyone stills listen to this awesome song
Bit Sanchez
Its such a cute song
Kathryn Clement
This is why you don't make this kind of song with someone you've barely been dating. They've broken up and gotten back together only to break up again. Halsey was savage with her new song and video
Greatest G-Eazy music video of all time ⚡⚡
Vasi Bogdanova
No more him and I😭🙏
Precious Faith Alone
G looks like Negan lol
Must hurt to be Gerald and watch this video ..
Дарья К
привет русские!
Sarai M.
If this isn't relationship goals then I don't know what is.